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Thu 27 Jan 2011
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  Here is where you will choose what you wish to be. All players will need some type  of fighting skills. But there are concentrations that will help round out your character.

  Trooper:  soldier, ground forces.they land  and fight, or board  enemy craft and fight. they  protect colonies and guard that  which is worth guarding.Tropers can specialize in Healing, sniper,heavy weapons, and driving. This will go with the over-all combat training.

 Pilots: They fly space craft from fighters to bombers. There is  a mix of these..1 seaters, two seaters , scouts, escorts. They gain most recognition, and the ground  troops aren't  quite  fond of them. Until they  save them with bombing  and strafe attacks.

 Sailors:  The meat of  the ESN. they serve on  the ships and  at most of the outposts. Thier training is  the same  as  the troopers, except they branch off to learn more  about the star travel  and  flying the ships. They can specialize in Communications, Pilot  larger craft,diplomacy,healing

  The  Officers of the ships make certain that the rivalries among the groups  do not get to out of hand. Sports with leagues in each group that play for  championships help that, as well as feed that. But in the end, all of them know they need each other.

 All other aspects  of  a huge warship in space can be taken into account.  from Jobs that the "Civies" do, to any other job Military might  do, that i have not  put above....we will work on anything together, when you RTJ

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Wrist Chips
Thu 4 Dec 2014
at 23:53
Re: recruits
 Wristchips:...a chip  implanted   after  birth, that carries the persons  Histroy and  holds their  Cred Account , so they can spend  anywhere. There are also Paper  'bills' and Plastic 'chips' that can be used as CAsh..both  are tagged when minted.

  Cashslashing:..this is  a term used  by street gangs, Cutting the arm off just below the elbow and  that the   the  limb to a scanner and downloading  the account before the 'deathbell' goes off and   wipes the account clean.

 Normally  the Slashers have  40-50 minutes to get to a scanner before the arm is 'no good'
Info devices
Sun 29 Mar 2015
at 19:34
Re: recruits
Collar COM...just for use to talk

COMs...different styles, think of Cell phones on steroids...they can text, vid and talk

VidBoards..really thin tablrt-type things. they are  powerful computers, and easy to take with you. they can link up, just about anywhere

Desktops..still the   work horse of the  Info highway..but...stuck on desk tops.

Laptops...still good thing..but not as easy to carry as Vid boards.