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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
<<<<< from OB Dec

  Walking  down the   Corridor the  Guards  at the Lift Saluted  him, the yunger SEC trooper  took a  step back from  Larry.

   They stopped    as   Shdaow hit the  Key Pad, the door Hissed open,  and they went in.  Larry   walked  to the foot of the bed  and Curled  up, shadown switched to sweats  and a T-shirt.

 before he hit the lights he looked at the old recruiting poster  with the Brunette chick   who had  'most' of her uniform on.

 ..we could use you to morrow... you have more time out  here  then some of those kids!
 he  waved for the light to go out, checked  his  sidearm and went to sleep.
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
<<<<<<<<<<<  from  Aqra after party, rec dec

  Gaurds  snapped to attention  as   Shadow  Just gave them an easy salute,Ay ease  Guys..been a long Night   for everyone... You get a Chance to party yet?

 The 2  striper  shook his  head,..Not yet LC.. we get to go in another hour, when the  last watch gets  off.....

 ..good, don't be shy down there, its  all on me....

 The Other fellow  smiled,Aye, Sir, already done...and thank you...  Shade   and   Shadow were half  way down the  corridor when the  doors hissed open, as   beth and Flores   got off  and  walked down towards  Shadow.

 ..Shadow?...  why don't you, come over to  My quarters for a bit....?

 Beth grinned.

  Its late and  all?..  And Shade is   here  and....

 Shade's eyes  looked from Beth , to Flores  to   Shadow  and Bleeped  and waved his hands...

 the two women Looked at him.....he  says i can go, he  knows his  way to out  quarters....

 Flores   bows,Tank you, Mr  ambassador....

 Shade  gave a thumbs  up  and   went to   Shadow's  quarters.
 Flores     and Beth lead   The LC down the   Corridor to Flores's Quarters   and    they entered...

 the  Two   Guards  at the  main elevator  Grinned and Bumped fists.

 Shade   entered  Shadow's quarters and Popped in   the newest Captain Lighting, sent the timer for the Vid screen  and propped himself up to watch on Shadow's Bed.

  He  Looked up at the  poster  above the bed  and Bleeped out something, as if the woman would understand.. then   began to watch, before  he  started to nod off.. the events of the  waterfall, ledge, catching up to the Half-Verian.
Wed 22 Aug 2018
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
  Shadow walked off the  elevator, , turning to the guards,.. You see Shade or  The Larg? sir?... least, not  yet...

 ..Thanks, Carry on.... he walked  down to this   Door  punched in the codes  and entered.
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Thu 23 Aug 2018
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
  Shadow    got his  dress uniform out.   Made sure  all his  awards  where in place,   had his  'Comet'  and   Blue Max  ready to go.  He took off his  enviro suit,  slipped on  Hermes   sweats and a  T-shirt as he put  the   used Uniforms in a landry bag and sent  them down.

  looking in the fridge he  pulled out stuff to make a sandwich  then settled on the  couch to  watch some Vids  of the   other Teams in the Fleet league.

  He looked up over his bed  at the recruiting poster of the  Burnette with ...most..of  an Pilot's  Uniform and the words,"..Think you can fly better then me.... Prove it "

  smiling he says, we both know  i can...
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Wed 14 Nov 2018
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
<from Rec Dec, before  Etna...

  Shade was   aleep on the  couch.. Vids of  Etna's football  team were being placed.. , shade wore his practice  jeresy

  shadow   clanged into swats  and  a T-shirt as he sat down with a  cup of Tea.. to help him relax....

 and he watched the films..  replying   defense  formation  as  watchign  how they reacted to  patterns.

  Frowning, he thought of  what he could have  done   on EArth, in the NFL..., then he loked at Shade.. his eyes  went to the    'used' Lady on the dresser the little  girl from  Fuji gave him....he smiled  a bit, his eyes shifted to the Poster Girl   , above the bed.

 he hcukled to himself  and gave a shake of his head as he  set the timer on the  Vids and watched  until he  dozed off.
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Wed 13 Feb 2019
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
<<<<<<<  from SEC

  Returning to  the  quarters , to get ready for the send off.. Shade rattled off some sounds

  ..yeah?  I know..but we can get dressed up for this won't kill us, and  he was  an well as a crew member..nothing  wrong  with   being dressed up , once in a while.

 Shade  made some  noises  and went into  'his room'  to change.

 another  15 Minutes and the pair  left  the Quarters   for the HAnger Dec.

>>>>>Shade, Shadow  to Hnager Dec.
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Sat 9 Mar 2019
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
<<<<<<<<  After the Pit..before  after  party

 Shadow Gets  a  shower, he has  off  duty Uniform pants on  and a  towel around His Neck as he COMs   Harry.

 ..Harry?.. Bring her highness up  to my quarters, and you  can   carry on.. I didn't want to bring her into  Med Tech and SEC... but you  can drop her off here.

 Sat down  watching the News on the vids, reports of The Pit , battle  were a bit behind..but  some damn good  Vids of  the massive  ships   being  hammered  by the smaller   ESN was  ridiculous   a Pack of Wolves  bringing  down an elephant. The LC  just shook his head at the sight.

  The shelf  above the chest of   drawers, to the right of the doors had  some changes made.. On the top shelf  were actions figures of  the  people who were stil alive.

 On the bottom shelf  there  were  those who were gone, for whatever  reason. Hannah's figure was there now, in between Stoly and Hunter

 next to magazine that had Shadow's Pic  either  in a cockpit, or  football uniform..was a 'well played with' model of Lady. It sat by itself on the chest of  drawers

 Above the Bed  was the  poster of the DArk Haired   woman slipping  off her Flight jacket  as she said,"..can you fly better then me...prove it.."

 'Join the ESN' was under it

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Sun 10 Mar 2019
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
---> Officer Quarters

Walking up to Shadows door Harry would politely knock before entering, remembering what the LC had said about the door being unlocked "Hey LC, I've brought Connie here to see you" she called into the room, just in case he hadn't heard her knocking with her also taking the opportunity to make sure that the place was devoid of Largs.
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
  ..Yeah, Come On in... he was in the chair, twoel arond hsi shoudler on  leg on the arm  with one of his  shiney throwing  daggers  visable in the boot.

 Will went  right for teh Shelves,!.. you ahve them  all?

 Shadow Nodded from the Chair  as   Pinkerton roller her  eyes...yeah the Company that makes them? Based on Fuji.. the   owner  designs some.. they can get them from his pad to production in , like a week or something.....he  sends   me new ones...

 ..Used to  send my nice  and  Nephew  all the New  ships  and stuff.. they had a  full model of  Fuji? My sis-in-law  said  it took them and my Brother  2  months to build it..but it was big enough  to hang fro the   ceiling and use  like a night light or  something

 Will frowned,..yeah..I'm Sorry LC...

 Shadow   waved  his hand,.. Connie's Boss Lady made that happen... sorta good, ebcause whatever  pity i felt  for EDT? its  gone...

 ..Then what am  i doing  here, Mr  Shadow? almost weren't..  when  I swung  BAck, I had  my finger on the trigger,you were 2 seconds   from having the back of your cockpit blown away.. whether you made the right chocie..well.. that's somethign we'll find out tonight?

 he looked at his ships  clock  and shut of the Vid, then  picked up  his shirt to put on.

  Will  shook his head  , some of these  i missed?.. hard to get them now , unless you have  heavy creds..

 go over to that closet, Will there is a trunk  with soe Doubles  i got from various  folks trying to get me  to sign stuff... if there's  one you don';t  have?.. take it..

 Will didn't even wait he  oepned the Door  and  put the trunk on teh bed , Right  below the  recruiting  Poster

  Geez!.. you have   a coupel Shades!  and  a couple Lady's?

 ..if you don't have one?  take One of   each...

 ..Look..LC?... I can't pay the creds  these  are worth..

 ..I didn't say  Buy them... take the ones you  need for your collection..the others  I keep around  until someone else need s them.  he Looked  at HArry   and gave her  a envious smile,..Take  care of  My pilot? we'll call it  square...

 Will grins,..tryin' my best  LC... then he looked  and asked,..LC?... you have these lady's in the trunk? why do you have that  beat up on on the chest of drawers?

 ..after  Lady was killed.. the news   hit the streets pretty fast..  after  Blu escaped , i went to the Condo  to unwind.. some little  Gill..maybe?.. 6... and her Mom were waiting for  me when i landed... I thought they wanted an autograph..but the Little girl  wanted to  give me  'her lady"..

 he  looked  down  as  he picked up his flight  jacket.. I wrote out a note for the Toy store  there  and sent her  and her Mom there to get the Collector set..that ws  out at that time...

  Will took a Shade and A lady.....thanks  LC....

  Pinkerton looked at Shadow so?  this  is  how you interact? Trade toys?

 yes.., Princess  Grace... we haven't evolved enough to trade off which kid  we  want to eat.. Lets Go..

  they moved out Will Showing   HArry the brand new  Boxed  figures.

 Shadow to >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Med tech
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Sun 10 Mar 2019
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
A pained look would fleetingly pass across Harry's face upon hearing Shadow's invitation for Will to help himself to anything missing from his collection, it was the look of a woman that knew she was destined to share her home with an armada of plastic ships and miniaturised versions of her work colleagues for the rest of her life. Luckily for Will however she'd long ago decided that it was a price worth paying, with her smiling fondly at her man in response to Shadow's sole condition for him having the model's in question "yeah, he's doing pretty well at that" she replied with a smile before making her way towards the door "Right we'll see you later, Once someone has finished playing with his new toys" Harry teased before heading back to her own quarters.

---> Officers quarters
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Sun 17 Mar 2019
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
   The three entered the  quarters .   Shadow told  Shade ot  wash  up, then he would  take his shower...

   turning on the Vid, he  linked up his Vid board, to call up the gun Cam Vids  of the last fight, focusing on the  Vampic fighters... The red birds didn't  bother    Shadow anymore then  the Empire  pilots..Vampics  were new.. he flew one of thier   Fighters.. he  then watched  how the  Vampic   pilots  handled themselves .

 There  was  little thought to comrades, he noted...except  for thier  wingman..., Unlike  ESN  fighters that would break off to aid  some one, then   work thier  way back to thier   partner.

 He smiled at some of the Kills his people made...but the one telling point that stood out ..when the LAir ships were  in trouble   and the   enemy began to run.. The Demons that were elft,  formed Up  and tried to  escape  as a group... the Red Birds....They didn't Know what to do?..most hit thier lights, or   just   went  down to the   pit to surrender...The Vampics..took 'the Devil take the hindmost'

 Shade  came out  and gave  Shadow a  hug, and went into the   little room..  ..Larg  Curled up outside his door, facing the  entry  to Shadow's  quarters..Shadow  watched  for another hour or so.. his   half smile growing, before  he  went to take a shower.

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Mon 18 Mar 2019
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
  once  his shower   was done,  he came out , set his alram   for 0600.  he check the door lock, and  gave the   beat up   Lady a  Pat. before hitting the Lights.  there was just a small inset light   at the door.

  Lookign up at the Poster,.. I  still think i'm  better then you..but  i'll just have to keep proving it.

  Larry  came over  to the  Bed    and snuffled LArgs in Bed..besides you'er  too big...

   Larry have a  'snort of a sigh'  and   padded back to his station by Shades  door...then.. all was quiet, save for the    watery snoring of  a LArg.
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Mon 18 Mar 2019
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
  The Buzzer   went off... the  Kitchenette light s came on..Shadow  got out of  Bed, made   coffee  and  cleaned  up , laid out his  dress uniform. and Made some Coffee  and Toast... Shade  came out   with his tunic  in his hand  and  the   little star  for his Purple Heart.

 he whirled  and  bit.

 Shadow  took the  tonic  and the  star and  pointed to the  ribbon,see  these other  two?.. they are  bronze?.. if get you  2 more?  they'll allow you to put a  silver one..every  5  equals a silver...

 LArry   thumped his  tail.

  Shade  whistled   and grinded  a bit

 ..yeah?  I know you don't  want to earn  any more of these.... but..remember the old ESN  saying.."..Its  Better  to   earn a purple heart, then never be able to earn another..."

 Shade stared  at  him with grey eyes.. then  beeped  a couple times..

 ..Yeah?.. I know tis  dumb, but its  still a saying.., finish  cleaning up  and we'll  eat before   we  finish getting the Uniforms

 Larry  walked to the  door  and thumped his tail...

 Shadow Opened  the  Door  and   LArry waited  in the passage, Shadow whistled  down to the elevator  guards...Hey Guys!.. Get LArry down to the HAnger Dec..he has to  take care of  some things  and Go  to SEC...

 ..Already Done, LC! Larry scampered  down to the Lifts.
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Fri 24 May 2019
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
<<<<<<<<<<<  from Admi8rals  Quaretrs   Dinner Meeting

  they walked  the Elevator... when the reached it   Shadow opened the doors on the othe side , that lead  to the  officer's  dec, that weren't  'command'.

  ..I'm  goign to my quarters, you guys can stop by for a bit if you want....but this  was   a taxing shore leave.

   Shade   Gave  Orria a Thumbs  up, and  followed Shadow out the  other side of the elevator.

  They waited for a Moment to see   if the others  were going  down, or  coming through.
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Fri 24 May 2019
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
  Reaching the  door  to the Quarters,  Shadow  hit the buttons   and the door  opened.

   The lights  came on at his  signal, and he Hung his flight Jacket on the  Coat Hanger  Near the  door..  Shade  Bleeped  and Shadow  said,..Go ahead, I'm cleaned up from before, I'm Just going  to bed.

 He Looked through  the  mail,  he sat  down  at the Coffee  table, pulling up a playlist on The Vid Screen to have backround Music, while he answered  some   Fan mail.  Walling  to  the   Dresser  where the Action figures  hand thier shelves , he opened  a  Drawer and  Puled  tout  10   random pics of himself  that the   ESN  provided... him  by  the Nose art of  a Fighter.. Him standing by the Hanger Dec Doors. Or a Pick with him walking  away rom his fighter  with his  head  gear in his  hand.. he signed them all with a  short message   then put them  in the Envelopes.

  Opening his  door   he waved to the SEC  troopers at the elevator, he handed him the stack of  letters  and  ask the fellow to take them to SEC, so they mail the Morning  Mail Shuttle.


 Abby JUst  Got  off  the elevator..and was  walkign  down as the  Trooper left...You are  right  across the   Passageway from me!..

 Shadow Nodded.....yeah.. the    quarters   down here  get thinned out real fast...

 ..You have  time for some  Questions?

 ..Sure  Come On In... You want a drink or something? have  tea?.. I'm about   full up on beer...

   Shadow Motioned to the chair, she saw the   Letters  stacked  up and some magazine, she loked at the shelves  with the action figures..noting   the   'beat up ' Lady on the dresser  by itself.

  ..There's  the  poster!.. They say she is  why you Joined the  ESN  to be a pilot!

  Shade  came out  with   a Shade sized   T-shirt and  sweatpants  and waved to    Abby as   he went into his room and shut the door.

 There was a sigh,  ..indeed the poster  that  made me want to be  a fighter pilot... But i was goign into the Academy whether i wanted to  or not... I did  want to , though

 ..your Quarters   are  damn clean!

 ..they are supposed to be.... he brought a tray  with  a   Cup a tea bag and  Hot  water  as  well as a bowl of  sugar  and Honey, and a carton of Milk.  Shadow had a Mug of  something cold. what's up?

  she  fixed her   tea,..just wondering  why ya picked me.. and a couple of the others?... some of them ya sent off... they had better  class rankings...

    If you know anything about me.. You know class rankings   don't me a damn thing.. except , maybe get you an LT  Bar, or a captain's  bar.... the  Black  is  full of  empty bags that had  highscores.....

 she    finished stirring her  tea  after   mixing in milk and honey,..wot then? to watch you all  as  Frans  talked.. that was a plan, by-the-way.....there were some  who stared  at Frans  like she was a God.. others looked bored, still others smiled of  joked about..But reactiions to   stuff you said...and I said.. Helped  me   pick 3 of  you out right away.. the rest came  from watching Vids  of  them flying the MAnits... Me sister   had  nothin' to do with me bein'  'ere?

 she  had a very big reason for you being here... its  not often we get to have  family together... we have the Krauss  cousins..and that's it as far  as    crewmembers    who fight.    If you  work out  well?...all the pilots  get to be  your brothers and sisters...and  if the Hermes goes  down.. or  You both  get waxed?.. at least you got to spend  time together ...

 they talked  for a bit  about   the Fighters.. and the New Mantis.. when she was  done with her tea, she said.....Its Late.. an'  yer  bed looks  like there is  plenty of  room fer two people..

 Shadow  stood     up..  put  at hand on each shoulder  and    walked her to the Door,'re  right across the hall.. remember?.. Get some sleep... there's  some surprises  coming to morrow...

 getting her to the   door    he  gave her  a smile  and  the  door  shut...

..thought he was a Bleedin' playboy!... she hit the    buttons  for her own door   as she  stomped into her  quarters.  The  Guard on the left of the elevator  door  held out  his hand, the one  on the right   gave him a  5  cred  Chip    and they both laughed.
Sat 25 May 2019
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
   around  0700   Shadow  walked Out of his    Quarters.. Beth   was   leaving hers...  Shade    was following  along with his vidboard.

    He Nodded to the Guards  as they saluted, letting   Beth  enter  First  before he and  Shade entered . Ehen the Door closes he says to Beth.....Send a   'HOT COM' to each of the   Hopefuls.. tell them  they need to be on the HAnger   Dec is  12 Minutes, ready to fly...

 12 Minutes?

 ..yeah  I wanna  see how  fast they can get  on Dec after  a celebration night..

 while she  sent the COM... he was   COM TEXTING    Rivets to have  His aircraft ready and the Hoefuls.. as  an after thought  he said..

 send Viktor a  HOT COM  as well.... and send an 'invite' to the together pilots, telling them I'm take the  rookies out, they cam  come if  they want..

 .Geez.. you never  did this before...

 never had this  many damn rookies  Before  either..and I want to  see if Viktor shows up...

 Shade Bleeped and whirled..

 ..If Beth lets you hand   in SEC  , that's fine..if she's too busy,   hang out   with Doc Henry..or.. go into the Black HAnger and practice stuff?
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Wed 26 Jun 2019
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
  <<<<< from HAnger Dec...

   stepping into his   quarter, he  took off his jacket,, hung it  on a hook. .. he took off his   shirt  with a  Bit of   anger  as  he saw the   cut across the belly....  taking off the  name tag,  and   ranks  and patches , he  threw the shirt in the refuse   chute  marked  for  'non food".

  He  sat   down in the   big chair  and  turned on the Vids..loking  for something   to watch.
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Sat 7 Dec 2019
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
<<< from Rec Dec.

 They got off the elevator, the guards  grinned at them, they went  down the    passage   , Shadow  waved to the other   two guards   at the end, by the engine room door.

 Entering   his    quarters, Shadow   Hung up his  Jacket..  Neither   Beth or  Flores  had guys  now  were the drinks and eats  are , help yourself. .He took  off his boots    and stood them by the    coat  you guys have  any action on  Bura  during the Down time...

 Flores  poured  a Brandy ,  and One   for  Beth, she Tossed  Shadow a can of soda, with he  catch , deftly.well?... I hooked up with a Pilot  from the  Nemisis, he was  prety nice, fell alseep though?.. i was  either boring, or he hit some of that Burian stuff too hard... had  a shot a  a Burian Human?, but...I dunno... i was  afraid  parts of me  would tyrn know?

 beth Giggled.  I spent most of the time on the   Vibdoards, helpign set up links?.. I had  Orria , she's gonna be good.. we need to get her   some real Tech training....and? Last day, spent  with Shadow, Will and   Orria   by the  Airfield lake, getting  suntans and reading.. what about  you , Shadow?

 He shook his head,..killing people..getting shot....same old shore  Leave...

 That little Green Angel, Chairman was ready....

 Beth   laughed,Oh yeah!.. you  should swooped  down on that...

 naw?...  Thought i might have to bed  McFust though, to  find out what was going on.. turns out  she tipped us  off... she played  a  deep  hand there...

 so?.. whatta guys   want to do?.. CAptain  Lighting?.... there's  some new  Vids popped up... or...

 beth  downed he r  drink and shut off the  light... Flores  did the   same   and Pushed  Sahdow  down on the talk too much.. how do you ever   kill anyone!

 there was a flash on the LC's  lock...  Max  held out his   hand  Stiff    rolled his  eyes  and  gave him a  5 Cred  chip.
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Thu 14 May 2020
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
from Rec Dec after Calimate shore leave.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  entering  thier Quarters, Shadow hung his flight jacket up, he pulled in the bag with thier  shore leave  and   Meeting  things in, sorted  the  stuff that needed  cleaned, and sealed the bags with thier names on , sending them down the laundry chute.

 ..not bad? didn't lose a flight jacket..didn't lose a dresss tunic..QM is goign to be out a few creds..

 Shade bleeped  as he got  his   shore leave bag, double checking it  and showing   Shadow is  new knife.

 ..that's pretty nice!..You'll have to work out  with it so it serves you well?..just getting a new knife doesn't make you dealy...knowing how to use that knife that makes you deadly.

 he bleeped  again,

 yeah?  we'll see what happens  with that  Fleet? But if we have down time tomorrow, we'll  work out a bit..maybe  toss the football a bit too..huh?

 Shade   gave a green eyed  Bleep  and  went into his room  to go to sleep.

 Shadow  went in to wash up, came out  with a   Hermes  T and sweats  he  went  to lay  down, but  winced a bit... he grabbed his  pillow and the blanket at the end of the  bed    to sit on the recliner... Covering up, and  setting the  recliner at an angle that didn't make  the  ribs hurt,....damn you Adem... should have   asked for you chest to be   belly plate on my  Mantis.

   the timer  went off on the  Vid screen  just about the same  time  the LC fell asleep..
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Fri 15 May 2020
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
   Shadow was  awaken by Shade   shaking him , bleeping   sternly.

 what?.. oh geez... i wonder what they gave me down there..whatever it was didn't help with pain too damn much!

  Slowly he pushed the   recliner down, he winced a bit,..dammit..i wanted to run the tunnels today..

 Shade shook his head 'no' and gave him his COM..Shadow  looked at it..what a  dumb know? Why the 9 hells  would she  do this...

 a Bleep?

 no?..she  doesn't need creds.. I might have Beth do a check on the Family though, just to see if   creds are involved, either going out, or coming in

 more Bleeps..

 Yeah , rec dec  First.. then down to the hanger.. what do you have going on?

a shrug.

well..hang on while i clean up..

 he moved slowly  at first, getting the soreness of the  ribs and muscles  to  try and work themselevs out
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Thu 18 Jun 2020
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
<< from hanger, before  2nd  Jump of of one eyed jacks ))

 Shadow    smiled  and talked to Max and Stiffy a bit, Flore s  gave Him a Hug and went off to her  quarters

 The LC   went to his quarters , walked in , and laid his  flight jacket on the  chest of   drawers.. he  walked over  the chair  and kicked it savagely three times... before  sitting  down and holding his head in his hands.

 he  Got up and Blwo a  long breath out  , walked to the fridge  , poured a glass of chcolate Milk and  diown it  i one long gulp, before  retuing to the living area  and  Ploppign on his  bed to  fall asleep for the   4+ hours there might be left.
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Sat 20 Jun 2020
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
  Shadow   woke up as the   COM buzzed, he   sighed,  went to the fridge , downed a   one shot, cup of ornage -ish Juice.

  Shade   came out of his room  with his armor in his hands and Bleeped.

 ..I dunno, Buddy? we'll find out shortly. But we're  gonna be doing something, or
 else the Admiral would have called for  'stand down'.

   Shade   was handed  one of the Juices  and  downed in quickly. While Shadow  rinsed then small cartons out  before  dropping  them into the  proper  recycle  tube

  the two headed out the door  aafter shadow   slipped on his  boots  and grabbed his   flight jacket

 to Hanger Dec.>>>>>>>>
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Fri 10 Jul 2020
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
   <<<  from Med tech after  Elipsian invasion

   Going into shower   as  Shade  waited his turn, the  little Udenese  set his   chest plate  down, he loked  at the bit of   blade  sticking out of the inside of the  armor, and the tear on his   Enviro suit and Tunic.. another   1/8 inch would have  drawn blood.

   Shadow  came out, off  duty   pants  and  tunic on  as he   set to getting   a clean pair of boots  and socks on....came close? Huh, Buddy?

 Shade bleeped   as he went to towards the shower.

 ..lots of folks would care..and not Just because  your my kid... its because you are 'Shade'... and you know that?.. you're just having the .." how the hell am i still alive' thing going have to watch out for that?... I have seen good poeple destroy themselves because they feel sorry for themselves or  feel Guilty for surviving?.... both are stupid... That's why we have an after party  we lost folks, and that's a fact..but lots  more are still alive... and the ones  who are still here, are the one s we worry about..right?..and?... some of them worry back. Now?  hurry up...

  Shade  came out , his  new   unifrom on  and   lokign better, his eyes  were  a Light Green.

 we'll be a bit early, but nothing says  we can't have an early Milkshake!

 Out the Door  and towards the  Lifts.. Stiffy and Max  greeted them again..

 I have ta  ask you , Ambassador.... did you know the Blade hit you?

 Shade  bleeped  and whirled his arms moving about.

 ..he said the Impact Knocked him backwards into a crater while he   was standing witht eh Admiral.. he didn't know it was a  blade until he realized it  was  getting in the way of his  hip fire...I also said..he thought it looked cool so he
 kept it in the whole time...he  said,  he  tackled  a One eye  and    droped on his head to take out his eye  with the Blade...

 Max  and Stiffy  Laughed...well?... said Stiffy, can tell that story for years to come..might be worth its  weight and drinks!

 they all laughed   as the two  went to the rec dec..

Shadow  and Shade>>>> red Dec
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Wed 29 Jul 2020
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< from rec dec-offciers  quarters

 entering  his quarters  he  hung up his   flight  jacket, got his  equipment  ready for tomorrow's  run  , he  set the   alarm  to 0500.. then Layed   down . With a Lok up at the Poster Girl he said,..not  one damn time, did you ever say anything, about any of this?... You just  asked if i could fly beter then you...

 The poster   just smiled...
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Thu 30 Jul 2020
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Re: LT. Shadow's  Quarters
  the Alarm went off, Shadow  got up   and  made some toast and Coffee,  he   washed up  and Shade   walked out  and  sat at the  counter.

  Ready for a Run?

  Shade Bleeped  and held up a thumbs up.

  as  they  ate, he hit the COMs, to  Henry's Lab,..hey Doc?  Get the largs up to the Tunnels  around least those largs able to run.. thanks!