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 This is a  SEMI-freeform game. However all games need some boundries.

 1. You cannot post something that effects another player without thier consent. GM's ruling  in conflicts and such will be the last word.

 2. This game  is  about Role Playing..good RP, and I am looking for people who can RP. There are several differant main goals. But there is always  hooks that might pop up because of actions, backrounds, or RP  amoung the players. so? this  will be  fresh for us all.

 3.  There  will be  some  dice rolls, but minor, to keep things  interesting and the playing field  level

  4. Looking for active folks, to keep the  game  moving. we all have Real Lives, and that comes first. But i would like the  game to move without having to push folks along.

  5. please use the OOC , for OOC. it keeps the  flavor of the posts clean

 6. Play your character, remember the Other  characters  as well...and?  NPCs  have lives too!

7. Please...let me know if you cannot post. say something in OOC thread, or send me a PM. If you vanish without a heads up, I must assume you lost interest in the game and delete your character.

 8...   in this game, you post your  Actions  and RP  out what you wish to do . The GM will then post results  for you to see   how things  turned out. (..Note:Unleess   2 PCs collaborate  on some action)

9. There  may ( will) be  times you do not agree with outcomes and such...that's just the way it goes. I very rarely , over turn any  Game decisions. That's the way it is.

10...  No more then  2 characters per have to earn the   right to have a 2nd, after proving  activity .

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Sat 7 Apr 2012
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Re: Rules

   For all here , an explantion of "flex time"

 Flex time , is to allow  players to  RP  in more then one  thread  at a time..the  only two rules that apply to Flex  time  are these.

 1. make certain a flex time 'in the past' does not contridict something you will post in a  'future' thread.

 2.likewise, do not use  somehting  learned in a future thread , in a past thread, that your character would not have known about.

  this is to increase  players  chance  for RP, and help add more depth and play to the game.
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Mon 6 May 2013
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Re: Rules
Dice rolls.

  in most of my games, I have my own Rolling system..i have a dead game that I use the dice roller  on. This keeps people from focusing building  characters to fit dice rolls, rather then  to fit  the story/RP.

  One of  our group asked the question on how it works. I will take the chance to explain hopes  that non of the PCs  begin to lean towards  something, Just to get the Better rolls.


 Your stats are, like any other game, what your character started out as..what they look like, how they can function ect gives you a base to work from, and Me to have  the NPCs react to.

Training Points:

  These, I assign numbers to, based on the Stats, backround  and service area the PC ( and at times, NPCs)...From then on, I keep a running total ( and will not know  how close you are until you achieve it) of Roleplay/Gameplay points you earn..once you reach 100, you get to add another point to any stats you wish...if there is  are points left over, they carry over  to reaching your next 100.

  when you add a point, I look at the training points and adjust them to the growth of your character, almost always, this leads to your character increasing in certain areas...but we did  have one fellow who's character  degraded in skills, even though, from an RP stand point, he was earning the end? his Character died on the Prison Planet..

 this game has been around, and hopefully will keep going...if/when your  characters  reach 50 in a may begin asking to put  the points you earn into a certain training  area..or?..keep building   the others stats.


for Combat, and Most other situations here is how it works.

 bad guy NPCs only get their dice rolls, unless they are a high level NPC ( The red  Barron and the  Yellow one ect ect)

  PCs divide their  points by 5 and round down..and  add that to their rolls. It gives the PCs  an edge, without making them overpowering..though? truth be told, some of the NPCs you'll fight will be very weak, while others very strong...more realistic that way, rather then just have the  foes  climb the ladder with the PCs.Which means? sometimes its better to figure out "another way".

 The PC points will be taken from the area that is in effect..

example:  Shadow is  diving down on  an enemy fighter that is  chasing one of ours, I take from Kray's  Aircombat stats and add his flying and shooting, divide by 5 and add those to his dice roll..the bad guy NPC, will only get his dice roll for flying ( unless its a 'named' NPC)..then the results  are RPed out.

 for  all PCs, I take their RP, and from that, they  will get the  effect of  their actions, and maybe an extra Mod depending on the RP, and do the rolls and  describe the outcome.

 any questions? Please ask in PM
when there are things  that happens.. reactions  all that stuff. I have  4  ways that  things are resloved.

1..RP  and the reaction to that ( charcter or actions or both)

2..Random Rolls  , done by myself ( or help from grandkids!)

3...Player Rolls..where i set parameters  based  on what is going on.

4...Judgement calls  if #1 does not enter into the  picture.

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Sat 20 May 2017
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Re: Rules
 player dice  rolls.

 I am putting this up, for some of the newer players. I noted it wasn't cover in the rules . But has been said in PMs  to various players.

 Though the GM  does  almost all the rolls to  keep the   came  for  'story-like' there are time s when rolls come into Play..


 almost always  have to roll, unless  they are a higher  ranked  NPC ( some  of the Ship's  crew.. high level bad  guys , Ect )

 most times  they  have a skill or stat or both that will allow them to go 'toe to toe' with a PC and the outcome could  hinge of  RP  and/or dice roll/


there are a  few reasons  to have PCs  roll.

1...for random things. There are a lot of random outcomes in this game, it keeps the game fresh for me, and because  any one can  fail..or  get lucky.. it is somewhat realistic.

2... 'turning points'.. there may be a time , that I do not want to influence the   character's story  path..but.. there may be a crossroads, of sorts  for that character.. so, if the RP didn't help me  with the poutcome, we have to go to dice rolls.

3... Impact on a character.. sooner or later  every  character  will have things work out that they are  in a position  where  the current situation will impact the character ( and the game?).. I will do my roll..but if the roll is   too damaging  to that Character , I may allow the Palyer  to roll for themselves, and  give them a 'range' the roll will fall into, so they can roll and RP it out... the rule here is  NO MATTER THE OUTCOME, THE PLAYER'S ROLL WILL STAND
Sat 28 Jul 2018
at 15:42
Re: Rules
  There is a  Thread  that was  converted. It is Now titled  "  Hermes Questions"

 You can ask questions there  about   the game, history ect….

 Players can also ask questions in OOC or  send PMs  to the GM or other players.

 Never be afraid to ask. This  gave has been aroudn  for  7+ years ( at this writing)…. 5+ game years. This isn't just a game, its  a story ,where  outcomes are unknown ( even by the GM!) be afraid to ask.
damage pts
Sun 20 Jan 2019
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Re: Rules
Damage poiunts:

  Damage points , of course , are differant  for everyone.. you can  explain it as .. healthy ect ect ect..

  so on your sheet you will see the total damage points  as  per formula

  as you take damage I will make a nore in the descirbtion

Full Strength:... no notes

lost 1/4 of  your HPs:   you are in  pain, have trouble moving..

lost 1/2 :    struggling with pain and/or  injury

lost 3/4:.. weal,, hard to  function

5  pts left.. nheed shelp

1 pt left.. unconscious

 0 or less... you are dead.