NPCS ECT.   Posted by Commander Hack.Group: 0
Mon 4 Apr 2016
at 15:33
( this  will be added to as we go along, check for edits)

NOTE: Prices will vary on  other worlds or space stations.


Water-  ( free unless  on a 'odd' world )

Soda -1 Cred

milk- 1  cred ( will be more  on off worlds)

Milkshakes-2 creds

Tea- 1 cred

Coffee- 1 cred

Beer- 2 creds

liquor-3 creds

wine- 3 creds

Juices- 2 creds ( varies)



snacks - 1 cred

soups-1 cred

sandwiches- 1-3 creds

Hamburgers- 2 creds

hotdogs- 1 cred

fish- 3 creds

seafood -5 creds

Steak- 8 creds

Pasta- 2 creds

Pizza- 2-6 creds

salads- 2-3  creds

fries- 1 cred

mashed potatoes- 1 cred

other potatoes- 2 creds

side dishes  - 1-3 creds depending

oatmeal - 1 cred

Cereal -1 cred

Ice  cream - 3  creds  dish or  cone

special- 4 ( sudades   splits  ect ect )

popsicles - 2 creds

slushies- 2 creds

 Pies   4- 6

Cakes  4 -10

Dough nuts  1 cred

Box  of 6 ,5 creds

Box of 12 - 10 creds

candy- 1 cred ( bars)

candy 2-5 creds ( bags  or boxes )
PRICES Clothes
Mon 4 Apr 2016
at 15:44
( will be an on going edit)

Hats- 1 cred

shirts- 2-20 creds

Pants- 2-40 creds

Dresses- 10 -100 creds ( or more!)

shoes- 5 creds

sneaker-types- 10 creds

Fashion-10- 100 creds

Coats- 20-200 creds

gloves  1-200 creds

under garments  1-200 creds

sleepwear  5  to 200 creds

jewelry- 10 cred to 100,000 creds ( or  more!)
Mon 4 Apr 2016
at 15:55
 Toys- 3 creds  to  300 creds

Vid Games- 60 creds

Vid  machines- 200-700

furniture - 50-500 creds

Hover bike- 500-1000 creds

Hover car- 3000-10000 creds

hover van- 500-20000 creds

hover  truck-1000-70000 creds

boat- ( row , 1 mast) 800-10000

boat- 2 masts 10000, 30000

ship- ( cabin crusier) 50000-100000

small house ( 2 rooms ) 100000-?

med house- 3 rooms 100000-?

 large house  ( 4+ rooms) 200000-?

 apartment  1 room  500/month..50000 purchased

apartment 2 rooms 700/month...80000 purchased

apartment 3 rooms 900/month...100000 purchased

 Condo... ( depends on Hotel system)
Mon 4 Apr 2016
at 17:13
 Hand  Guns:

 Verian  Pistol:  Rare....30000-100000

 Pulse weapon: common... 1000-3000

 Hard Ammo: fair...1000-10000

 Lazar:  Common..500-18000

 Shock: common...100-1500

 Plasma: Very rare 70000-300000 ( illegal)

Long arms:

Pulse rifle: Common..1500 -30000

Hard Ammo..fair..3000-100000

Lazar rifle...common..2000, 20000

Plasma rifle ...very rare..100000-500000 ( illegal )


Frag:  Common ... 200- 1000 each

Concussion..common..200 -1000

Flasgbang...semi common....300-2000

Pulse  grenades...semicommon...400-3000

Plasma....Very rare..1500-20000 ( illegal)

Gas grenades...semi rare...1500-4000

Powercells for weapons:

 hand guns:    200-400

 Long arms   300-700

 Vehicles   800-?
for contests
Sat 30 Jul 2016
at 19:00
 Fro  training exercises...( Everest 7-30-16)

take ..





 add them together   divide by 4...

this  number  will be added to a 1d100 roll

 I will use this  to see where You' placed' in the events.

 this will both reflect the exercise  ect folks put into their 'jobs' and well as add some randomness  to the event....
herny's office
Mon 14 Nov 2016
at 13:15
 That Henry's office   has a  short hall way..about 10-12  feet that opens into a 'waiting area ' of sorts with  a table  chairs and  overhead  Vid Board.. there is a bit of a wall  then a small  ante-room where Shade has his 'corner'.. for all intent..a closet without a door.

 Henry's  quarters  have a door with a window ..the door has the Lock that Orria  hit  a bhit ago...there is  Henry's desk , file cabinets and another over head Vid screen.

 a door in the back opens to henry's quarters.. the  kitchen dining area.. and a door to a bath, and his bedroom, there is a larger large  storage room in the short hall, with the bedroom door on one side, and the bath on the other.

in the 'waiting area' ..the  doors to the Lab proper are passed   shade's  cubby and  Henry's door.. ( a straight shot from the main door ,)
Thu 5 Jan 2017
at 01:58
  here is  a bit of a PM  I sent  explaining something.... Please keep in mind, this world is a bit  different  then ours ( by some 250 years!!)

  first off..there is no m ore Airforce

   2nd... the Only  Army,  are those who did not  carry the  'space gene'... they're  trained  as soldiers  and  are taken out to  Colonies as ground  troops and such. Their  rank's  do not matter  much, Because Fleet is over them

  Marines  and Navy , form  'The Fleet'

  I did  whittle away a few ranks..but in this case.. a  Captain is  higher Ranked then a Commander.....however..a  Fleet Commander  has authority over a 'based' Officer.

 You add to that, That the Commander is   the 'captain' of the  Hermes..which is the  Delta Fleet's flagship, The  baseside  Captain is well down the pecking order....

 now?  gets a bit tricky, because SEC ( anywhere) is  still considered Fleet..but  when heads butt.. Fleet wins over  Baseside officers.
Aliens roster
Thu 2 Mar 2017
at 10:15
Hermes  Alien Roster ..ground Troops ( Pilots on  Morris's Big BOard. )


Lt Hirr

SGT Grrv M

CPL Oiem M med tech

CPL Piit F -OMNI Com

CPL Kviv M

PVT Bosk M

CPL Morv M Sniper


Lt Az-el

Lt Ne-Lc m Sniper



PVT AG-KK M Sniper


SGT  Lirg Sniper ( SEC)

Scots..( now part of SEC)

Capt McCloud

Colour SGT Hemsly

SGT Brooks m

CPL Minnet f HW


 SEC troopers  and NPC 'away teams'

'First String'--
Morrow, Beth (Beth):  Lieutenant (started as same--may be due for promotion)
Mullins, Lyri (Lyri): Master Chief Petty Officer (started as CPO)
Shoemaker, Evan (Shoemaker, Shoe, Shoey): Sergeant (started as Corporal)
Suparski, Randall (Supe): Petty Officer 1st Class (started as PO3)--hates his given name, has gone by Supe for years and goes to great lengths to prevent anyone from learning what his given name is.
Tucker, Robert (Tucker): Petty Officer 3rd Class (started as Seaman)--transferred in, replacement for Supe's original loader
Shadow, Kray (Shadow): Lt. Commander (started as Lieutenant)
Robbins, J.D. (Robbins): Sergeant (started as Corporal)

Siguenza, Maria (Siguenza): Corporal (started as Private)
Mann, Kendrick (Mann): Corporal (started as Private)
Hodden. Marci ( Hodden) : Corp. transferred from  Tranpost carrier  after being saved  by  a Mech, in battle of the Black .

Wagstaff, Michael (Wagstaff): Gunnery Sergeant (started as Gunnery Sergeant)
Hawkes, Aaron (Hawkes): Gunnery Sergeant (started as Gunnery Sergeant)
Nagy, Bruce (Nagy): Corporal (started as PFC)
Simms, Erick (Simms): Corporal (started as PFC)
Karson, Skip ,SGT demo

Rolfe, Gregory (Rolfe): Sergeant (started as Corporal)
Call, Will  ( willy) SGT
Lippen, Zoe (lippy) Corporal
Aspen,Cora  ( Asp ) Corporal '

Grant, Ellen  PFC
Kurt Merritt Marine   PFC
Leslie Scarlett Marine   PFC
Alan Folkes Marine  CPL

Jax  Marine  PFC
Nifty Marine  recruit , sniper
Jumping Lion PFC, rifle man LT MG (m)

Wukke.. Nivarian rifle man m
hunrr..Nivarian  Rifleman F

CPL Magin.. verian  trooper  Omincom (f)

Hoke,Hermie PFC ( Zob's Loader)

PO1 Roo Taliapapa Med tech

LT  Mortica Blackthorne

Corp   Jon Virtmen
PFC  eddie  cass
PFC  Lou Hogan
PFc Yeti  Ammina
PFC Titus Dram
PFC Stephon Corelski
PFC Bradly Bannister

PFC Teddy Vorse ( Bio Tech Lab)

PVT  Vaka (m) Occui

PVT  Nugest (m)  half-apefolk


LT  Walt Cross Darh Hair (M)

CPL Vinnie  Esposito Dark Hair (m) Sniper

SGT Luke  Forth  (B)  (M) HW

SGT  Betsy  Liggins Blonde (f)

CPL  Sally Frade Red Hair (f) Med tech

CPL Mick O'Day Strawberry Blonde (m)

1st Burian Ghost Trooper

LT  Ni-ji  (F) GA

SGT Bloss  (M ) B  archer

Corp Vint  (M) B  archer

Corp Lanm  (F)  B Omnicom

PVT LU-Nm (F) GA  sniper


Larg Master  Disna

Larg Master  Puskie

Cadet Larg Master  Roll

CPL Larry (m)
PVT  Freddie (m)
PVT Tess (f)
PVt Nok (m)
PVT Stee (f)
PVT GLa (f)
PVT Hool (m)
PVT Rigg (f)

Cadet Gregor
cub cadet Thor


Lt Walt  Cross
SGT Vinnie Esposito
SGT Luke Froth dark skin
SGT Mick O'day
SGT Sally Frad red hair
SGT Betsy Liggins


Lt Mal Estes (m)
SGT  Giles LaCour (m)
SGT Lado Leger (m) dark skin
CPL Jules PaQuet(m)
CPL Nettie Pouline (f) Dark skin
CPL Remi Segal  (f) Red hair

Gava Squad
1) Goji w/ short spear and Gava bow, plus knife (M)  Dusters pulse pistol
 (200 cr - 500) #
2) Bog w/ short spear, pulse pistol, and knife (M)*  *Sgt., 2nd in command
 (600 cr- 1300) #
3) Dose w/ short spear, pulse pistol (M)
4) Onnu w/ short spear, pulse pistol (F)
5) Liig w/ short spear, pulse pistol, and knife (M) (200 cr - 490) #
6) Uvuvu w/ short spear, pulse pistol, and knife (F)*  *Sgt. (600 cr - 1280) #
8) Kug w/ short spear, pulse pistol (M)

Heimdall troopers.

SGT Flora  Moss
CPL  Tenya  Unbute
CPL Oscar  Vance
Prvt.Zia La Cossi

Jug has the pulse rifle


PO2 Cars Vennison

PO1 Emil Krant

PO1 Lillie Smith (f)

Combat Armor Volunteers.

SGT  Meari  (f)

Seaman Conrad Conrad  Hanger dec tech

Barlet, Penny (pear) PFC (f)

Tennis, Belle  ( ball) SN (f)

 Paskins, Art PFC (m)

Hipper, Sonny, PFC (m)

 Velta, Nimrod PFC (m)

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Morris big Board.
Sat 2 Dec 2017
at 00:44
(( this page  will be  updated  as needed)  180 newest
((This is   Official  list.. will be edited when changes  occur))

A Flight ( Mantis)

1 Lt  Carole Frans SWC
2 LT  Betty Eckles
5 LT Lina Krafe
159 EN  Wanda  McFie
63 EN Coreen Burke
138 EN  Fig Bottoms
160 EN Brant Wilson

B Flight (Mantis)

19 LC Kray Shadow WC
124 EN An'teela
48 LT Katria Losky
91 LT Candy Flores
156 EN Billie Morrison
162 Capt A Machins
170 LT Elyse Farrow (f) dark skin
00  LV Raven ( Harvester attached)

C  Flight (Mantis)

21 Lt MArk Steele
116 Lt Gia Viennie
101 EN Hugo Kruass
93 EN  G Waggle
D1 LT Red Water*
174 LT Nicholas Vasilakos
179 Leo Blovsky

D  Flight ( Mantis )

12 LT Steve Howe
111 Lt. Umbra Bresil
24 LT Linda Mara
68 En Dennis Nole
146 EN Art Moore
154 EN  Callin Motts
143 EN  Lona Lake

E Flight (Mantis)

27  Master Ch. Joel Fitzsimmons
97 EN. Carl Egger
149 En N. Rutledge *
127 EN Lanna Brivet
147 En Lizzy  O'Conner
148 En Chatty Smith
166 EN Andy Mann

M ( mica) Flight (Mantis)

40 Lt James Foster
42 En Mina Yutio
49 Lt Kate Joll
9  LT Carl Wills
144 En Toni Roger
151 En  Mac Higgins
165 Lt  M Griss 2 GT

G ( green) Flight ( Mantis )

50 Capt He-La
54 Capt DR-NO
157 EN Vesper Somme
145 EN NO-CA
175 LT Cera De La Rue (f),
176 LT Lysette Houde (f)
164 EN Cindy Luv

F (felrite) Flight (Hunters)

1F LT Ariv f
3F LT Buot m
5F EN Mutr f
9F Lt Beit F
168 EN Silas Sill
153 En KR-EN
180 Jed  Harmon

Mace pilot

M2 vacant


MS 1 Capt Karl Nilsson

Shuttle  Pilots.

Spade LT Stoly

Club   PO Cavi (m) Felrite  Felrite

Diamond  PO Fennes

Pool Pilots.

117 En Harriet Lynch ( transfer/Psyche )


1 two man torpedo ships

 En   Pilot Mitch Regal  Torpedo man Ch Benny Banks

(1) Bee...

(( EDT Head Hunters 108 En Grit Coolie,95 CH Tommy Urns ))

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Hermes Fighter Kill list
Sat 2 Dec 2017
at 00:46
(( this is the official list.. will be edited  by GM as needed))

167 LC Kray Shadow 53 GT.
145 Lt Carole Frans 24 GT (1)destroyer
 25 Admiral O Hack
112 Lt B Eckles 23 GT
101 LT S Steele 24 GT
109 Lt J Foster 53 GT
 93 Lt S Howe 75 GT
 98  Ch J Fiztsimmons  56 GT
102 LT L  MAra 39 GT
106 EN K Losky  36 GT
97 Cap - He-La 44 GT
47 EN D Nole 24 GT
57 Cap K Nilsson 58 s  211 GT 2 k
66 EN C Burke 14 GT
36 Cpt - Si 2 GT
96 Cap - Dr-NO 37 GT
110 LT C. Flores. 43 GT
96 LT - Ariv
60 LT M Buot
65 EN - Mutr 7 GT
84 EN G Waggle 34 GT
49 Lt - Krafe 10 GT
37 EN- C Wills 2 GT
42 Lt - Beit 9 gt
40 En Mina Yutio 15 Gt
38 EN Hugo Kruass 27 GT
40 Capt - Morris *
86 LT Gia Viennie * 24 GT
59 En Harriet Lynch 20 GT
30 EN Ateela  18 GT
49 En L Birvat  11 GT
39 En K Joll 6 GT
25 Lt  M Griss 2 GT
27 Lt. Umbra Bresil 6 GT
24 EN  Fig Bottoms 4 GT
33 EN Lona Lake 5 GT
40 En Lizzy O'Connor 10 GT
38 EN Nikki Rutledge 8 GT *
21  EN Art Moore 2GT
31 EN  Chatty Smith 4 GT
27 EN Toni Rogar 6 GT
24 En Higgins 5 GT
28 EN  KR-EN 4 GT
13 EN Motts 2 GT
27  EN  Billie Morrison 4 GT
23 EN V Somme 3 GT
95 Capt A. Machins*  5 GT
27 Red Water* 11 GT
11 EN Brent Wilson 3 GT
12EN  W. McFie 4 GT
10 EN C Luv 4 GT
11 En A. Mann
11 EN Silas Sill
10  LT Cera De La Rue (f),
13 LT Elyse Farrow (f) dark skin
10 LT Lysette Houde (f)  4 GT
18 LT Nicholas Vasilakos )m)

*1 SM Spencer  (aircraft)

*1 SGT Hemsly/SGT Karson (aircraft)

*2 Rutledge kills  with forward firiong  gun on Diamond

Assault Shuttle:
 Stoly 1...11
 Stoly 2...7

 Duce- Spade. ...10   12 Gt
 Duce- Diamond...11  11 GT
 Duce- Club....7  12 GT

Ironwood Fighters.( Mantis)

 34 LT Mayhew

 23 LT (JG) Alwuad

  2 ENS Le Ji

  5 ENS Longwei Bai


Mech Kills:

Mongoose  32 M  38 GT (morgan)

Wolfman :* 10 M 12 GT 3 other  ( Clark )

Med Mech: 2 M 1 AC (slick)

Bird Cage 1m 5 GT ( slick)

Kira   14 M  24 GT

 Creeper 6 M  14 GT  (Andrus )

* Gia  Viennie..(32) kills with  Enta

*Riley 3M 5 GT
* all  Capt Morris's Kills  were  earth aircraft as he flew  for the  original ESN against  , whatever forces his carrier  was sent to stop..Mostly  China, Russian and south American...some  arab kills, but their airforce  was never  considered a threat by the Angels.

* 3 Townes 3 aircraft on earth.

* 15 Kills for Dixie Beamon as   Merc

* 2 Kills from Matterhorn for Besserman

* 7 Kills  for Grimm credited  in fight  AGAINST  ESN

*  Abby 3  kills    in service of  FUJI  Lowers

*  Machins  69 kills  with  Tyr..Hector..Hera

* Red Water 7 kills in Delta Colony

Harvester  pilots....

95 LC  Raven
27  Lt Corluff
35  LT Nokins
7  En Fessor ( KIA)
25  Ch Balden
11  En Copp  ( KIA)
23  Ch Sands
 8 Lt Enoble ( KIA)
29 Lt Goner
4  En Files. (KIA)
18  LT Maklin
22 En. Brolls
5  EN Oren  (KIA)
14 En H. Koll
19  EN F.Pines
12 EN Hiller
14 Lt Fip
 6 EN Grees


TAIL FINS : Aces and traitors

#1.. Jonny Blu
#1.. Sin
#29..Scorch  ( Hyrian)

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KIA Ect pilots
Sat 2 Dec 2017
at 01:02
100 LT J Kase 32 GT ( transfer, Fuji )

14 En Angela Morsan 1 GT (Transfer)

 11 En - Calhoun 3 GT (KIA)

 16 Lt Oncho (KIA)

13 En - Pall (KIA)

 12 Lt - Klaus (KIA)

 6 EN Koos Van-Der-Merwe 3 GT 7 BR (trans)

 3 EN R O'reilly (Trans)

 9 Ch - Rodgers (KIA)

14 Ch D MIles (KIA)

15 Lt H Stowe (KIA)

 9 Lt A Jones (KIA)

11 En N Minx (KIA)

 9 EN - Klavich (KIA)

 6 En - Gormack (Trans)

 4 EN N Berkley 2 GT 2BR (KIA)

 4 Lt V Pinnes (KIA)

 3 Lt F Hale (KIA)

 6 En C Wills (KIA

 2 Lt - Conna (KIA)

 1 En - Maxwell (KIA)

23 LT I Norwood (KIA)

 4 EN - Ve-mie (KIA)

 4 - Jagger   3 S 15 GT (KIA)

 6 EN C. Cole (KIA)

11 Lt - Koir (KIA)

 9 EN - Noit (KIA)

 5 EN - Cari (KIA)

 1 En  B White (KIA)

 9 En Aia LaBor (KIA)

 3 Lt - La-Trulle (prison)

10 Lt P Sommes 4 GT (KIA)

19 Lt Andre La flore (med Leave..discharged)

2 LT Montgomery ( med leave)

2 Lt Tstr Radae (Tranfered to Olympus)

21 Ensign Olla Insit (angel) (KIA)

21 Ensign Lanna O'rilley (KIA)

10 Lt Manfred Barron ( executed)

3 En Miglot (KIA)

2 En Pruss (KIA)

1 Lt J Culpepper (KIA)

1 En Tiles (KIA)

1 En Grouse (KIA)

1 En Ells (KIA)

1 En Boakin (KIA)

1 En Wally Horns (KIA)

1 En V Cory (KIA)

1 En Fears (KIA)

2 Maj Un-Li  ( Angel)(KIA)

(0) Capt. T Spartan. 10s 8 GT ( on Mission)

21 Lt P Macdugal 5 GT ( KIA )

26 EN - Les-Ip ( KIA )

19 ENM Vinr ( KIA)

 9 Lt R Mix KIA)

 9 En E Little 7 GT (KIA)

 6 Lt D Holman (KIA)

 7 LT Sina Hamisha 3 GT (KIA)

3 EN  B Mont 2 GT (KIA)

10 En Grit Coolie 7 GT  EDT (KIA)

 9 CH T. Urn 4 GT...EDT ( KIA )

 3 en Basil MacCort 2 GT (KIA)

 4 LT. Kole Macen  3 GT (KIA )

 1 EN Eric Liefman (KIA)

 1 EN Jers Schimitt (KIA)

 2 EN Mika Stansburg 1GT (KIA)

 1 SGT Zac Cliff KIA

 1  EN Lou Plie KIA

 3 P01 Ace  Townes KIA

 7 En K Minner KIA

16 EN - Green 14 Gt KIA

 0  EN  Andy Opins 1GT KIA

 2 Lt. Alex Besserman *

 1 En  Una   Bakwana KIA

 5 En Ki-Li KIA

 1 Cuis KIA

19 Lt - Musette 35 GT (transfrerred)

3  LT. Gretty  Billups (transfer  to Apollo)

1   EN Betty Fress  KIA

3  En Barry Smart KIA

 2 En Bren McVille KIA

16  LT Viktor Grimm*  ( AWOL) KIA as Vampic)

 6 EN F Washington 2 GT  KIA

21 En T CArver 11 GT

4 EN Liog KIA

4 EN Stefan  GeGario 1GT  KIA

21 En Dixie Beaman* ( KIA*)

4  En Zitr KIA

19 EN - La-Ki 8 GT KIA

19 Lt - Munuez 11 GT KIA

31 En -Klauss Kruass 15 GT

1 Zull Stens KIA

2 EN Joe Lones KIA

3 EN Andrus Vicos KIA

33 En Y Yoiska 13 GT KIA

11* EN Abby St Clair-Carmicheal 1GT (Turned)

0 EN  Gindy Lakkish

17 EN  OI-NE 1 GT

1 Grey masters

1 Cole Hampton

4 EN L owen

21 EN V Mint 8 GT

7 EN G Phillips

4 EN Low  Harris

38 En - Fe-Op 19 GT

5  EN M O'tenn  3Gt

12 LT Boyce Carre (m)

41 LT - Gi-lo 20 GT

13 LT  Florian Corbin (m)

10 LT Adrien Allard (m) 8 GT

20 EN Xiot 4 GT

9 161  En Cory Nolvel

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Captain Lighting
Fri 5 Oct 2018
at 15:06
 TV/Vids..both Live  Action and CGI cartoons..made  by same compaby that makes Action figures


ESN Taurus..  Hero Class ESN Cruiser

Captain  Oilver  Lighting.. (m) Darkahired

LC, Frita  La Comme  (f)  Helm and XO blonde

Lt Lina Broadsword .. (f)  Blonde  Pilot

LT Billy Joe ..(m) Pilot,  QB of football team.. Red head

Lt Augie Johnson..( m)  Pilot Dark HAired

Lt  Axel Star..(m)  DArk HAired ( brother)

Capt Prex…(m) Occui in charge of   Ship's MArines. ( dark Purple skin)

Lt.  Lita Star.(f)  Pilot (sister)

Lt Stail (m ) Pilot

SGT, Sarre,  Sanri  COM Tech

SGT  Angus  Maclott...( m) Redhead, scottish Demo Tech.." A MAc"   for short

PO  Annette Lane (f)  Encapsulated  Mech rider

PO Gennet Willis (m)  Encaspulated Mech Rider

SGT Pumm ( F)  Sanri    Boarding Team COMs

'Chief'  Hamlet  The HAmster: Small stuffed   Goodluck charm of LT Broadsword. 'odd' things  happen with him around....( little outfitds   have him being an SEC troper..Fighter Pilot or MArine)..In the Vids, he is almost aways in pilot uniform.

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Sat 12 Jan 2019
at 18:26
MAster Chief , Lyri Mullins :

 As with many  on this   roster, Lyri was recruited  from the Academy in San Diego.

 5' 10",  Dishwater Blonde, Blue eyes, sleek , well toned  body. She looks  as good  in  Boarding Armor  as she does in Angelsilk .

   coming from  New Jersey, her parent s were    'well appointed' , as  far as thier business  earnings.   But thier  Daughter  was  a wee bit on the wild  side.... earning letters in track , cross coutnry, the rifle  team  and the archery team.. she had her  sights  set on the Big Ten..but  some.....bad choices.. led her to the academy .  Not phased    too much from the change in her life, she  found  shooting   and Spec ops   niche.  She also  fell into  a group  of rather...'non-officer  material' as she   hung out  with Shadow  , Roles   and thier group.

 On her  way to  be an LT, she was caught  with the over use  of Stim Gum...a 'crutch' used  by many   in the military, but  it does  cause  some dependence.. She  had to graduate as   Chief.. something Shadow feels  very strongly  about, as he thinks she was punished  for  being  part of his  'crew"... She went off to  Utah, where the Keel for the Hades  was being laid.. there, she trained  with    the sniper elite... before a call came from  the   then...Commander HAck

Lyri tends  to be   cool and aloof , but   has no problem  being passionate   when the  time comes...since  signing aboard the Hermes..she has kicked the   Stim  Gum habit, carring a  4 year old open pack  in her   chest pocket of her   boarding armor, Just to remind her, how far she has come.


LT   Beth  Morrow...

 Black hair  with stands of   Pink , red and purple.. the lightest blue  eyes  you ever have seen, and a   quirky little smile. High heels  and  'boarderline' Regulation skrits.

 Beth was sent to the academy, as a few on this list. because  of her  talents and   the ....'inventive'  ways   she  could  use   Computers  and Tech.

 A loner of sorts, grew up on the east side, only  Blocks away from  Shadow and Roles..who she followed  through the newspapers  and  goign to  football games  and track meet.

 Her  Father  had to raise her, as her Mom was killed in the street near the Docks... a professional HAzard for a hooker.  Her dad, who had passed away while she was  in San Diego, was a   tech , and was often called to  do big jobs  for   companies, because  he was very, very good, and  very cheap, compared to big time Tech companies... with   her Mom  'working'  beth would  have to  go along with her dad,  and she helped.. first by  carrying tool boxes.. then  watching...then  learning..then  flat out helping.. she learned, as her father would explain..there were  sysetmes  that  could override other systems..  things that could go, very worng, if such things  happened...

 As a senior in High school, Beth's Father found that  Beth had a surprisingly hefty bank account...when pressed, she had to  confess that she did..both... Hack some  Cred accounts  of  'bad  people.. and.. was being paid  from some of the  Richer  Kids to help 'improve grades"....

  Thought her  father  admonished her, she got the feeling that he  wasn't   very angry, considering the source  of the creds...

 A newspaper   article , while she  was in Library   at school, saw  a pic of Shadow and Roles  as ' Two young men find    the body of Tomas The Knife".. the man who  was said to, work for   Charcoal Tony of   the   Eastside Gang of the    Mallini's... Tomy was said to   have a tight rien on his hookers   and  pushers... the pic  did  show, both Roles  and Shadow with  bandages on thie r arms.

 Delving into Tony's  files  from a   computer Hub , up town..beth put her skills to use... A day later, Charcoal Tony was aptly names, as his apartment building went up in flames  as the   heating  elements over  heated, and  water  mains  caused  shorts in the power grid... the  emergency doors  were locked,,no one escaped...some  100  people died,  Most of them were 'family'...but a few  innocents    suffered too.

  Tony's creds had been emptied, to an account  called  'Commander Bond'..  though  any one who tried to trace who Bond was. would get a 'feedback' bomb... have thier  drives  erased,  of find themselves with out a cred to thier  name.

 One day, a knock on  the Door and three Suits  came in, they talked to beth's dad and  her... with in 4 hours, she was on her way to the  academy in San Diego, with the  Title  as   'COM TEch' Offcier.

 it is said, that she was the first person recruited  by   …LT Hack.. as the   Hermes Keel was being laid.

 there were also   a series of, deadly  fires, and  power losses in  the    Eastern Bloc and Oil  Baron Countries, about teh time she was a senior  at the Academy.

 She is fiercely loyal to those   who are her friends, and  Cold blooded  when it comes to those  who are  enemies


SGT Shoemaker, Evan..'shoey'...

 Right  from Highschool in   San Francisco , to the    ESN MArine bootcamp in Sandiego..  SEC as his prime choice   with   Drop Ship  Trooper  as  his second  choice  ( is to be noted..most folks  don't  'choose' drop ship ... they 'end up'  there)

 Baseball player  and  basketball, he has  always been a team guy.. but  his   addiction to Stim Gum made him a 'non-choice' for colleges... in boot camp they  didn't tri to wean him...Until the last 3  weeks...  he fought  to break the habit,  and now, chews     regular gun ( cinnamon for the most part).. as a way to fight the  desire  for   chewing ).

   Knows his way around  the  computer, and  is best with an SMG  or Carbine in his  hands.. has  some skill at  dark ops..but stays  away from Demo... " can't throw a curve ball without  fingers".

 his smile  never  seems tom leave his face, though  the  intent of the smile does.


 LT  CArole Frans (SWC)

 5' 11"   Yellow Blonde hair,  Green eyes

 LIved in  Central Park  west High rises, with homes in    Newengland  and   Rhode island

 Frans had the life of an American Princess. She had   her   followers  and her Creds.. her  ..disgusting , FAther bought his way into politics, then began to   work his way up,...Carole  Didn't care, her and a hand ful of her  buddies thought it would be good to  Join the   Academy.. 5 of them  made it to San Diego, to  be  the  first Gen  Space pilots  on one of the two Caps ships  being built in America.

   Though she had   skills,  as  did a few of her friends ( a pair of them died in training )..she seemed to lean on her   Dad's creds  and pull. more then herself... there are legendary stories of    Frans and her  people, butting heads   with Shadow  and his people.. to the extent of   Shadow and Roles breaking in to change    the  grad  flights, because  Senator Frans had  'paid good creds" to have them changed  before that...though everyone passed, Shadow   was dropped from the  CAptain target group before rising   to LT  by graduation... Frans  and  most of her  crew  were signed by   LT  Hack right fater  graduation.... but only after  Shadow was  signed  6 hours  ahead, so he would be the senior LT.

  fran's   has  since   seen her father   turn traitor, selling out EArth and the Sol system to the Empire, even having a hand in the death bof her  Mother, who had made a career   out of Med Tech for poor  countries ( and colonies).. Mrs Frans med  Tech ship was destroyed  with all hands  either  having  died..or worse..captured by the Empire..after some heated  battles,  she has come in line  with what her father is... and is now  Shadow's  Assistant WC for the Fleet


Lt  Betty  Eckles

 5' 9" Dark Haired   , Light green eyes

 The  typical  'rich  party girl'

  One of Fran's best friends,  they grew up and  went to private schools together, they each went to  U Mass for  1 year before deciding  to be heroes  and    get into the academy.

 She is overly loyal to her friend, and harbors  a 'not so secret crush' on Shadow, no one knows  why?... 'bad boy ' thing... or whatever.... she did have a  very good talent  foe  flying a Hammer, topping out ahead of Frans..only her    grades  kept her behind her friend. Her parents, much Like fran's  father. leaned to the EDT.. but .. Eckels  only knew she  wanted to see  space, and  fly with Frans and their other friends. Now, she  finds herself  as one of the senior  pilots....she is one of the few  pilots, who  failed her  survival  class..but Hack signed her anyway.


LT Candy Flores

5' 8"  Dark hair  m blue eyes

 Archery letter  in High school and   the academy

 Candy came from  Detroit. Her Father and Mother  married  as  a way to combine thier  parent's Creds  and Business power.. almost covering the  market on the manufacture  of the M-3  Stuarts , wheeled  APVs  and     Recon hover   Cycles .

  Sending thier Little  girl little girl to the academy  was thought to be a good  idea, saved  creds on tuition , and got her  out  of her  'unsavory'  group of friends.... they were happen with that, until Flores showed up on Christmas  with   Beth, Roles  and  Shadow, who  , really didn't  have any home to go to.

 Flores, while  not a groupie, stuck to Shadow and Roles like glue... they did  assignments together.. got  'bonus' flying tiem together, and?  she was a big football fan..her and Beth hit it off and  Candy's   family just least?  they were in the military.

 then things  got  rough  for Flores... a certain instructor   with  ties to  the EDT.. began to hit on her..promising her the world  if she gave in..or  a  wash-out  if she didn't...

 His wounds were bad, and Flores  had to leave... Shadow  went to the board ( as a CAdet advocate ) and raised  all kinds of 9 hells... the instructor   won, but had a very bad  accident happened to him  a few days later... he had to leave as an instructor  and went on to the EVOLS.

 His place  was taken by (then)Lt HAck..who raised the bar as high as he could... and cherry picked the pilots  later, those he though fit his..soon-to-be..ship.

 Having to  Join the EVOLs ( pay her way in).. Flores flew with them for  about  2 years, until the 'LAdy Incident'.. in which she then had to leave the EVOLs  and Shadow  pressed for her to be signed on by CAptain Morris.

 She now serves  as  an ever present wingman to the LC


 Lt Kat Losky

5' 8"  Blonde hair   green eyes

 Perhaps  one of the most sad  people on board the Hermes, Kat came from about  as rough of life as there could be... The Eastern Bloc's   hopless fight against the  Angels  had   cost alot of   Russians, alot of friends  and  family... what most of them didn't know?.. only about have died at the hands of   Angels and the ESN.. the rest.. were  sent to  Demon vessels  that were  lurking around  after the  1st and 2nd battles of MArs.

 She ended up in an ESN  Prison that was overwatched   by 'Lights out '..the group sought to glean people  who might have the skills   for what a certain Officer   had in mind  for his Cap ship.

 between   people dying, getting locked up, she only had her   Friend 'sister' Irina.. they were hard cases, until they heard   of the incident in St Petersburg. where  a Demonic  transport base  was blown to the nine hells... taking   a few surrounding blocks  with it, as  well as what little was left, of  Kat's family

  They gave in..joined and were trained.. Irina   was a Natural, if  not Pysho   in the Demo training... While Kat had more  refined talents, and   was trained as a pilot in England.

 The Loss  of her closest friend  and 'sister' has left Kat with few people she feels comfortable around.. She   guards   Shadow's  other wing like a pit bull, while losing herself     during off duty times.


 Captain  ( Shamus) Rivets O'Rielly....

 6' 4' barrel chested , red HAried , red Mustached  Irishman... constant, non-lit Cigar  in his  mouth that he chews on.

 Fought in the  ESN when they only have small corvettes and 'hand me down' shuttles to get people to MArs and the Moonbase..took over  as a chief of Tech operations on MArs Colony when the   Demons   invaded  with  support from Largrans..was almost over run , until Hot headed Lt Hack, broke off  from his  fighter  wing with a pair of wingmen  to help turn the  Mech battle on Olympus Mons.

 As Hack's  Fighters  saved his  Mech unit.. he saved Hack who continued to fight on the ground. O'Reily moved up the Ranks on MArs, until he was made CAptain  and  and  was  selected  by..Commander HAck for the Hermes.

no nonsense , and very strict..but..a soft heart is hidden  under all that

 Captain Washington Morris

 Older Black Man..tint of grey in his hair  despite  'angel food".. lost his right leg from the knee down flying fighters  for the  Earth ESN against anti- angel forces  and   South American  slavers and drug lords.

  though he could fly  a fighter now, he  waved off attempts to make  him a Wing Commander..opting to take the Adjutant spot..where he  makes the flight Lists..confirms Kills on the kill board, and  helps settle in new  crewmen

 has a bad limp on his 'new leg'..and uses   a cane to help walk about.


Chief   Alex  Morgan

  One of   Rivets  Mech Riders  on Mars  for   the battles of   Mars   1 and 2... was one of  the  two Mechs  left when   Lt Hack crashed  after staffing LArgan mech  units..

  Morgan, ( who hates his first name)  didn't see much  chance of  Mechs seeing war  outside  of   coming out  of  drop ships.  but  the   though of   adding Mech units  to   boarding parties  and  Ground troops , proved to be  too much of an enticement for  , the then, Commander Hack.

   Trying to keep the Unit   as something to be taken seriously, he  ran into Loggerheads with  an deceased.. member of   the Hermes  Mech Riders.

  Since then, he has  tried to hold the  group together  , Until  their   Commander  returned...though they only have   3 Riders..Morgan  expects  them to  be effective.

when  not    running the Mech Shop , he is Rivets   'backup' for   receiving and shipping out  things through the Hanger Dec.

 His   most memorable  moment  came  at Olympus Mons when  he he took out  two  Commanders  of the LArgan Mech riders...his   call sign , at the  time was Angry Goose... it was  switched  to  MONS Goose.. until blended into Mongoose.

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Mon 8 Apr 2019
at 06:08
  alright  folks  every now  and then there is   some  'trouble' concerning  rank. So  we  will  clear it up  here ( somehting i thought  was understood, as we  RP)

1...This is ...NOT.. a military SIM. It is a sci-fi fictional story/game..and though there is   indeed plot lines... they come and Go as  players  find..miss ..or create them, through RP.

2... I use the Currant ranks  from here...

3.. The ESN  is streamlined with  only Marines and Navy....  the  other  armed  forces  are still alive and well on  earth..But here?  its  the ESN.

4...there are no  warrant officers... the Highest NCO rating  is   MAster Chief of the NAvy ( we don't have one in the fleet yet)

 and  SGT MAJ of the MArine Corps..( we have Roy).

 for both those  top NCO ratings  , I will quote from a SCI Fi series, " there can be only one"

 not.. both titles  above are  not  to be  confused  with a SGT Maj..or a MAster Chief.

5... Rank is  important to a point... but in the end,  Admiral HAck runs the Fleet his  way..and  as we see, in some  ports of call?.. it  doesn't always go over  big with other fleets..peopel  are put in charge of  Ops..Missions..and Areas,, By Merit  and trust.. that's the way it  goes here.
Fri 13 Mar 2020
at 03:29
PCs... I will edit  as they come and go

 LC Kray Shadow.. ( NPC/PC)  Human , fighter pilot

  EN An'tela..Angel  Pilot

  SGT Garrat... other  worldly   Human..Viking-like

  EN HArriet Lynch. human.Pilot

 LT  Hawkeye  Price ( Cat)..Human Med tech  Doc..

 DR Henry Christie...Human  Bio-Tech

 EN Isobel Sakura..human combat reporter

 Civie Joeseph MacPherson ( joe Mac)  ...short HUman bounty hunter

 LT  Jug.. Female Gava  trooper ( leader of Gava Squad)

 Capt  Karl Nelson..Human Pilto ( mornignstar)

 Chief  Kira Ambermoon..Human Mech Rider

 EN Lizzy , O'conner  Human  Pilot

 SGT Meari... female Udenese  SEC  trooper

 Mila... Female Doggy..henry's partner

 Missy Jagger... Female Procine..LG forge ship

 LT  Mortica..female Vampic trooper  SEC

EN  Nikki Rutledge..female  pilot   Human

SGT MAJ MC...Roy Spencer.. human  SEC head, assault /boarding teams.

Commadore Sarah McKeon...Commander of the Burian Home Defense fleet.

 SGT  Zobaich... Demon  SEC

 PO1  Melia Kristensen..human Med tech..SEC

 LT Samantha Robertson..human COM Tech for Burian Fleet Flagship

 EN   Billie  Morrisson.... Pilot

PO1  Slick Des Grieux...Mech Tech/Rider

LT Nicholas Vasilakos..pilot

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pay rates
Wed 29 Apr 2020
at 18:54
Payday is the last  day of the game month ( 30th )  ypu can check the day on the  first  page of the  Fleet thread.


 Civies...200 creds/month for ship helpers

 Civies... 300 cred/month for   colonsists

 Civies...500  cred/month for   med tech..Forge  Hold  workers farmers craftsmen


 enlisted... 800 cred/moth

 NonComs...850 950

  Master Non   Master Chief..SMs  ect ect  1050 2000

 enisgns  2100

 LTs  2500

 LC. 3500


 Captain  7000

 admiral ..10000-30000

Fleet Admiral 50000

 Med tech...600

 Med tech noncom  800

med tech offciers..1000-2000

Chief  Med tech ...2500

 Lab tech...900

 lab tech Offciers..1100

Lab techs.. 'lead" ( doc henry)..3000
Ships warnings
Tue 19 May 2020
at 14:40
 there are rectangle Lights above  all Vidscreens  around the ship(public areas)

 there are small circle  Lights  above the doors of all crew quarters..about as big as a coaster...

meanings of Colors.

Green...all is  quiet

Blinking Yellow..."something is out there'


Blinking  Red... 'Beat to quarters'..shut  down rec dec..civies to bunker..gear up..ect

solid  red...Battle stations. aircraft ready for take off...shuttle   loaded...godspeed.

white-Black flashing....Abandon ship

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New mechs.
Wed 20 May 2020
at 19:49
two 'pipes' one on each side of the   pilot's head, shoot out grenades.. they are  loaded like a  mag from the bottom, and  have   24  in each ( 48 total)
 one the   wrist of   each  arm  the  rider can  customize ... a 50 cal   MG... a Heavy Pulse..or a  shot gun
  50 cal will  be  belt  fed  from a pack in the middle of the back..2000  rounds.. the whole canister must be repalced to reload.
 The Heavy  Pulse  is  fed of the Power unlimited.
 the Shot  gun is loaded  with a  Mag like  clip. on the   forarm.. 12  shots  per  mag..  those  can  be carried  on athe Mech's  belt..or have a loader  follow they are faster the  the new Mechs.. they have a limited  jump jet, like the new ones.... the  are ..JUST.. small enough to   fint into  the shuttles at a crouch
ok..lets keep it  simple..the  mechs can't talk back..there shouldm be shouldern9( or Back) launchers..if they want to carry both..they  get  2  Rockets,  and   20 grenades ( 10 grenades per salvo)
 If they just want rockets .. they   get 6.. three  each shot.. barrel  rolls to the top for the next one.
if they just want grenades.. they can have  40   20 rounds  side.. still 100 grenade salvos
 The Hud  can be there... but the  Windsceens  always  take the most damage  as  enemy try to kill pilots, or  fire  at 'center mass'
 wrist  weapons, _ on top the  wrist 100  30 cal  rounds ( loaded  in shoudler )
 hand  weapons should, still need  swamped out  in holster, like the Greblins..this makes them able to  use  a 'hand'
Flame thrower in  an the  30  cal.. fed  from  shoulder compartment..good   for  3 or  4 blasts of  Napalm.
 Jut jet for  20 yards or so..does  feed of  power cell...
 Wrist weapon can be heavy pulse  with a dedicated power  shell in the  shoudler  compartment.
 wrist weapons  must be  installed   before Jump off.. if they want to swap out they would have to go to a beachead or CP  or..if   we "camped for the night..
 Stalkers  are about  6 inches shorter and weigh  about 200 lbs  less then  a gremlin

Testing ground

 The fellow in charge of the Venue said,..Welcome to Fuji Tech.. these    frames that you see before   are the Newest of our Gremlin series.. the  MK III.... they are designed to  be the   missing link, between heavy boarding armor..and   the heavy   Mechs of  the past.. some of you may have seen out  old MK I or MK II Vids... and.. to be was just to get you all ready for these Ladies.... PO Griffen will walk her machine through some steps . her  two  teammates  will then do it , at  Battle speed,, ocne they are  rearmed.. we will allow    any one interested , to take it  for  a  run around the course... PO..Your show...

  hello LAdies  and Gentle men..  the voice  came over  speakers  by the railing...These  Mark threes  have   sturdy..but lighter  armor, then the  Old style Mechs.. using what is called  'press plate  tech'..  the plates    are melded together and  pressed.. this makes it  harder  to cut...and form.. by  foundries on the  cap ships and colonies  shoudl be able to do that.. Thus.. the   frames  are  sleek.. but  can take a hit... it makes them  faster, and   more  maneuverable...noe.. for the surprises!

 she  stood  there  her  Bright  Yellow  Mech flashing in the sun... she had  two  'hands ' right now...well? Lok at foolish me?  i forgot my Gun mounts.. How ever   am i going to shoot targets?

 one of the other   Riders   said,..try your holsters!

 .. Yes!  Of  Course!...  she raided he left arm and oepned and closed her fist, so people saw it  was  connected..  there  were   4   Metal 'bumps ' on her hips. two per side...

  she  jammed her    left hand in  the  empty  'holster' there was whine of    somethign spinning.. the 'hand'..stayed in the hosleter.. but the arm moved to the holster  behind it..the noise  came again  , she pivoted  like a  cowboy  and fired off   three heavy pusle  bursts into a   Deamon shamed  metal target..

 The other rider's  Vocie   said... Oh No  , PO!..UEs!!!

  Griffen    held he r  right hand  up..then shifted  holsters,   this  arm came  out  was  shaped   like an icecream cone..  that Hand  came up   and     fired..moving slowly , left to right  as   a   sticky , burning   'rope of fire.    flew out onto the  UE  targets..

  the   Burners  are a result of  our  allies, The Naragrans..they allowed us  to study thier  webbing, the Fuji Techs  developed  a filament  that  will catch fire  when it leaves  the nozzle ...  the    Burners can carry   a coil of   a half mile of   webbing....  A ride r could also opt to have  50 call hard  ammo  that is  belt  fed from the holster.. it can carry 300  rounds... The Pulse    gun is   Power cell tech,, so you will always have a  weapon...

Now.. Guys  show them what you can do...

   the horn sounded  and the other  two  Mechs  charged  forth.. both hand a heavy pusle.. one had  a Burner, one had    the MG

   clumps of   dirt  kicked  up as the   gremlin  sprinted  foreward..  they shot  at   targets   One     made a 'jump' of sorts..only getting abot   2  feet off the ground, but able to   clear a  3 foot  , water filled   trench, reaching  a 'door" the mechs   sopped,  each one   rearmed  an hand..  between the two of them they  b
gripped the   seam of the   door  and   pulled  ahrd, bracing thier  legs  as the  Door    groaned in protest, finally   cracking open.

 then  a surprise.. and Older mech   came up over the    hill  and fired  Heavy Pulse at both of them.. slamming into the Gremlins, causing one to stagger   Back.. But the  pair    moved   very quickly ( for Mechs)     each firing    at the Mech   with thier  remaining weapon's arm. Blowing it up.

   they  came   back dodging around   waist high posts  set into the  ground to show thier  agaility..

 when they  reached    Griffin  all three   turned and Griffen said,..any questions?.. and who wants to ride?
Wed 27 May 2020
at 03:08
 I was asked about this..i thought i had them listed some where..good  chance they are some where  in a note thread.

 But here you go.. treat this  as the  'new Uniforms" if you find the old thread...if you do find the old one, the  patches and badges  will be the same.


Comabt Uniforms)

 Dark Blue  tunics   and  pants  Calf-high or higher boots.

 name  tag on left breast.. Chevrons  on  shoulders, Officers  pins on the collars.

  enviro  suit can be woren under.. or the 'underarmor' type under  garments.

 Boarding armor   can be worn over top.


 Off Duty

 Light blue  Tunic. dark blue of  choice, or dec shoes

 Chevrons on shoulders, Offciers  Pins on Collars.. baseball style caps with ship's name


 Dress Blues

  coats of   ESN Blue   with Blue Pants. Soft Cover  Hats  with ESN  insignia

  weapons belt  with  sword for  Officers  and the SM ..Master chief.

 rank on shoulders, Offciers   on thier  Collar, save for Captains and up  have it on thier shoudler epaulettes . Name bar on right chest, Ribbons for awards with pips for multiple  awards

( Note)  ESN Marines  use the tried and  true  'earth' style   uniform

Drees Whites

 for state  events, Balls  ect.

  Looks like  US Navy  uniforms  as we have now

 Marines  use  Dress unifroms  according to  Earth customs

 Medals  are worn with pips on the ribbon for multiple  awards.

Sat 6 Jun 2020
at 17:34
GM, Shadow ect...PA Eastern

 This from a site
 City                       Time

 Washington DC, USA         5:43 PM EST (Sunday)
 Chicago                    4:43 PM CST (Sunday)
 Denver                     3:43 PM MST (Sunday)
 Phoenix                    3:43 PM MST (Sunday)
 Los Angeles                2:43 PM PST (Sunday)
 Anchorage                  1:43 PM AKST (Sunday)
 Honolulu                  12:43 PM HST (Sunday)



Teela ... Scotland





 Slick... Washington State

 Roy... Utah




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Football team
Sat 25 Jul 2020
at 05:46
Roster  will be added  to  or  edited  as players    get dadded or removed, from the  team

Ranger of  Numbers....

1-19   QBs..Kickers and WRs,,or DBs

20-49.. RBs... DBs

50-69   LBs  O-line D-line

70-79  OL-DL

80-99.. WR  DL


13 Linda Miller QB

19 Kray Shadow  WR/QB

80 Dana Ciss  WR

91 Shade Shadow TE/FB

32 Melia Christenson RB


55  Supe MLB

29 Machins CB

31 Waggles CB

41 Jumping Lion S

77 Zob DE

25 Billie Morrison DB

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LG's Hover Bike Rentals
Sat 8 Aug 2020
at 15:23
  ( I will update this  as   more info come s to me)

 To Rent...

 25  creds  a day  ( 10 cred discount for Hermites)

 10 creds  insurance
Angel food
Mon 24 Aug 2020
at 13:29
if you take the aliens out of the equation , people are living a very, very long  time  because of Angel food... the  stuff is in  food , water..and  was spread  over the earth   to  animals  would  eat it, and live longer, produce more  ect ect ect.

 the  effects on  life forms are there...

1... live longer... The  later  generations  live longer the the early generations... it builds on itself, until we peak.

2.. Kids  'age ' at thier Normal rate until they reach around  18-20..then they slow  down an  person who was  in one of the last gens will look younger then thier age,....

because of this , wristchip scans  are required  for  Marriage( mating if you are hooking up with  alien ) confirm age

3...some Gens  don't  get the full value  of  Angel Food right away.. ( linked to the 'space  gene')  People Like Henry, Bale  and CAptain Morris didn't  'take  ' right away... when it took  did lock on ( Angel food is invasive)  so?  they may look a little older then  most folks, they are spry and healthy...
Garrat's ship
Mon 7 Sep 2020
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Garrat's ship  ((  crew  will be edited  as people die/leave/added))

Fighter #1 Name:Vulture  Pilot:Haodron  Make and frame: Sanri Bird of prey, partial condor modification.
Description: The broad forward and downward sweeping wings

Fighter #2 Name:Oscelot  Pilot:All'en   Make and frame: Lynx-3, upgraded with contemporary parts

Fighter #3 Name:Tail Gunner  Pilot:Jack  Make and frame: Modified Hammer 4 with rear facing guns.

C-B Mech 1-3 Pilots:Garrat,Dev
   The largest mech Garrat has worked on in the Delta quadrant it is based off the Largan mech frame.
   The arms are highly specialized with large grasping hands and multiple tools built into the fore arms including [right side] industrial angle grinder, hydrolic cutters [that's like the jaws of life] and a jack hammer.  Upper arms hold hydrolic an pneumatic compressors.   [Left side], cutting/wielding torch, arc wielder, wire wielder, laser cutter. The upper arms hold power units and gas canisters for the lower arms.
   The legs focus on movement and convenience.  The upper legs have JATO capsules that can push the mech at 1.5 G's for a duration of 30 seconds in a weightless environment.  The lower legs have powerful electromagnets for clinging to the haul and even recovering fighters from a ships surface.

multi track
   Repaired light version with open deck, armored cow scoop on a hydrolic arm system [fork lift and front loader available] and two chain guns. Capable of Original angel controls and easy run human controls. [so a hand can be free for the loader stick.]

Vampic medium mech
as described in game

Aqua Medium mech. 1&2
as described in game

The Immigrant's song as a ship.
    Like most Largan Transport type ships, the Largan Blockade runner is built like a old WWII submarine with a conning tower dead center in it's long frame and a wedge shaped prow, angling out a little.  It also boasts the traditional loading bay that stretches all the way across the center of the ship to a massive loading door on each side. These loading doors fastens to broad doors on the side of Largan capital ships.  This allows them to load large vehicles and equipment.  The loading points are usually two on each side of the LG Cap ship aft of the fighter bay which is why the LG01 can dock the immigrants song.
    Unlike most Largan transports, the blockade runner has a larger amount of it's space dedicated to offensive weaponry and maneuvering systems severely decreasing it's carrying capacity and causing it to be registered as a Corvette in the eye's of the ESN.
    Structurally the entire design was based off it's primary loading bay, just forward of  the mid point of the conning tower and the mid point of the ship.  To either side of the main bay were two auxiliary bays opening onto it for a total of four.  Between the auxiliary bays on either side of the main bay were staging rooms with a lift and a wide stairwell in the back going up to the second level where one side help the conference room and the other held the community and dining room.  Each of these rooms had 5 Personal quarters designed to hold two bunks or one Queen sized bed.  The main storage bay was a little over 120 feet across the width of the ship, 40 tall, and 70 wide. [perfect size for Shadow to barn storm it]  The auxiliary bays were about 40 feet square and around 15 high.  Just about the right size for a fighter, APC, or light tank.  The stern auxiliary bays had doors added on so that fighters stationed within could take off directly.  The forward bays couldn't because the main bay door slid in the outer wall in front of them.
   Above the meeting room is the conning tower with the original bridge in the top, with it's panoramic windows surveying the entire upper deck.  Garrat unhappy with the vulnerability of this bridge had a second one built down in the base of the conning tower that is custom designed for him and his crew.  He left the other so others could fly the ship by more traditional methods, and use it as a control tower planet side.
    In a nut shell, the area aft of this section is the engine room in the middle as well as experimental Missile launchers in the lateral pods.  The forward section had the Ion friendly Navel cannon system and the retractable ventral PD/AA system.  [six rotary guns with six barrels a piece]  Lateral pods had two torpedo rooms each capable of launching two at a time for a total of 8 torpedoes per volley.
    A Standard PD/AA defense cannons were located one above and one below the pods on either side of the cargo spaces for a total of four, as well as one on either side of the conning tower.  The last gun emplacement was between the engines facing aft.  like the ventral it had six rotary guns but only three barrels per gun.  Good enough to discourage strafing runs from aft.

The immigrants song crew

Garrat Wolfrim: Einherjar Cyborge
Commander, Sea-Bee Jock, Design Engineer, Commando
   Garrat, as most already know is a devout warrior for the ESN despite not being able to take the oaths necessary to join the ESN.  As a Ships Captain, he cares for his crew like family but still feels very tied to the Hermes as his home ship.  On the dirt, In a mech, At the helm, or on station, Garrat is both a team player, and a pro active loose cannon making him an eager asset in battle, but a pain in the ass out of it.

Joseph McPherson: Male human midget...short pale skinned Scotsman with white hair and delicate features.
Bridge Station #1 (communications, noncombat sensors, data processing), Primary Moral officer
   While he still owns and visits his coffee shop on the Hermes, Joseph has always been a rolling stone.  He still looks for information on the EDT that killed his niece but he is back in his element on the bridge of the Immigrant's Song.  He designed the upgraded bridge stations as well as Garrat's heads up piloting display, and when it came time to hire a crew tapped into the jobless mercenaries who were seeking a good clean ship without Piracy or sinister jobs to it's name.

Ellowa Windsong: Female Sanri...6'2" Purple skinned, wears long white hair loosly curly in pony tail.
Bridge Station #2 (combat sensors, weapons and  damage status, science if needed), Secondary Morale officer
   Ellowa was isolated from her people when she stayed with the man she loved after he lost two of his arms in a combat accident.  Shunned for her "Bad Luck" she left with him to sign on as help on mercenary and privateers.  She served as a Moral officer capable of playing a celestial harp in ways that humaniod species had trouble comprehending.  As all Moral officers serve double-duty, usually on the bridge, she soon became more sought after for her prowes in system operations than on the harp.  When the watch-dog corporations fell, She and her husband found themselves out of work.  Then Joseph called up and asked if they could help on the Immigrant's Songs unofficial maiden voyage.  She is a loyal crewman and can actually fly the Immigrant's song herself, though she doesn't have the connection with it that Garrat does.

Haodron Windsong: Male Sanri cyborg...6'10"  Cobalt Blue skinned with unruly white hair and two mechanical right arms.
Fighter Pilot [#1], Fighter Mechanic.
   Haodron had a good life.  He had been raised by a fighter mechanic and used the knowledge he learned growing up to enter the Academy an graduate at the head of his class as a fighter Pilot. He always had an ear for music and fell in love with a talented harp player.  Soon they were married and he landed a position with a Government escort unit.
   Then disaster struck. On a routine diplomatic escort mission they were attacked by empire forces.  He and his unit managed to repel the attack, but he was the sole survivor of his unit and several high officials had taken serious injury on the ship he was gaurding.  He himself lost the lower part of his lower right arm, and nearly all of his upper right arm.  Amongst the Sanri it is considered an abomination to have lost any of the four upper limbs, and here he was without two.  Cast out of society all he had left was his wife who refused to leave his side, and an old repair shuttle his Father had given him as the only thing he could do to help his son.  For two years, they drifted from place making money off Ellowa's singing and his mechanics.  He built prosthetic arms with some minor alterations to help him with repair and they managed to secure a shop to work out of on Tortuga.  He started working on an old fighter Partially converting it to the human Mercenary configuration with the chin gun but foregoing the fixed cockpit. Mean while his wife trained up to operate bridge stations and soon they were working Watchdog ships.  When that collapsed, they were back to square one when Joseph contacted them.

Kritz Bright-scale: Male Largan [good alignment]...A little stocky even green scales
Head engineer, engine mechanic, performance anylyst

Dev Round-Claw: Male Largan [Neutral alignment]...Lean, black and brown striped scale pattern
Systems Engineer, CB mech rider, can only ride in Garrat's "Beast"

 Amos KinCaid: Human male
Point defense cannon chief.  Cannon and heavy weapons mechanic Operator of the "Monster", the most powerful and only ventral cannon on the "Immigrant's Song".
   Amos is brusque capable and strict.  He didn't exactly like the mixed bag of cannon operators he was stuck with but he's making sure they won't disapoint him, and is beginning to recognize their talents.  That said, his cannon operators are his people whether he likes them or not, and he looks after them.  Amos was one of the Merchs present when.

The Gava family: A family unit of Gava's that asked to come on board so they can travel the stars.
Starboard point defense cannons, ship defense, maintenance support, Granma cooks and heals.
  Apparently they thought they could operate the turrets.  Amos laughed them off at first until they  hopped in two at a time on his simulation program and made his jaw drop.  One would operate the aiming controls while the other squeezed the trigger.  Where they learned it is mystery for now but they are surprisingly good.  As some of the crew members have trouble with their names they answer to their family positions:  Aunty Gava, Uncle Gava, Momma Gava, Daddy Gava, Big Sister Gava, Little Sister Gava, Brother Gava and Grandma Gava who acts as the Matriarch.

All'en Fireblaze: Male Felrite White and gray tabby markings medium size for a felrite
    All'en came from a family of fighter pilots, and flew with his Older brothers Aron and col early in his "career" before being sent to act as a guard unit on an asteroid. Unfortunately the base was taken, his ship blown up before he could fly it in defense of the colony, and he was captured by Empire forces and shipped to a cross breeding facility on some unknown space station.
   The Hyrian commander in charge of the station was tasked by the demon hierchy with breeding the ultimate slave race.  He did so by crossing Felrite, Hyrian, Mull, as well as several obscure species not commonly encountered in the black.  The offspring were tested for skills and temperament and selective breeding continued from there.
   Allen was prime breeding stock so was well treated.  He soon came to care for the enslaved brood mother he was assigned to impregnate and indirectly looked after her when he could.
   A group of privateer vessels raided the station, more interested in scrapping it and profiting from supplies.  While the careless attack took the lives of many of the slaves, one Occui captain [Kolane] stuck his neck out and tried to rescue as many of the remaining slaves as possible and took them onto his ship as crew.
   Allen's beloved was fatally injured and had him promise to look after her off spring before expiring in his arms.
   Allen did so and over time found homes and lives for many of his charges.  Three remain though one is technically his lovers sister rather than child.  They now hires as a unit under Kolanes leadership.

   Kolane Moonstruck: Male Occui
Gunner, Navel pilot, back up systems operator.
   Raised on Tortuga as the son of a navel mercenary, Kolane inherited his father's ship at a young age.  He took to it well, having been mostly raised by the crew and trained by his father since he was a child.  While a good captain Kolane was an unhappy Privateer.  Most of his contemporaries had less scruples than he was comfortable working with.  Still, his ship was small [note much bigger than a corvette class] and he couldn't take on empire targets alone.  He was down to a skeleton crew when he took on some slaves from a station they raided.  Most of them stayed as he had been the only captain to even care about their wellbeing.  With his crew again at full strength he switched over to the watch dog mercenaries going from colony to colony protecting them from demon attack and bringing them supplies and news of the quadrant.
   Once on shore leave however his ship was destroyed, and though he and the remaining crewmembers got the colonists to safety, they had to hail another Mercenary ship and abandon their settlement.
   Many of his crew went their seperate ways but several from the breeding station stuck with him and they hire out as a group.  Garrat's ship was to be just another job but maybe it can be more.

Tristan: apparent female Mull with white fur
gunner, cervo and electrical technician.
   Tristan was born to Allen's mate, and therefore under his protection.  She has however pledged her life to Kolane for risking his life and crew to save as many of her fellow slaves as possible during the raid on the station.  The fact that she had been slated for breeding and was in the process of being dragged to a shuttle by her hair in the hands of a Hyrian stud when Kolane killed him didn't hurt either.  Her servitude was all she had to give at the time.  Kolane has always cared for her as a father figure even as Allen did though he never wanted an endentured servant.  While still on the station her aptitude for electronics and micro cervos became apparent and she was soon taking the task of designing cyborg prosthetics for empire types who came to the station for that purpose.  The challenge of that task was the only thing that gave her solace in her dire situation.  Naturally she stayed with Kolane

Mint: unknown female, appears across between a Mull and a Felrite [Kitsumi]
Point Defense Gunner, combat personel
Mint was not yet used in the breeding program because she's mute.  A genetic defect disabled her vocal cords making her undesirable stock, though the need for quiet slaves might become a possibility in the future.  She has helped All'en look after his charges right down to these last two.

Kazia: apparent Female Hyrian
Gunner, assault personel Apprentice cannon operator and mechanic.
   Kazia weathered her enslavement with fierce determination.  Strong in body, sharp of wit with an agressive side.  She has the heart of a soldier and is quickly becoming proficient with weapons, and hand to hand, and is working under Korlana in her spare time.

Murry Rolins:  Male Porcine
Missile Systems Mechanic/Operator
   Murry is a pureblood who was kinda shunned by his people because he wasn't into aiding in the repopulation of his species with the porcine females.  Come to think of it he's not into Females.  That said, he's always there as support for his crew members.  He's got an overly clever tongue and refers to the four heavy missile torpedo systems and the ten AA missile launchers as his babies.  Like most of his species he is not a good fighter, but his words are a force to be reconned with.

Korlana:  Female Hyrian.
Forward cannon technician.
Korlana became unenamored with the arrogant attitudes of the Hyrian navy and jumped ship in Tortuga to sign up on a Mercenary Vessal in the delta fleet.  She has worked with many species and many cannon systems but she has always loved her big guns.  Truly loved them.   They make her a little hot under the fur.  When she saw Joes a chance to help a arms company design a special set of encapsulated ion guns from the ground up AND be the operator the busy little wolf girl couldn't pass it up. She helped work out the sealed systems for the Ion cannons as well as the giant six shot magazines that reload them, and refers to them as her boys. Nobody messes with her boys.

Nora Bright-Fist: Female Ape person...Honey hair, and armored.
Chief Security Officer, muscle whenever needed in repairs and maintenance.
Nora just wandered onto the ship from the LG-01 one day and adopted everyone present, whether Largan, human, Porcine or Einherjer.  Garrat couldn't argue.  Her presence is surprisingly stabilizing for the ship.  She makes sure the various technicians eat and rest and arranges hunting time with the more predatorial natures on board.

Ko-Tel:  Older Male Angel...Dark hair, and oddly clean for a mechanic
Multi Track Pilot, vehicle and aircraft technician
   Ko-Tel showed up in response to a general hiring request.  Secretive of his own life and reverently respectful of others, the poor man always seems so polite, yet exhibits absolutely no sense of hummer.  He losses himself in the little things, checking hard munitions, inspecting electrical systems, almost as if he was using it to escape something. This is a good possibility as he seems very old as an angel so was likely around well before Garrat.

Ling Gang: Male human
C-B Mech #2 engineer, junk rat
  Ling and Keesa's family used to be quite expansive inhabiting one of the unofficial colonies at the edge of the delta quadrant.  The colony was an artistic mix of ancient chinese form inhanced by modern technology.  A utopia that was to grow into a world of extraordinary culture...until the demons found them.   The colony was shattered and the twins were smuggled out on a transport while Watchdog Mercenaries held the Demons at bay. They were looked after by a distant aunt with failing health in a poor house near the Fuji stem.  There, they were found by their uncle who had been cast aside as a failed experiment in human Brain-Computer interface.
   Ling Was always the stronger of the two twins, and had a knack for engineering.  He was good at seeing how mechanical things went together.  Later when he grew into mech operations he understood how to use precisely the force needed to achieve his goals.

Keesa Gang: Female human
C-B Mech #3
Unlike her brother Keesa had an eye for circuitry and electronics.  She was able to disassemble things without force and provided the perfect counterpart to her brother's way of doing things.

Gasa Leek: Skith Female
Aqua Mech
   Gasa has always wanted to operate a big mech, unfortunately the Skith don't run mechs, and their body sizes aren't compatible with human models.  The opportunity to run an amphibious mech built for a creature more her size was more than she can pass up.

Ko-Rin: Occui Female
Aqua mech, multi track, fighter, shuttle, hover van, hover bike.
    Ko-Rin worked in an Occui military motor pool, She was pationate about operating everything she can get her hands on.  Though she will never be patient enough to run navel vessels or have the reflexes to fly a fighter on a wingleader level, she is brilliant at figuring out how vehicles work.  In combat, mechs are just her pace.  Nothing else seems to work for her, including infantry.  She signed on with the LG01 in the hopes of flying different types of ships but was soon helping out with the mechs on the scrapper deck.  When the IS went off, she simply went with it.
To those who have gone before us.
Thu 15 Apr 2021
at 00:41
Xero Ermanda...diplomat

charles Montgomery..pilot

Hannah Killian..COM Tech *

Tidas Locard..trooper

Lokian X..Trooper

Antonin Stoly Stolyarev..Shuttle pilot *

Telamicus Shadarz Thaddeus Radae...pilot

Stephen Step Shelton..trooper

Michael O'Shaughnessy..Tech

Angela Morsan..angel, cyborg


Malcolm Francis Roberts aka Mal..power suit

Marshal Gormeck,, pilot

Kurt Storm...trooper


Antonin Stoly Stolyarev..Shuttle Pilot *

Anthony James Souza Jr..trooper

Aldin Calhoun...Pilot

Daichi Masamune..pilot


Dexter Donavan..Janitor

Christopher lowie Lowe...trooper

Frank Donald Dion..Privateer

Denise Desiree

Rayna O'reilly..Rivet's Daughter, Pilot

Geoffry Appigan..Trooper 'apple'

Richard Alexander Jacobson..trooper

Jesse Dalton..spec ops *

Justin Kase..pilot-

Rebbecca Clyne...HW trooper

Nathan O'Conner,,,medic

Ethan Graham..priest

Charles Hadrian..Tech

Marcus Andrew McRane..merc ship Captain

Daichi Masamune...pilot

Fuli Tarkor...Sanri trooper

Irina Tatyana..Demo tech

Lazarus Krieg..spy?

Koos Van Der Merwe...mace pilot

Kino Peterlo... trooper

Graeme McFadden...trooper

Horacius Moreau,,trooper COMs

Xyran..Occui Trooper *

Richard Nelson..pilot

Natalie Berkley..pilot

Shra Cory..Avian

Alexandria..pirate captain

O'Dell..I dunno?

Aaron Acampo...trooper

Cole Tyford..Engineer

Picus-Li..half angel trooper

Argamen Phish..trooper

Sophia Phish...

John Hunter..Trooper *

Ming Yue Hui..

Anthony James Souza Jr..trooper

Justice Lanceheart...trooper mind reader

Celthric Orin Sythril....Angel

Ssalluman...Largran trooper

Leon Kauffman....shuttle pilot


Richard Caine..Med tech Doc

Hershel Grizwalt..trooper

Gethin Roberts Fitzlargrans..Largran, Trooper

Emiko Tanaka,,,engineer

Farthen Menderas the 4th....


Coreen Burke..Pilot

Ickabab bods..trooper

Nathan O'Conner..trooper

Ajax Benjamin Rush...Mech rider

Ailleacht...don't know

Dr. Steven Wayne Conners,,DR

Naomi Weske,,shuttle pilot

Quintana Mayfield.. Mech Rider

Hertz Key...

Ethan White...


Jace Lancaster..pilot

Quinn Illion Greyson... trooper mechnic

Oliver Wilson....

Raja Maelstrom..Largran

Terra Boon...Sniper ( Garrat's 'buddy' )

Slick Des Grieux..mech-tech

Henrik Vaananen..trooper

Callen Cole..pilot

Jamison A. Murdock..trooper

Marcus Riley..Mech rider

Cassae Yates..Pilot

Kaera Freitheim...pilot

Tiberius J. Carver...pilot

Thomas Spartan..Merc ship captain

Carmen Reed..trooper

Isaac Vaas...trooper

Cookie tech

Gao Xue Zi....

Zarina Striker..pilot

Alec Fleming...

Tripp Blackwell..trooper

Henry Gild

Alexander Varellion..trooper

Hans Weber..trooper

Sath Siltsi Iss..Largran

Serena Donovan..Med tech ( doc)

Daniel Night...pilot

Muri Bloodstar..angel  trooper

Olivia Sheridan...waitress

Oliver Moray..Med tech


Viktor Grimm..Vampic  pilot KIA

CPL  John West..trans...fer

Marcus Riley

Richard Alexander Jacobson..Obsidian Rose  Captain

Rose..Bio tech

Anita Zellum..reporter

Isaac Vaas  pilot

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