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Officer's  Quarters

 All Characters Ensign and up can post here for  their   down time...and RP ect ect. All officers  without a thread of their own, should use this for their   quarters..until a thread is assigned to them.


 Layout of Offcier  Quarters ( Note..the Commander  and the Admiral, as well as  apartments that are Labeled  for Ambassadors are a bit Bigger)

 stardard:...a LArge  Sitting/sleeping area with a LArge Bed , large Vid screen a few bookshelves and a dresser. Large Coffee table, a couch and two chairs. the  left is  a smaller room with a smaller Bed and a dresser and shelf.

 to the  left corner is the Kitchenette..small stove,macrowave, fridge.sink.. a counter that seperates the are from the  'living area' straight  ahead  of the Main door on the far wall is the bathroom with shower  sink and toilet. there is a small closet in the  bathroom. a small one in the spare room...and 2 closets,in the main room, one on each side of the Living area..there are Cabinets above the stove and such, and Under the counter...there is main Lighting in the ceiling of all the rooms..and small "spotlight" types above each bed and the bathroom, if one doesn't  want a lot of light.

there is a  Table by the door as well as  a coat rack..and a night stand by the bed.

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