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Skill list
Fri 4 Feb 2011
at 02:12
Helping to define  the character
You get to add 50 points to the start may put up to 20 in any catagory. every one starts  with 5 points in each

STrenght  5

Stamina   5

Speed     5

IQ        5

Willpower 5

Charisma  5
 These are the  spheres of learning that the Points  above  will help in.
 Tech studies...
               Alien Tech
               earth tech
               Combine Tech

 "Air" Combat.. Flying
Diplomacy...Reading people

            Study New Races

Ground  Combat... Shooting
                   Hand  to hand
                   Mech training.

Communications....Ship to ship
                  Coding  and codebreaking

Med Care......Field Medic
              Ship's doctor
              Disease control

Navel combat...Ship to ship ( ship mounted  guns, torpedoes ect ect)
               Boarding  party

ST STA SP  add to combat

IQ Will Cha  add to Dip, Communications and Med care

Damage  Points..will be the total of your ST, STA and Will

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Fri 4 Feb 2011
at 02:27
Re: Helping to define  the character
 Ensign Betty  Morrow  Commuincations

  St 5 + 10=15

 STA 5 + 10= 15

 sp  5

 IQ  5 + 20= 25

will 5

 Cha 5 + 10=15

Concentrtations: NOTE after  100 points is reached in any ONE ability, the player   may  add  any Ability awards to  the Concentrations Spheres  below

 "Air" Combat.. Flying       0
                Shooting     0
                Formation    0
Diplomacy...Reading people   0
            Comprimise       0
            Study New Races  0

Ground  Comabat... Shooting  5

                   Hand  to hand 5
                   Survival    5

Commuincations....Ship to ship  25
                  Languages     25
                  Coding  and codebreaking 25

Med Care......Field Medic  0
              Ship's doctor  0
              Disease control  0

Navel combat...Ship to ship ( ship mounted  guns, torpedoes ect ect) 0
               Boarding  party  0
               Sailing 0

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Admiral Hack
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Wed 5 Mar 2014
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Re: Helping to define  the character
  The development of your Character, should be   through they Grow..or don't..with the people around them.

 there well..the Abilities . everyso often you have earned  enough  Game Points ( GPs) to get a PM from  me for you to add occasion that I award a point.

  Once a Character   has  1 ability that reaches  50..they can chose to  put   an award to  the concentrations..until that time..i adjust those, as the players  Grow...or fail
Admiral Hack
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Fri 24 Jul 2015
at 19:21
Re: Helping to define  the character
 Had a few questions about   the spheres and ability points. so I will add this here.

1.... First off...Remember, this is  a heavy RP game..RP game carries as much, if not  more weight then the dice rolls. I change the dice  rolls per  event..sometimes yo need to roll higher then the target number..sometimes you need lower...if it is lower, then your Mods subtract..Higher..your mods add.

2...There  are  only a few reasons I will ask you to roll for your charcter...One, is if my rolls were so close, that I give the player  a chance to 'decide' with a roll....or..if its  between two PCs and My rolls are close, I'll just let the PCs  roll and take it from there...NOTE..success of failure by a large margin on  my rolls is..well..tough. " it was meant to be"

3..though  in may seem complicated, it  really isn't..this was devised for people to not  min/max...but  grow their Character as they see them evolve or  in a direction they want to grow in.


 on the CS it shows you the also shows you what abilities  influence certain spheres. The  sub-spheres concentrate on an aspect that will be  in use, or NEEDED to be in use  for a roll...The Ability Points  are added  and divided by 3...that gives you your big mod...then comes  the sphere which has its own formula to be added to the  Mod...then, the    RP Mod..which will influence the rolls even more...a good  roll with a good sphere but bad RP could hurt the roll...there have been times ( many times) RP caused negative mods and got  characters  hurt...some really bad  RP got  guys Killed ( power suit guy...Mind reading guy).

 In the end? its all about RP, the  abilities and  Spheres  add to the  random flavor and help make your character  special.

 In the years of this game being played..there has never been 2 players even close to be   alike...even  the NPCs  have  personalities.

 So?  if you're looking for Numbers to crunch, to try and   make your character  'powerful" it  won't  happen. at least it hasn't yet.

 I never  liked to Kill characters..some folks who retire from the game  will have their characters die...some  players just toss their charcters  around..yeah..they will die, sooner or later..only so many times you can get lucky..i will NEVER say..." are you sure you want to do that?"...its all on you and  your RP..I just run the game!

 Please..any questions  go to me in PMs  or OOC..this is an Info thread