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  Most folks  know of the Earth  Civil War. It was never declared, and in many ways, still exists . Whether it be  Anti-Angel factions   Vs Anti-Demon factions, Or Pro Earth factions  , butting heads with Pro AP Factions.

 Going back to That Historic day, when the Angels gathered  all the world  Leaders ( or at least those who came) in The Rosebowl, and  laid out what was coing, and what needed to be done. A few Leaders where VAporized, when they rose up in that stadium, most notable, Leaders from South America , and those of the Middle East. The Eastern Bloc Leaders were distrustful. but maintained a working relationship with the Angels..

  That day set in Motion, the Birth of   the EDT, The EVOLs and  even..The EMS. Of those three Groups, Only the EMS could be counted on when the shooting started.

 The ESN was born as well. Promising people with the  space travel Gene were hand selected  by the Angels  and  put under Command of trusted Officers. Another Group was born. This, deep in the bowels of the United States.  Lights Out. This group's reach covered the Globe, and reached well , into the Black , once the threshold  was crossed.

 Lights Out was not  just the watch Dog of the ESN, it was its Protector. Threats  would  found. Those threats would  be  eliminated, in whatever way was needed.

  With the Distrust ( jealousy?) of the Angels, as  Earth Forces began to expand, and attack the Historic  Bullies of the galaxy, The Lights Out   Units, have become important.

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   About  50 years after  Earth was Visited..( or Invaded?) By the Angels, the World  began to take  shape  Under the Angel's Guidance . Like a Black smith forging  a shield, or a sword.

   That's  to the Occui and then Wrist chip, Earth Joined the ranks  of the  Community in the Black.  Sanri and Occui were the first, new, aliens to   come and trade with Humans even as  Humans were learning how to fight their  new found  war.

  Terrorism didn't begin to fade, until the Angels and Newly formed ESN, began to  utterly destroy those  who opposed the Angels, But only those who opposed  by killing to  attacking.

 The world  was  set up Much different then those  in  the old  days would view it.
 South America  was Now South Pac...

 and  the leaders referred to as the Jungle Lords. With Power Cell tech, their Oil became less important... and the  funds for the operations  dwindled. They turned to drug  running  and Slaving...some of those slaves earmarked  for   demon forces who would sneak about the Sol system.
Eastern Bloc....

  this was everything from  Germany to the  eastern Sea... and  all those smaller countries in the area. Most  distrusted the Angels. Some  even actively so. In the End, those with hopes to save their planet. would   join the   ESN...Those who  wanted to save themselves.... looked  hard into, the EDT
Pac of the Rising Sun...

 Japan was the Big dog here, and all the  smaller  Island countries around her. They are steadfast and Loyal to the ESN, for they see no thier way to beat the demons, then to remain strong as a world. Though they lack the Land   and 'hot spots' for laying  CAp ship keels... they pour a lot of Creds into the ESN. Troops  from Techs, to warriors, to Fighter Pilots are also well respected.

  Including all the smaller Landlocked  Countries .

   they tried to remain 'free'..even Building their own ships from Specs the Angels gave them. Their first ( and  only) warship  sent out on a Mission to seek and destroy demons..to show China's  Might. The ship Vanished with all hands... China Joined the ESN  1 month later.
 Oil Barons.. Middle East PAc..

   They refused..at first... any dealings  with Angels or those who sided  with them. But when Oil dropped to nothing , as a resource . They became   a worse  group then even  in the old  days, Blaming the Angels  for their   crash to unimportance . It is  said, there have  been more  Angels Killed  in these lands, then  all other lands on earth Combined.

 India  and  Pakistan   left the group to Join the ESN after the Battle  of Arab Nations... They are still picking up the pieces as Angels still, go in to wrist chip and Help rebuild.. the Angels...however  pull no punches... and do not hesitate to  wipe   out any and all aggressive, Anti-Angel...Anti-ESN groups.

 African  ConFed

 All countries  not    in the   MEP, banded together  to Join the Angel's  new  world. Though they  offer  only resources  and  creds, there  is    a flow of   troops that come  from thee lands..South  Africans are a bit leery of Angels  because of  a put down, rebellion .



 Using their  old Name from an old war, Austrailia , New  Zealand and  all the  islands  around them were one of the Charter Members of the ESN.  Having One  'hotspot' for  laying Keels they manage to help  Build    1 Cap ship a year. But the flow of   troops , scientists and Civies have aided the ESN in their  stretch for colonies  and  earth's place in the Black


 Med Pac

Spain, Portugal ,Italy ( including its   islands they absorbed), Greece, Albania, Turkey

 they tried to stay Independent ,though Italy  seemed to side  more  with the Anti-angel groups...it is said  thet next to   the Eastern Bloc, Italy provides  the Most agents for the  EDT....Greece is the polar Opposite,having stood  for the  Angel Factions  and  at times..been in  small  battles  with Italy when the  two countries  confronted each other on the Sea or the  air.( angels would  have to 'break it up)..Spain is supposed to be the Lead  Nation, By Greece has been more Vocal


West Euro

  This  Includes, England, Scotland ( that is now a Land unto ,itself) Ireland Wales,  and  all  countires  from  Germany West.  Norway, Sweden and  Finland Joined  them about a year  after they formed. Like the US and AnZac..they are charter Members.


 North Pac

   Canada , Greenland, Iceland and ..what is now know  as  'the artic LAnds' are Charter members.. Canada  having  2 Hotspots  for Keel laying.. Noted  for Pilots  and troopers.. they turn out their  fair  share of scientists as well.



 Mexico, and central America ( for the most part) As well  as  Cuba,  and  all other Carb Sea  countries. Though they have no real love of Angels, they were smart enough to see the writing on the wall, and  Joined as a second tier Group   a few years  after the charter.


 The  US..

 Mostly , stand  alone  Country . They were one of the Charter Members of the   ESN Charter. with  two Hot spots..One in new York and One in Utah, they turn out   4 Cap ships  a year. The Academy is here. , with 4 branches   for  4 Skill sets...Though there are Many people here, who  view  the Angels  with a distrustful eye. They also know ,they need their help.



 Antarctica ... barren as it is... the Angels have  Bases here.. and  is the Only palce on Earth the will not allow   Humans to visit.

  Korean, North and South

   The North aggressively attacked the Angels, and the Angels  paid the back in kind. Sadly,  The South suffered  for the   North's foolishness . Its  is more  or less a wasteland now, with Angels   helping  those who still  want to live there.. to rebuild.

 Under Sea

 No one  can find out.. and no one will answer..but there  are rumored to  be 3 huge 'countries' at the Bottom of the Atlantic , between france  and   NA.... at the Bottom of the Pacfic,  between   Japan and the US, But North of   Hawaii ..and   below the surface  near Antarctica .

 If there are 'people' from there.. no one knows,  but where are enough Vids and reports, of   aircraft   going into...or rising out of.. the waters.

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Replaced  from " out story thus  far "

The ESN Hermes was the latest ESN warship to come into action.  Its commander, Commander Hack (nobody ever uses his first name), was given uncommon leeway, and got to hand-pick most of his crew from a sea of volunteers.  On her maiden flight out from Earth, she bolstered her complement of fighter craft with a couple of the latest model that were taken from the Mars base (under control of Russian forces) by subterfuge.  Shortly after this, she encountered a Demon warship near the Asteroid Belt...a warship that had, reportedly, attacked a ship carrying the Sanri ambassador to Earth.  Orders were given--board the ship, rescue or recover the Ambassador, and disable the ship's combat capabilities.  The mission was carried out with minimal loss of life, and the captured Demon ship was towed into Olympus Station, to much celebration.

Football is also a big deal in the ESN, and the Hermes team was at Olympus for a playoff game against the Olympus squad.  Some personnel that were found to be an ill-fit to Commander Hack's command-style were transferred off, replacements were brought aboard, and the Hermes team won a decisive victory, putting them in the Championship round.  Suspicious events raised some concern that some forces (at the time, suspected to be organized crime) were active on the station and had some hand in the game, but nothing was ever confirmed.  While at Olympus, Commander Hack utilized some black-market contacts to acquire specialized gear for the ship that was not available through 'regular channels'.

The Hermes was sent from there to the Olympus' sister station, the Fuji, in a region identified as 'the Delta Quadrant'.  This region is home to the Mulls, an as-yet non-aligned alien race, and also to one of the earliest human colonies, on Delta Sigma (ironically, itself a penal colony for Earth).  Intelligence indicated that the Largrans, a race allied with the Demons, were trying to influence the Mulls, and in fact had the Mull Ambassador paid off to declare a peace treaty without proper authorization.  A secret military exercise by the Hermes crew brought the conspiracy to light and resulted in the Ambassador's death.  A follow-up exercise revealed that another Demon ally, the Creshain, had a secret hybrid-breeding program in place.  This was destroyed...but the Mull general who had manipulated intelligence in order to get the Hermes to carry out the mission ended up dead.  Representatives of the new Mull government pledged good faith in attempting to purge corrupt elements from their leadership and set up an alliance with Earth and the Angels.

It was discovered that there was a double-agent aboard the Hermes...several, actually, and Lt. Kray Shadow, the Hermes Wing Commander, was nearly killed in the process of uncovering one of them.  The discovery of co-conspirators led to a security lockdown of the ship and a chase of a would-be assassin through the ship to where he was finally taken, right at the door to Shadow's quarters.  Security has been tighter on the Hermes ever since then, but thus far, nobody's been complaining.

Shore leave on Fuji was the reward for work well-done, but while most of the crew was relaxing and taking time off, certain elements of the crew discovered a covert plot that was targeting members of the Hermes football squad.  The ultimate intent of this plot was never fully uncovered, but it was broken up...and a top-secret cyber-based counterattack against the group behind the plot (a covert operation from the Eastern Bloc nations called 'Eclipse') ended up destroying most of the operational capabilities of Eclipse on Fuji (as well as several suspected operatives on Olympus).  There was some suspicion that the Eclipse plot was intended as an assassination attempt on the Angel Ambassador.

There was no time to dwell on the infiltration of Fuji...the Hermes had to return to Olympus for the ESN Championship.  The game had become an ideological metaphor...the Angel-supporting, overtly aggressive Hermes against the defensive, would-be-neutral Hades team (comprised mostly of Eastern Bloc forces).  The game was expected to be close, but the Hades team was predicted to come out ahead in the end...it was felt that the smaller, faster Hermes team couldn't stand up to the punishment of a full game against them.  Thanks to a bit of subterfuge, the Hermes team ended up scoring their go-ahead touchdown at the final buzzer with their starting lineup on the field, mostly fresh and ready to run rings around the exhausted Hades squad.  As the game ended, transmissions commenced, showing unedited footage of the captured Demon and Creshain ships, and the cross-breeding programs that had been underway on both.  The pro-neutrality factions will have to scramble to explain their rationale in the face of new evidence.
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After the events on Olympus, the Hermes returned to Earth, where events uncovered the reality that Earth Defense Technologies, the contractor who was supposed to be building the next generation of fighter craft and weapons for Earth's space forces, was actually a front for a Demon-aligned faction.  A sweep of actions ended up decimating EDT's infrastructure on Earth and the 'official' outposts, but there was no way of knowing how widely dispersed EDT had become during their interactions with the Demons.

 The Angels arrived in Earth-space with 3 sections of a 4-section space platform, which they called 'Heaven'.  They promised to increase production of weapons and craft and take care of protecting Earth, freeing up other ships to proceed in a new task force under Hack's command.

 Several incidents with Demon, or Demon-allied ships, nearer to Earth space gave Commander Hack the support he needed to begin taking the battle to the Demons, first annexing a trading station and then launching assaults on a couple of Demon-held worlds.  One of the assaults resulted in the rescue of Doctor Largerson, who had been kidnapped by the remaining EDT forces because he'd developed a chemical compound that was corrosive to Demon tissue.  He succeeded in coming up with a weaponized version of this compound, which was used to great effect in the capture of additional Demon-held worlds.

 The Demons made an appeal for a treaty, and in a broadcast conference between the Demon and Angel ambassadors, Earth, and the Hermes, the treaty was soundly rejected, due in large part to vehement statements from Lt. Shadow, Sgt. Spencer, and Commander Hack.  As a result of the rejection, however, the Angel ambassador and his entourage were assassinated by the Demons, before they terminated the broadcast.

 Commander Hack was promoted to Admiral and put in command of the newly-annexed regions of space, with additional ships assigned to his forces.  Shadow was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and put in charge of all fighter operations within the fleet.  LC Si was promoted to full Commander and given direct command of the Hermes, freeing Hack up to focus on fleet tactics.  Master Sergeant Spencer was promoted to Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps for the Space Operations branch of the Corps, and retained as Security Chief on the Hermes.

 Another world captured from the Demons was Bura, where two significant discoveries were made.  The first was the existence of teleportation technology that the Demons had been using.  The device was captured, dismantled, and taken aboard the Hermes for analysis.  The second was the presence of another group of Angels, whose damaged ship had been abandoned in orbit around the planet.  They successfully soft-landed the ship and settled on the world, even inter-breeding with the indigenous species there, and had lived there for some time when the Demons came in to use the planet as a platform for operations.  Bura Angels are marked by their greenish skin, a result of natural dyes in the foodstuffs made from native plants, and have learned to live 'close to nature'...so their presence went largely ignored by the Demons, until the Hermes attacked and the Bura Angels saw their moment to strike at the Demons.  Many joined the Hermes forces.

 The next attack was on Astra, a world inside the fringes of Demon-held space.  While it was presented as an intended invasion to take over the planet, the stated (and well-publicized) plans were a ruse.  The attack on the planet was intended as a demonstration of 'total war', with no quarter offered to even apparently civilian targets.  In that, it was very successful, as the Demons, who had previously never displayed any signs of fear under even the most abject circumstances, fell into utter chaos under the attack.  The real intent of the attack, however, was to lure the Migon Fleet, Demon forces that had been operating in the expansion areas and threatening Earth and her allies, into rushing to counter-attack the ground forces they were expecting to be on Astra.  The Hermes forces intercepted the fleet some distance from the planet, and the resulting action ended with the loss of all Demon ships, either by capture or destruction.  Important intelligence was collected, however, including evidence that the Angels homeworld had been under seige by the Demons for some time (something which the Angel faction at Earth had utterly neglected to mention), additional EDT faction members were located and eliminated (as well as some non-EDT Earth leaders that were going over to the Demons), and evidence of the existence of a large Demon vessel, not unlike the 'Heaven' platform the Angels had near Earth in size, as well as samples of new Demon weaponry and information on the intelligence network the Demons had been using to stay informed of Earth's military activities and plans.