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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
 for   the High class Dress Uniforms the medals will be worn.

 if you have received   more then one of the same award a ribbon below it will have a small pin added to it.  EX:..if  a person has  4 Bronze ESN stars..his dress uniform with have a  Bronze star, with a   Blue Ribbon and 3 more  tiny bronze stars on the ribbon

 On  Normal Dress  Uniforms, will be 'bar' ribbons with a tiny silver number on that bar, indicating the number of  times that award was given

 The Blue worn around the Neck

 The Galactic Medal Of Honor is also worn around the neck, but few  will get this while  alive or in service.

 The  Angel Comet ( Burning Star) … is   the Angel version of the Blue  Max.. Gold   fireball on  Black  ribbon..Angels wear it on thie r neck... Humans   on thier chest  Above  most other  Medals.

Aleins  tend to wear the Highest metal of thier  host  Race.on the top  row, with thier own next and down the line...


Galatic Metal of  honor

APF ( Battle) Stars..Platinum ...Gold..Silver  and Bronze
APF  Combat Action Ribbon  ( given once with a Gold  medallion small 'dots' for  each additonal


Medal of Honor...Victoria Cross are the highest  Earth Medals, but do not  seemed to get doled  out to  the Fleets.

The Pour le Mιrite. ( Blue Max )once fallen into disuse, it gained favor  as  Earth took to The Black. using the number  20.. to be the Kills to earn the  Blue Max.( neck worn...smaller  Cross   for  combat, larger  cross   for dress)

Crosses:  Plat , Gold , sliver  and  Bronze... Wings behind the Cross  for  Pilots.... crossed rifles  fro  ground   troops..anchors  for other   Navel rates.

Stars: Plat, Gold Silver and Bronze

Purple Heart: this is less-then consistant, given for  'bad' wounds..or  , more to the point. Wounds  suffered  in close  action..awarded   once.. 'dots' given for  each new award.

Sanri:  The Frist  Allies   to join  witht he  Humans.

Sanri Ring:... a small silver    medallion  with   Bold  rings to represent  thier world... Hightes  award they give to aliens.

Sanri Stars...PLat, Gold, Silver, bronze

OCCUI:  the second  rgoup to join the  APF

Occui Burst:.. a Purple medallion shaped   like a burst..a samll diamond in the Middle..Highest award  given to aleins.

Occui Stars... Plat, Gold, Silver  and Bronze.

 MULL:( neutral but will award those  who  help them)

 Mulls  Stars:    Plat Gold , sliver  and Bronze...


 The Beast:... a Golden   Cat head  with it s    Fangs beared in a roar..Highest  award they give to aliens

Felrite Paws ( stars)  Plat, Gold, Silver  and Bronze


 Golden Sun:  pur gold   4 pointed  star..hifhest award they give to aliens /

 Sun Streak:  a Golden bar given for   extreme bravery( silver  dots  for each additional )

 Nivar Stars:  Plat, Gold   Silver and Bronze

 Naragran Web:  web from the Naragrans incased in  glass with  a gold  rim.... ( Naragrans  decide who gets one argues)

APEFOLK   being   just 'turned' they adopted the Human awards. Though they will award people with  'spoils of  war" if they deem them brave enough.

 Gava:  they have no  clue..but..some honor... They  Gift those  they  feel accounted themselevs  well with  weapons   or  some shiny assume they will  grow into some kind of sustem.


 The  Comet is thier  big award  for aliens... they adopted the Human  award system , since the  Humans entered the war.

 Thier awards, they give  among themselves  are

Plat, Gold, silve  or Bronce... discs that have a small Gem.. the  Gems  are either  Emrald  or Saphire .. the  color  red, not being accepted in any order, because of its ties to the Demons.

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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
Transport/Bases are the  Mules of the Fleet. they are almost 1 Mile  Long and  about 1/2 Mile Across, and  almost that high. There sole purpose is to be used  for  training and transporting armor and Troops , when needed.

 On each side of the ship, there  are 'banks' of Drop ships.. 4  DS High, 25 Long ( total of  200 DS)..the  Dropships  can carry 100 troops, or  50 troops and  4 Tanks, or 12 tanks and  6 troops.

 Troops  live and train in the  Middle of the ship, The front of the ship contains the   Bridge and Officers Quarters  for  Captain and up..Lts  and down have  quarters near the  troops

Each transport/base stows  Armor in the hold ( bottom of the ship)...the tanks  are loaded By elevator and conveyor  as needed... some Transport/bases carry  the LT scout Tanks ( made to look like Stuarts) or Heavy Tanks ( made to Look Like   Panzers)

there are 4 armored cars on each  ships for scouting   as well.

The ship holds, at any one time..between 40,000- 50,000 troops..these troops  also Man the transport/base AA Guns...each transport has  AA mounted bubble  gun on the top

 The transport/bases have  10 AA guns  spaced out on the  'spine' of the ship, 5 to each side.

 In between the Hold and the last 'living quarters' Dec is  the training grounds that run  from the engine room to the  Bow of the ship

  The  TBs will carry 20  tanks  and the 4 Armored  cars..the rest of the room is used for   supplies... the  space between the top of the ship  and the  top 'living quarters' are also used  for supplies, though it is mostly weapons and ammo( and captured  weapons  that can be used  by humans)

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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
 because it may ( or may not!) be important to recognize insignias and devices  on ships and such, I will use this  Post to update   known  'nose art'.


 Hermes: Winged foot, 351 on the top, 'Hermes' under

 Athena: Athena's  Helm 352 0n top, Athena Under

 Apollo:  A blazing Sun 353 top  Apollo under

 Zeus:  Lighting Bolt  354 top, Zeus under

 Hera: a Peacock 355 top, Hera  Under

 Artemis:  a drawn bow with arrow 356 top  Artmis under

 Ares: Shield  with crossed sword, 357 top  Area Under

 Cyclops: Huge  eye, AC1 top, Cyclops  Under

 Hydra: 5  headed dragon, AC2 top, Hydra  under

 Medusa: screaming head  with nest of snakes for hair AC3 top, Medusa Under

 Achilles : Closed face helm with spear H001 top Achilles under

 Hector: Open faced  Helm H002 top, Hector Under

 Ajax: Huge Shield  and  spear H003 top, Ajax  below

 Romulus: Wolfhead with  sword H004 top,romulus bottom

 Remus: Wolfhead with  bow H005 top Remus  bottom

 Argus: batch of eyes H006 top Argus bottom

 Odin: Fist holding   Lighting Bolt F001 top, Odin, below

 Thor: Fist Holding a Hammer F002 top, Thor  bottom

 Heimdall: closed faced Horned helm with bright eyes, F003 top, Heimdall, bottom.

 Tyr: Bloodied  hand  with sword, F004 top Tyr Under

 Sif:  White Shadow of  female with sword and shield, F005 top Sif  Under

 Freya: Sword with lipstick kiss, F006 top Freya bottom


 Storm: Black Clouds  with lighting AESN 100 top, Storm bottom

 Blizzard: Dozens of snowflakes AESN 101 top, Blizzard bottom


 EMS 053 Harvester... Hooded Skeleton with Scythe 053  above Name  below

 EMS 089 Prowler.. Black Panther outlined in white ,089 above, name below

 EMS 015 Slayer ..Red  eyed skeleton with  twin blades,015 above, name below

 EMS 077 Slasher..Skeleton with scimitar ,077 above, name below

 EMS 098 Headsman.. a  Bloody Axe...098 above, Name below

 have  a cartoon of their name, name and number.


 Name  and Number

Med tech ships.

 Pictures of their  Birds and Number

 Name  and Number

 Transport Bases....

 HUGE numbers with name under it.

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Nose Art
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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
 Fighters , Mechs, ect

#19 Shadow's  Fighter : Chainmail Bikini warrior with Bloody sword raised,Dark Grin, left  hand  holds a bloody Demon's  head under  the picture is the word ' Vengeance'

#1  Frans' fighter:  F with a Crown

#2 Eckles Fighter: Red Lips with fangs " Kiss of Death"

#8 Steele's fighter: Tipped wine glass " Death with Class"

#12 Howe's Fighter: Wolfhead  backed  by moon " Howler"

#50 He-La's Fighter:  Dragon eating a  demon

#48 Losky's  fighter:  Red  Skull with a Blue star on forehead " Comrade"

#91 Flores fighter: Crossed  Candy Canes " Hard Candy"

#24 Mara's fighter: oneyed cartoon monster " Mara's Monster"

#27 Fitzsimmons Fighter : Grenade with  wings " throwing Fitz"

#49 Foster's fighter:  Skull backed  by a Huge M " Mica's Revenge "

#25 Kase's Finger:   Authoritive Finger Pointing at a Cowering  dog. Coller  and Dog Tag says KTJ;; 'Bad Dog ' in letters  above it.

#0 Nil Si   Shadowy   figure  with  two swords..'Angel" above it.. " of Death"  below it

#1A Oliver Hack  Bloody Hatchet

#68 D, Nole  Bright Sun " Nole's Nova"

#63 C. Burke  " Ren"

# 54 DR-NO  A green leaf with the word  " Honor"

# 93 G Waggles  a little black poodle

# 112 Musette   a broken stick of French bread

# 116 Lt Gia Viennie  " SAUCEY" a bowl of pasta

# 108 En Grit Coolie   kangaroo with boxing gloves

# 117 EN Harriet Lynch a skull, crossed with a single red rose and a switch blade in the style of a pirate skull and cross bones, circled by the words "Into the Black"

#125 En Teela : a pair of black and purple Angel wings that start at the tip of the craft and sweep back to the sides and also touching the anterior and posterior of the fighter.

#50 Capt He-LA  a Tree  holding a Heavy Pulse   weapon.

#142 EN  Abby St Clair-Carmichael..Gold  Highheels  with  a smoking hand gun behind it. " High Society "

#127 EN L Brivet.  A CartoonBear aiming a Gun at you... " You'er"  on top  and  " DEAD" on the bottom.

# 1F LT Ariv  A Pouncing Cat   " Cat Nip"

#139 EN   D Beamon … a Mint  Julip " Bless Your  Heart"

#147 En O'Connor  A red, orange and yellow Flaming Phoenix, with BURN IN, on the top and In THE 9 HELLS on the bottom

#149 En  Rutledge Big ring frame in Celtic knotwork.  Inside ghost like woman in ancient armor.  She is screaming and breaks part of the knotwork.  Pinshripe  with 'Banshee' above the Kill decals.

#174 LT Nicholas Vasilakos -Lambda on a   Gold  shiled  with a red  outside ring.


#7  Morgan: a cartoon Mongoose with a cigar and Minigun.." Mongoose"

#3  Slick: a Cartoon Muscledman running,Over his shoulder Is slung a tool bag with assorted tools hanging out of the opening...In his left hand..a Power Supply,In his right hand.. An ammo case..BANDAIDER" under the cartoon.

((#76  Riely: black striping , greek warrior on the left chest piece of the Mech. The warrior has winged boots and a winged helmet 'Heracles'l))

#76 Clark:  Black 'fur' paint job, with  a were wolf's  head  where   the cockpit is. ( placing    Heracles )

#1 Morningstar  Nilsson : Dark Shrouded figther with  Red Glowing eyes under the cowl. Hip firing chain Gun :  'SPECTER' in big letters  above, "'The Shadow in The Valley of Death' under it in smaller letters

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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
  I know I mentioned these somewhere....

 Officer's Quarters.... Apartment style . Big living room area that Contains , a sofa, Chair, and  Double  Bed.

 Small Kitchen, a bathroom with shower  (only Ambassador's rooms  a, Admiral and Commander has tubs)

  Small room ot the left or  right  that has a Bend, dresser and chair, 3 closets

 Non-Coms..... Bigger then  enlisted, by not  by Much.... One single bed, to the table straight ahead. with  lockers  above. Closet to the left, two lockers on the left,  and a very small bathroom with shower., the  door  is the corner of the  inward wall and  left wall. a Table  with two soft folding chairs and a small fridge next to computer

 Enlisted.... a bit smaller the  Non-coms..only has  one locker next to closet.In times of Need, and extra  Bunk can be brought  in and set up to make Bunk beds.
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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)

 everyo9ne, from Angels to Demons and everyone inbetween, work of the Universal Credit System (UCS )

 Credits  are  Earn through service  and Jobs, they are either paid to you is 'cash"  or scanned to your wrist chip..if you don't have a wrist chips, you don't have an account, and  can/will be treated  as threat.

  The Chips came   to us from the Angels. Every race has chips, the Mulls started it  when  space trade began, so planets  could  make trade without carting  credit  Bills and chips around.

 if you have Cash...

cred chips that people use  are as follows..Red =1....

Paper  bills are the same.. except there is a yellow 50..and a  pink 100

there is also a way to carry  alrge  amount of   semi-cash..these are the cred  discs..small  computer  discs that  can transfer creds they have been 'loaded' with... see below..

Cred disc  are used  by  people/companies with lots of money.. rather then carring  creds with them, or throwing it all on their account, they have the disc's  'charged ' with money..there are 5 colors...

Red = 100,000


Green= 300,000

white= 400,000

black = 500,000

 the draw back? its  bearer only, so any one  can cash it out if they get their  hands on it.

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Action figures
Sun 13 Dec 2015
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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
 though there are   playsets  with smaller  versions   , and HO scale   figures, and even the   bigger 'GI Joe/Barbie size"..the most popular  figures are the 6 inch size that come with a wide variety of   vehicles , ships  ect ect...

Price Note:  sets  that are   10 sets or more, behind the newest ones  will be one cred cheaper..Will Call's  figures  cost 5 Creds  MORE..because he is  GMH  winner, and only one that is still alive.

 every figure is sold  separate  and will have  a change of gear and   weapons and instruments they are know  for.

They sell fighters  3 ways...

1...standard fighters, kids  can customize

2...fighters  with  decals  for a 'certain' pilot including  past and present nose  art

3...fighters  with 'generic' pilots and Nose are  created  by the toy maker.


 Ships of all types that 'make a Name'  are sold  as soon as they get the specs...the ones that take the longest are the bigger 'playset' ships that the   HO  figures  can be used in

 Vehicles...Hover Bikes...armor as well as  a varied   list of hover   cars, trucks and  Vans, for use, for  kids  playing thier heroes

 8 inch figs  are 10 creds

 6 inch figs are 8 creds

 accessory packs

8 in  8 creds

6 inch  6 creds.

 fighters for  8 inch.. 50 creds

  6in 30 creds

Playsets  are  20 creds

Ships  30 creds

 accessories  for play set ( packs of  10 figure) 5-10 creds.

Set 1: The Men

Hack, Shadow, Spencer, Rivets

Set 2: Sidekicks

Steele, Raven,Supe, Stevens

Set 3: Ladies

Nil Si, LT Miller, Eckles, Frans

set 4: Women
 Hannah, Beth, He-La, Jesse

SET 5: Teamates

 Henry, Zob, Xy, Garrat

New Issues.

Set 6:Med Techs

Omin, Cat,Melia, Stefi

Set 7: Heroes

 Lt Hirr, Hunter, Tucker, Naomi

Set 8: Leaders

 Ad Hennings,Admiral Evert,Gen. BAle, CApt Morris

seT 9: Evols

Jonny Blu, Wess, Nickerson, Lt Ara Zonia

Set 10: Bad Guys

  Demon Red BAron,  Demon Yellow BAron, Qar la Cal,  Zar-Ke ( Largran Leader)

Set 11: Heroes 2

 Irina,  Stoly ( the Uncle), Stoly( the Nephew),Foster

Set 12: Young Ones

 Sam, Kenny. Orria , Shade

New  Issues:

Set 13: New Blood

Harry, Gai , Teela, Warlord Lilit

Set 14: Paws on the Ground

Mila. Larry the Larg,Naragran ( with flight helmet webbed on)  Gava ( with   spear/staff )

Set 15: Rising stars.

 Dusk Shadow, Captain Bornberry, Flores , Kat

Set 16: Crew set 1

Nikki, Will, Shoemaker, MAria

Set 17: Crew 2 (scots)

 Hemsly, McNeil, Minnet, Brooks

Set: 18 Crew  3 Troopers

Hodden, Rolfe,Wagstaff.Karson

Set 19 APF set1

Verian Trooper (m), Verian Trooper (f), Lirg, Az-el

Set 20: APF  set 2

(4) Felrites  ..2 each  MAle and female  in differant   Pelt colors

Set 21 Blue Max

Brivet, C Wills,  C Egger, Lizzy

set 22 Pilots

 Mara, Lona Lake, Waggles, Billie

 Set  23Troopers

 Jax, Nifty, Scarlet  Nagy

Set 24 Trooper

 Robbins, Hawkes, Hodden and Karson

set 25  New folks

Meari,  Zob  (up grade),  Jug,   QM Jennings, Admiral Roles

set 26 Flight leaders.

 Foster, Howe, Fitz, Ariv

set 27 Flight leaders 2

 He-La, Steele, Shadow  Mitch (torpedo)

 Set 28  Notable Past.

LT Carson Noble... First Pilot to score a Victory against  the Empire. shoting down a Demon scout plane near Titan. was invalided out of the survice, with  8 kills to his  credit and  6 Ground targets.

Ambassador Vigis... After rescue of  Sanri Ambassador  and  his wife , By the ESN 351 Hermes , he became the 2nd  Sanri Ambassador. his work with integrating   Occui and Sanri forces into the  ESN's Delta Fleet, is hailed as a turning point in the war.

Commander Maris-O'Conner... New knowledge  of the events leading  up The Delta Fleet's formation and entry into the war. Commander Maris-O'conner and her  small task force   are now credited  with the First Cap ship Victory Destroying  2  Demon Cap Ships  and  damaging another. Her Vessel and  all crew were lost in the  Battle, as well as one destroyer escort.The Information led to uncovering  deeper  Ties of   The EDT, to the Empire.

Ciccy Wallen... Chief Med tech for the ESN Academies , who  found ways to 'improve' on  Derma Plast and Derma Foam, adding pain relief, and bosting  healing, in advance  of  what the Angels had predicted . Her  Death is  still under investifation and her Notes  were taken to the Delta Fleet for  secure care.


 Set 29  Civie  Folks ( Various  packs)

packs of three children, of all races ( including  young Occui and Sanri ) One child  is a 'name child' from the news  Vids... Skiffle ...Watcher...Duck..Can  ect...packs  are random , with the 'name' figure  out front of the two 'generic' kids


  Set 30 Larg Pack (Various Packs )

 Two largs in each Pack..all named  and  carrying the  scale colors of their namesakes. Packs  with Tess, get a bonus 'Thor"

Roll, Disna  and Puskie can be bought in  a separate pack

(( new figures  for all the old one  include up grade in    awards.

 Special Edition:


(( new clothes and such for  the figures  include  'angel Silk' gowns for the lady pilots.

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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
  these are the Updated Specs  of ships in the   Fleet. any changes  will be edited in here........

God Class  Cruisers : ( Hermes ect ).

 The God Class Cruisers  are   close to a Mile long and  1/2  mile wide They carry 8  ships  guns, 4 on each side. two  torpedoes and two HArd ammo big guns.

 the   rim above big  guns  have  AA guns that  alternate between hard ammo and heavy pulse.

Hero Class Cruisers: ( H or F in front of their numbers)

 1000 feet long 500 feet wide..faster then  the God Class cruisers , same   guns, main difference  was  size due to the ship building   at the CArrier stations  are  smaller then those at earth.

  Destroyers:   800 feet long  200 feet whide.. 3 guns  per size one torpedo one  Big Pulse   gun, one Hard ammo. have  5  fighters  as well. built to hit and run.

  Corvette, Sloops :  vary in size  from 300 to 600 feet. two Guns   aside. one pulse   one hardammo..two deck guns, Hard ammo on  on the bow, one on the stern,  2  fighters. mostly for scouting.

The  Big ugly is shaped like  Giant Hot dog bun... it  can carried up to  40 troops ( 50 if they all stand).. there  are tiny benches on both sides of the  cargo hold, though the  starboard side ends at the   ramp way that is  big enough for a Stuart tank to drive up, in.

 It is meant to carry supplies..and troops, but  we used it to get the Naragrans down to the planet, since  the  big creatures couldn't  fit in a stoly..

 ( if the  Big Ugly's  loading door were big enough.  Both stolys  could fit inside the cargo hoard)

  The  thing can't run, and it can't  fight... its  just  a ugly looking pack Mule!

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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
 colors  for visors and scopes.

when thinking of stuff like this. thing of  'simple'...Thanks to Cred  chips..Humans  will appear Green..enemies  will appear red .

  colors as follows.


  Angels ..Blue


  Sanri..Lt Blue


  Unknown ...yellow

  Red....  for all enemies

  verians.. have a grey sig

  the Cannibal Apes, apemen, and men..will appear orange...unless they are not chipped, then they will be red.

 Naragrans, Nivarians, chipped  LArgs and Lorts, and Gavas  will be Yellow.

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Thu 15 Sep 2016
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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
This  may be updated as other  aircraft are added, or  Players/characters   suggest items, that are approved  by Rivets.

 standard  Items  for aircraft...


( including Mace and Moringstar )

  All pilots will choose a 'longarm' to take with them when they take off. It will be  locked into a rack behind the jumpseat in the cockpit.

  there is a small cargo compartment, that opens  from the outside, it is  located behind the cockpit. This  cargo  area   will always have a first aid  kit, one spare  Powercell for a the pilot's  weapons ( or  a couple mags of hard ammo ) two bottles of  water, and 2 days  worth of  dried rations.


 Twoseater   aircraft...

   set up the same was as the fighters, except the  two crew men have  a lock rack one either side of their seats to put their  'rifle'.  The Torpedo craft also have a  deeper cargo  compartment and it will contain the  same standard equipment as the fighter  do.


 all assault  shuttles have...

 Lock racks in the cockpit  for a pilot and  Co-pilot's long arm

 In the 'hold' area  for the shuttle, there is a highend  Lazar  cutting torch, mounted on a Hover base. this  is locked into clamps  near the  rear  ramp of the shuttle. Directly behind the cockpit, in the  hold section is a arms  racks  with  6 rifles, and 6 sidearms. These are meant for the crew ( 3 bubble gunners pilot  and co-pilot), with one spare. Many shuttles  do not sue  co-pilots , unless the run is expected to take longer then  a normal Jump off.

 Besides  , whatever Med Tech wishes to add. there is a first aid  chest that will have a 12 pack of  Dermafoam and Dermaplast (each) as well as assorted  bandages  and a few bottles of pain killers ,antibiotics  a a large bottle of alcohol . A small plastic case of  needles  and old fashion stiching and a small sqare flashlight that can be set down  to provide light.a 12 pack of  distilled water as a 6 pack of dried  rations.
Admiral Hack
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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
Lazar far.

Far Infrared
1e-3 to 5e-5 m (1,000,000 to 50,000 nanometers)
Mid Infrared
5e-5 to 2.5e-6 m (50,000 to 2,500 nanometers)
Near Infrared
2.5e-6 to 7.5e-7 m (2,500 to 750 nanometers)
7.5e-7 to 6.2e-7 m (750 to 620 nanometers)
6.2e-7 to 5.9e-7 m (620 to 590 nanometers)
5.9e-7 to 5.7e-7 m (590 to 570 nanometers)
5.7e-7 to 4.95e-7 m (570 to 495 nanometers)
4.95e-7 to 4.5e-7 m (495 to 450 nanometers)
4.5e-7 to 4.2e-7 m (450 to 420 nanometers)
4.2e-7 to 3.8e-7 m (420 to 380 nanometers)
Ultraviolet A
4e-7 to 3.15e-7 m (400 to 315 nanometers)
Ultraviolet B
3.15e-7 to 2.8e-7 m (315 to 280 nanometers)
Start of
Vacuum Frequencies
2.e-7 m (200 nanometers)
Ultraviolet C
2.8e-7 to 1e-7 m (280 to 100 nanometers)
Extreme Ultraviolet
1e-7 to 1e-8 m (100 to 10 nanometers)
Start of
Ionizing Radiation
1e-8 m (10 nanometers)
Soft X-Ray
1e-8 to 2e-10 m (10 to 2e-1 nanometers)
Hard X-Ray
2e-10 to 2e-11 m (2e-1 to 2e-2 nanometers)
2e-11 to 1e-13 m (2e-2 to 1e-4 nanometer)
1e-13 to 1e-17 m (1e-4 to 1e-8 nanometers)
Wed 12 Apr 2017
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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
The Type of troops in the  Fleet..


1..The Unit... teams  for Spec opts recruited  from crew

2...Boarding/Recon teams...Troops  selected to board  enemy ships , away missions and spec opts.

3...SEC ..troops that serve  as security ,  they may be  sailors or Marines

4.. MArines... troops who help defend the ship, and  add number to the boarding teams

5..sailors.. man  the ships  guns  and most of the ship's functions. 90% of the ground crew  are sailors, with the  10 % rounded out with MArines.


Troop Type on the Massive   flying bases.

1.....Marines  90 % of the ground troops are MArines..with the 10%  rounded off my trained sailors

2...Sailors.. as with Cap ships , Run the functions of the ship, including least half the pilots of the giant drop ships are also sailors.

3...Tankers.. troops trained for  fighting in the armored Vehicles ..3 man teams for the 'new" Stuarts..4 man teams of the 'new' Panzers.

4 ..APV drivers... skilled at  driving the  large carriers... 2  Bubble Gunner on top

5..Cycle troops... Mostly, Pilots who didn't make the grade..ride the Hover scout  cycles... have a small pulse  weapon Mounted on the  middle of the   handlebars... leg slots help protect legs and Keep the  rider on the seat. tall armored back to protect rider.

6..Mech riders... though they are waning..there are a few out there.Most mechs are being sent to colonies   for home defense.
Thu 13 Jul 2017
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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
Officer  Quarters ( LTs  and Up) have a big 'living room' with a couch two soft chairs and   a  Kingsize bed.  Large Vid screen and shelves. the   Bathroom is  small bat has a   shower-tub..where others  just have a shower.   Part of the living room is split by the  counter  and  Kitchentte... and  a door  to a 'spare room"...a walk in closet-like thing with a cot.

 Coffeetable   between coach and  one chair.

 there  are  two closets and a Computer  desk.


 Officers  ( ensigns and odd  rates from other AFP navies)  wooden tables,  4 chairs

 same confurations..except for not spare  room and the bathroom has no tub, just a shower



  small single  bed . to the right is the Bed  with shelves  above  and  drawers  below.  a computer desk straight ahead. Bathroom door on the  left side of the   'straight ahead' wall..just shower and toilet

 Table in the  middle ( folding) two folding chairs.

 4 lockers on the left wall  Vid  screen doubles  as Computer screen.


  bigger then NCO quarters.. but  two sets of Bunkbeds on the left and right desk and table One locker  per  bed.  bathroom is same size.

NOTES:... Maj  and  above have  quarters on the 'admiral's side  of the elevator.. they are  Double rooms like the officer Quarters.... Ambassadors  stay there as well ( many of these  rooms are empty.

 SGT MAJ has his  own quarters in the Back of SEC. the same  size as LTs quarters.

 Henry has quarters in the front of Bio tech with a small living  area, kitchenette..his bed room  his rather  big and is the last room straight back.

 Stefi has a similar room behind her office.. there is are two other  romms like that, Hawkeye has one.. the other  can be used  by  surgeons on call in the military section.

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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)

Thu 9 Nov 2017
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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
 Forge Ships:

 help ease the repair of   ships and  fighters...also can collect salvage with thier tenders. Lightly armed  with AA guns.. 6  fighters  that launch from tunnels above the  HAnger Dec.

 this is basicly a floating factory.


 Media Ships:

 Depending on your Point of view.. Media ships  strike hard at the  propaganda that the Empire...EDT and  EVOLs try to  sow.

  The film battles  and send out Media shuttles to  film.. they are often close to a Cap ship and somethings   zoom over battles.. they have 2 Bubble guns... but aren't allowed to fire unless in self defsne... ( gunners  tend to ignore this when  the battle is hot)


 Med Tech ships:

  take the worst of the injuried that CAp ships  can't handle , almost all  wounded from smaller ship  are sent  to them, since the smaller ships have  smaller  MedTech Labs..and lack some of the equipment.

 Med Tech ships  aslo  wrok with  'finds' on other  ships, and planets that Bio-techs  send to them.. to develop cures ..or  weapons..


Agro Ships:

 some thing  a bit new, but based off   'plant transports'. Plant transports  carry  fruit or vegtable  bearing plants tpo other  planets ( and earth!) to help develope more food...The  Giant 'mellon-fruit' trees  already have  taken hols  and have begun to spread over the Sahara .... the lack of  oil neeeds.. have stopped production in the middle east, with only its own  coutnries  still using it... the places not  spoiled by oilwells are growing into  Forests with the lush forest  giving   soil for  smaller  earth plants to grow.

 The Purpose  for Agro Ships are the growth of  more food  for the Fleet..trying to get as much fresh food to the fleets as possible.....with  Plants and trees on the  Middle  2 decs...water in the   hold for fish and fresh water... and   livestock on the top two decs...

Agro ships are captained  By Mull officers... each ship also has   a Memeber of the AP as  the 'military Commander' who takes  Charge during fights...AG -001  has a Human....AG-002  has a Sanri...AG-003 has an Occui , and  AG 004 has a felrite.

 the  ships   have 60% of the   plants grown, that suits the home planet of the Military Commander... the other  40% is mixed for other 'home worlds' is noted that  Nivarian  Purple   mellons have been added.

 Agro ships have  AA Guns.. and shuttles.. the shuttles have been upgraded to Duces..but Big Uglies are the  shuttles of choice  for  transfering goods.

 Pleasure  Ships

 Added  to teh Fleet, shortly  after  the first trip to Etna.. the  Ships  are just what the  sound like...

 Converte d  transports   with 14  AA Guns  ringing the Top.. Two large   hanger Dec  are  at the Very  bottom where the Hold should be.. the Dec  above   is   supplies, for the  crewe  and   Businesses.

 then next three Decks  are  for the   Businesses.. the Top deck is crew  quarters

 Business  consist  of   Brothels, Casinos, Bars. fine  dining, stores, Pawn shops.. Pool  halls  and Bowling alleys.. as well as a few alien   distractions.. they have    'races'  with    animals from time to time.. depending  what  animals  are   around, or they can get flown in

 These  ships  also   act as   emergency landing   durning battles

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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
Anzio is built like a Gyroscope.. There is a massive  sphere in the Middle. It serve  as the   HQ for  the APF  forces there... it is classified  as  a 'free station'.. But the APF  runs  the Commerce  thanks to General  Cullit   Mull money man.... Admiral  White of the ESN/APF  has  30 Marines... 6 fighters  and  a Corvette... he had  60 men... they haven't had  replacements in  a year... They have an SEC, of sorts.. another  20   people of  ALL  races.. and  I do mean all.. even The Aqra have a few in uniform there...

 a   Picture Pops up showing the  sphere  with a   Giant ring  that goes  around it   from Pole to pole, and  another   ring that surrounds it  going  across the 'equator'... at the Top  is there  Biggest...'bar"   it  has  some  500  rooms above the  Bar..called  'The North Star"  mostly Humans  and allies..... 'The South Pole" at the bottom has a Mix..of  everyone, everything...

 on the West side   is the 'West End" APF Races...

 and then the  "East End"  Mostly Empire...

 peopel Mix  freely.. there are fights... deaths.. but no one cares.. The Sphere  houses   the  ESN/APF  forces  as well as the Hanger  Dec, Med tech and..about half the Civie  population... the Rings  hous e evberu one..everything esle.. shops,  businesses..  one stop 'motels'.. It make Tortuga , look like Fuji!.... tons of room for ships to dock, including Floatign Platforms  both sides of the war help build...

  Beth  adds as she looks accusingly at the Dock workers,..Not surprisingly  ... its the biggest place, short of going to get the  Aqra Lure  scent...perfume  companies from all over the Black show up here to trade for it... supposed to make  peopledesire...fall-in-love... whatever other   words  you want to doesn't last.. according to the  Med Tech file here...but it works?... Aqra's used it in the old days  to  get wooden ship sailors   to  wreck ships, then use them for breeding,  or  food...
Mon 6 Aug 2018
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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)

Colors:  American, British, Greece

Uppers:  Commerce  and trade...Cred flow  to fleets  and Earth and her colonies  go through her

Lowers:  Plates for Fighters  and shuttles as well as air car  factories



 Colors: American, British, Japanese

 Uppers:   Marine Bio-tech, recreation

White Sands- hotel on Beach ( hack and Shadow)

Why Not?- Toy store and Front

Lower:  weapons  for  aircraft..fighters , Shuttles  ect designed and Built on 'The Proving Grounds"

Missy's Parents dock/repair shop



colors:  french, Germany, Russian

 Uppers :Cold  weather  Tech.. and recreation..Commerace

 Lowers:  Commerace...Fishing....munitions



Colors:  Italy,American, british

Uppers:  Bio-tech weapons..'outdoors  recreation

Lowers:  Armor  and weapons for  troopers.



Colors: British,German, Japanese

Uppers:  Food tech, Grain and fruit.

Lowers: Commerce  fighter  and shuttle based weapons


 Anzio:  Now..ESN  station.. Black market.. recruits... Privateers.

Colors:  APF

 Tortuga: still Free station  but APF.... Black market,...... Recruits... Privateers.

Colors: APF


 Stem Info....

Catwalks  are  on the inside Hull, they go up  and break an intervals... there are access doors on the outside  for   every levels' Tunnels , on theboutside..there are tracks that have little  cars  to   move maintenance  stuff and goods. that is inbetween the out side hull and inside hull. the  tunnels are 20 yards  wide and run the lenght of the Stem

 outside side, Blast doors open  for the docks that are  sprend   across the stem on each side.. only about  1.3 of the doors still work.. the balst doors  for those that do work? can be closed  at time of attack, and when not in use...

many a body goes out   working stem door.. there is a platform that will extend, about  20 yards  small shuttles  or  boarding   tunnels are needs to load and unload.

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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
 the front of Med Tech has Metaglass    windows and sliding Doors... when we get boarded, or are going into 'ship to ship' action.. Blast doors    will come  down, except  for the  sliding doors, they will be sealed  if we are boarded..

 the front of  Med tech  has a waiting area, by the Desk... the desk is on the right when you enter... the waiting  are on the  left.. past that, to the left.

  is a very large open area .. Tables  are set up to handle   small combat wounds... worse  wound  are  handed in stalls that  line the  far wall...the stalls have curtains.

 way to the left   are sinks , cabinets,and  two ejection chutes.. one  for for bodies ( enemy bodies )..

 past the  line of  stalls , to the left, are the OR  rooms  and ER  rooms ( one in the same).. past the


 to the right  is Stefi's office and quarters... just behind that  are the  Med Tech's  Quarters


 the last wall ( the Hull would be the end)  are recovery rooms on bioth sides  of the  Med tech...with a pair of  doubledoors  for a lift that takes  Med Tech up to the civie section of Med Tech... there are a few  Civie Med Techs, who get  creds and experience, as they wait to  get transferred to a colony.. they will help out  with battle wounded.

 Med  Techs  main floor isn't  as high  as the  hanger  deck, since  they have  two floors inside the building.
Media ships
Wed 28 Aug 2019
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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
  I have added Media  shipos to the Fleet roster... right below the pleasure ships

  the  Med  Tech ships , Media ships  and Pleasure ships  have the  same  build, but  differ in size.

 Med Tech ships are massive   at  least  3  times   the Height  , width and length  of   a God Class Cap ship... all of  them are  Oval ( like a  rugby ball, or  a  old Football )

 they are built like this on purpose, so their  silhouettes won't be confused  with war ships

 the media ships  are half the size of a Med Tech ship.. Pleasure ships  are also half the  size  of a Med Tech ship

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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
  to clear up some  use  of the words, to folks understand  and   use in RP


 though they are  falling out  of use, they  are still used  by  ground   troops mostly because of the    damage they can do.. heavy  Empire  armor  is starting to make them less  useful

  Aircraft Lazars are being phased out  in favor of more  heavy Pulse weapons.

  Heavy Pulse...

   three Kinds  of  'heavy Pulse' based on   what they are  used on.

1....Heavy Pusle  , ground troops.. whether its  a heavy rifle.. or  a  Heavy Pulse   'MG'.. they are devastating  to troops  who are not in heavy Armor... Heavy armor gets pounded from these   weapons, and lose  thier integrity , to the point of   falling apart, or flat out..'get  burned through... they can.. bring  down a  fighter and  chew up APVs.. they  can Damage  tanks, but  a damn lucky shot is needed to destroy one.

2.. Heavy Pulse..fighters ( and other  Aircraft)..these are an Upgrade from the Ground  troops..'fighter  grade' Heavy Pulse can chew up armor, other  fighters..  damage freighters .. shoot  down shuttles ..tankers..tenders  ect...They can do damage  to  Cap Ships  but must  hit  vitals  to   destroy one.

3... Heavy Pulse , Cap Ships.. The heavy Pulse on  Cap ships ( even down to sloops  and such).. are  the biggest 'mobile ' Heavy pulse weapons.. they can damage  and destroy other ship,, when bombarding the surface  they can  blast  a circular  area  of  50 yards... LArgan shields  will stop the first few rounds.. but  once over loaded they aren't  any more protected  then  any other vessel

there is a rare  Heavy Pulse Emplacement.. they are a bit bigger the  CAp Ship grade.. but  are restricted to planet/stations.. they have  a very good range.. but are easy enough to avoid , unless they  are shelling troops   on the surface.. or there  are ships, 'just'  with in  orbit.

Vibra Blades
 Vibra  blades are 'colored' sonic vibrations.. when the   blade is  activated  a light  shines  from the base to give the blades  a wavering  look, so people  can see the 'blade'.

 The  can go through armor..though , the thinker the armor  the less   pain  will be  felt.

 It hurts the Nerves  and  causes  muscle spasms … though , only a deep stab to the hear, or maybe  the  head could  kill some one.. the pain is intense and  will effect  most  people like  a real wound. This saved the  Military  tons of  Med tech supplies  when 'patching  ' people up after training.

 The Longer the Blade  stays in, the worse the Muscles  could be   bruised, sprained  ect ect

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Fri 20 Mar 2020
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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
 Boarding actions.

  as  of the 1st battle of Uden, these  Blinker Lights  will be  set on enemy ships that have been boarded.

1...Purple.. assault rtroops on the ship

2...Blue..assult  teams or  drop ship troopers  are in side.

3...Green..enemy vessel has been captured.

4...Red... enemy ship set to expolde/scuttle
VIP Elevator
Mon 10 Aug 2020
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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
 over the  RL years  I have been asked about this.   Justin, couldn't get his head wrapped  around the concept. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, i am going to say , its because of the maps.

 on Map 0 of the game will see an 'E' near the bow, just aft of the   Admiral's quarters.  that  elevator   stops of the Officer's dec, and Goes up to the  spine of The Hermes.

 there is  a Landing platform that goes    into the  Hermes, it houses  Captain Si's Hammer IV.

 other wise  the platform  is for VIP shuttles  and smaller  ships to land, and VIPs  enter the   elevator  building  that is just starboard of the platform.... The spine of the Hermes ( any  God class or Hero class cap ship)  and support  fighters o ships the size of Corvettes and piggy back,

  however , the only way in to the Hermes from the spine is...

1..VIP elevator  which needs unlocked ( or blown lock)

2... shuttle down to the Hanger  dec

3... magna boots  like troopers  were or  mechs have  to  walk down the ship to either the Hold ( port side..1 bay opening)..or the hanger Dec  ( starboard  side)

 the confusion was  always..'how far down  did the VIP elevator go".... the answer is, Just to the Officer's  dec.
Sat 29 Aug 2020
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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
1.... over all the ESN is one Big family, fleets, bases, colonies   and stations

2.... for all intent  and purpose, Stations  are 'ruled ' by the Admiral there...they in turn, have  a board of directors  that deal with most of the  Civi stuff. Earth Station is considered its  'own world' They each have thier own fleets..except  Fuji...Fuji was the Delta Fleet..., Now Fuji has 'home Defense' ships while the Delta  fleet grows and  tries to clear The Black.

3...The Fleet ( Delta Fleet)  has   risen  to become  the   APF  approved Power In The Black, which means    Hack and the Board are the most power  folks in The Black....Fleet SEC  and Officers  have jurisdiction of  Station and Base officers

4.. The Delta  Fleet wears  'The"  ESN Uniforms... Bases  do the same... APF Planets have thier own  colors, but. work ESN  blue into it.... They can still be seen as   ESN  from aprat, but the dominate colors  might change on dress  uniforms, and  the 'country Colors" on regular Uniforms.
size of ships
Thu 15 Oct 2020
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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
 This list will give you an Idea of  how  big  spacecraft and such are...if you have questions..PM  or  ask in OOC. this is a note  thread.


 Elispsian Mobile Homeworld( EMH to earthers)

 Oval/football  shaped,close to 2000 Miles in circumference  1000 Miles   high( pole to pole)..has thrusters  that move the 'planet' very slowly...Qarl plasma drive  is suspected to help move them faster.


 ESN Carrier/Stations

  built from 'the middle  out"..

The Stem is  5  miles long 2 miles  wide  and 3 miles high

 The  Upper  and Lowers  are Spheres, close to 20 Miles in Diameter and10 miles from Pole to pole.... the  'living Dec of the the uppers and Lowers   are at 4 Miles from the  top of the  Dome...Under  the decs  are the Hangers, factories, farms  and all manner of support machines.. Troops and Pilots  are   quartered  near the Middle and trained there  as well.. there are some of the 'lesser Creds' who live in housing, one level down from the 'cities"


Space Stations.

 Independent  'wheels'  Though  Anzio changed its   make up  a bit.. The outside   wheel is close to 10-20 miles in Diameter .. the  outside  tubes are4-5 miles  wide  and  almost  as High. allowing  for Hover traffic  tat the top...and shops and homes   at the bottom.. smaller tube lead into the  'sphere' which is around 8 Miles in Diameter , It houses   offcies, and some  manufacturing, with hanger Decs   on the Bottom level for  defensive  fighters.


Avain Nest ships

 about  10 Mile sphere.. with  an hollow  inside that is mostly , just cat walks and  platforms.. the center holds the   higharchy   with Egg hathcing rooms  round the   bottom  'floor.. cages  with   moving  Grind-like  holding devices have  'food' locked in the  device and sent out on cables were   Avains  can bite off   a  chunk as they want.

 under the bottom level is  the hanger Dec.


 Crestian Hive  ships

 close to 8 miles long...3 miles  wide and  2 miles  tall, these are Colony  warships...they are armed  with  Cap-ship class  weapons, but thier main purpose  is to convoy  a Queen ( or queens) to a new place to start  a colony... the use of Humanoids  as breeding Mothers has  increased the Number of 'Creshain' humanoid, but for ever one of them hatched , there are  50 UEs

 the Top dec is used  as a Hanger  dec for fighters..the very  bottom dec is  wste that the UEs   feed on and help keep the ship 'clean'


Angel Mother ships

 3 ships in one..14 mile  diameter  that  can seperate into three 'wedge-like'  vessels ,  each armed  with Capsgip class but6s  and a hanger Dec... one Human sain it  was three slices of a cake"


Battle ships

 Demons, Angels,Aqra and Vampic have them.. they  are little use in  runnign battles , but devastating   , ships to ship, or planet bombardment.

 close to  5 miles  long..3 miles high  and   5 miles across.. they carry the heaviest  Navel weapons  a ship can carry... they are slow, but heavy armored.. size  varies  from  4 decs  to 8..


Qarl Heavy  Discs

 Rumored to be  what 'flying saucers' were...3 Miles in Diamter..1 mile  high.. use of plasma and Pulse  weapons


ESN Transport Bases

 4 miles  long.  4 miles  across and 3 miles  high... soild  armor  with AA defesne weapons packed  with  troops  and armor, waiting to  rain down on the enemy


Demonic Cruisers

 4 miles Long  , 3 miles  wide, 3 miles high..armed to the teeth, and armored..but exceeding  slow


 Largran Cruisers

 Lighter armored nearly as  Fast  as ESN God class.. the  'famed"  double hanger    dec  openigns  to  have fighters be able to take off and  land faster.. Fairly well armed.. Shield that  deflect  power weapons, until they are over loaded.

 3 Miles  Long... half mile  wide 1 mile   tall...


Vampic  Cruisers

3 miles  long  almost 2 miles  wide and  2 miles  tall..heavy armored, slower the ESN God Class.. but  can out gun most  APF   Cap ships.... Limited   fighters aboard because of this.


 Hyrian Cruisers

 3 miles  long.. 3 miles  high.. 2 mile s across... large  Hanger  Decs  and an even mix of hard ammo and  heavy pulse. well armored.


Creshian...Avain Cruisers

 less the  3 miles  long, but one  mile across and  2 miles  High.. upper dec  had   cap ship class weapons,  but these ships  are more aircraft carriers , witht he   the Bottom  dec  for troops.


 Nivarian  Cruisers

3 Miles long.. 1 mile  wide 2 miles  tall.. fast, but limited armor.. and  average  weapons , almost all heavy Pulse... though.. some of the Delta fleet Nivarians have been replacing  one or two guns with   Hard Ammo when in  port.

 decent  hanger dec space.

ESN God Class ships ( Hermes, Athena ect)

 one  might  call them Heavy crusiers...1.5 ,iles long.. 1/2 Mile wide and  1 Mile  tall.. well armored.. well gunned, and  refits to the 'early ships" added more hnager dec  space, but cost the ship  housing for 500 marines..

 relying on movement , speed and fighter cover , the ships have proved to be a  thorn in the side of the Empire. ment to be   'colony warships".. to introduce more  humans to  The Black.


ESN  Hero class ships

 Cruisers    with  the same   weapon compliment  and hanger  size, But  smaller Civie areas and farm...  Though civies  do transfer out, most  civies on  Hero class ships  have   jobs that keep the ship running.

1 mile Long,  1/2 mile  wide  1 mile  tall


ESN Destroyers

 fast  with decent arms  and armor, the  scout. run interference  and help look for   PODs

 3/4 mile long, 1/2 mile  wide and  1/2 mile  tall.. No  civies..  and  6 aircraft.


 ESN Sloops

very fast light armor  and (4) guns 2 aircraft..messengers,  POD hunters  and scouts.

3/4 mile long, 1/2 mile  wide and   1/2 half mile  tall


ESN Corvettes

 smaller then slops  have little or no trouble getting in and out of atmo...designed  as   scouts  and  'interdiction' when hunting ebemy vessels and pirates.

 1/4 mile  long...1/4  mile wide..1/4  tall... 2 aircraft one gun on each side and  20 marines.

( note)  some Commanders   refit their  ships  but changes  are hard to make.


 Agro ships

 Massive  farms in  space 8 miles  long 5 miles  acros and  4 miles  high...

 food  production  . Fish in the bottom  dec..crops grown and ahrvested and sent out to the fleet.. fish are  sorted  and sent out as well, beofre they  start to repopulate.//no weapons..all Civies  except  for the crew who  run the vessel


Pleasure ships

 Big Bulbous  vessels.. all civie  run, even the crews.. 4 miles long, 4 miles   high and  3 miles  wide ( except  at the stern where the 'tail is 1/2 mile wide )


 Med tech  vessels

 shaped like  massive   watermelons   they are  crewed  by ESN  and Civie   med techs  from all over the APF

5 miles  long ,vaires  from the widest at 3 Miles , to stern and bow  of   1 mile..3 Miles High


Media vessels

 Smaller   and only  armed  with auto AA.

 1 mile long, 2/3 mile  wide.. 1 mile tall... allrtaces   are on board  all three  ships , with a mix of  Military  and  Civie   employees
chain of command
Tue 13 Apr 2021
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Re: The  Fleets ( that you know of)
 the top of the Food chain , is  'The Board'

 Then Admiral Hack

  Captain Si

  Captain  Morris

 Captain Rivets

  Commander Miller

 LV Shadow

SM  Spencer ( who can be inserted  above Shadow on ground Ops)

  LT  Morrow

 MChief  Mullins

 any other officers  are in charge of  'thier Group, but answer to   the above

 LT  Simmons is  Chief  Med tech and has the call on who can go out , or who stays home.


 All ships have thier  Captain ( or Commander)..and thier   chain of command  flows  , as much like the Hermes.

 SEC Officers have alot more   pull then  regular line.