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OOC: Party Inventory
List any and all equipment that you're carrying for the party. You may also wish to keep track of any other party-related or plot-related items or amounts of money here.

Please maintain only one post in this thread and edit it as necessary. All discussion should be located elsewhere.

The party funds are at:
3487.75gp - 300g of alchemy supplies and 200g for a mobile alchemy kit
3487.25gp - 5sp to use Royal Post
6157.35gp - 15% of sale of goods
3657.35gp - 2,500gp clinic bill
4759.35gp - 1,102gp for sale of VIL's equipment
5087.35gp - 328gp from Arnir's pocket
5324.35gp - 327gp from sale of Ice Slick wand
2024.35gp - 3,300gp for a Survival Pouch
1934.95gp - 50gp for night in Elfheim + 39.4gp for sailor's week's salary
1884.95gp - 50gp stay at an inn in Elfheim
1845.55gp - 39.4gp to pay for crew on board MARY
1806.15gp - 39.4gp to pay for crew on board MARY
1766.75gp - 39.4gp to pay for crew on board MARY
1727.35gp - 39.4gp to pay for crew on board MARY
1687.95gp - 39.4gp to pay for crew on board MARY

This transaction list may get quite long, and I'll prune it as necessary.

The MARY currently holds:
4,758.33gp of alchemy supplies
75 days worth of food (and water) for 32 people (2421 units)
107 cannon shots
The party's two carts (slightly disassembled)
A full-sized alchemy lab.

1x Crate of misc. leather and cloth goods (unappraised).

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Tue 25 Oct 2011
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Re: OOC: Party Inventory
Zeig's Inventory:


1 Pure Potion
9 Cure Potions (1 CL 2)
2 Aquaveil Potions
1 Blink Potion
2 Restore Potions
3 Tents
1 Eye drops
1 Remedy
1 Echo drops
1 flask of alchemist's fire (weight in haversack)
2 vials of acid (weight in haversack)

Haversack (total 69/120 lbs.):

Main Pouch (29/80 lbs.):
5 books (10 lbs.)
Shared Mobile Alchemy Kit (12 lbs.)
Warhammer (5 lbs.)
2 More Clay Mugs (2 lbs.)
Map to Drow Den of evil evilness

Left Side Pouch (20/20 lbs.):
Cornelian Wine x2 (3 lbs.)
Vin du Culottes 829 (3 lbs.)
5 Drow Pens in a Wooden Box (3 lbs.)
Empty Flasks (3 lbs.)
Waterskin (4 lbs.)
2 Clay Mugs (2 lbs.)
4 Scroll cases, 2 with 50 blank pages of parchment (2 lbs.)

Right Side Pouch (15/20 lbs.):
Hooded Lantern (2 lbs.)
Bedroll (5 lbs.)
5 pints of oil (5 lbs.)
1 flask of alchemist's fire (1 lbs.)
2 vials of acid (2 lbs.)

GM Edit-
2 pints of oil removed for use in lantern. (again)

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Mon 24 Oct 2011
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Re: OOC: Party Inventory
DAI is carrying:

Briney Coat(water resistance 11+HD) (5 pound)
Bikke's Hat(20 ranks in proffession(sailor), Feat: Great Captain) (1 pound)

Handy Haversack 76/120

Main pouch: 50/80
Masterwork +1 Str rating composite Longbow (3 pounds)
2 Amulets of Natural Armor +1 (2 pounds)
Alchemy Supplies (39 pounds)

Left side pouch: 19/20
2 Tents(-)
Waterskin (4 pounds)
15 days' rations (15 pounds)

Right side pouch: 5/20
Bedroll (5 pounds)
Locket off of drow zombie. Well-traveled lectrum chain with a finely-wrought mithral locket, including a tiny hinge and a master-craft engraving of an adolescent drow female inside.

Belt Pouch
10 Tindertwigs
9 Potions of cure(CL1)
Scroll of Water
Wand of Lock(CL1) (49/50)
3 Potions of Haste(CL5)
1 potion of cure II(CL5)
1 Potion of Fast(CL2)
1 Potion of Barrier(CL7)
1 Echo Herbs
2 Eye Drops
1 Phoenix Down

26 arrows, 10 lightning arrows, 1 elven arrow(5.55 lb)

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Fri 24 Feb 2012
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Re: OOC: Party Inventory
Bedroll: 1 sp, 5 lb.
Blanket, Winter: 5 sp, 3 lb.
Canvas (50 sq. yd.): 5 gp, 50 lb.  Canvas currently wet, and weighs 60lbs.
Flint and Steel: 1 gp
Grappling Hook: 1 gp, 4 lb.
Ink (10 1 oz. Vials): 80 gp.
Mirror, small steel: 10 gp, 1/2 lb.
Paper (10): 4 gp.
Inkpen (10): 1 gp.
Case (Map or Scroll): 1 gp, 1/2 lb.
Rations (8): 4 gp, 8 lb.
Rope, silk (50 ft.): 10 gp, 5 lb.
Sealing Wax (3): 3 gp, 3 lb.
Signet Ring: 5 gp.
Signal Whistle: 8 sp.
Waterskin (2): 2 gp, 8 lb.
Cure Potion (4): - gp, - lb.
Total: 138 gp, 4 sp, 92 lb.

Handy Haversack
Pouch 1 (up to 20 lb.): Food and Waterskins (16 lb.), 200 platinum (4 lb.)
Pouch 2 (up to 20 lb.): Rope, Grappling Hook, Bedroll, Mirror and Map Case (20 lb.)
Pouch 3 (up to 80 lb.): Everything else (56 lb. of miscellaneous equipment plus one harp, totaling 76 lb.)

GM Edit-
50' of Silk rope removed because it's in use.

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Thu 7 Jun 2012
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Re: OOC: Party Inventory
Winter blanket
Climber's kit
50' Silk Rope
Healer's kit (10/10 uses)
Cure potion x 3
Trail ration x 5
(tiny) Animal ration x 5

Weapons (in various places)
Large Dagger on hip
Large Shortsword in shield
Large Trident on back
Large Greataxe

GM Edit-
Rope is on your character sheet, but not on here. Added, as well as notated uses remaining of your Healer's kit.

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Thu 7 Jun 2012
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Re: OOC: Party Inventory
Amulet of natural armor +1 (2 lbs)
Boarding ring
Monk's belt
Moldy old sack tied to belt

Nasty old bedroll (5 lbs)

Two-handed Whoop ass stick. (Power Staff (4 lbs))

3x Potion of Cure

GM Edit-
Added bedroll and sack and cure potions.

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