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Vendor List
This is for everyone's reference about who sells what and where. I will only be adding shops that you've discovered. Some cities may have vendors that are not readily apparent, and some vendors can have their inventory change over time.

The following lists only include potions or consumables that are readily available or of which you are comfortably aware.

General Consumable Goods:
Tent    -   150g
   Blocks almost all light, sound, or scent emanating from inside the tent from outside observation.
Cabin   -   500g*
   Functions as the spell Cabin.
Cottage - 2,500g*
   Functions as the spell Cottage except that it contains one day's food and water for 20 people.

New Alchemical Items:
Sneak Oil - 100g
   Requires a full round to apply. Grants +10 to Move Silently checks for three minutes.

Restorative Potions:
Cure        -    50gp
   Heals 1d8 + 1 HP
Restore     -   300gp
   Functions as the spell Restore.
Cure II     -   450gp
   Heals 2d10 + 3 HP
Cure III    - 1,250gp
   Heals 3d10 + 5 HP
Restore II  - 1,400gp
   Functions as the spell Restore II.
Minor Ether -  VARIES
   Regain 3 MP
Ether       -  VARIES
   Regain 10 MP

Status Potions and Consumable Items:
Pure           -    50gp
   Potion. Stops any poison effect, magical or mundane. Does not reverse effects suffered.
Echo Drops     -   150gp
   Consumable. Removes the Silence status.
Eye Drops      -   150gp
   Consumable. Removes the Blind status.
Vanish         -   200gp*
   Potion. Grants user the Vanish effect for one minute.
Cleanse        -   450gp
   Potion. Removes the majority of magical and all mundane diseases.
Holy Water     -   500gp*
   Potion. Removes some curses and removes the Zombified status.
Phoenix Down   - 1,400gp / VARIES
   Consumable. Functions as the spell Life
Gold Needle    - 2,000gp*
   Consumable. Removes the Petrified status.
Maiden's Kiss  - 2,000gp*
   Consumable. Removes the Toad status. Also functions as a potion of Resolve for the Toad status (see below).
Remedy         - 2,000gp*
   Potion. Removes any and all status effects that the spell Basuna is capable of removing.
Resolve        - 2,000gp*
   Potion. Resolve potions are special, in that they are created with one effect the spell Basuna can remove in mind. For eight hours after drinking the potion, the user gains a +2 untyped bonus to saves against that specific effect and treats saving throw rolls of 19 as if they were a natural 20.
Esuna          - 4,000gp*
   Potion. Functions as the spell Esuna.

All potions or consumables, when applicable, function as the spell that can duplicate the effect. IE: Echo Drops function like the spell Basuna and therefore can cure all magical and most mundane sources of the silence affliction.

Any potions or consumables with an asterisk (*) do not cost the normal amount as per the standard formula (50 * Spell Level * Caster Level). Some, but not all, potions can have caster levels below what is normally required to cast the spell being made by craftsmen who spend entire careers mastering how to do so.

Most spells of the Enhancing magic school have corresponding potions that ascribe to the standard for cost. Potions of Blink, Enspell, Enspell II, Elemental Armor, and Elemental Spikes always cost four times the normal amount to buy or create. Potions that replicate spells that can select varying elements, such as Bar-element or Elemental Armor are created for a single applicable element.

Consumables, for all intents and purposes, are used and function during gameplay just as potions do. IE: They can be administered to others as full-round actions, etc. The difference is that they may perish or be damaged by different conditions.

Most other consumable items that exist in vanilla D&D are also available to purchase. Generally, if any this campaign's spell or potion effects can also be found in vanilla D&D they completely replace them. The items listed are simply in addition to normal items if no such overlap occurs. Confirm any purchases of unlisted consumables with your DM.


Elemental Arrows:
Arrows which have been infused with elemental power are available in most towns. Unlike normal arrows, Elemental Arrows cannot be recovered once they collide with the target or the environment. Elemental Arrows deal an extra 1d6 points of elemental damage and cost 50gp for a stack of 10. Greater Elemental Arrows are available in most cities, and deal an additional 1d12 points of elemental damage. These cost 250gp for a stack of 10.

The elements available are fire, water, stone, wind, lightning, and ice. Caster Level 4th.

Status Affecting Bolts:

Prices listed are for a stack of 10.

Sleep: 35gp, base save: 10 (Will)
Blind: 35gp, base save: 10 (Will)
Poison: 35gp, base save: 12 (Fortitude, 5 damage per round, does not stack with itself)
Oil: 35gp, base save: 12 (Reflex)
Addle: 40gp, base save: 12 (Will)
Bind: 40gp, base save: 12 (Reflex)
Silence: 40gp, base save: 12 (Fortitude)
Disrupt: 45gp, base save: 14 (Fortitude)

All effects last for 1d4 rounds. The user never knows how long the effects will last. The Poison and Oil bolts are mundane, and as such work in an antimagic field and other such effects. The rest of them are magical.

You can pay to raise the DC of the save by 2. Such bolts cost 25gp more than the listed base price. A bolt can never have a save that exceeds 20.

Bolts that last 2d4 rounds instead of the normal 1d4 rounds have their cost doubled. Bolts that last 10 rounds, or one minute, cost five times the amount as normal.

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Re: Vendor List
As true for Cornelia and all future settlements, a Gather Information check can be attempted to find something that would normally be hard to find or uncommon in a place. This includes non-conventional items or items that are more expensive than normally available.


First level spells are available.

Black Magic scroll scribe:
100gp:      200gp:
Mount       Fast
Sleep       Rasp
Lock        Stone
Ice Slick   Water
Poison      Aero

White Magic scroll scribe:
100gp:      200gp:
Libra       Cure
Light       Dia
Blink       Fear
Harm        Protect

All masterwork weapons and armor. Conventional materials only.

All potions or consumables up to 300gp in cost.

Wondrous/Magic Items:
Modest array of simple magic items. Rough GP cap: 1,500gp

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Re: Vendor List

All 1st (see above) and 2nd level spells are available. As a continued thanks, all magical scrolls have a 10% discount when purchased in Provoka.

Black Magic Scroll Scribe:
1,000gp:            2,000gp:
Blind               Fire
Temper              Blizzard
Elemental Armor     Thunder
Elemental Spikes    Frost

White Magic Scroll Scribe:
1,000gp:            2,000gp:
Silence             Vanish
Aquaveil            Shell
Restore             Protectra
Bar-element         Heal

+1 Weapons and Armor. Conventional materials in addition to Shark Leather, Cord, Shell, and Chitin. (All can be found in Stormwrack.)

All potions or conusumables up to 600gp in cost.

Wondrous/Magic Items:
Quasi-impressive collection of magical items. Rough GP cap: 4,000gp (although many items priced at exactly 4,000gp may not be available)

Exceptionally talented sailors can be hired in Provoka.

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Re: Vendor List

All 1st and 2nd level spells (see above) are available as well as the following 3rd level spells.

Black Magic Scroll Scribe:
1,500gp:        3,000gp:
Bind            Aero II
Haste           Shock
Sight           Sleepga
Slow            Stone II
                Water II

White Magic Scroll Scribe:
1,500gp:        3,000gp:
Float           Basunara
Harm II         Cure II
Light II        Diaga
Reveal          Shellra

+2 weapons and armor. Conventional materials as well as Mithril and Darkwood.

All potions and consumables up to 900gp in cost.

Wondrous/Magic Items:
A large and varied selection of magical items. Rough GP Cap: 8,000gp

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