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Mon 7 Mar 2011
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Ideas: Character Concepts
Post your character ideas here, please be as thorough with them as possible.  Also, if you would change the subject line to the particular genre you envision the character fitting into.

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Sun 27 Mar 2011
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Re: Ideas: Character Concepts
Concept:  Space Jock, maybe something that'd fit into a Star Wars/Battlestar Setting.

Name: Kint Lel
Callsign: Nova

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair/Eyes:  Brown/Hazel
Build: Fit, but not muscled, more lanky than filled out.

Kint Lel, born to a nomadic family that moved every two years, figured that he was destined to be nothing more than a modern day gypsy -- just like his father.  The only constant in his life was his family and though his father was a respectable craftsman, it was usually just enough to keep Kint and his four brothers fed and clothed.   At the age of 10 the family fell into hard times and the older boys had to find work too.  But none of it mattered, his father fell ill and his mother just left.  The five boys soon found themselves unwilling workers for a farmer, but it amounted to nothing more than slavery.   Along about nineteen though, life changed forever.  His homeworld found itself suddenly engulfed in conflict and losing to the Empire/Cylons.  Forced to flee, Kint found himself hurtling through space and rushing headlong into service for the Rebellion/last of humanity.

Kint is a withdrawn boy/man, generally keeping to himself.  The only time that he breaks free of that shell is when he's behind the controls of a fighter.  He has tasted freedom, and he pushes himself harder than most. He knows firsthand what enslavement is like and will do whatever necessary to avoid that life.

On the ground, Kint isn't really much of a combatant.  He knows which end of a weapon to point at the bad guys, but beyond that its anyone's guess if he'd ever manage to hit a thing.  In the cockpit, however, he's as deadly a pilot as any that's ever flown.  He knows no fear and will engage in maneuvers that he doesn't realize shouldn't be possible.

A short human with his brown hair and boyish features.  The smattering of freckles only adds to the youthful look.  While he is not a muscled man, he is a fit one from working on a farm.  His frame is a medium build, neither chunky or skinny.