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Tue 15 Jan 2019
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At a Glance
HERO System games, current status

HERO system games
<a href=link to another game Crusaders of Central City</a>soulsightSci-Fi, Superhuman
<a href=link to another game Hero</a>DBCowboyAction/Adventure, Fantasy, Horror
<a href=>Champions</a>quozaxxSuperhuman
<a href=> Race against Time</a>Digger273Action/Adventure, Superhuman
<a href=> Shrouded in Shadows</a>Cody ReimersAction/Adventure, Contemporary, Superhuman
<a href=link to another game of Sacramento</a>tstadleyContemporary, Drama, Superhuman
<a href=link to another game Incorporated</a>JRScottSuperhuman
<a href=>Hopper</a>DMTingleAction/Adventure, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
<a href=link to another game Walking Dead Chronicles</a>quozaxxApocalyptic, Horror
<a href=link to another game Fairy Tale</a>quozaxxDrama, Fantasy, Strategy
<a href=>S.T.U.P.I.D.</a>tstadleyComedy, Superhuman
<a href=link to another game supers??</a>lyssaqSuperhuman

The Crusaders of Central Citylink to another gamesoulsightSci-Fi, Superhuman
Savage Herolink to another gameDBCowboyAction/Adventure, Fantasy, Horror
Championslink to another gamequozaxxSuperhuman
Race against Timelink to another gameDigger273Action/Adventure, Superhuman
Shrouded in Shadowslink to another gameCody ReimersAction/Adventure, Contemporary, Superhuman
Heroes of Sacramentolink to another gametstadleyContemporary, Drama, Superhuman
Evil Incorporatedlink to another gameJRScottSuperhuman
Hopperlink to another gameDMTingleAction/Adventure, Sci-Fi, Supernatural
The Walking Dead Chronicleslink to another gamequozaxxApocalyptic, Horror
Twisted Fairy Talelink to another gamequozaxxDrama, Fantasy, Strategy
S.T.U.P.I.Dlink to another gametstadleyComedy, Superhuman
semi-solo supers??link to another gamelyssaqSuperhuman

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