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Sun 27 Feb 2011
at 04:37
Genre: Star Hero
Yup, Star Hero is coming soon!
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Wed 16 Mar 2011
at 04:25
Re: Genre: Star Hero
Anyone planning on picking up the 6e Star Hero and running a game?  I think they're trying to get it out by GenCon.
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Tue 22 Mar 2011
at 04:02
Re: Genre: Star Hero
Umm...Guess not?

I'm thinking that when they do, I might give a go at doing something spaceish.  Maybe something like Serenity, I just love the combination of space/western that they use.  It's shiny!
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Tue 22 Mar 2011
at 12:50
Re: Genre: Star Hero
I'm not familar with Star Hero, but Serenity is a wonderful universe, and I'd love to play in a game there.
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Tue 22 Mar 2011
at 16:40
Re: Genre: Star Hero
Star Hero is just HERO system with a space/futuristic motif.

They have a milieu of the Terran Empire and a bunch of source material for the HERO guys' view of Earth's future, but Star Hero itself is very generic and bendable to any worlds you want to create.

Firefly is a perfect setting for Star Hero. I haven't picked up the 6th Edition version of Star Hero yet. I wait for them to come out on PDF and then get them for my iPad.

I'm also not a big fan yet of 6th Edition HERO in general. I'm not finding any advantages to make the switch from FREd... 4th Edition (BBB) really.
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Tue 24 Sep 2019
at 03:38
Re: Genre: Star Hero
I just received my copy today! Hard cover and everything. Very nice book indeed.
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Tue 24 Sep 2019
at 07:04
Re: Genre: Star Hero
I have 5th ed. Star Hero.

What is the strength of 6th ed. Star Hero? What do you like?