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YAY! Hope you enjoy!
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Worth bragging about:  We defeated the Fist of Mourning module!  Those infected with the chaos phage were cured without any issues!  Yaaaay!
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Emerald's turn in Legacy of Fire if the initiative tracker is correct.
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  Hey Kids, it's KEYWORDS time.

  Talid/Spiked Gauntlet are HAND slot weapons (While equipped cant have Magic Glove Items). +2 1d6 DMG.
  Gauntlet Axe is an ARM slot weapon (While Equipped cant have Magic Arm Items). +2 1d8 DMG, Defensive (Arm weapon with a 'held in hands' description property, Rules As Literal Written it should not work, but Builder Math it works).

  While the builder limitations can not support equipping in/on hand and arm weapon at the same time, You can indeed wear and WIELD a Spiked Gauntlet and Axe Gauntlet, on the same arm, at the same time.  Which leads me my question.

  If a weapon, and defensive weapon are both wielded by the SAME ARM, should you get the defensive bonus?  Example, Wrist Razor(Arm), and Defensive Dagger (In Hand).  Or in this case, Spiked Gauntlet/Talid (Worn Hand), and Gauntlet Axe (Arm).  Or is that taking things too far and it should be limited to more traditional 'at least one melee per arm'.

  With or without the +1 AC, Kyle will eventually get Gauntlet Axe Feat (1d8 DMG over 1d6).  Probably around level 8 or 10.  This is mainly for figuring out a KEYWORDS curiosity that could apply to other characters with other defensive weapons.

EDIT: *spit take* A Parrying Dagger is only +2 Prof? What?

Unrelated Edit Two:  Arcane Paragon Path, Master Of Flame.  Level 16 Passive is to (optionally) +1 Size arcane fire burst and blast attacks.  It's only fore fire, but Chris was asking about how to boost magical explosion sizes.  Rest of that path is kinda meh unless you are very fire happy (Final daily power, turn into fire monster for rest of encounter! Insubstantial! Shift is minor! +5 Fire damage! Being hit with melee causes 5+Int damage to the enemy!... but you can only use attacks with fire keyword in them).

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Adventurer's Vault:
Defensive: A defensive weapon grants you a +1
bonus to AC while you wield the defensive weapon
in one hand and wield another melee weapon in
your other hand. Wielding more than one defen-
sive weapon does not increase this bonus
. To gain
this benefit, you need not attack with the defensive
weapon, but you must be proficient with it.

I'd be surprised if it stacked even without this clarification because of the whole "bonuses from same source don't stack" rule in PHB, but clearly they didn't want Thrikreen tanks wielding 4 parrying daggers for all the AC but more, much less potential 8 doubling up wrist and hand stuff.
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Mon 2 Dec 2013
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I'd be surprised if it stacked even without this clarification because of the whole "bonuses from same source don't stack" rule in PHB, but clearly they didn't want Thrikreen tanks wielding 4 parrying daggers for all the AC but more, much less potential 8 doubling up wrist and hand stuff.

  Oh, I'm not asking about stacking multiple defensive bonuses on top of eachother. I'm asking if you get the defensive bonus in the first place, if the only legally wielded melee weapons involved are on the SAME ARM.

  Unrelated, I just remembered you can craft Wands with Any Arcane Power From Wand Class, as a Daily item.  And that Artificers can recharge a daily item with Artificer version of Action Points (Though an item can only be recharged once a day).

  360 680 GP for wand of "Wizard makes enemy Basic attack something".  And I just found an Arty feat that lets me free reload crossbows, and extra quick draw/stow usage on Wands to replace speed loader.

  So yeah, browsing level 1 wizard encounters >:D

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Raptor Mascot Loses Control

Looks like the guy was wearing in-line skates.  No wonder he was floundering.
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In reply to Timothius (msg # 359):

As a reminder, players can rebuild from scratch, including redistributing stats.
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For Elf campaign:

Elves: Dex, choice of Int or Wis
 Minmax choices: Avenger(Wis/Dex), Druid(Wis/Dex), Monk(Dex/Wis), Ranger(Dex/Wis), Seeker(Wis/Dex), Wizard(Int/Dex)
 Primary Dex: Assassin, Monk, Ranger, Rogue
 Primary Int: Artificer, Psion, Swordmage, Wizard
 Primary Wis: Avenger, Cleric, Druid, Invoker, Seeker, Shaman

Eladrin: Int, choice of Dex or Cha
 Minmax choices: Bard(Cha/Int), Psion(Int/Cha), Warlock(Cha/Int)
 Primary Int: Artificer, Psion, Swordmage, Wizard
 Primary Dex: Assassin, Monk, Ranger, Rogue
 Primary Cha: Ardent, Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock

Drow: Dex, choice of Wis or Cha
 Minmax choices: Assassin(Dex/Cha), Avenger(Wis/Dex), Druid(Wis/Dex), Monk(Dex/Wis), Rogue(Dex/Cha), Seeker(Wis/Dex), Sorcerer(Cha/Dex)
 Primary Dex: Assassin, Monk, Ranger, Rogue
 Primary Wis: Avenger, Cleric, Druid, Invoker, Seeker, Shaman
 Primary Cha: Ardent, Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock

Half-Elf: Con, choice of Wis or Cha
 Minmax choices: Ardent(Cha/Con), Bard(Cha/Con), Battlemind(Any), Druid(Wis/Con), Invoker(Wis/Con), Shaman(Wis/Con), Warlock(Cha/Con)
 Primary Con: Battlemind
 Primary Wis: Avenger, Cleric, Druid, Invoker, Seeker, Shaman
 Primary Cha: Ardent, Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock

Revenant: Dex, choice of Con or Cha
 Minmax choices: Assassin(Any), Monk(Dex/Wis), Rogue(Dex/Cha), Sorcerer(Cha/Dex)
 Primary Dex: Assassin, Monk, Ranger, Rogue
 Primary Con: Battlemind
 Primary Cha: Ardent, Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock
 Will Note: Revenants get Feat and path access to the type of Elf they pick.

Other(STR primary): Barbarian, Fighter, Paladin, Runepriest, Warden, Warlord

Essentials Classes:
NOTE: I lack direct materials for Neverwinter, and Heroes Of The Elemental Chaos.  Though I can reference stuff on those with my builder.
Primary Color Code because I'm too lazy to fit them into each race.

Oh huh, the only class with CON as a Primary stat is Battlemind.

  Heroes Of The Feywild:
Druid [Protector](Wis Primary. Dex/Con); HoT Feywild.
Bard [Skald] (CHA Primary. Int); HoT Feywild.
Wizard [Witch] (INT Primary. Wis); HoT Feywild.

  Neverwinter Campaign Setting:
Wizard [Bladesinger](INT primary. Dex); Neverwinter.

  Heroes Of Shadow:
Assassin [Executioner]; (DEX Primary. CHA); HoShadow.
  Note: the kind Akemi is, as opposed to the Magazine Article Class kind Gnara is.
Vampire (DEX Primary, CHA); HoShadow.
  Note: The only fully original class from Essentials.
Warlock [Binder] (CHA Primary. DEX/INT); HoShadow.

  Heroes Of The Fallen Lands:
Cleric [Warpriest] (WIS Primary. Con); HotFall
Rogue [Thief] (DEX Primary. CHA/STR); HotFall
Wizard [Mage] (INT Primary. Wis/Cha/Con) HotFall.

  Heroes Of The Forgotten Kingdom:
Druid [Sentinel] (WIS Primary. CON); HotFK
Ranger [Hunter] (DEX Primary. Wis); HotFK
Ranger [Scout] (DEX Primary. Wis); HotFk
Warlock [Hexblade] (CHA Primary. Dex/Con);HotFK

  Heroes Of The Elemental Chaos
Sorcerer [Elementalist] (CHA Primary. Con); HotEC
Wizard [Sha'ir] (INT Primary. Con); HotEC.

 Sub Race Options:
 While you can hand pick how many options you want from a given sub race, you can only have ONE Sub race.  Only Elf, and Eladrin have Sub Race options at this time out of the Elfy races.

  Elf Sub Races:
Wild Elf:
  Subtle Step; Replace Elven Accuracy.  Instead have Once An Encounter, Move Action Shift your speed.
  Wild Elf Weapon Proficiency: Remove Group Awareness.  Instead gain proficiency in Javelin (One Hand Simple), Spear (One Hand Simple), and Longspear (Two hand Military, Reach, Spear AND Polearm category)

Wood Elf:
  Sense Threat; Replace Elven Accuracy. Instead you can use Perception roll in place of Initiative Roll, and allies with a lower initiative than you get +2 Racial Bonus when you do so.
  Wood Elf Reactive Stealth: Replace Group Awareness.  Instead you are allowed to make a Stealth Check during initiative roll, if you have "any cover or concealment".

  Eladrin Sub Races:
Sun Elf:
  Elf Weapon Proficiency; Replace Eladrin Education.  Instead gain proficiency with Shortbow and longbow.
  Sun Elf Skill Bonuses; Replace Eladrin Skill bonus to Arcana and History.  Instead gain +2 Racial bonus to Bluff and Insight.
  Wizard Implement Proficiency; Replace Eladrin Weapon Proficiency.  Instead gain proficiency with Orb, wand, and Staff(Implement) as Implements.

Moon Elf:
  Moon Elf Skill Bonuses; Replace Eladrin Skill bonus to Arcana and history.  Instead gain +2 Racial bonus to Insight and Streetwise.
  Elf Weapon Proficiency; Replace Eladrin Education. Instead gain Proficiency with Shortbow and Longbow.

Llewyrr Elf:
  Historical Insight; Replace Eladrin bonus to Arcana (History bonus remains). Instead gain +2 Racial bonus to Insight.
  Elf Weapon Proficiency (Llewyrr Elf); Replace Eladrin Weapon Proficiency.  Instead Gain proficiency with Shortbow and Longbow.

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  I am super impressed by this list.  Through the night I will fill in later Essentials style blanks.  I still don't have personal materials for Heroes Of The Elemental Chaos, of Neverwinter.  But my subscription to builder/compendium covers those few things.

  I keep flip-flopping on what to go with.  Hexblade was dropped like it was hot when I realized their special signature "must use THIS sword your pact gives" can't be used as a magic item pick option.  while I could by hand, hassle.

  My current idea is trying to take cliche min/max option (Dex/Wis Elf Monk LOL), and not go with Unarmed/Staff.  The former partly because it melts the builder's brain on calculations.  The second because it will force me to look for options outside of "Super de duper staff defensive bonus, Staff +1 shield bonus, staff cover vs ranged and area attacks and flanking CA every time I attack, staff of ruin works for monks".

EDIT:  For anybody considering an Eladrin Monk.  There is ONE Eladrin specific Monk feat.
 From Drag 389.  Dancing Thorn style: Must be eladrin (Or Revenant Eladrin with longsword prof) and monk.
 While wielding a longsword, you get +1 Flat bonus to Monk Implement Powers.
 While wielding a longsword in two hands, +1 Flat DMG to Flurry of blows.

 I will also list the Sub Race options.

Edit Two: Still blanking on a name and personality for the Elf Monk Guy.

Mechanics wise, double dose of Explorer BG and Explorer Theme.
Took the nasty "Upgrade one Adjacent Flurry Target's damage to ONGOING Damage, when wielding a Sickle" feat. Only 4 (2+WIS= 4) with WIS Centered Breath style, but still. AT-WILL ONGOING.
Obviously bringing a longbow for the ride for ranged basic.
Acro, Athletics, Nature, Perc trained.

So... Travels a lot, hard for him to get lost, I unlocked nature skill and trained it, but his Endurance is generic untrained (though theme will give him +2, and PARTY +2 Endurance at level 5).

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Edited in a more direct answer to the question put to Paldimar.

"What I wondered is if you would allow me to help you end their menace."
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low level Boons you might like, at a glance.

* Level 3 Pelor's Sun Blessing
If you deal Radiant to a target that has vulnerability to radiant, deal extra damage = WIS or CON, whichever is higher.
Minor: you glow bright light 5. Minor to stop.
Day;minor: an ally within 5 can spend a heal surhe. that ally gains +1 ITEM bonus to save throws until end of encounter.

LV3. Moradin's Blessing of iron
If enemy pushes you, you can reduce push by 2.  If enemy pulls you and you end up next to that enemy, you can make a melee basic vs that enemy as an Oppurtunity action.
Day;interrupt:  you take damage.  reduce damage by 5.

LV3.  Mercurial mind.
When you are not bloodied, +1 ITEM speed.
End;free (psionic):  you hit with an unaugmented at-will attack.
Effect: shift 2 after attack is resolved.

Level 3.  The Raven Queen's Shroud.
Encounter;Minor:  Choose one target within 10.  That target gains the Mark Of The raven queen, until end of Encounter. On your turn, you can reroll the result of one damage die against that target (Does not work for Area or Close attacks).
Daily;Minor:  Teleport to a tile next to the raven queen marked target.  No range listed.
AKA: Pick one enemy per encounter, to be able to reroll a non AoE damage die once a turn.

Level 3.  Torog's Lamentations of the shackled.
+1 ITEM bonus to save vs Slowed, Immobilized, and Restrained.
Daily;reaction: you become slowed, immobilized, or restrained.
Effect: You teleport 2 and end the triggering effects.

Level 3. Avandra's Blessing of Confidence.
Resist 5 vs AoO.
+1 ITEM bonus to save vs DAZED, DOMINATED, immobilized, slowed, or STUNNED.

Level 3.  True Kiss of the Mistress
+2 ITEM bonus to save vs Immobilized, Restrain, Slowed, and STUN.
Daily;Free (Charm): You take Damage from an attack, and attacker has CA vs you.
Effect" attacker is dazed until end of your next turn, and you can shift 1.

Level 3.  The Fading one - Ghostfoot.
+5 to Jump, and always considered to have a running start.
Encounter;Free: Trigger, you spend an Action point.
Effect: You can FLY your speed, until end of your turn.

Level 3. Avandra's Boon of escape.
If you start your turn with two or more enemies next to you, you can shift TWO as a move action.
Daily;Move: teleport 2.

Level 3. Melora's Storm Blessing.
If an enemy uses a forced move effect against you, you can shift 1 as a free action at the end of the forced movement.
Enc;Move: Fly 5 tiles.

Level 4. Flicker's Of Faith.
Daily;Interrupt (Healing Keyword): You drop below 1 HP but are not instantly super murdered.
Effect: Roll 1d6. On a 3 or more, you regain your surge value in HP, plus that 1d6 roll.
AKA: Coinflip to not be dropped as a daily interrupt.

Level 4. Mental Block.
5 Resist Psychic. +2 ITEM bonus to Save vs Fear and Charm.
Daily;no action.  When subjected to a fear or charm effect,  you make a save throw then and there. Implied even when it's not a save vs effrct.

Level 5.  Tiamat's Insatiable Greed.
+1 ITEM bonus to damage rolls, against any target that has damaged you since the end of your last turn.
Daily;Minor: One ally you see loses the use of a daily magic item power, and you recharge an expented daily item you have of that level or lower.

Kyle's currently deciding if he want's multi biger boons, or trade up to a Mage's weapon Bastard Sword (for +1 to-hit bonus when I melee, basically) and grab one big boon/two smaller boons.

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Fri 27 Jun 2014
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Handy!  Thanks for the infodump.
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Sat 28 Jun 2014
at 22:39
Some comments regarding the latest versions of 5th Ed playtest in a recorded campaign, from some Something Awful people who did a recorded long silly 4th ed campaign before.  Relevant due to certain subjects.

"A quick question, though, are you guys planning on discussing how your characters needed revisions through the new playtests? I'm interested in how they could have messed up Kit, or was it a change to barbarians in general?"

Kit = Character in the following.

"It's all pretty messy anyway. I had talked it over with Medibot and we houseruled kit so every reference to "str" in the Barbarian was replaced with "dex", to fit more of a duelist than a berserker. Originally, this meant that combined with the Halfling (which I reskinned to be a bunny) light weapon training, I could dual-wield light weapons and end up being on par with a strongarm character. Light weapon training was removed, however, and dual wield rules were changed. I dunno if I end up being stronger or weaker than a normal str barbarian... but I got over it when I remembered we are clearly more about the roleplay than the battle.

I have also ended up with training in both "tumbling" and "acrobatics" and I have no idea how those are differentiated, but my training only grants a mighty +1 to rolls, so. whatev! whatev. I'm a princess."

Certain subjects being Barbarian Bunny Princess.


"Deciding she doesn't need some gross dude to save her, she sets of on her own."

Also featuring, the most DETAILED MAP I HAVE EVER SEEN ON ROLL20*.

Not actually a detailed map at all

EDIT: The curse of rolling 3 spreads.

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Fri 4 Jul 2014
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  Rambling regarding the latest Transformers movie.

  The good news, is that the "worst" feeling part was for how overly long it was.  Less facecrushingly "what" moments compared to the last two.

  Bulletpoints!  Way too long, and "Only ONE racial sterotype transformer this time!" are the non-spoiler ones.  Also, no post credits bit.

Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
  *Way too long.
  *Pink alien hand gesture lead to the death of the Dinosaurs by way of explosions with like, 8,000 separate Sci-Fi Bombs.
  *So long, Ratchet.
  *No Decepticons except "Galvatron". No badguy robots with speaking roles but "Galvatron", and Lockdown.
  *They incinerate the first comic relief human within the first half hour into what transformers are made of.
  *Oh that's right, transformers were made out of flash frying living creatures into their raw material the whole time.  TRANSFORMERS IS MADE OF PEOPLE (and Dinosaurs).
  *Only ONE racial sterotype robot this time (Samurai helmet, japanese accent, talking about honor, haiku).
  *Mark Walburg's swordgun is the most powerful weapon in the movie.
  *Boyfriend's Irish accent only exists in scenes where they say out lout that he's Irish.
  *One robot animal is cool (Hi Ravage, you're not in this movie).  A ton of robot hyenas feels dumb.

  *Floating nanocube transformer tech has nothing done with it except floating cubes swirl transforms, no T-1000 antics.  While this makes Galvatron implied to be Sword Through Where Spark Should Be immortal because he "Doesn't have a soul" everything else built like this killed by falling on their robutt too hard cannon fodder.
  *Galvatron is really only there for "Haha, I'm not dead! Again! Also, I hacked all your human stuff in two seconds! AGAIN!  Now that I've done absolutely nothing since that, it's time to say "I'll Be Back" and leave... Again!"
  *Galvatron was hoping to steal the latest sci-fi plot bomb to flash fry a large human city into Transformer's metal so he can make deceptions out of people's remains.
  *The plot bomb was what Lockdown paid CIA with for help capturing Optimus prime.  Optimus's plan to deal with it after they've won is to "Hide it where nobody can find it", instead of just blowing it up in space or something, nevermind the fact we saw like 800 of those things casually used at the start of the movie and space bountyhunter robots used them as spare change.

  *Grimlock (no spoken lines) goes from "Humans found grimlock's frozen remains in Antarctica" at the start of the movie, to "Oh right, let's free the dinobots from Lockdown's prison spaceship in the last half hour of the movie... When did they get put there again?  Could somebody explain the whole 'Legendary warriors' thing?"
  *Optimus reaches a new record for how often he says "I'll Kill you".   Literally Two seconds after telling Grimlock "We're giving you your freedom!", he says "Join us or die!" with a sword to grimlock's head.  He also blows a basketball sized hole through a CIA guy's chest (Incidentally, the other CIA guy's death involved a football).

  *Now that the plot and boss fight are resolved with only three cannon fodder enemies left alive, Optimus remembers he can fly with rocket feet in the last five minutes of the movie.  He uses these for two things, the first being carrying the humans to the last scene in the movie.
  *Optimus tells the remaining autobots to stay on earth and watch latest human family.  He then flies into space alone with his rocket feet to go find and punch his creators.  Roll credits.

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Fri 4 Jul 2014
at 17:21
Tomato meter: 17% (Audience 59%)

Decided not to watch after reading this review:

Thanks for affirming my decision.  Seems like they're killing Prime in a far worse way than the cartoon movie: they're killing who he was supposed to be.  I remember Tim reading me a interview with Peter Cullin where he says, "I wanted a hero who wasn't all about killing."  Welp.

Oh and by the way, Prime is made of Soilent Green what?!

Now knowing that and lack of any real Decepticons, cameo of Grimlock after lots of hype in previews and toy commercials, killing off a cool Autobot, etc. only adds to the "I don't want one fraction of a penny of my money going to Michael Bay" sentiments.  Maybe I'll watch it once I can pirate the DVD version since I'll be able to fast forward and read the Closed Captions.  (Sadly, in many of the movies I watch these days I miss half the dialogue because actors don't bother to speak clearly.  "Mumble mumble is really important to know.  Now it all makes sense..." )

On to happier topics, Sonic 4 episode 1 is an awesome throwback to the old days with updated eye candy.  Tim played up to the final boss but was too sleepy to beat him after the 8th try.  More forgiving than oldschool, you don't have to play through the entire game every time you run out of lives at the final boss.  They give you 3 lives with each continue and infinite continues.  But you have to make it through a series of half a dozen repeat bosses from earlier in the game before you get to the final (we're guessing) boss, so it's still rather challenging.

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Sat 5 Jul 2014
at 08:11
Turns out the Stock bare bones "Refer to the Player's Handbook" abounds rules for DnD Next are Free, there's a normal and "Printer Friendly" version.  The "DnD Starter Set" which you buy in a physical box comes out July 15th it seems.

"The Basic Rules for Dungeons & Dragons is a PDF (over 100 pages, in fact) that covers the core of the game. It runs from levels 1 to 20 and covers the cleric, fighter, rogue, and wizard, presenting what we view as the essential subclass for each. It also provides the dwarf, elf, halfling, and human as race options; in addition, the rules contain 120 spells, 5 backgrounds, and character sheets."

Also, somebody's reaction to reading it. Underlined for emphasis.

"Fighters attack more, Wizards end encounters.

Help, I'm back in 3.5 and I can't escape.

Edit: This game. I am legitimately impressed by the commitment the designers had towards fellating magic users. There is an actual paragraph in the book dedicated to telling you not to bother playing if your group doesn't have a spellcaster. It's breathtaking."

The rebuttals were of course of the "Nah man, Fighters are tougher than wizards!"  and "Wizards can't cast as much as they used to". sort.

EDIT: *Flips table* only did a quick skim to see what categories were in, but it appears the required Background section of character comes with a REQUIRED Flaw.  We all know my mindset on required disadvantages.

EDIT: somebody linked the paragraph in question.

"For Adventurers, though, Magic is key to their survival.  Without the healing magic of Clerics and Paladins, adventurers would quickly succumb to their wounds.  Without the uplifting magical support of bards and clerics, warriors might be overwhelmed by powerful foes.  without the sheer magical power and versatility of wizards and druids, every threat would be magnified tenfold."

So, less wizard specifically and more "Get magic or go home".

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Sun 6 Jul 2014
at 03:40
Edit: This game. I am legitimately impressed by the commitment the designers had towards fellating magic users. There is an actual paragraph in the book dedicated to telling you not to bother playing if your group doesn't have a spellcaster. It's breathtaking."

While that is breathtaking they would admit that, I still disagree. Having played 3.5, it's actually quite possible to have a completely non-magic team survive. Granted, when you have invisible enemies, you will strongly want to have something that helps you see invis. Still, even then, you can get by with "blind fight" feat and such.

There does come a certain point where you have to admit "You need a fireman suit to jump into a fire, duh" and when you want to fight magical beings that can stun you, freeze you, turn you to stone, change you into a frog, or otherwise ruin your day with magic, you will want the suit that will stop that: In this case, magic gear. In which case, still technically using magic.

However, they go too far saying "don't bother unless you haz spellcaster". And being without a cleric or bard is not the end. Haven't they heard of healing potions? So the silliness continues. But my opinion, 3.5 isn't unplayable without magic. So 5th ed probably isn't either.
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Sun 6 Jul 2014
at 04:00
I've played 3.5.  Like any other system, it has it's plusses and minuses.  Like any other system it's fun to play when you have a fun DM and fellow players.  One of the major plusses is all the many options available.  Libraries of options.

Tried 5e.  Didn't like it.  Too much like 3.5 without the libraries of options.  Module was over-the-top dungeon crawl and I was playing a cleric with all of 2 cure spells / day.  To top it off I wanted to punch the DM / other players who kept insisting "Nothing wrong with 2 cures/day in endless dungeon crawl.  You just have to be smarter with your spells."

Need a spellcaster to survive?  My experience was it didn't matter.  Eleventy billion kobolds, bat swarms, etc. will kill you regardless of your team make-up.

4e was at least playable at launch.
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Sun 6 Jul 2014
at 20:42
Yeah, I read just a bit ago that they've already realized some of the stuff they have included in the NEXT basic rules, literally does not work.  "Ooop! The Evocation path perk for dealing half damage on miss Attack Cantrips doesn't work because keywords.  Don worry we'll add in some NEW Attack cantrips for wizards that can use this to fix it!... Fix the rule itself? What?"

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Mon 7 Jul 2014
at 21:54
Oh dear.  It has gone from a bright sunny day to Thunder and Tornado Warnings.

I'm hoping Mom doesn't make brother drive (who is driving when I would have been) in this... but, yeah.

EDIT: "Oh, that only means a Tornado MIGHT happen.  When was this posted?  11 minutes ago?  But they say the warning is only until 6:15.  I need to go."

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Fri 11 Jul 2014
at 07:47
Here are my options for level 10 utilities.

 Dancing Shield:  Day;Minor:  Ranged 5, target Ally (Can't buff self).
Effect: Conjure a magical shield that protects target.  Target gains +4 Power AC and Reflex, until end of encounter.  Minor action to move target to new ally within range (Range of myself, or range of the ally?).

  Sigil of luck:  Day;Minor, touch target weapon or implement.
Target until end of encounter, gets +1 power bonus to attack rolls, and +CON bonus to damage rolls. As a minor action, the target can end this to remove one save ends effect

  Recuperative Enchantment: Free action:encounter.
Trigger: ally in Burst 10 spends a heal surge/
Effect: "The target heals additional hitpoints equal to their surge value".  Not sure if that works for things like, lay on hands healing up the paladin.

  As for feats, while SUPER BORING, I may take Arcane Trapsmith.   Can use INT instead of Dex to Disarm Traps/Open locks (Does not help in FINDING traps <.<, and I have to write the bonus by hand).  +4 Feat bonus to Arcana checks related to traps and hazards.

EDIT: Oh God.  It turns out that giant rat boss was OPTIONAL, he's just blocking the way to a niche PvP Covenant, which deals with a different optional area.

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 GM, 1053 posts
Fri 11 Jul 2014
at 21:18
Sigil of Luck.  My thinking is thus:  The other two would be amazing for a team that was getting shredded a lot.  But this team has a good tank and 2 healers.  Kyle with a +4 bonus to damage on top of disappointed eye damage would make for good times against high HP bosses.  And shorter fights translate into less needed heals anyway.  And faster XP ;-p

Don't remember clearly, but that trap feat likely to come in handy.  Mits has a passive 28 perc so i think we're ok on finding the traps.
 GM, 396 posts
Fri 11 Jul 2014
at 21:48
I agree. Sigil of Luck.

Dancing Shield makes me think about how I wish there were more powers that gave a bonus to your defense of choice for all those fights where your not-AC defenses are targeted.

Maybe Kyle or Tim can look into those options.

As for me and my own "what do I pick?!" options, I generally list them just below the character sheet table. So above and below the Feats section. As mentioned, Timothius has SOOOOO many sweet options, so I don't even have his utilities listed yet. But here they are:

Godsight(Daily): You or one ally gains truesight 5 until the end of the encounter.

Healer's Balm(Enc): Transfer all effects that a save can end from an ally to yourself. You then gain a +4 to save throws to end those effects on yourself.

Mass Cure Light Wounds(Daily): Burst 5. You and each ally in burst regain HP as if they had spent heal surges. Add Cha mod to HP regained.

Prophetic Protection(Enc): If enemy crits, force enemy to re-roll with a penalty to the roll equal to your cha-mod.

Recall Ally(Enc): Move; Ranged 20; teleport one ally to a square adjacent to you.

Reverent Mantle(Enc): Ally in 5 tajes dmg from attack; Reduce dmg by 5+cha mod. When you use Channel Divinity, regain use of this power.

Sacred Beneficence(Daily): One ally gains regen 10 as long as you aren't bloodied.

Shielding Word(Enc): Like the Wizard lvl 2 utility shield. +4 to AC interrupt.

Word of Vigor(Enc): Minor; Burst 1; You and each ally in burst spend surge and regain 2d6 additional HP
 GM, 1054 posts
Fri 11 Jul 2014
at 23:59
Tough choice.  I think Kyle would likely encourage Timo to take Mass Cure Light Wounds to save on healing surges when we get AoE spammed.  Mits would encourage him to take Reverent Mantle to make him want to use Solar Enemy more often.  Rai likely to armtwist him to take Godsight for all the fakes/dopplegangers we've been encountering making it somewhat hard to tell at a glance who's a villain and who isn't.  May would vote for Shielding Word for those times she can't protect Timothius or Recall Ally for when she's across a demon chasm and needs to cross back while immob/slowed, or Healer's Balm for when she's dazed/immob/charmed/slowed/etc.  Timothius would likely lean toward Prophetic Protection because crits are the only thing that really threaten to down allies.  (Aerun under the right circumstances could do 34 damage on a crit.)

Me?  I dunno.  Removing conditions from May likely the best choice.  Godsight prolly the most fun, but removing unfun is more important.

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