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Sat 12 Jul 2014
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Tim does such a good job that he can take basically whatever he wants at this point.  My usual outlook DOES skew towards Encounter and At-will utilities though, because of how often I end up not using daily utilities ever.  Terdisas holds the record there, because his daily Utlity I save for Daily ATTACKS to make sure they either hit, or I get it recharged.

The problem with that status removal is that it is NOT a removal.  It puts them on Tim, then even with the bonus to his save roll puts him at the mercy of Murphy's dice.
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Sat 12 Jul 2014
at 17:22
While true, I considered that. The ONLY status effect that bothers Timothius is stunned. Outside that single status effect? Nothing matters on Timothius. He could be dazed, ongoing dmg, immobilized, slowed... none of that bothers him as long as his team keeps close enough to him that he can heal them. Still haven't saved from ongoing? Whatever... pull out one of his gazillion heals to heal himself.

But thanks for the vote of confidence. Ultimately, between what you said, I'll go with what Chris said and go with the most fun option.
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Sun 13 Jul 2014
at 05:15
Finally confirming what Kyle spent his spare cash on.  He has WAY MORE than what is needed for this right now, what took me so long was my future proofed "I can keep this upgrading my stuff to +3 at level 11" budget.

Mage's Weapon, Bastard Sword.  So I stop feeling guilty when I realized ten minutes later I forget to lower my to-hit when using morningstar.

Flicker's Of Faith (lv4):  +1 Surge TOTAL.  Daily interrupt coinflip (3 or higher, on a 1d6) to Not Die/KO and instantly heal for surge value, when dropped to 0 HP.

Pelor's Sun Blessing (lv3): If I deal ANY damage (I thought it had to be radiant, nope!), against a target that is Vulnerable to Radiamt, I deal extra DMG equal to WIS or CON, whichever is higher.
Minor: Emit bright light 5.
Daily, Minor: An ally within 5 of me cam spend a heal surge, and that ally gains +1 Item bonus to save throws for the rest of the encounter.

That last one because undead/insubstantial have been so annoying.

EDIT: any oops mistakes aside, got lv 10 and lv 11 sheets sitting ready for Kyle.

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Sun 13 Jul 2014
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What book would I find Flicker's of Faith and Pelor's Sun Blessing in? Also, what are they? Items? Feats? If items, what slot? I ask because...

Flicker's Of Faith (lv4):  +1 Surge TOTAL.  Daily interrupt coinflip (3 or higher, on a 1d6) to Not Die/KO and instantly heal for surge value, when dropped to 0 HP.

Holy cow... hi, epic destiny feature at heroic tier! O.o OK, so epics get it guaranteed instead of a coin-flip, but still. Granted, Timothius had a daily interrupt that does the same thing, but for someone not himself.

Pelor's Sun Blessing (lv3): If I deal ANY damage (I thought it had to be radiant, nope!), against a target that is Vulnerable to Radiamt, I deal extra DMG equal to WIS or CON, whichever is higher.
Minor: Emit bright light 5.
Daily, Minor: An ally within 5 of me cam spend a heal surge, and that ally gains +1 Item bonus to save throws for the rest of the encounter.

Pelor's Sun Blessing. Sounds like something the cleric of Pelor might have. Except Timmo doesn't like doing dmg. NOTE: Unless the actual wording is different than what you said, this means if you DO radiant damage, you would do damage+Wisorcon+the vulnerability! So let's say Tim DID take this. After Solar Enemy, Break the Spirit would do 2d8+6+5+5. If this is a feat, I could replace "Light of Order" for one more square of "I can glow" while getting goodies on top of it.
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Sun 13 Jul 2014
at 22:32
Oh, they are Boons / Alternative Rewards (like Crimson Determination is).  Like a LOT of Boons / Alternative rewards,  my favorite part are what they start off with, not the "Get paragon or epic versions for buffing X".

Flicker's of faith is from Dragon Mag 408.  Lv 14/24 versions give you more bonus HP off the die roll if you live.  To be honest, I got it MOSTLY for the +1 Surge TOTAL on a cheap lv 4 item.  The fact it has such a bonkers survival power on top is just lovely though.

Pelor's Sun Blessing is as old as Dungeon Master's Guide 2.  The scaling with item level part is the daily power,  Save throw boost is lv 8/18/28 for +2/3/4.   LV 13/23, ally heals an extra 1d6/2d6 HP.

DMG2 is also where the boon so broken it got banned here is from, Ioun's Revelation (Lv 3), which is +2 Item bonus to EVERY SKILL CHECK as the passive.

I'll just paste here the wording for Pelor's, since this Boon would still be useful to mittens either way (And at Epic, Kyle gets to deal radiant damage with everything).

"If you deal damage to a target that has vulnerability to radiant damage, you deal extra damage equal to your Wisdom or Constitution modifier, whichever is higher."

EDIT: And there goes the "Nyarg you've been using your account log back in", guess delayed reaction from last nights chargen research.

But I got that epic path from Dark Sun Campaign Guide I was looking at.  Avangion. (Requirement: Any arcane class)

Passive stuff:

LV 21: Can no longer use Arcane Defiling (oh no!), You gain a bonus to deaths saves equal to half your highest Modifier, you no longer age.
Lv 21 also: Choose two ability scores from among INT, WIS, and CHA.  Those two abilities increase by 2.

Lv 24: Low light vision.  Fly speed equal to your speed.  You can speak Supernal, and understand speech and writing of all language (Monster Manual 'Creatures who know only supernal cheat' style).  You can free action glow bright 5. While you glow, you may choose to ADD Radiant damage to any attack, on top of any other damage type it has.  It gives an example of turning Scorching Burst into Fire+Radiant.

Lv 30: Whenever you or an ally you can see drops to 0 HP or less, you can spend a heal surge as a free action to restore HP to that character, equal to your healing surge value plus highest stat modifier.

Lv 26 Day power (only thing not passive):  Wings of Gold, Day;Minor.  Close burst 5.
You create a zone for the rest of the encounter, that is anchored to you.  Within the zone, enemies that already have vulnerability to radiant, now have vulnerability to EVERYTHING.
Any ally who starts in this zone CAN MAKE A SAVE THROW to end an effect (alas, seems like only one effect), even against abilities that do not end on a save.
Any bloodied or dying allies that start in the zone, regain 10 HP.

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Mon 14 Jul 2014
at 03:58
Neat stuff!

DMG2 is also where the boon so broken it got banned here is from, Ioun's Revelation (Lv 3), which is +2 Item bonus to EVERY SKILL CHECK as the passive.

That was banned?  *searches houserules and doesn't find mention*  /shrug.  Well I'm un-banning it.

Pelor's sun blessing: please remember solar enemy!  May could get herself a radiant weapon and cash in on the monster damage too if she wanted.  Rai it would take a bit more for her to cash in, but +5 to +10 damage depending on if mits and timo both used solar enemy would make it worth Rai picking up the blessing.  Would make a neat theme for the team too.  :)

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Tue 15 Jul 2014
at 15:06
Looking at possible MC wizard Novice Power options and find this:

UpdateCompiled 2014
Dragon 381
Charm of Misplaced Wrath
Page 66: The power’s Hit entry was replaced with a
new Hit entry and Effect entry.
Hit: You slide the target up to 3 squares. The target is then
dazed until the end of your next turn.

Effect: The target makes a basic attack against a creature of
your choice as a free action. The basic attack gains a +2
power bonus to the damage roll.

So...  force Orcus to smack down one of his zombie drakes without my so much as rolling dice?  Admittedly, I probably won't take this power since 9 times out of 10 stooges of bosses are resist 10+ to the bosses' at-will and a radiant explosion is a better tactic, but still...  Just feels crazy OP to mind control bosses without rolling dice.

Teempting.  MC Avenger, Adept power...
Temple of Light!
Hit: 2[W] + Wisdom modifier radiant damage.
Effect: The attack creates a zone of radiant energy in a burst
2 centered on the target. The zone lasts until the end of
the encounter. When the target moves, the zone moves
with it, remaining centered on it. Whenever you hit a creature
that is within the zone, that attack deals 1d6 extra
radiant damage.

Nice boss killer.  But I'd have to give up an invoker daily ;.;

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Tue 15 Jul 2014
at 18:41
Yeah, that's Charm spell is the the level 1 wizard Encounter I've been using from a the past Modules (though never really had a good time to the last few).  You STILL need a hit roll (Vs Wis).  Note the HIT: You slide the target etc etc.  Even cherry picking it out of an errata, it still mentions the Hit ;P

But at least we know from experience that when it works, it works.  Say hello to the boiling water, Army leader I don't remember the name of.

Also Ocurs us immune to charm anyways!... Just kidding, a surprising amount of proper Gods are not listed as immune to Charm.  It seems the charm immunity is more popular around the ALMOST highest level stuff, go figure.  But the +5 or more to save throws is around a lot making old PHB1 pre creep "All your cool powers are save vs LOL" Control wizards sad.

Also yeah, the Avenger bit sounds nice until you realize you have to give up a daily for it, and it only adds 1d6 Radiant even considering "But what if they have vulnerable at the time?"

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Wed 16 Jul 2014
at 06:46
The eratta make it have the same format as Icy Terrain which does not require a hit for the Effect line to trigger.  You get your terrain effect regardless of dice roll results.  So that means Charm of Misplaced Wrath makes enemy take a swing regardless of dice roll results.  Hitting only adds slide and daze to the mix.  If it were worded "hit: daze, slide, AND the target takes an attack," then you'd have to roll high enough for the enemy to make an attack.  I think there's an at-will that has wording like that, only it says "or" letting you choose between effects.  Still likely won't ever take the power.  But I hope you didn't cheat Kyle out of fancy fun.
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Thu 17 Jul 2014
at 01:33
Oh right, duuur. I was thinking of the DAZED and slide target part.  Man, I even had it like you say on my own character sheet, for the past several levels.  Thinking back on it ive even used it that way.

I think the whole "partial lines out of errata" threw my brain. I feel super dumb.

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Sun 27 Jul 2014
at 01:11
Since this is the first time properly reaching Paragon, I decided to go back over the various house rules in the Mittens Dungeon HR thread that actually kick in at paragon.

First, the "Oh, duh".  Freebie expertise bonus is now +2, instead of +1.

Second, of the kicks in at paragon.
The Epic Fortitude, Epic Reflexes, & Epic Will feats in PHB 2 are forbidden to players.  In their place is an innate +1 untyped bonus to Fort, Reflex, and Will at lvl 11.  The bonus increases to +2 at 16, +3 at 21, and +4 at 26.

This was added by mittens on July 11 2009 according to a post in the Mittens D board, so no wonder I forgot about it until now.

Working on the finishing touches of first draft lv 11 sheet.  Which was originally planned without bastard sword functionality.  I know my insane futureproofing budget has enough to finance a "I want +3 NOW NOW NOW" vanilla sword at level 11 offhand at least.  It remains to be seen how FANCY a sword I cart around while keeping it in "get new + the second we hit that level, without having to drop any items I already have" territory.

EDIT:  The pommel of Kyle's bastardsword has the head of a Morningstar embossed on it.  I had considered a tiny morningstar head, but that's somewhat impractical ow my hand.

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Mon 28 Jul 2014
at 03:44
Five Kobold Feats. All Heroic Tier.  All from that Dungeon survival handbook

Dragon's Indomitability; Req Kobold:  You can roll two dice and use either result, when saving vs daze or stun.

Eldritch Momentum; Req Kobold, Warlock, Warlock's Curst Class Feature: If you move at least 3 away from where you started your turn, you gain CA until start of your next turn, Vs your curst targets.

Kobold In A Corner; Req Kobold:  +1/2/3 Per tier (flat?) Bonus to DMG Rolls, against creatures that have CA against you.

Shiftier Maneuver; Req Kobold, Shifty Maneuver Racial Power, spelling it correctly: When you use shifty maneuver, one target of the power can shift an extra 2 tiles.

Trapbuster; Req Kobold, Training in thievery:  You can roll twice and use either result, when you make a Perc check to detect a trap.  You never trigger a trap when you fail a check to disable it.

I coulda sworn there was also a feat that, if not that, at least made it so you have to fail by 5 extra or something.
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Wed 30 Jul 2014
at 00:02
Oh dear.  Site overhaul.  I had to find a thread posted by someone saying where they stashed all the 4th ed stuff (No links to the 4th ed stuff that I can see anywhere on the new site setup).


My cynical assumption is that they will probably stop supporting the 4th ed character builder once Next is properly released, or soon after.  I know you guys go without the new builder for your sheets, but I've been spoiled maaaan.

EDIT: Supposedly, there was some old promise they'd keep tool support.  The links from the new site are nest buried as "New Site -> Product Info -> Tabletop Games -> Digital Tools"

I can understand not having 4th ed being the first thing you see on the new site, but that's a bit Vague if you are looking for old stuff.  Once you actually go to that link it consists of "Project: Morningstar"  which is basically "We really want to make digital tabletop this time guys we wear".  And "4th edition legacy tools".

So at least of the only two giant picture links, 4th ed is the only thing they have that works.

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Thu 31 Jul 2014
at 08:17
So I just beat got around to beating Freedom Planet.  My final death count is 82.  Less than I thought, and most of those from later areas.  From what I hear, the final areas and bosses are even worse with the catgirl due to her lack of double jump and special dash.

The opinion on the game seems to split between "Last areas/bosses are bullshit what happened I was enjoying this game until then", and "Get Good/stop playing if you don't like it/SONIC STYLE INDIE GAME CAN DO NO WRONG SHUT UP."

Guess which camp I fall in.  Lack of proper mercy invincibility, combined with lots of projectile spam and attacks from offscreen as the game nears the end add up.  Plus all the attacks that end up "Comboing" you to death like a bloody pinball.

Final boss's first form, as well as when you fight that in an earlier stage has a stomp attack that causes some slowdown... And eats my controller inputs, good luck jumping over shockwaves when jump button won't work!  The Boss's final form loves to use his cutscene murder knife, which takes off 3-4 health on a hit (you have 8 health max), and you need to be mid double jump to dodge it because he will ninja glide as far as it takes to reach you.

Even if you know his pattern by heart, you can still end up doomed by bad luck due to a lack of mercy invincibility.  I jumped to avoid landmines, then he threw me (no damage), then I got hit by an offscreen laser right before I could control my character again, which lead into being stabbed by his knife before I could control my character again, which just my luck lead into his less often used energy flight.

From full health, to an empty healthbar in three seconds.  Supposedly "casual" Difficulty gives you slow health regen (I didn't see a difficulty. Maybe that is for no cutstenes arcade mode?) is of no help when the problem is losing all of the health in three seconds.

So.  MOST of the game is good.  It's is amazingly well animated and polished, the only gameplay flaw being that criminal lack of proper mercy invincibility which inflates the danger of endgame well beyond it's already existing difficulty spike.

Tl;DR::  If you are willing to put up with it turning into a complete dick in the final areas, and final two bosses, then it is definitely a very well put together sonic style game with better than sonic animations.

EDIT: Now that I've done some looking around having beat the game, the devs are aware that the last area, and two of the last area bossses seem to be causing issue despite all the poster screaming at the devs "Not to ruin the game just for the casuals".

That thing the devs noticed, being "Most areas have 5-10 deaths for players.  It jumps to around 100 in THESE two areas, and a large chunk of those to the bosses."  And want insight on why this is/how to tweak them for normal, while leaving them whatever on hard (SUPER PRO players of course screaming not to/only tweak them on casual mode).

My own experience with the two biggest doom bosses,  was that one hurt, but had a legitimate pattern and proper amount of time to avoid nearly everything.  So I beat that boss without getting hit after my own deaths to it.  Even when he did hit me other times, he can't combo you from one attack to the next.

Final boss meanwhile... Well, see the above "I memorized his attack pattern but he can still air combo me"

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Fri 13 Feb 2015
at 05:13
Memory sucks.  Was I gifted the Freedom Planet game?

Other topic.  Having hard time deciding on Mits' lvl 12 stuff.

Current Feats: Implement Expertise, Accurate staff training, Solar Enemy, Superior Reflexes? (CA on 1st turn nice, but i keep forgetting i have this), Superior Will (really really hate daze/stun, but keep forgetting i have this), Great Fort? (keep forgetting about the resist 3 ongoing.  Good NAD helps avoid annoying status effects, but not really worried about loss of HP), Fleet Footed? (speed 5 sucks on stairs.  especially with build's reliance on close bursts.  But the cheap magic boon mercurial mind grants +1 speed when not bloodied),

Lvl 12: Coordinated Explosion.  This likely to come up a lot.

maybe feats:
invoker defense
Coordinated Explosion
implement focus, why haven't I taken this yet?
battle hardened not as good as it looked at first.  i have yet to see a fear effect that a save ends.
improved init and/or danger sense.  It's nice to destroy a pile of minions before they even act.
far thought forgot why i was even considering telepathy.
explosive power (daily in place of utility.  push up to 5)... destructive power (daily in place of utility.  turns power brutal)  I just got a weak heal daily from my paragon path.  these two seem more for the flavor, really.
focused mind (+4 saves v. stunned and daze)!  I can't find anything better for making superior will more amazing.
vicious advantage.  CA against slowed / immob targets.  have encounter that slows.
aggressive advantage: CA on 1st turn.
heavy armor agility: ignore speed penalty. (again, magic item covers speed issue)
improved defenses: +1 to NADs
resilient focus: +2 save throws   (Feat bonus? Prereq? What book? Not showing in charbuilder for some reason.)
skill training: athletics.  (between this and the magic item that lets you use mental stats in place of STR, mits can make those long jumps when needed.)
clinging radiance situational.
devastating critical.  it's like a feat to wear moar executionar bracars!
expansive burst don't recall cover being an issue
luck of the gods.  hate status effects.

I know I'm missing something, or several things, important.  But this is just the feats.  I've apparently 28k of unspent gold.  17k would upgrade one of my +2 items to a +3, or a heroic damage buff to paragon, but I get the feeling that the money could be better spent on something else.  Obvious main focus for feats/items is accuracy/damage.  As mentioned, don't really care about HP damage, but status effects can totally destroy mit's effectiveness.  Trick is remembering all the goodies I have once I get them.  So maybe just focus on keeping the basic defenses up as high as possible and pray I don't get hit?  Maybe I should just cheat and leave the 28k alone and say "i totally had that highly situational ritual/ consumable / whatever all along" as the need arrives.  but then, I'd need to know they even exist to make use of them.  i had an invoker guide saved somewhere, but i'm pretty sure it just listed options up to the point it was made and graded them by usefulness (author's opinion.  don't remember them fuming about speed 5, but that proved to be a big deal in real combat when relying on close powers.)  Haven't even looked at MC options.  Or themes.  I think?

(Interrupted by RL)

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Fri 13 Feb 2015
at 05:57
If you play on the same Steam account as Tim, then yes, I gifted Freedom Planet and the soundtrack when it was on sale to Tim.

RL and such has had me too lazy to update my sheet or even think about items (which I obsesivly future proof for buying the next + asap).  But at least I have the feat picked out for Kyle.  Arty paragon specific, +2 FEAT bonus to all Arcane attack DMG rolls, vs enemies who are next to at least one ally.

Lv 12 is when inherent are supposed to kick in, but you have to by hand add Defensive bonuses that way because of our house rules to not make defensive inherent basically a slap in the face (You don't get +2 Defense inherent until level 5.  You don't get +6 Defense inherent until level 29, out of 30).  I consider the next plus as soon as it turns up to be important, but that's more of a level 11 problem, not a level 12 problem for us.

EDIT: Great fortitude is only Fort bonus.  For the Superior Fortitude/reflexes/will "Defense bonus, AND extra" versions you need at least a 15 in the relevant stat.  You aren't "Forgetting", she doesn't have it.

Resilient Focus is FEAT bonus, from the essentials books. Heroic. It's a power creep feat (Old Human species feat is +1 FEAT vs all save throws).

You probably have not taken Implement focus because it is a FEAT bonus to damage and might not stack with your makes my head hurt so I just assume you are not breaking the rules like a bottle of toothpicks through a woodchipper damage stacking.

I have a basic dislike of all turn one/initiative only, or crit only feats.

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Tue 16 Jun 2015
at 23:38
So, Platinum Games makes a lot of action games that have a tendency to not be "top sales", but are cool enough that they keep being able to make more cool games.

Stuff like Godhand and Viewtiful Joe (Back when they were Clover), Bayonetta and Wonderful 101.

Recently, they have started to make kickass action games for other people's properties.  Such as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.  And a legend of Kora action game (Which I know nothing about but have laying around from an 80% off sale).

What does this have to do with anything?



I will straight up buy you a copy of this game if you have anything that can run it when it comes out if I have to.  Supposedly this October for PS4/Xbox1, supposedly December for PS3/Xbox 360.
 GM, 1342 posts
Wed 17 Jun 2015
at 12:59
Must have!  That looks amazing!  I saw "PC" at the end of the list of platforms, and that makes me happy.  :)
 GM, 740 posts
Wed 17 Jun 2015
at 19:19
It's coming to last Gen consoles as well, so it should not be too hard to run on a computer either.  Computer ports can be hazy on quality at times.

Revengeance, and the most recent transformers games were good to "let's take advantage of this" PC ports, so hopefully that trend of Platinum and Transformer console releases being good PC ports holds up.

I'm mildly surprised there is no Wii U release (to Koos annoyance), because it's coming out for last gen consoles so they system should be able to handle it and Platinum has made a very nice Wii U Exclusive game before (Wonderful 101).

Maybe they just didn't have the time to work something out for the Wii U's architecture/"we need SOMETHING to show up on the tablet!"?  Or a case of "We're already making this for three separate platform types."

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Thu 2 Jul 2015
at 09:14
Got the mechanical choices all set for Nina.  Drow Rogue, Artful dodger build with Moonbow stalker so they can actually use a shortbow right. (I'm also going to plug in the Spy Theme benefits.  You can see what those are on my Rhagar sheet)

I'll write it up later.  When is later? Some nebulous point between "After I sleep" and "Well, probably before it counts as Saturday!"

Nina Mc Cool person, if you are reading this feel free to type up any questions you think of in this thread.

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 GM, 1343 posts
Thu 2 Jul 2015
at 10:12
Welcome, Nina!  :D
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Tue 7 Jul 2015
at 01:52
color check

 player, 58 posts
Fri 7 Aug 2015
at 18:15
Destined of Arvandor bump.
 GM, 1412 posts
Wed 23 Sep 2015
at 15:59
Seriously considering buying this:

 GM, 1413 posts
Thu 24 Sep 2015
at 03:09
you can get it for around $20 on GMG

Mittens: How? Looks like the same price to me....

Mirakle: It was on sale for 20%.. now its 13%
Stack with
for 20% more (this was 28% a few days ago)


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