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Magmaw Facetaster
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Wed 9 Mar 2016
at 04:59
Eh, goblins are too small for real cannibalism. He's just going to end up gnawing on people's heads.
Monster Intern
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Wed 9 Mar 2016
at 05:21
  My Thri-Kreen sympathizes with biting people in the middle of a fight, yes.

  Considering you showed actual restraint with Gurlack (Who never actually ate anyone... as far as we KNOW), at the least I wouldn't expect you to deliberately derail stuff like in poor Mittens's example.

  Man, "I'd trust you to be responsible with your cannibalism" isn't what I was expecting to say today.

  But all the same, probably best to hold off on it beyond combat biting.  Which Druids get away with all the time even without actually eating people.

  Sorry, Igatho.

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 GM, 834 posts
Wed 9 Mar 2016
at 06:15
But... yeah, the druid cannibalism thing went way out of hand to where people were talking "let's take this outside" and Mittens had to proclaim the game was over. u.u

Anyways, Magmaw! Let's discuss what you want out of your character. Are you playing goblin just because they rock and that's enough? Or is it "I want to be a monster character in a non-monster team"? Or is it "I want to play someone who is crazy"? Or all of the above?
Magmaw Facetaster
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Wed 9 Mar 2016
at 17:59
Mostly columns A and C. Pathfinder's goblins are, objectively, the best part of the setting. Except maybe the Deliverance ogres.
 GM, 839 posts
Wed 9 Mar 2016
at 21:05
OK. Then the rest of us can pick out character concepts based on that.
Since you want to be able to be crazy, I'll go with leaning towards a neutral team rather than a good team. It has been my experience that crazy and goody-two-shoes don't mix at all (Crazy in D&D/Pathfinder leads to negligent homicide more often than it leads to anything heroic). Believe it or not, I've played along side a "good" aligned goblin before and it still led to negligent homicide. XD His real alignment should have been Neutral Explosions. ;)

Don't get me wrong. I looooove pathfinder goblins and agree that they reign supreme as one of the best things in pathfinder. I just have to handle crazy carefully because of my experiences with it is all. :)

So! Neutral alignments (Note: No evil allowed) for our team and I will likely put us in a mercenary type setting where bad people hang out and we're just trying to survive. Sound good?

Also! Level 1, all classes and all races (with an RP rating of 15 or lower) are available.

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 GM, 1864 posts
Wed 9 Mar 2016
at 21:37
Said "good" goblin came from gaming group that argues that "Lawful" can mean "consistently random" because some 3rd party book on monks says, "You follow your own code to the letter."  "My code is to be chaotic!  That's totally lawful."  Also included, "Good aligned only" game where one character was a "rabidly unlikable" gnoll that burned down a town for fun, and another was a sorcerer who's alignment changed at random every time they cast a spell.  We were foolish enough to take them seriously and came to the game with good aligned characters.  PC death ensued.

So to be clear: "Good aligned" means, Altruistic.  http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/altruism  ( The rescue worker who risks her life to help a community trapped in flood water. )

"Evil aligned" means, Profoundly Wicked.  http://www.oxforddictionaries....inition/english/evil  ( Lawful evil: The lawyer who sues the pants of impoverished widow because she accidentally dinged his sports car. )

"Neutral aligned" means, John Q Public.  Would never, ever kill someone for personal gain or amusement, but might be pushed to the point of unintentionally crippling someone in a once-in-a-lifetime knock-down drag-out fistfight.  Or might even put himself at risk once stopping to help an injured person while escaping a burning building.

There is very good reason Pathfinder describes the vast majority of goblins as evil.  In order to be Neutral, a goblin would have to be a paragon of virtue for his kind by comparison to the rest.  For example, he would never, ever light a fire (favorite goblin pass-time) that could endanger innocent lives.  Sure he could be crazy, like talking to the pet broccoli stalk on his shoulder, or worse yet, learning to read *gasp!*, but not dangerously crazy like the rank-and-file goblin.

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Magmaw Facetaster
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Thu 10 Mar 2016
at 14:51
Honestly, whenever I'm in a group with a goblin, or playing one, most of the party agrees to keep him on one of those toddler leashes to keep him out of trouble. Still ended up with the wizard's familiar in his mouth.

I'm thinking Blazing Torchbearer alchemist, and wondering if I could build a jetpack out of fireworks. That seems like a very goblin thing to do.
 GM, 847 posts
Sat 12 Mar 2016
at 18:54
This week will be busy. Today's my birthday (wheee)! Tomorrow I celebrate it with immediate family. And a friend is moving, so he asked I help his wife get a few things to the new house ahead of time throughout the week while he's at work.

That said, I'm prepping the intro scene as I type this.
 GM, 849 posts
Mon 14 Mar 2016
at 03:32
Hey Magmaw; I set up the new place for you to post in.
"Void of the Outcast (Chapter 01)"

Enjoy. :)
 GM, 1887 posts
Tue 22 Mar 2016
at 06:25
Bubly face.  Can't decide what animus (the new relic) weapon to aim for.  Lots of effort to obtain.

Ruled out:
MCH: double-barreled sawed-off shotgun pistol
MNK: Weird spiked disc.
WAR: Kinda cool.  Looks kinda like a hunk of rock chained to a handle.  https://scontent.cdninstagram....I0NTY4MDAyOA%3D%3D.2
SMN/SCH: it's a book.  *yawn*
WHM: Looks exactly like a weapon I already have...

Which leaves:
BRD: http://img2.finalfantasyxiv.co...d051873ecdd9e2fa.jpg
Looks like a harp.  The quiver is a flute.

When complete, all of them have a ribbon glow:

(That one is PLD)
DRK has a cool pulsing glow even before the ribbon effect level.
But apparently looks entirely different upgraded:

Now that I think of it... They did this same business with the relic weapons.  So that kinda decides it.  I'm just going to have to wait till they're done mixing up the looks before I can make a decision on which weapon to invest time in.  Not to mention I think I'm remembering now that the rank 1 versions all look like weapons I can just buy with seals, so that kinda changes things entirely.

BLM ends up looking like this: http://i.imgur.com/lIlQjV5.png?1

WHM like this:

WHM is prolly the winner.  I really love the old relic look for PLD.  And there's a Ravana weapon for DRK that beats the pants off everything.  BRD I simply do not play any more.

...but then, WHM's old relics look amazing too.  o.O

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Magmaw Facetaster
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Sat 26 Mar 2016
at 12:42
Had some family stuff to work through. Sorry, but the sister's still a terrible person.
 GM, 859 posts
Sun 27 Mar 2016
at 21:25
Hope everything's OK.
 GM, 745 posts
Thu 31 Mar 2016
at 19:55
So I'm looking forward to Planet Coaster, which is about $30 to pre-order for when it eventually comes out (opting into the alpha costs more than the game itself, though <.< ).  While a lot of details are still unknown, it's looking pretty nice so far.  The main question people have is what the Park Management aspects will be like because everything shown so far has been on the Rides, pathing, and decorative ends.

It's still in super early aplha where coaster building is only accessible via cheat codes in a barely functioning state, but it's looking nice so far and has "lets you obsessively build a castle around everything" in at least.


Meanwhile, Roller Coaster Tycoon World after it's rocky beta where it was swiftly pulled, is now going to be entering Early Access for $50!  I wonder if it's shaping up any better this time?


Oh. This is... uh, one of the "better" examples of RTW right now.
 GM, 1902 posts
Sun 3 Apr 2016
at 05:02
Had originally picked Avigaon epic for mits, but on 2nd look, i'm not as impressed by it.

lvl 21:  +2 to two mental scores.  pretty nice.
lvl 24:  already have low light vision, flight, and have no interest in linguistics.  And choosing to do radiant damage is already covered by my staff.
lvl 26: daily aura 5 that turns my paragon path feature of granting 10 radiant vulnerable to 10 vulnerable all is pretty nice and all...  except everyone in the group can do radiant (i think?)
lvl 30: i generally ignore the 30 feature.  i'll get to use it once at most.

so other options are...
Planeshaper.  Use pure glow 2 or 3 times in an encounter would beat out anything i could do with a daily.

Reborn champion.  I like the flavor.  Sue me.  I like the idea of just hand-waving a crit on any skill.  And the +2 to-hit daily stance is sweet.

Didn't look into what options i could get for mits if she were to multiclass 'cause yeesh, but i imagine there's got to be something better out there for her.  and i don't wunna be redundant w/ kyle's anyone else's choice.

 player, 1316 posts
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Sun 3 Apr 2016
at 05:16
Wish I had any offhand. I may skim some later, I need to actually level up Kyle to 21 as it is. I got no issues over redundancy though.

I was taking Avigon as much for stylistic and "flight is nice" purposes, as anything.  It's not a very "strong" Epic all things considered though I admit.

On a technical note.  Main sell of the Avigon style radiant is that is' "And ALSO radiant".  So it's "Normal+Radiant"  or "Your fireball is fire damage+radiant",  Lightning+Radiant, etc.  (Plus no arguments on a per group basis if it works with your staff or not.  works for arcane classes that are not using a STAFF, because radiant weapon doesn't work for wands or rods, etc).

So the rare enemy that resists radiant, wouldn't be able to resist it unless it resisted all the damage types.

"Hello, I brought a forceful weapon.  That means I'm dealing force+Radiant damage. have fun with that"

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 GM, 1903 posts
Sun 3 Apr 2016
at 13:48
searched for epics that include the word "wisdom"

some of the good ones:

Harper of Legend.  21: gain an extra encounter power of lvl-6.  lvl 24: 1/day can use extra AP when an enemy uses an AP.  26: free action daily to end 1 save ends condition

Bahamut's Vessel: 21: increase ability score.  24: aura sight to grant +2 flat bonus to saves!  also +2 to attacks and defenses when healed.  26: daily minor resist 15 cold/fire, aura 5 to grant +1 to attacks & saves, push thru dazed/stunned, fly/hover, regen 2, extra ranged/melee damage.

Mind Lord of the Order: 21 ability score increase, resist psychic.  24: meh.  26: daily minor action to grant allies a standard.

Demiurge: 21 ability score increase.  24: extra action points!  26: encounter free roll a save.

Other interesting options:
Archspell.  Resist 15 all, every encounter.  XD
Sage of ages: essentially reroll 1 d20 every turn.

Can't find info on:
Sage of the Swan Tower
Dead god avatar
Master Hierophant

Legendary Sovereign.
Master of the eternal hunt.
Dark Wanderer.
Avatar of...
Grandmaster of Flowers
Pyreen: powerful heal daily
World Tree Guardian: resist damage, weird, nominally useful daily
Reincarnate champion: you count as another race.
Honored Ancestor
Fury of the Wild
Primal Avatar: interesting, nominally useful daily utility
Twilight Tribune
Keeper of the everflow: versatile lvl 21 feature.
Champion of Prophesy

For fun thought:  All houserule that we get lvl 30 features at lvl 29 instead.  Option to choose to gain benefits of "when you die" power 1/day.
 GM, 746 posts
Sun 3 Apr 2016
at 18:14
Best Mimics ever.


Also, I'll see if I can dig up those mentioned Epics you couldn't find info for after I actually eat something.
Magmaw Facetaster
 player, 7 posts
Mon 4 Apr 2016
at 13:20
Speaking of mimics, I was reading up on Dark Sun. Looks like it has every kind of mimic, except the ones that turn into treasure chests. Lurkers Above, Lurkers Below, Lurkers Within, the wall mimics... Further proof that Athas is the shittiest of shitholes.
 GM, 747 posts
Mon 4 Apr 2016
at 19:55
Yeah, debates whether Dark Sun or Ravenloft is worse only last until they remember "Oh right, there's a Darksun section of Ravenloft."
 GM, 868 posts
Mon 4 Apr 2016
at 23:16
Oh hey Magmaw. Sent you a PM, but maybe you can answer here:

Currently designing my GMPC character and wanted to check with you before finalizing the name because, well, as you know, pathfinder goblins hate words and believe words steal your soul.

Wordlover came up as a possibility for my character's last name. I can keep that for lolz or I can go with a different name. I wanted to check with you first as I do not wish to cause TOO much friction. XD
Magmaw Facetaster
 player, 8 posts
Wed 6 Apr 2016
at 03:31
Go for it man.

As for Dark Sun vs. Ravenloft, I'm actually playing an Athasian psion in a Curse of Strahd campaign. He thinks Ravenloft is his reward for living a "comparatively virtuous" life.
 GM, 872 posts
Sat 9 Apr 2016
at 01:18
Oh right. DURP. I haven't mentioned yet, but the stat spread for making our characters on Void of the Outcast, before racial mods, is: 16, 14, 12, 12, 10, 10.

Assign these stats however you wish. If you wish to change them via point buy, please contact me and lemme know what change you would like.

Level 1. Max money for your class. Any race (duh). Any class. 1 Trait. If you want to purchase traits with drawbacks or purchase a feat with a major drawback, contact me first.

Please stick to official stuff. If you want a 3rd party thing, check with me first.

If you have any other questions regarding character creations, please lemme know!

Also, I have added Juniper Wordlover to the cast list. She is my GMPC for Void of the Outcast.

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 GM, 880 posts
Wed 13 Apr 2016
at 21:49
Magmaw's turn.
Magmaw Facetaster
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Wed 20 Apr 2016
at 03:36
I'm honestly debating whether Magmaw should set off some firecrackers to show these dumb wizards how you're SUPPOSED to make things explode.
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Wed 20 Apr 2016
at 04:17