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it looks good, but i doubt my pc would eb able to handle the graphics ::sigh:: it looks fun though.
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Sun 2 Sep 2012
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 Thermal Bloom: I didn't think this game would ever end, until replaced
 Giga Grow: yeah. ;.;
 Thermal Bloom: don't know what I'll do next, played this for over seven yrs
 Giga Grow: wow
 Giga Grow: me and bro were in beta but wound up playing ffxi for a few years
 Giga Grow: then came back here for the past 3 years
 Thermal Bloom: nothing else really out there
 Giga Grow: we'll likely poke around with the pandas on WoW till that gets boring.
 Giga Grow: (which for me won't take long)
 Giga Grow: it'll be the 3rd?  4th? time we've tried WoW
 Thermal Bloom: I tried champ online, but it was dreadful
 Giga Grow: he likes champs.  i didnt
 Thermal Bloom: I even sold them material, but could never bring myself to play
 Thermal Bloom: 'course, that was before it went live
 Giga Grow: the graphics style, the gameplay, etc.
 Thermal Bloom: yes
 Giga Grow: you were involved in developing champs?
 Thermal Bloom: coh killed wow for me, coh is soooo easy to play
 Giga Grow: same
 Thermal Bloom: no, I just sold them the rights to demon and primus
 Giga Grow: CoX > everything else
 Giga Grow: hmm?  demon and primus?  meaning characters you created?
 Thermal Bloom: demons is a baddie group mixing sorcery and high tech, primus is the primary law enforcement agency for high lvl threats in the us
 Thermal Bloom: you obviously never played champions the paper rpg
 Thermal Bloom: but that's ok
 Giga Grow: yea
 Thermal Bloom: I never saw demon in the little of champs online I played, but primus was everywhere
 Giga Grow: neat!  so you were a storymaker for the old rpg
 Thermal Bloom: a outside contracter
 Thermal Bloom: an outside contracter
 Giga Grow: you still do that?  i'm curious 'cause i play pathfinder
 Giga Grow: and they're developing an mmo
Thermal Bloom: no, haven't done that in years
 Giga Grow: ah.  well if you ever want to take a look at the rpg scene again, pathfinder is fantastic
 Thermal Bloom: that is d4, right?
 Giga Grow: none of the flavor of any other rpg engages me as much as pathfinder.  it's the grandchild of D&D.
 Giga Grow: so d20
 Giga Grow: just skimming through the wiki was real interesting
 Thermal Bloom: never looked at it. see it every week, since I'm on the drive thru mailing list
 Giga Grow: ah
 Giga Grow: i've only been to drive thru like once.
 Giga Grow: i think pathfinder is now number 1 in PnP sales
 Thermal Bloom: pnp?
 Giga Grow: pen and paper
 Thermal Bloom: ah
 Giga Grow: mmo wise, i'm considering going to champs since bro and friend likely will... i hope it's better than before.  >.>
 Giga Grow: maybe go back to ffxi.  i loved that game even as terrible as it was.
 Thermal Bloom: I spend all my time playing coh
 Thermal Bloom: what is ffxi?
 Giga Grow: can't blame you.  CoX is the best.
 Giga Grow: Final Fantsy MMO
 Thermal Bloom: tried wow a couple of times, but couldn't get into it
 Thermal Bloom: ah
 Giga Grow: it's improved quite a bit, but it still suffers from "get a team or die" lack of soloability
 Thermal Bloom: yeah, coh lets you play solo or team, your choice
 Giga Grow: not sure what it was about WoW that was so meh.  I guess it wasn't as flashy as CoX.
 Giga Grow: casting time for mages felt so slow.  and the spells weren't as impressive looking as CoX blasters.
 Thermal Bloom: I hated the way you could walk down a path, and be ambushed from the sides by things you never saw
 Giga Grow: yea
 Giga Grow: CoX has it right in so many ways.  Giving players control over difficulty level for example.
 Thermal Bloom: yeah
 Thermal Bloom: it did take them time to work it out
 Giga Grow: true
 Thermal Bloom: we can only hope that someone will decide to keep the game running as is, with a minimum support group to keep a few serves running
 Giga Grow: but there's good reason they won "most improved MMO" several years in a row.
 Giga Grow: me too.
 Thermal Bloom: ok, back to work, cya later
 Giga Grow: take care.  was good chatting.
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Mon 3 Sep 2012
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I'd really rather not do this project on my computer.  Running out of room.

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Tue 11 Sep 2012
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Hushi showed me this link. My comment: We are LIVING in the future!
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Wed 12 Sep 2012
at 22:11
Meanwhile, something from another thread:

Some Player:
Tsk. Its best exercise a GM regularly. Otherwise they start to get up to mischief.

You act like we don't think up mischief anyway...

That Player, tempting fate...:
Pffft. I'm still waiting for your mischief.

Think carefully before you say such things...

Yup! Same Player.:
Given the position I'm in, with the good guys, bad guys, cops and my own family all out to get me, whatever you'd come up with would have to take a number and wait for its turn.

.....some people just have a death wish for their characters. Others go out of their way and get on their knees, begging for punishment while thinking they are invincible.

Yet, at the same time, if the player has nothing to lose like this person is claiming, there does come a point where the GM's threats seem null and void.

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Wed 12 Sep 2012
at 22:45
Not sure, depends on circumstances and GM.  But from what little you've posted, it's not the same form of "Playing chicken with the GM" that I've done plenty of myself in the past.
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Wed 12 Sep 2012
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Drop a house on the guy ... better yet, have his character die. The guy walks into a building and BOOM! he blows up. No notice roll. No nothing. Just dead. And then pull a Jim Butcher and have the character play for a while as a ghost, unable to interact with the real world. Watching people die around him, and he's unable to stop the bleeding. Then at some point when the player is begging to get back into things, to stop the carnage, you give them an ultimatum: "You're not invisible. You can die. You can have your body back on one condition (name that condition)." And then add in that this is a one time only gift. There's no resurrection. No twist of fate that lets them survive the touch of death. If they want to continue playing their character then their approach needs to change, as they are not unstoppable. And this goes for any future character. The GM has all the power. The Gm runs the game, not the PC (so to speak). Players need to know that death happens. Death is apart of gaming. If you can survive the impossible death situation then you can celebrate. But, in my Honest Opinion, NO ONE IS INVINCIBLE. And the this GM needs to put that player in a no win situation. Death is the only way out.
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Thu 13 Sep 2012
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Well, the mindset of "You questioned me/talked smack at all? Hold on let's reach for the GM power abuse switch first thing!" is kind of WORSE.

You're dead.  Also, you're stuck in spectator mode I'm not allowing you to roll up a new character.  You have to beg me for permission to play and the chance to be put back into play with blackmail on your character... Why are all the other players slowly backing away from me?

I mean, yeah.  Some players can be problems.  But when your first response is MAKE THEM PAY! MAKE THEM SUFFER! I AM IN CHARGE **** YOU!, that's not going to encourage respect for the GM.  It's only going to encourage 'okay, our GM is a loose cannon with a hair trigger.  Better not mention hotdogs around the G-*kicked from game*'

The Golden Rule is never ever followed by anyone it seems.  But then, this can be made even more wonky by "Person A is okay with trading sarcasm and treating people as equals.   Person B only wants to dish out sarcasm but will scream if they have to take it, and want to be treated as unquestionably superior" that you can run into a lot. (probably not the case here).

From Tim's Example, I can't tell if the guy is just bored with a short attention span, or actually a jerk.  Or actually thinks there isn't much more that CAN be done to his character (which sounds like it's in a bad situation already) without the GM dropping everything solely to make the PC's life hell because of OOC reasons.
"Literally everyone hates me, not going to get much worse."
"That's what YOU think!  Release the Rare Only Stings This PC And Gives Everyone Else Free Candy Bees!"

It IS kind of dumb to tell the GM, the one who is likely CAUSING his problems with his family, the cops, etc, anything else they came up with would have to wait inline though.  I mean, what.  The GM's already hates the PC factions will jump any NEW factions that hate the PC?

Last Edit:  Is this an out of nowhere first time idiocy from the player, or is this basically how the player acts ALL THE TIME?, for a LONG time?

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This is the same player I think I mentioned that in a swift posting spree slammed on the accelerator of the car that Ant and Jake were in, paused in the middle of traffic to dope up, went on a high speed chase running from police, flipped car, kicked door off and used it as an asphalt surf board, (whererat!  they're that strong!), dodged all the bullets being fired at, (probably not silver anyway), and tossed a Bick lighter at the gasoline pooling under the wrecked car with Ant and Jake still inside, then vanished into the sewer.

Other GM, not the one teasing her here, said "some players make me want to choke them" or some such.  "Pretending they're invincible, killing other players without their consent, etc. etc. etc....  You guys going to allow her to do all this?"

Me and Tim: "No.  Ant has in her charsheet the power to see the future.  She took Jake out of the car before any of that junk happened."

GM: "You guys are awesome players and super patient and understanding.  OK so instead her actions got an NPC killed.  I'm bringing down the hammer on that character's recklessness."

Lo and behold, we soon hear the player saying, "GMs can't make my char's life any worse."

I'm of the opinion that the point of RP is to have fun, but not at the other players' or the GM's expense.  Sadly, that's easier said than done.  Mentioning a hotdog around a vegan, while proooobably not done with even the remotest ill intent, the results are unsurprising.  I'm reminded of a friend who was ready to explode over someone commenting they thought their choice of pizza toppings gross.  I've got my hot buttons too.  Dice as a means to bypass player consent for one.  Or a GM that kills chars without player consent, not even bothering with dice for another.  Players threatening to fist fight each other for "disrespecting my playstyle" during game will have me end a game.  For others, such behavior is normal and "Jeez don't be so sensitive, Chris.  And if you call the cops on me you better watch your back."

(Said person wound up in prison for something unrelated.)

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Thu 13 Sep 2012
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I see your extreme sports Chaotic Stupid, endangering and threatening fellow players examples and raise you a Frontflip facedesk.

That kind of thing right there is a better example of "problems. what to do about them?" than the after the fact "can't make my life any worse, get in line person who makes my life worse" comments.

Also completely with you in characters being pulled out of your hands being ARG.
"Oh, I'm not in control of my actions or my mind?  I'll get back to you when my paying attention to the game has any relevance on what happens."

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Thu 13 Sep 2012
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True enough.  Voting with your feet is a surprisingly unused power at player and GM disposal that would probably solve lots of issues if it were used more.
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Thu 13 Sep 2012
at 04:48
I didnt mean to come off sounding like a jerk-gm, for that i apologize. i don't want anyone thinking that i would do that in any of my games. should that happen, as a gm, i would probably stop the game first before killing a player without consent.

But if I were to go that route, i hope my players would understand that there is an underlining goal in mind. the way i read the situation was the the player was on a power kick. they felt invincible and figure, as joe said, "things can't get any worse." So what i was proposing was for the gm to truly turn the tables on the player. if the player is all about combat (which it seems like that is the case), then put him in character debates and social situations, where he might not have the ubber skills.

Jim Butcher took his character Harry Dresden on an epic journey in one book, where Harry had died at the end of the previous book, and then had to do a whole case as a ghost. Before his death Harry had finally rid the world of some very nasty things, and it almost seemed like things were gonna get better for him. And then he was assassinated. Turns out he order the hit himself, but had his mind erased so he wouldn't remember. But the entire book Harry had to act as a ghost to solve this mystery. Luckily he had help and was able to communicate with others to get the answers he needed, but still, he was a ghost. He couldn't physically interact with the physical world, and had some major limitations presented to him that he had to "dance" around so he could solve this case.

So, what i am saying is, is to make this player be put in a similar position. Whatever is making him so "bad-ass" take it away (temporarily -- as Jim did with harry, because Harry is resurrected in the end). Sure there are people after him, but perhaps there really is a more evil thing coming and he'll need his family, the cops, the mob, whomever, to unite to stop it. IT would require the Gm to do some work to figure out how to make this character believe that this is the ONLY course of action. But maybe, in the end the player won't feel so cocky.

Otherwise, they're just going to have to talk. If the Gm feels the player is being a douchebag, be honest with the player. "hey, yer being a jerk in the game and I think its affecting the other players. and i wanted to address it with you before it got out of control. etc. etc etc"
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Thu 13 Sep 2012
at 05:20
Sounds like the kind of thing a Roleplayer like Tim would jump on.  "Take my char out of his comfort zone?  Sure!"

He's probably lost count of how often this has happened to his characters whether he was asked first or not.  But that's a case of offering a player an interesting plot as compared to punishing a disruptive player with RP you know they won't like.  In which case, yeah.  Talking to a player is good.  I'm not privy to the private messages that went back and forth between this player and the GM, but I can take a guess:

(hypothetical conversation)
GM: "You do realize that whole set of posts was godmodding, right?"
Player: "What?"
GM: "You killed PCs without their consent."
Player: "No I didn't!  What are you talking about?!"
GM: "You tossed a lighter at the puddle of gas under a wrecked car with two normal humans inside who don't have super werewolf strength, what do think is going to happen?"
Player: "I'm sure they can get out before the dramatic kaboom."
GM: "Why do you think rescuers have to bring a machine called 'the jaws of life' to car wrecks?  If it were so easy for normal humans to exit rolled over cars, such a machine wouldn't be necessary."
Player: "They never objected to the chase scene."
GM: "They weren't even logged on in the time you posted several posts."
Player: "Well I can't help it they were in the car with my crazy char behind the wheel."
GM: "Forcing their chars along with you on your crazy joy ride is godmodding."
Player: "No it's not...."
(end hypothetical)

Then I catch this in OOC post:
This msg was deleted by the player at 14:12, Sat 01 Sept.

...oops.  I guess she was embarrassed by her question.  She essentially asked, "Define godmodding?  How much player consent is needed?  What can you do to an unconscious player, for example?"

My answer:
Jake Sequoyah Smith:

Really depends on the other player.  Everyone has their own tolerance levels for certain things.  Having RP'd a lot with a guy who has very loooow tolerance for anything that even remotely smacks of autoposing, I've grown accustomed to a certain open-ended style.  For example:  Instead of typing, "Jake then gently markers a silly face on the unconscious teacher," I'll type something like, "Marker in hand, Jake reaches to draw a silly face on the unconscious teacher."
Hope that helps.

I don't recall what the answer was, but here's the conversation that SHOULD have followed:

GM: "Antoinette and Jake took their chars out of your scene.  Now you can either retcon your over-the-top joy-ride with something more believable, or we can explore the kinds of unhappy things that happen to a poor little rich girl when she goes too far."
Player: "What kinds of unhappy things?"
GM: "That rich daddy of yours is an NPC.  Daddy decides he's not going to tolerate tarnishing his good name any more and disowns you.  You're now on your own and have to figure out how to make a living."
Player: "Harsh.  But eh.  I'm a superbeing with superpowers.  I'll make due without daddy's money."
GM: "You think life is easy for a homeless wererat wanted for murdering an EMT?  Alright then.  But consider yourself warned."
(end hypothetical)

This way the player consented to accepting the IC consequences for reckless RP.

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Thu 13 Sep 2012
at 05:51
Eh, there's a difference between comfort zone and Sudden NPC Syndrome (And is it REALLY out of your comfort zone if you actively seek out Emo McMuffins?).  No worries Sievero/etc.  From the further descriptions of the players actions, even I can see why you'd want to do something to drive it through their thick skull.  Tim and Chris know that the majority of my gaming has had more... Special snowflake GMs and players involved, to put it gently.

Dresdon has an advantage PC's THEORETICALLY have, but more often than not don't posses.  Harry is indispensable to the plot/You can't just decide to do something to them if they aren't acting to your liking.  That's not even getting into the fact he can't do anything of his own will the Writer/GM wouldn't like because Dresdon is no less of an NPC than the villains.

I can see what was being gone for, but "Beloved main character of series named after them" does not make the best example for Player Character choice and consequences.

If that hypothetical conversation is in any way accurate, while their actions were reckless fellow character endangerment, what they did wasn't the usual area of godmodding, if godmodding at all in that case.  More a an edge case of 'Player interacts with environment, but fellow players are in it too'.  A silly example would be 'you smashed a chair. that's godmodding because other players wanted to sit in that chair later'.
Reckless and stupid and inconsiderate of the characters they are with of course.
Plus a case of "Okay, characters are... Super powered rich door skateboarding were rat, and... Antoinette.  Yeah that's party balance for yah.  Looks like Antoine's pity shields didn't hold up so well in keeping her safe this time around."

Compared to say, "I wasn't god modding, I just posted grabbing their wrist.  That's not godmodding.", and the GM throwing around ban threats for players discussing the nature of godmodding.  As we have seen first hand.

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Tue 18 Sep 2012
at 06:53
*nudge* Terdisas' turn.
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Wed 26 Sep 2012
at 06:31
Tim asks: "What is E Batsmash's name?  Edward Smashington?"
 player, 278 posts
Wed 26 Sep 2012
at 06:39
Close.  Edward Bartholomew Smashings.  Because Smashings sounds SO much more like a real name...
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Wed 26 Sep 2012
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I'm figuring that since we have the surprise round that the enemy is denied their attacks of opportunity.</Gray></sup>

PHB 267:
Surprised: If youíre surprised, you canít take any
actions (not even free actions, immediate actions,
or opportunity actions), and you grant combat
advantage (page 279) to all attackers. As soon as the
surprise round ends, you are no longer surprised.

Wow.  Knowing that, I'll budge Kitau further in.

Using Fleet Pursuit, adds +4 to move for a total of 13! Taking Rolen from a2 to j7!

Holy cheetahs, Batman!  *Looks at power*  Good grief.  But sadly, your daily utility is a minor action, so you'll have to wait till the first non-surprise round to take your move action(s) if you use the power during the surprise round.
 player, 21 posts
 Wood Elf
Wed 26 Sep 2012
at 21:08
That's fine, i'll use the surprise round to activate. We don't want to crowd the door. So I'll make my move to j7 next round.
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Thu 27 Sep 2012
at 04:38
Would you be at all interested in joining a very low powered Mutant type (loosely based on X-Men concept) thread?  Post speed should be about the same as here.
 player, 279 posts
Thu 27 Sep 2012
at 04:58
Would you be at all interested in joining a very low powered Mutant type (loosely based on X-Men concept) thread?  Post speed should be about the same as here.

Examples include:
Guy who turns into big earthworm.
Ballerina horse tiger.
Invulnerable 12 year old girl as strong as an adult.
Guy with platforming game physics and just durable enough to survive being beaten unconscious and electrocuted.
Guy who can teleport like, three times before passing out.
Someone who just thinks they have superpowers but really they just kinda work out a lot.

Examples of some of the facedesk questions we've gotten from 'never heard from again' Apppers.

Missing The Point:
Hi. I'm interested in possibly joining the game, but I was wondering if you could clarify for me what, exactly, you mean when you say the characters are lower powered than the X-Men. Could you be a little more specific? For instance, if I want to play say, a super-strong character, does that mean he has to be less strong then any super-strong X-Men, or just less strong then Colossus (the strongest X-Man I can think of off-hand, since I don't count Juggernaut's run on the team)?

Oh hi, when you say "Low Powered" Did you mean only as strong as the strongest guy ever period, or less strong than the Strongest X-Men ever?  I didn't read your examples posts.


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Sun 30 Sep 2012
at 02:59
Using Fleet Pursuit, adds +4 to move for a total of 13! Taking Rolen from a2 to j7!
That is if diagonal does not count as more than 1 sq. IF so, then he'll move to f8.
I'm figuring that since we have the surprise round that the enemy is denied their attacks of opportunity.

Diagonal is one tile in open terrain... Buuuut, traveling around Hard Corners (Like the L bend in the hall leading to the door, or going right from past the door [B6] to above or below it [C5, C7]) needs you to walk around it with two tiles worth.

You also can't finish your turn where somebody else is (unless they are prone), or walk through enemies (without special pass through enemy abilities).

The main issue, you can't turn on your Minor Action Utility +4 extra speed, AND move in a surprise action, even a minor action is an action.  On top of the fact It's a Beast Form utility, and Form change is another Minor action.  What with the One Action For surprise Rounds thing.

Can easily say you Went to Beast Form before the encounter, but using a 'Until End Of Encounter' power up before the encounter even starts is the sort of thing we've been trying to avoid.

Even with your default 9 speed though, you can make it into the front of the room just fine.  It takes 6 to reach where Kitau is (C6), then you have 3 more move to play with from there.

EDIT: Could be worse.  We could be dealing with STAIRS!  Aaaargh stairs I hate you so bad.

EDIT Two: This was already talked about! I'm SMART! (Just not having anything done to reflect it on the IC Thread side)

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Sun 30 Sep 2012
at 09:15
one of the last things Rolen did before we departed the dungeon rm, was that he "wolfed" out. This is more for flavor, as he prefers his beastial form over his elven. Plus, knowing that he may encounter in such tight quarters, I think it wuld be only logical for a predator druid to be in his beat skin throughout the dungeon crawl. if that is a problem, then I can change that in the future. but for now, he stays in beast-mode until they leave the dungeon.
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Mon 1 Oct 2012
at 12:41
It's not a problem and that's part of the fun of playing druid. Terdisas' player just didn't notice you had already transformed. Missing the obvious happens to all. More times than I care to admit. XD
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Fri 5 Oct 2012
at 05:37
Small favor, Rolen?  Before your next combat post, could you edit your last post to reflect that your char didn't run into the room during the surprise round?  Thanks! :)

Joe Edit: I have NO idea what's going on anymore with Rolen.  My brain skipped a rail over "Wants to rush in Melee wolf man is farthest back on the map?".

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