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Fri 9 Sep 2016
at 03:29
A Bard's Tale
Evening has fallen and people are preparing for the night. The shops are closing and the bars are opening. As is usual for settings such as this, the bars also double as inns. Soon, the fireplace at the bar has been lit and people are filling the place up. Most of them are locals looking to relax with a beer, while a few are traveling merchants or adventurers.
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Fri 9 Sep 2016
at 03:32
A Bard's Tale
A half-orc adventurer walks into the bar.  Ow!  What sets this one apart from all the other half-orc adventurers is the monocle.

He takes a seat at the bar and puts coin on the counter top.  "Your finest wine if you would, good sir."
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Fri 9 Sep 2016
at 03:35
A Bard's Tale
  Joe's string pulling base profession is not nearly as artistic as the thread title's, but then his payments don't mostly rely on drunks throwing spare change either.