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Sun 27 Nov 2016
at 05:32
Dragons and Dungeons
It was another day, another dungeon. The adventuring group had made it past the kobolds and even their priest (Who was admittedly quite annoying). But what they found in the room beyond was a little unexpected: A half-dragon lady stuck inside a prison cell, if lavished with her own personal pile of treasure and meat.

Mishann looks at the adventurers and says, "Oh wow... I uh... Please help me?"
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Sun 27 Nov 2016
at 05:40
Dragons and Dungeons
  Pfft, how could Joe's wildly inconsistent levels of paranoia trust a-Oh wow, they said please.

  "Okay, sure." He checks if the key that would clearly have been on the loot tables applies to the cage, because demonstrating you know thievery skill is only MOSTLY trustworthy on a Ranger.  "I'm Joe, and this is *Insert Chris Alt Name Here*."