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Rise of the Runelords
  "As little of the town on fire would be preferable."  After all, this isn't Luskan.  So that and the revelation these are little wuss goblins means multi shots are go!  So far as two at a time is multishot.

  He might have shot the one who hit Mishann with a torch while he was down. You cant prove that arrow wasn't already there.
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Rise of the Runelords
After the PCs defeat the initial three
goblins, give them a few rounds to recover.
As they do, impress upon them the chaos
that has engulfed Sandpoint.
Goblins race
everywhere, running amok and singing and
slashing indiscriminately. At the point the
PCs seem about ready to take action, a sudden
bloom of fire should grab their attention.
Creatures: A group of goblins has found
the cart full of fuel for the bonfire just south of
the festival grounds and have lit it on fire. Even
if the PCs don’t rush to investigate the burning
wagons, they are soon confronted with several cackling and shrieking goblins armed with
dogslicers and torches. As soon as the goblins
see the PCs, they shriek in delight and attack!

Pyrus is competing with several other dogs, so the ploy is only partially successful.  Nathan is focused on knocking out goblins with torches, but was unable to prevent the big bonfire.  On the bright side, the townsfolk took precautions and the cart full of fuel is nowhere near other combustibles and is harmless where it is.  Mits begins chanting, "You be stupid!  You be fail!" and focuses on taking out chanters with Magic Missile spam.
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Rise of the Runelords
Mishann very quickly charges the goblins that are charging her and her group. Mishann yells, "Why have you come to meet your doom, goblins?! Why come here to die?!"

She flies, grabs two goblins by the face with her feet, slams their heads into the ground in order to land and begins grabbing at more goblins with her hands to throw them around at each other!

Mishann flaps her wings a few times to appear larger as her 15-foot wingspan makes her an imposing figure! But she is also sure to only do so for a second so as not to put her wings unnecessarily in the line of projectiles.
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Rise of the Runelords
  "Reasons will probably be along the lines of 'we hate parties!' or 'we weren't invited to party!'"

  Joe does not suspect it is actually option three, jealousy over party preparations compared to goblin parties.

  "I'm going to have to settle for shooting faster, in a problem that can't entirely be solved by shooting things." Arrows won't replace those stolen snacks.
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Rise of the Runelords
During the mayhem, the town guard noticed that the heroes were handling a good portion of the goblins, so they've been doing their best to try and make sure the goblins don't fan out.  The town priest keeps them healed up, and even one of the food competition chefs joins in the fighting against the raid!

Development: After tangling with the first two groups of goblins, the PCs are likely to be wounded. Keep them on their toes by
describing goblin antics around them (perhaps a goblin leaps off a
roof in an attempt to land on a victim but misses and breaks his neck,
or maybe a goblin throws a lit torch at a fleeing mother only to have
it land on another goblin and light his armor on fire), but allow them
a few rounds to catch their breath. If they’re particularly wounded,
Father Zantus rushes to their side. He thanks them for what they’re
doing to help fight the goblins and can cast up to three cure light
wounds or three cure minor wounds spells on PCs to heal them.
As soon as the PCs have mostly recovered, its time to spring the
big fight on them.

die, dog, die! (el 3)
This final event during the goblin raid occurs after things at the
festival itself have calmed somewhat. Here and there, the sounds
of battle, clanging swords, calls of support by the town guard, and
shrieking and singing goblins echo through the streets, but at the
festival itself, most of the citizens have fled. One or two goblins
remain behind to scavenge food, and many more lie dead (along
with a few unfortunate citizens). It should be obvious that the fight
has moved on, especially when the sound of a scream and a frantic
barking comes from the north.
Creatures: In front of the White Deer, a goblin commando
mounted on a goblin dog has bravely attacked a noble and his hunting
dog. The man in question is named Aldern Foxglove (CN male
human aristocrat 4/rogue 3), a noble destined to play an important
role in the next adventure, but whom for now is merely another
frightened citizen. Aldern cowers behind a rain barrel where he calls
for help, while his dog fights against the commando. As the PCs arrive
on the scene, they’re just in time to see the goblin commando kill the
dog with his horsechopper. The dog crashes dying to the ground as
the commando’s goblin kin (who were themselves cowering nearby
as the dog was handled) throw up a cheer and emerge from hiding.
The goblins are still distracted by their kill, and as they turn
their attention to Foxglove, the PCs have the opportunity to
attack with surprise.

Goblin Commando CR 1
Goblin ranger 1 (MM 133)
NE small humanoid
Init +3; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Listen +5, spot +5
AC 15, touch 12, flat-footed 12
(+3 armor, +3 Dex, –2 rage, +1 size)
hp 10 (1d8+2)

Goblin Dog CR 1
hp 10 each; see page 87

Goblins (4) CR 1/3

gOBlin WeapOnry
The goblins of the sandpoint hinterlands wield
distinctive weapons called dogslicers and
horsechoppers, after their preferred uses. A dogslicer is a length of junk metal tied to a handle with
holes punched in the blades to lighten it and prevent tired goblin arms. A dogslicer is a light martial
weapon that’s similar to a short sword in most ways,
save that it deals slashing damage rather than piercing
damage. Goblin commandos are instead armed with
halberds—called “horsechoppers” by them, but otherwise identical to small halberds. Goblin weapons that
aren’t magic or masterwork are poorly made—on a natural 1,
they break. Goblins should really carry spare dogslicers, but they
don’t think that far ahead, and occasionally end up standing in front of
a hero without a weapon. stupid little freaks.



The goblins that Mishan intimidated are more than happy to focus on Pyrus instead, following his lead.  Mits takes out one of the lackeys, and Nathan takes out another.  The goblins retaliate and manage to get in a pretty good slash against Mits.  The commando charges Mishan!  Meanwhile, Pyrus finally turns toward the group, bringing a half dozen goblins to them!
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Rise of the Runelords
"Good work, Pyrus!" Mishann comments before turning to face the commando and narrowing her eyes. "Seems they aren't answering, so I appreciate your conjecture, Joe."

This one looks especially dangerous what with the mount, special weapon, and other goblins cheering him on like some hero. She'll hold out her fire breath just a little longer so she can catch the half-dozen that are coming.

Mishann gets in a bracing position, looking like she is going to play chicken with the goblin, but is ready with a side-step in hopes of throwing the goblin off balance! The goblin is a little faster than she was ready for and manages a slash off of Mishann before getting surprise-slapped off his mount with the thwack of Mishann's tail! "Someone keep the mount busy and I'll focus on this guy!"

She tries positioning herself so that both the commando and the half-dozen approaching goblins will soon be in range of her fire breath.
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Rise of the Runelords
   Thank you so much for bringing a pile of extra enemies towards them Pyrus...  We're pretty sure that wasn't sarcastic.

  "Busy it is." Ker-Prone.  Upgraded At-Will options are so nice.

  Joe is still fine thanks to being more of a wussy baby man class type than Mishann brave lady class. Don't worry Joe, self respect damage doesn't touch your hitpoints.
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Rise of the Runelords
Nathan transforms his radiant bow into a radiant lance and skewers Joe's prone goblin dog to the ground like an oversized member of an ugly bug collection.  Meanwhile the goblins all oblige Mishan and approach in an arrowhead formation, ripe for a big fire-breath!

Pyrus turns to face the enemy and takes a deep breath, transforming back to itty-bitty dragon form.  Mits' hands begin to glow with magic as she prepares a coordinated attack with Mishan and Pyrus.

"I somehow feel like I should say something dramatic, like, 'By our powers combined!' or something."

She readies her burning hands spell for when the goblins are within range...  KaFWOOM!  Triple roasted goblins!  Only the boss manages to duck out of the way of the attack...  and has sense enough to try and flee!  "Ack!"
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Rise of the Runelords
"A coordinated fire boom? Niiiiice...." When it was triple-fire-breath time, Mishann would have yelled, "How about: Overkill!" She then comments, "Thanks for the assists, guys!"

Upon seeing the hero-unit have a surprising amount of sense compared to the rest of the goblins, Mishann charges the goblin with the intent of tackling it! "You're not going anywhere!"
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Rise of the Runelords
  Joe decides to wait on further arrow pincushion impressions for goblins if Mishann doesn't manage to catch them herself.

  It would also mean a interrupted mid gloating hit bonus, but he expects Mishann to manage.
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Rise of the Runelords
Boss goblin is tackled!  Joe finds plenty to do with his arrows besides pin-cushion the boss, such as taking out some of the last goblins, who are fleeing.

Development: Once the goblins are dealt with, Aldern thanks
the PCs profusely. If one of the PCs is an attractive female human,
elf, or half-elf, he focuses his attentions on her, complimenting her
on her skills in the fight and on her beauty. Otherwise, he focuses
his attention on the PC who seemed to do the most damage in
the fight, complimenting him on his skill at arms and bravery.

(He can't figure out who that is, he does his best to spread the compliments to the whole group.)

As he glances about nervously for more goblins, he informs the
PCs that he’ll be in town for a few more days; he’s staying at the
Rusty Dragon to the south, and when they get a chance, he’d
love to talk with them more and perhaps reward them properly
for saving his life.

By this time, the battle has been decided. Surviving goblins flee
north in droves, in some cases preferring to leap to their certain
death off cliffs rather than be captured. Several of the little menaces are in fact caught alive.

Mits offers high-fives to all her friends!  "Woohoo!  Town saved!"

Nathan is quick to try and salvage what villagers were badly wounded.  Pyrus busies himself with tying up those goblins that still breathe.
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Rise of the Runelords
Mishann nods to the nobleman and says, "Right. We'll meet you there later." before going to aid in the post-combat junk. Her assistance includes aiding in tying up baddies, but if she is asked to help with heavy-lifting such as a heavy injured person, or a person caught under a beam or something, she is more than ready to lend her strong arms to those in need.

She is also sure to thank the guards for herding the goblins. "You demonstrated quick thinking and excellent team work!"

Nevertheless, she tries her best to keep her allies within sight at all times.
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Rise of the Runelords
  High-Fiveage is had.  "Much less of it burned than I expected." Well maybe if they were flying goblins.  "I'm sorry about your dog, Aldern.  What was their name?" Clearly if it were important to the noble, it would have had a name.  Or maybe it's something the Module never bothered to tell the GM because they died within five seconds.

  Joe opts to stick more with Nathan for the moment for post fight busywork, fellow arrow person that they are.
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Rise of the Runelords
The guards are flustered and simply nod to Mishan's compliments.  And yes, there's plenty of help needed.  Mits and Pyrus are happy to lend hands with that.

"Spot," Aldern answers.

"Let's get to the bottom of this," Nathan suggests to Joe.

The goblins prove useless when interrogated; none of these goblins know much more than that they were
given orders to kill everyone in town and burn down the place.
None of the captured goblins can even remember their leader’s
name, apart from the fact that he was one of “you longshanks.”
Their leader was on a secret mission to the town’s graveyard—that
much most goblins can say, but none of them know what that mission was. It was secret, after all!

As Sandpoint recovers from the attack and buries its (thankfully
few) dead, the citizens do their best to get on with their lives.

One of the previously undisturbed graves, that of Ezakien Tobyn, the former town priest, is now conspicuously exhumed, no sign of the former occupant.
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Rise of the Runelords
or, if you prefer, http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/...7300/foxglovebig.jpg
the 2nd image was the one they turned into a fig, so i'm guessing that's more cannon?
father zantus: http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/...961/FatherZantus.png
sheriff: https://campaign-72386.obsidia...acters/belor-hemlock
1:59AMChris OOC (GM): or: https://guildberkeley.files.wo.../sheriff-hemlock.jpg
mayor: http://www.imarvintpa.com/Imag...-+Kendra+Deverin.jpg
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Rise of the Runelords
Mishann looks agitated. "...not that I could have done much about it if I figured out the goblins were a diversion. And even without the attack, not many would be visiting a graveyard during the celebrations. Let's get as good a description as possible from the goblins. Whoever this is will answer dearly."

She also thinks to ask authorities, such as Father Zantus, if there was anyone specifically asking to exhume a corpse in the past year.
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Rise of the Runelords
  Hmm, the Priest involved with the burning down of the last temple.  Dug up during an attempt to burn down the replacement one (and everything else).  "I'm getting the impression the loss of the last temple wasn't accidental, Nathan."

  "Most would be more concerned with saving living people, instead of long dead one's Mishaan."
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Rise of the Runelords
Nathan nods his agreement with Joe.  The Priest was in the middle of reporting the grave robbery to the Sheriff, and both look uncomfortable with Joe's theory.  Neither contradict it, though.  No one has been asking to exhume any graves.

"By catching the badguy that took the dead guy, we'll be saving lots of living people," Mittens explains.

She does her best to use prestidigitation to create a police sketch of the perp, but the goblin descriptions are so jumbled, her resulting portrait is rather terrible.  http://images.on-this.website/...8654e32fd2c44755.jpg

But there are a few clues they agree on.  Pointy ears.  Tall.  Dark hair.  Male.  Armed with a bow.
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Rise of the Runelords
Mishann looks at Joe. "....huh? What? Who said anything about rescuing the dead? I just wanna punish the person responsible for the people who died today."

After hearing the few details that are agreed upon, Mishann says, "So pointy ears, tall, dark hair, male and armed with a bow. That describes a very large portion of the entire elf race. Hopefully, elves are in short supply in this area?"
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Rise of the Runelords
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Rise of the Runelords
  When weapons proficiency is a racial unlock, how far is it stereotyping to equate pointy eared bow user with Elf?

  "Well it was a butterfly themed party, so there may have been a lot of visitors." No Joe, those were the protestors for unfair treatment of trapped butterflies.
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Tue 17 Jan 2017
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Rise of the Runelords
"It's something, at least," the sheriff says, "I'll ask around.  What he was wearing would have been nice, but I seriously doubt he was wearing all those things the goblins described."

"About two dozen elves, I think," the mayor answers, "So that actually narrows it down quite a lot."

Mits salutes.  "We'll be on the lookout!"

"Any idea what use that corpse is to someone?" Nathan asks, already guessing one.

The two authorities haven't a clue.  Pyrus sniffs around the grave to try and pick up the scent of the culprit, perks up, and wags his tail.

"I have his scent!  Smells more half elf than elf.  This way!"

The two authorities are startled that the little familiar talks.  The sheriff frowns and nods, and follows along.

"I'll stick to my job," the mayor says, "Thank you all again for your help.  We can arrange a proper reward another time when things are less hectic."
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Rise of the Runelords
Mishann wants to say her reward is seeing this guy drawn and quartered, but decides to just nod to the mayor. "We will be back." and begins following Pyrus. She feels a little stupid not thinking about the possibility of half-elf since she herself is a half-breed. But she keeps quiet on that one. "Have I mentioned lately how useful you are, Pyrus?"

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Rise of the Runelords
  Joe would prefer rewards you can either spend, or put directly to use in not dying as easily. He's funny that way, but then killing the bad guys is often thrown in as a freebie anyways.

  "Yeah, good luck dealing with all the complaints blaming you for literally everything that has gone wrong, and nothing that went right." Today is not a good day to be mayor.

  He nods to Pyrus and Mishann.  "Big dragon lady is right about little dragon guy."
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Rise of the Runelords
"Hurray, Pyrus!" Mits cheers!

Pyrus chirps bashfully and hurries his tracking.

Nathan looks over to the sheriff and says, "Digging up bodies is usually what necromancers do.  But most times, any body will do.  That it was the priest, and that there was an attack on the opening of the new cathedral, tells me that there's someone with an extreme vendetta against the church.  Ring any bells?"

The sheriff thinks about it.  "None that I can think of.  Not that that would be something anyone would openly admit to."

"What really happened to the old priest?"

"He really died in a fire."

"There's more to the story, isn't there?"

"His daughter died in the same fire."

Nathan sweatdrops.  "I was expecting some kinda secret the priest was keeping.  Something that you might have known."

"Nope.  They were both well-loved members of the community.  You'd have to be a loony to have disliked either of them."

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