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Tue 17 Jan 2017
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Rise of the Runelords
Mishann says, "It does feel kinda weird to go to all this effort to dig up a body." she secretly thinks it is a good thing she is immune to fire. Ironically wouldn't make her immune to choking on smoke, but even if she were to survive a church fire, her dad wouldn't.... "And this is why Pyrus is amazing. Catch the scent; find the bad guy. No need for chasing clues we can't find."
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Tue 17 Jan 2017
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Rise of the Runelords
 "So, awkward follow up question then.  Was the daughter dug up too, or was it a case of never found the remains?"
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
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Rise of the Runelords
"Right?!" Mits agrees with Mishann, "Why do you think I keep him around?!"

Pyrus is so bashful, he just points a direction and vanishes.

"The latter," the sheriff answers Joe, "Never found most of the second floor, either.  The fire was severe."

Nathan hmms.  "Well I don't suppose any further speculations will get me anywhere."
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
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Rise of the Runelords
Seeing Pyrus point out the correct direction, accomplishing his task even when he is bashful; it fills Mishann with determination!

Mishann begins trotting in the direction Pyrus pointed. "I'm curious where your thoughts are going with that one, Joe..."
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
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Rise of the Runelords
  "Because you like Pyrus and want to cuddle him both when people are not looking and when people are looking, Mittens."

  He shrugs to Mishann "There are a whole lot of possibilities, really.  One of the simplest is that she didn't die and wants thematic revenge years later."
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
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Rise of the Runelords
The sheriff looks flustered both by Pyrus's directions and Joe's suggestion.

"The culprit walked back into town?!  Wouldn't someone have reported an elf traipsing through town carrying a corpse?!

He sighs and headshakes to Joe.  "She had no reason to hate her father.  He was a good man who protected, sheltered, and raised her as his own.  A better father a girl couldn't ask for.  If not for him, she'd have likely wound up dead or worse at an early age."

Mits shrugs.  "My guess is that she was horribly disfigured and mentally unbalanced after the fire.  Has turned to necromancy in a mad attempt to be with her father again.  How she managed to get a half elf and a pile of goblins to do her dirty work I'm still trying to figure out."

Nathan feigns laughing.  "I see what you did there.  Dirty work."


Pyrus has to return to guide the group.  The trail takes a round-about track.  Tomb St. to Church St.  Cliff street down to Main St.  Then into Rat Alley.  Finally ending at the northernmost back door of the Glassworks.


The Sheriff raises an eyebrow.  "The Glassworks, eh?  Well I think I know who the half elf is now.  What in the world would he want with the old father's body?  Well let's make this official.  You've all been deputized.  Unless any of you have any objections to upholding the law."
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
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Rise of the Runelords
Mishann says, "Thank you, sheriff. Now to make sure he doesn't escape, shall we cover all the doorways of this place and then enter?"
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
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Rise of the Runelords
 "We don't exactly go out of our way to break the law.  So unless you take up despotic tyranny as a hobby it should be fine."

 ...  "Well, as fine as things ever go when you need to deputize complete strangers after avoiding town wide disaster."
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
at 06:10
Rise of the Runelords
The Sheriff frowns and answers, "Don't let your guard down.  We had a string of brutal murders not too long ago...  My first priority is that we all make it out of this alive."

Pyrus wiggles his nose and turns serious.  "Goblins.  Lots of 'em."


When the PCs arrive at the Glassworks, they find the building curiously silent. Neighbors have noticed the lack of traffic into and
from the building, but since the furnace chimney still plumes with
smoke, most assume that the building was simply closed to allow
Lonjiku and his workers some privacy while they worked on a big
project. A quick investigation of the building perimeter reveals
that curtains have been drawn over the windows and all the doors
are locked.  The skylights above that look into areas A1 and A17 are
unobscured, and a character who makes a DC 20 Climb check to
get on the roof can look through them (which, in the case of A17,
reveals a gruesome sight indeed). The rumble of the Glassworks’
furnace is plainly audible from within, but a character who listens
at any of the curtained windows along area A17 and makes a DC 12
Listen check can also hear what sounds like high-pitched giggles,
shrieks, and breaking glass.

All of the external doors can be picked with a DC 20 Open Lock
check; battering them down takes a bit more work (Hardness 5,
hp 20, Break DC 23). In either case, such acts are quick to draw
gawkers eager to find out what Sandpoint’s new heroes are doing
trying to break into the Glassworks. A DC 15 Diplomacy check or
a successful Bluff or Intimidate check are more than enough to
calm the locals, especially given the odd fact that the Glassworks
should be open for business anyway. Several locals suggest that the
PCs head up to Kaijitsu Manor to talk to Lonjiku or his servants
rather than breaking into the place, but a trip up Schooner Gulch
Road to the manor reveals that none of the servants there have
seen Lonjiku since yesterday evening. They assume he’s working
down in the Glassworks and point to the smoke pouring out of its
chimney as proof.

Having the Sheriff along means the group doesn't have to deal with the locals.

"My men have their hands full, so it's going to have to just be us."

"That's how I prefer it!" Mits chimes.

Nathan assures, "I'm a healer.  We should be alright."

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Wed 18 Jan 2017
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Rise of the Runelords
Mishann doesn't have to deal with climbing either since she can fly. "Half of us can fly up there and take a look before going in." and with that, she flies up to the roof to take a look!
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
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Rise of the Runelords
Joe nods, "I'll deal with the lock if a convenient key or other preferred entry does not present itself, when you are ready."
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
at 06:25
Rise of the Runelords
Pyrus goes with Mishann to case the roof.  Nathan posts up half way between the two groups.

What Pyrus and Mishann see:

Glassworking Room: A long furnace burns along the
southeast wall of this equally long room. Marble tables
sit throughout the chamber, used to work raw glass into
usable shapes, with nearby wooden tables cluttered with
various tools of the trade. The building’s furnace rumbles
loudly, causing any Listen checks made in this room to
take a –4 penalty. The main furnace burns at the northeast
end, a large chamber that utilizes alchemically treated
wood that burns with a hot blue light. The workers use
this room to melt glass, but Lonjiku also periodically
“rented” the furnace to Sczarni thugs for the disposal
of evidence, as the fires are hot enough to burn bones
and teeth. A creature pushed into the furnace takes 6d6
fire damage per round; fortunately the opening is narrow
enough to prevent a Medium creature from being pushed
inside too easily. As the furnace’s stone pipes run to the
southwest, they reach smaller and progressively cooler
furnaces used to keep glassworking projects at the
proper temperature; glass shatters if it’s allowed to cool
too quickly.

When the PCs arrive, this room is a gruesome display
of goblin boredom. The bodies of the eight murdered
staffers lie in various stages of dismemberment; the goblins
have been burning legs and arms in the furnace with glee,
and pouring melted glass on the remains in an attempt to
duplicate Tsuto’s masterpiece. This would be his father’s
body, propped up in a chair in the central alcove and encased
in thick runny sheets of hardened glass.

"Lock picking is preferred to battering, yes," the Sheriff agrees.

"Battering may be more dramatic, but you lose the element of surprise,"
Mittens agrees.
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
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Rise of the Runelords
Desire to kill levels.... rising...

Mishann flies down, looking furious and teary-eyed. "Prepare yourselves. The room is filled with dismembered bodies. And goblins." She gives an estimate for how many goblins she saw.
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
at 06:38
Rise of the Runelords
  Joe nods, "You're probably going to be seeing a lot of property damage to the place before we even get involved, so it's moments like this I'm glad I'm the boring one in my little group of friends."  Arrows don't generally cause as much lasting harm to public utilities.  Unless you try hard enough.

  Then Mishann reminds him that he's not nearly cynical enough to keep up with reality, despite his efforts.  The lock meanwhile, involves very little effort with the luxury of take tens.
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
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Rise of the Runelords
"I'm fine with property damage so long as it's not endangering any of you or innocent bystanders," the Sheriff answers.

He nods to Mishann.  "Let's see if we can lure the buggers into clumping up so the three of you can do that goblin roast combo."

Pyrus nods and thumbs-ups.

"One goblin roast coming right up!" Mittens chimes.

"Considering our experience with goblins, I'd say there's no need to go out of our way to keep any alive," Nathan says.

The lock is picked!

A16. Loading Room: A wheelbarrow sits against a wall here, and
shelves on the walls contain additional reagents to create
different colors of glass (manganese for clear glass, cobalt
for blue, and tin for white glass; untreated glass is green,
while too much of any reagent makes black glass). A safe
on the floor hangs open after Tsuto used his father’s key to
open it and stole the gold and silver used to make red and
yellow glass.

A door at the far end of the room leads to the room with all the goblins.  It is closed, but unlocked.
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
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Rise of the Runelords
"I agree...." Mishann growls deeply, if quietly. Once the group is ready, she takes a deep breath, barges in, and spews fire at the most goblins possible!
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
at 06:54
Rise of the Runelords
  Joe shoots for either the fanciest dressed goblin, or the farthest one that has happens to have the biggest (for a goblin) weapon failing that.

  "Work safety saves lives" It's not lava, but it will do for the moment for whichever goblin that used to be.
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
at 07:07
Rise of the Runelords
Pyrus begins trying to herd goblins with ye olde dog shape trick.  Nathan fires radiant arrows.  The sheriff takes up a defensive position at the front with Mishann, ready to attack any goblins that get in range.  Mits just makes with the magic missile, making it look like a force punch.

"Aiee!" the burned and arrow'd goblins scream!

"Intruders!" the remaining goblins shriek, "Yippee!"

In all, there are eight goblins in the Glassworks. If the PCs follow
the sound of breaking glass and their evil little shrieks, they find
them capering and defiling the bodies of the murdered workers in
area A17. Unless the PCs are particularly noisy, they should be able
to reach area A17 without alerting the goblins. Give the PCs the
advantage of a surprise round against the little monsters, because
once the battle begins, things can get ugly quickly.
Keep in mind that this fight is in a glassworking factory. The goblins are masters of improvisational fighting, and are quick to use the
environs of the room to their advantage in the following ways.
• Somegoblinsusetongsdrippingwithmoltenglassasimprovised
weapons to burn the PCs.
• AgoblinmightattempttotripaPC;ifhefallsprone,threegoblins
pile onto him and attempt to carry him into the furnace. Chances
of this succeeding are nil as long as the PC isn’t helpless, but it
should give the PCs a bit of a hair-raising time nevertheless—
especially if the PC being fed into the furnace is unconscious.
• Goblins who can’t reach a PC in melee throw bottles or sling
panes of glass at them as improvised ranged attacks.
• As the battle progresses, feel free to mark certain squares
as containing broken glass. Treat these squares as if they
contained caltrops.

Along with the retaliating goblins, a half-elf matching the description of the grave robber attacks!

"You should not have come here!  Back off, and I'll tell the goblins to not give chase!"

Seeing the effect Pyrus has on the goblins, he one-shots the little familiar with deadly accuracy!

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Wed 18 Jan 2017
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Rise of the Runelords
Mishann yells, "You DARE say this?! After what you have done?!"

Her pupils shrink as her eyes almost go blank with a glaze of hatred, her tail whipping behind her as she flaps her wings hard to get herself as suddenly in the guy's face as possible while she yells at the top of her lungs, "Surrender to the law or by the gods NOBODY will stop me from feeding your limbs to the furnaces as I watch you scream and beg for me to kill you!"

She gets slashed by a goblin on her way into the air, but doesn't even seem to notice for her tunnel vision.
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
at 07:29
Rise of the Runelords
  Joe dislikes this guy shooting Pyrus in the face, even more than he dislikes how glad he is it was only Pyrus who got shot in the face (Though it's a close thing).

  "Even if you were trustworthy, really doubt the goblins would pay attention in that case."  That said, if snaps off a shot intending to slow this guy's possible retreat... And somehow debuff the Elf's shooting if he hits their shins.

  Magic bow, you work in strange ways.
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Wed 18 Jan 2017
at 07:56
Rise of the Runelords
Tsuto Kaijitsu CR 3
Male half-elf rogue 1/monk 2
LE Medium humanoid (elf)
Init +2; Senses low-light vision; Listen +3, spot +3
AC 15, touch 15, flat-footed 13
(+2 Dex, +1 deflection, +2 Wis)

hp 12 (1d6+2d8–3)

Seriously?  12 HP.  Some boss.  Arrow, radiant arrow, magic missile, and half-dragon to the face.  The dude goes down.  The goblins squeal in delight!

"Yay!  You're going to make him scream in the furnace, yes?  Hurray!"

But they continue to attack, swarming Mishann and the Sheriff.  With the injury from before, Mishann winds up bloodied from so many goblins attacking.
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Thu 19 Jan 2017
at 04:18
Rise of the Runelords
Luckily, Mishann's raging was not the barbarian class feature. Why is this a good thing? Because she is bloody and her rage is giving way to survival instincts. Which would have meant losing more hit points in the case of a barbarian. But in her case, she lets loose with another fire breathe and tries her best to hold her own, keeping the attention of the goblins while trusting her allies to get her out of this jam.

At least she isn't blindly raged now?
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Thu 19 Jan 2017
at 04:34
Rise of the Runelords
  "Sorry, we need him alive enough to ask questions." He apologizes to the goblin he then shoots...  Normally, you apologize FOR hurting people, Joe.

  Speaking of rage, Joe doesn't blindly rage.  Burying a carrikal in the back of the head of the last goblin still alive to hurt Mishann is entirely clear visioned.
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Thu 19 Jan 2017
at 04:47
Rise of the Runelords
"Cross Fire" takes on a literal sense in this case when Mishann sprays the enemy with fire from one side of the room while Mittens blasts them with burning hands from the other.  The Sheriff takes out the one goblin that wasn't taken out by the heroes.  Nathan immediately gets to healing Mishann's wounds.

"Sorry.  Limited range on my heals, and I had to catch up."

"Convenient we're in a room designed to be fireproof," Mits comments, re-summoning Pyrus.

Pyrus raspberrys at the half-elf.
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Thu 19 Jan 2017
at 05:00
Rise of the Runelords
Mishann flops against Nathan, watery-eyed and looking kind of pathetic for the fierce warrior who entered the room just seconds ago. "Thanks for the healing, Nathan... Glad you're ok, Pyrus..."

But all she has to do is look in the half-elf's direction and her pathetic look fades. "I have a promise to keep... and answers to get." she says, going to bind the half-elf before waking him. She grabs one of the blades laying around and holds it to the guy's toes. "Why did you steal the corpse and why on Golarion did you send in goblins to kill innocent villagers while you were at it?!"