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Fri 28 Sep 2018
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D&D: Generations
The setting is standard D&D with the Grey Hawk deities. It will be my own world, sure, but think classic D&D as the general feel of said world.

Although the feel of the world is classic D&D, you as player characters may choose any race you want, as long as the race is a reasonable choice for a starting adventuring team.

If you want to play a religious sort, refer to the list of Grey Hawk deities in the 5e PHB, page 295 (272 in my pdf).

Please post your character concept (race, class, features that set them apart) and backstory and I will then post an opening scene.

Each of you will receive a "squire", who will be one of my characters and will be a child around 10 years old (or that race's equivilent). The squire will be there mostly for RP purposes and only really capable of what you might expect a child competent / brave enough to be a squire to be capable of. I'll list who the squire is for each character after character introductions.
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Fri 28 Sep 2018
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D&D: Generations
In reply to Narrator (msg # 1):

Rocky is an Envoy style Warforged who is a Circle of the Moon Druid. He doesn't worship a specific deity so much as he worships nature itself. For what its worth, alignment wise Rocky is Neutral Good.

Rocky's Backstory: 'Rocky' became a druid due to being severely damaged during his creation as his creator was in a remote area working on an experiment to try to create a Warforged body he could inhabit once his body was near death. Unfortunately for Rocky's creator, the experiment blew up in his face and Rocky's creator died. A nearby druid was drawn to the explosion and found ruined 'lab' and realized Rocky was still alive and an 'innocent' so the druid nursed Rocky back to health using druidic magic to repair and rebuild him. This resulted in Rocky being more in tune with nature than most Warforged, especially since Rocky's body is made mostly out of wood, stone, crystal, and rock but no metals. Over time Rock was taught the ways of the druid and Rocky feels that one shouldn't fight against nature since his original creator tied that and got killed for his efforts. Instead, it is better to be in harmony with nature than rebel against it.

Rocky is Proficient with both Herbalism Kits, with the tool components for Herbalism integrated into his body, and Alchemy Supplies.
Rocky is trained in Survival, Medicine, Nature, Animal Handling, and Insight.
Rocky can Speak Common, Sylvan, and Druidic.

Rocky's Background is a variation of the Noble/Knight with the Retainer feature modified to have the 'retainers' be CR 0 plants/beasts (that can't fly) instead of humans. The 3 'retainers'/animal companion friends/family are:
1: Adrian, the Awakened Shrub - she grows berries that Rocky likes to enchant with the Goodberry spell and she can speak Common (since awakened shrubs can speak 1 language.)
2: Doc, the Deer - who Rocky has trained to be both a light 'pack animal' and to not try to eat Adrian.
3: Buzz, the Giant Fire Beetle - Who Rockey views as not unlike how many would view a family dog or cat. Just one who is also trained to be a 'torchbearer' since he can emit light when he desires.

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D&D: Generations
  Joe is a Human Fighter (what a surprise) leaning into Archery and Finesse weapons.  With a wanderer's tendency to know north better than magic items do, automap, and auto forage.

  We're still not quite sure how he ended up knighted.  Though the 'Have not thought of it' sense will probably end up 'actual IC logic' sense.

  While Joe has no need for maps, other people do. Which makes for both an easy source of income, and convenient excuse for why a "Fighter" is spending as much time in the wilderness as a stereotypical Ranger.

  As such, it's the Insert Knighthood Here bookkeepers who tend to remember Joe is actually one of their own, rather than a heavily armed cartographer who drops by regularly.

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D&D: Generations

Bow before the mighty Mittens!

This catfolk could be mistaken for a cleric with the blue armor and holy symbol proudly embroidered on the cape.  But then there's the dual blades, the arcane style to the armor, the fact that it's actually shiny leather not metal, the fancy dualist's hat with a feather in it.  Maybe she's a religious bard?

Did we mention at-will prestidigitation?  Well that's a thing.  Very frequently used.

She'll likely have a cute pet that follows her around.  Haven't decided on who, yet, though.  Maybe a kitten named Lucky.  Or a psudo-dragon named Pyrus.  A Fairy named Dewdrop?  Or a horse named Maximus.  I'll figure that out later.

Proficiency singing!  And air guitar!  And... third thing!
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Fri 28 Sep 2018
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D&D: Generations
The three of you begin in the Gavton, a town on the western outskirts of Gavenport City. As the name implies, Gavenport is a port city, so to the east is the Glimmer Sea, which  connects to Remmer Ocean in the north.

You bunch have been traveling east together for a bit, and had just emerged from Haven Woods into Gavton.

West and then Northwest of Haven Woods, was the city Joe hailed from; Halton. There, Joe had gotten knighted and received a token that says the Lord of Halton owes Joe a favor. At some point, Joe also found a little human girl by the name of Liberty who wanted to grow up to be a fighter like him. Joe was persuaded to take her in as a squire. Partly because the girl had nowhere else to go.

Southwest about 30 miles from Haven Woods is a place called Boringville. She doesn't talk about it much, but her tag-along little brother Timothius speaks fondly of it, saying it had perfect weather and was very peaceful. Mittens has a surprising amount of adventuring experience leading up to when she met Joe. But up until then, all her previous teams were suspicious of her at best because of her being a cat person.

Between Halton and Boringville is the tip of a very large forest that stretches into the western horizon. Although most folk call it the rather unoriginal name of The Great Forest, it contains many fey folk; elves, fairies, satyrs, and others who call it home and have another name for it: Crystal Leaf Forest. Named such because the dew that forms on the leaves sparkle like crystal. Rocky was taught the ways of the druid here, and has known many a fairy, centaur, and wild critter. Though most elves gave Rocky a wide berth. He found a lone half-elf child with hair as long as she is tall. The girl, named Tam Selhana, explained that she has been alone since her father passed away a year ago. Remembering the kindness given him, Rocky took her in. But she is not the only one following Rocky... (By the way, any of your "followers" can be just as intelligent or capable of speech as their human counterpart would have been, if you want)

Back to Gavton, though. A crier comes to the center of town and yells, "Hear ye! Hear ye! Lord Henry of Gavenport is sending out a summons to all adventurers interested in a chance for good coin! Meet at the Gavenport Town Hall in fifteen days hence and learn how you can get this reward!" He repeats the message a few times and then heads towards the local tavern.