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D&D From Taverns to Campsights
Choose a character. This will be freeform / rp, but for mechanics purposes, assume 3rd level. Use any edition of D&D you want for creating your concept.

LA+0. So if you could play the race at level 1 in a given D&D game, you can choose it. Beyond that, I don't care.

400gp + basic magic armor + basic magic weapons + one misc common magic item of choice (so for example, the armor and weapon would amount to just being flat +1 enhancement bonus type items).

Start location will be the Pig's Delight Tavern in the great city of Hearth Hold. You are here because you are an adventurer who is looking to team up. Your last team either broke up, kicked you out, or got killed. Whatever the case, you had a team and now you don't.

Adventurers are relatively common, to where there is at least 3 adventuring teams in a given city at any point in time. Large cities might have as many as a dozen teams. This still means adventures are a minority (assuming 5-man teams, that is 15 people in an entire city of 10,000 or more).

The bulletin board has several quests on it (standard stuff like bandits on the road, cows mysteriously disappearing, and a missing nobleman), but none of them will do you any good unless you get teammates. Good luck.