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Tue 3 Mar 2020
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
  While Mittens would deserve to land on her keys, Blake still saves her from this cruel fate anyways.

  "Also apparently time travel is involved somewhere, but that is a headache to deal with later. Or earlier. It's time travel, after all, could be."
Bethany Bright
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Wed 4 Mar 2020
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
Bethany throws some bread into her multi-toaster, then goes to her fridge, doing a dance as she pulls a container out. As the bread comes out toasted, she spreads some tuna salad on them.

Galen briefly looks at Blake with an expression that says he thinks Blake is joking. But the expression fades as he stares off, pondering.

Galen then looks at Nathan. "Indeed. I'll start with my relationship with Liberty. When I found her, she was a toddler and had tapped into the ability to detect surface thoughts. She has a brilliant mind, but not in the way most people view geniuses. She isn't stronger in the force than the average jedi, but her mind seems to figure out the force rather quickly, particularly when it comes to telekinetic or telepathic powers. She also has a tendency to learn physical activities quickly. So I have had her play with other children to observe this. As a result, she appears to be able to master things like chess as well as things like dancing with relative ease. Personality-wise, however, Liberty has a strong sense of fairness. If someone cheats in a game, they should be ejected from the game, automatically losing. If someone hits someone, that person should be hit back and so on. Although those are oversimplifications of her sense of fair play, Liberty's personality is exactly the kind that would slowly lure her to the dark side if she were raised by the jedi. If she were raised by a dark jedi, she most certainly would become completely dark side."

He looks at Mittens. "The jedi ways have merit. It is much like how many cultures will protect their children from violence, drunkenness, and other such things. Just like with those examples, for the *most* part, it protects children and they grow to be normal, functioning adults. However, in some cases, allowing a child to experience being drunk will prevent that child from ever desiring it in their young adult years. Or better still, if they have been tasting alcohol their whole life, it won't be a new, enticing, interesting thing when they become of age. It is kind of like that with the dark side, but probably more specific to the individual. And even then, depending on the individual, it could be more or less exposure to the dark side that helps them."

Bethany approaches the group with tuna on toast for everyone. "Meat paste!"

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Fri 6 Mar 2020
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
"Now my brain is full of spiders," Pyrus grumbles.

Mits busts out laughing from Beth's outburst.  "That was random!  But thanks, Beth.  Come to think of it, 'meat paste' brings back memories...  That no longer bother me!  Yaay Jedi brainwashing!"

She wolfs down the snack.

Nathan rubs his chin.  "Can you give me an example of how you guide Liberty to correct back to 'balance' when it looks like she's getting too Lightside?  Or does that never happen and you have to always correct back away from the Dark?  And how do you know when she's 'out of balance?'"

"Contact lens effect," Mittens answers with an air of authority, "Going Darkside made Evil Dad's eyes get all creepy looking compared to the pictures of pre-Dark."
Fri 6 Mar 2020
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
  "Pyrus, your brain is full of fire. The spiders won't last long." Unless they are LAVA spiders, but then Pyrus would probably like those.

  'If she were trained by a Sith, she would totally end up a Sith' okay Liberty turning out okay may have little to do with this guy's teaching quality after all.

  "Mittens, this is meat paste designed for taste, not a profit margin bragging about it's nutritional value."

  Not that Blake's own True Facts sound any more eloquent.

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Bethany Bright
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Sat 7 Mar 2020
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
Bethany giggles along with Mittens. To Pyrus, she thinks Blake's comment is the BEST comment! So she leaves that be!

Galen answers Nathan, "Liberty's sense of fairness is such that she actually applies it to herself, so the only reason I could see her drifting too far to the dark without me is if she also grew up without friends or loved ones. Which would drive people without the force to darkness anyways, so... I feel she is an amazingly balanced being to begin with. I do sometimes remind her of the facts of life; that sometimes speaking the truth aloud is not the wise thing to do. Mostly, when she wants to learn a lesson, and I fail to persuade her, I ask her if she wants to learn through experience. Past experience has taught her to be more selective with which lessons she wants to learn through experience and she has been opting for that option less often as she grows older."

He then looks at Mittens. "When the eyecolor changes, that is usually a sign that the person has already gone completely to the darkside. So if Liberty goes that far, I have waited entirely too long."

Galen looks back at Nathan. "The key is moderation. There are times where a Jedi's calm is precisely what you need. And there are times that call for a darksider's passion."

Liberty makes her fingers wiggle around like her hand is a spider and has it crawl on Pyrus.
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Sat 7 Mar 2020
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
Beth is correct.  Blake's words were precicely what Pyrus needed to hear.

"Really?  Alright!"

Liberty's tease makes Pyrus giggle and nomf her fingers.  n.n

Nathan kinda feels for Serenity being so out of her depth in this conversation.  So he unfolds his transforming portable electric guitar* and picks a few punk jams for her, leaving it on acoustic sound so it doesn't overwhelm the conversation.

Mits chimes in and says, "Hmm.  Probably right about the eyes.

"But what I'm hearing from your philosophy is, 'Liberty is a one-of-a-kind superhero of the Force (and everything else), so all I have to do is remind her of things she already knows from time to time.  Only the most epic self-correcting Mary Sues need apply to my approach.  (Which isn't really an approach at all.  It's more of a, "Don't be an Evil Dad and she'll be fine.")'"

Nathan shakes his head, still strumming away.  "Nah.  I've been taking a similar approach to teaching you Mittens.  It's quite deliberate and structured, I assure you.  But you're right that it takes a special kind of student for it to work.  I wouldn't use this approach if you were a spoiled brat, for example."

Mittens looks at Nathan skeptically.

*(( Envisioning this: ))

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Sat 7 Mar 2020
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
  "Mittens, you may be eccentric bordering on insane, but you are not spoiled... That said, you've already given plenty of examples for why not being spoiled is hardly a virtue of upbringing."


  "On the bright side, you are safe from 'sit back and take credit for my Student teaching themselves' with Nathan."
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Tue 24 Mar 2020
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
Galen nods to Nathan. "Thanks."

Galen says, "My approach is moderation. Some people need more of one thing. Others need less of that same thing. Liberty in particular makes it easy on me, but the trick is to know not to push one's dark or light aspects too far. Anyone can apply, just that Liberty is a natural."

Liberty wrestles Pyrus and noms his paws in retaliation, growling and giggling.

Serenity bobs her head to the music and comments, "Do any or all of the beliefs share certain things? Such as how to tell if someone is able to learn magical powers?"

Galen says, "Well... yes, actually. Though there are a few different methods for doing the same thing, there are many things that all three approaches to The Force have in common."

Bethany goes to hug Mittens. "Hug! Spoil!" she goes to stuff cake in Mitts' mouth.
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Wed 25 Mar 2020
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
"What's with the brat?"
"My worthless worm of an apprentice is no concern of yours."

Later: "How do you put up with that brat?!"

Also: "Know your place, you little brat!"

And: "Of course, Master.  You are the very definition of 'brat.'  Noun.  1-a) an ill-mannered annoying child, b) immature person, 2) the child of a person whose career is in a specified and typically unusual field, especially military.  Example, 'I'm a bounty hunter brat, so I grew up traveling.'"

Mits blushes, ragdolling from the Beth hug, then gulps down the bite of cake.  "Mittens is not used to this level of affirmation.  Thank you, everyone."

Pyrus happily plays with Liberty, having a ton of fun.  If he can get his paws on some cake, he'll stuff Lib's mouth with a bite.

Nathan smiles that Serenity digs the music, "What you can do with The Force is apparently universal.  Telepathy and telekinesis."

Mits was about to correct Nathan, but thinks better of it.  Brats correct their teachers.  Good students phrase it as a question.  "So...  When Evil Dad did stuff I've never seen or heard of Jedi doing...  it's not because the Jedi can't light people on fire with magic, just that they choose not to?"

Nathan gives her a puzzled look that makes it clear he's never heard of such a Force power.

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Sat 28 Mar 2020
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
  "Sith powers are about rubbing it in people's faces you are using the force on them.  Jedi powers are about trying to distance yourself from the fact you are using the force on them.  That's why Sith choke you and make a big speech about the darkside.  While Jedi either drop you off a building, or the building onto you, then play it off like it is gravity's fault... Also, lighting people on fire with your mind still rates 'light side'.  I would assume for those reasons I started giving as a joke, but became a reasonable theory over time."

  Both sides agree on 'stop shooting yourself! Stop shooting yourself! I'm not touching you! Stop shooting yourself'.
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Sat 4 Apr 2020
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
Liberty's cheeks puff from Pyrus stuffing her mouth with cake and she blinks a few times. "Mm?"

Bethany keeps Mitts in her arms and finds a place to sit so she can sit Mitts on her lap.

Galen shrugs. "Blake is correct. For the most part. Technically, dropping a building on someone is light while shoving someone off a building is dark. Dark side likes to cause harm to people directly through the force. Light side does not."

Bethany says, "Wow that sounds so... hypocritical?"

Galen nods. "When phrased that way, sure. Think of The Force like any natural phenomenon. The Force itself is uncaring. It is the people who wield it who have motives that drive them. Magnetism has a positive side and a negative side and both sides repel or attract different things, yet both sides belong to one force of nature. So too is it with The Force. The 'light side' is repelled by direct destruction of life and attracted to direct aiding of life. The 'dark side' is repelled by direct aiding of life and attracted to direct destruction of life. But because people have attached feelings to the results of both sides, one is seen as evil and the other good. Neither side is good or evil in and of themselves. In fact, the main reason they are called light and dark is because light is equated to life and dark is equated to death."

Serenity says, "I can understand wanting to have super powers and stuff, but with having to keep track of all this baggage, why bother?"

Galen says, "Good question. And honestly, the answer varies from person to person. Me personally; I bother because it was thrust upon me. Liberty bothers for the same reason. But many bother because they don't care about the negative consequences. While still others bother because they don't want others to suffer the negative consequences. I don't know the jedi as well as I should, but I would like to think that most jedi actually desire to protect everyone from the negative."
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Mon 1 Jun 2020
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
Pyrus grins that he successfully emulated Beth by feeding Lib.  He'd copy Beth's putting Mits on her lap too, but his legs don't bend the right way to even have a lap.  So instead he just goes for Liberty cuddles.

"Adolescent Mittens is not a small girl that she can be easily placed upon a young woman's lap, so she's impressed that Bethany made that look easy."

Nathan shakes his head with a look on his face that suggests that it was painful to hear what he just did.  "Going to have to disagree with just about everything just said.  There's nothing inherently light about dropping a building on someone with The Force or by any other means, much less lighting someone on fire, and I'm stunned anyone would suggest such a thing.  Not that there's a single Jedi in this entire Galaxy with that kind of power.  Even Master Yoda, the most experienced living Jedi, only ever moves something as big as a tub full of water during the his rare demonstrations.  The fire thing sounds like something someone made up for a comic book or a novel.  I haven't seen any master so much as light a candle with The Force.

"And surrendering to the temptations of the Darkside is most certainly inherently immoral to the core from every historical record on the topic.  Not once have I read of a moral Darksider.  Your own experience is consistent with this, Mittens.  So I'm beginning to see that what is being labeled 'Bogan' isn't Darkside at all, but rather some misunderstanding resulting from an absence of traditional Jedi training.

"'Why bother' is because to not bother is to surrender to death.  Like the reason a mother bothers breathing.  For herself and for her child.

"To your specific question, Mittens, yes.  You, me, and the other Force Sensitives present can all choke a person with The Force just as easily as Blake could shoot them.  But we choose not to do such terrible things."

Mits looks skeptical.  "Um...  I'm guessing Master Yoda must be acting modest.  'cause even Mittens can handle flinging around a tub of water with her mind.  And deny it if you like, but I know I saw Evil Dad light people on fire a number of times.  Just 'cause you've never read of something, doesn't mean it's impossible."

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Mon 1 Jun 2020
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
  Alas, Blake's plausible deniability ways means he has not personally experienced the joys of not looking at a Sith exploding like a power rangers villain behind by karate chopping them with the force.

  "Nathan, the fact you are a reasonable person is a gift.  But never forget how unreasonable the universe around you is.  All the seemingly too cynical to be real commentary made can be true at the same time as your innocent protests.  Because what the universe fears most often seems to be consistency."
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Tue 2 Feb 2021
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
Bethany says, "Huh... well... girls take offense when people oof and groan over picking them up, right? So I just made it *look* easy so you wouldn't think I was calling you fat."

Liberty is being cuddled by Pyrus and cuddles him back. She listens to Nathan disagree and says, "Well on the bright side, based on what Nathan said, he at least doesn't think I'm some murdertastic dark-sider. But seriously, Nathan. I'll go with you back to the jedi council if you want more answers. Maybe your masters will say the same things you are saying. Maybe they will say what Galen is saying. Maybe even what Blake is saying. Maybe they will say something entirely different. I dunno. But what's important isn't whether you think Galen and I are in error... but that you don't consider us bad."

Galen nods. "Indeed. Nothing Liberty or I say will change your mind. I am willing to accompany you all back to the temple. So let us all get underway."

Serenity folds her arms and rolls her eyes. "Tsh." and then ruins the tough girl look with a bunny nose wiggle and blowing up on her hair. "Whatever..." she comments to Nathan's answer.

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Wed 3 Feb 2021
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
Pyrus totally agrees.  "Yeah.  Whatever."

"Mittens would like to think that she's not so fragile as to get mad over something so natural..."

Running through the hypothetical, Mittens could see getting offended depending on if she was already in a bad mood.  "...nevertheless, the consideration is most appreciated.

"And if it helps, Mittens is very happy the universe is not the same all the time everywhere.  That would get boring reeeal quick."

Nathan takes a pause to compose himself.  Getting different answers from different masters is so likely that the frustration from just thinking about it was snowballing.

"Please don't take my lack of learning as believing myself to be all-knowing.  Perhaps I over-stated my case.  Thank you all for being willing to take our questions to the Order to be sorted out.  Perhaps some clarity will arise if we recognize a third side of The Force.  One that is neither Light nor Darkside."

Something that his own teachers would skirt around with self-contradictory mumbo-jumbo.

Mittens lights up excitedly.  "Oh yeah!  Master Dentures really hated questions like, 'So, if I use telekinesis to animate puppets to mock a jerkwad who was picking on someone, which is technically not directly harming with The Force, but maybe is still hurting his feelings, yet the goal is to defend the bully's victim, is that Lightside or Darkside?'

"I've come to call it, the fun side."

Her pigtails dance.
Fri 5 Feb 2021
at 11:59
Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
  Blake may not be able to physically eye roll, but his expertise on the subject means he is able to sense Nathan's dark desires to do so at the thought of jedi co-workers.

  He nods to Mittens's very smart puppet tactics, "Thus did Mittens save the galaxy by dropping a bannana peel with a puppet held by the force, making the villain trip into an open volcano. Jedi and Sith argued over if that was light side or darkside for centuries."

  Now, if Serenity just kicked the badguy into a volcano, nobody would believe someone so adorable tried to take credit.  But he isn't quite sure if that is the sort of thing tough bunny wants to hear yet.
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Sat 6 Feb 2021
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
Serenity gets a smirk from Pyrus agreeing with her, but remains quiet. In her silence, she quietly gets some sense of satisfaction at seeing Nathan pause to calm himself.

Serenity then laughs at Mittens' rhetorical. And then laughs from Joe's add-on to that!

Liberty is giggling, but Galen just raises an eyebrow.


The group makes it back to the main Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Upon landing, the group is met by one of the jedi knights. "Welcome back, Nathan. I trust your mission was fruitful?"

He gives an acknowledging nod to the others as well, but Nathan being the only actual jedi of the group, it is his responsibility to report and introduce any new faces.

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Sun 7 Feb 2021
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
Pyrus beams that the cool girl smiled at him.  He laughs along with her, loving the mental image of puppet and banana peel based combat.  Mittens grins proudly at Blake's words and takes a bow.

Nathan's mind boggles at both of their statements.  Why didn't I think to ask these sorts of questions?

"I imagine it is not for either the Jedi or the Sith to decide, but The Force itself."

(Fast Forward)

Nathan was familiar with this protocol, so he prepped the group with a request that they be tight-lipped about the details of the mission.

"Mission went well.  This is Serenity and Galen.  Liberty is already known to Master Yoda.  Speaking of whom, we would all like to benefit from his wisdom if he is available."

Mittens has a Yoda puppet somehow.  She has it say, "Sound of one hand clapping, easy to hear, is.  When your face my one hand smack, hear it, you will.  EeeEE-hee-hee-hee-hee!"

Pyrus smiles impishly at her.

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Sun 7 Feb 2021
at 10:33
Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
  The sound of one hand clapping, a philosophical question by those who do not know how snapping your fingers works. All except puppet Yoda.

  "You can tell they are used to Mittens because they are not giggling-gasping in shock at her sacrilege." Used to Yoda as well, when he abandons his paperwork to giggle like a crazed hermit regardless of the timeline.
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Sat 27 Feb 2021
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
The jedi who greeted the bunch does not seem amused by Mittens' antics. He has a completely straight face, neither annoyed or otherwise. "Very well. Right this way."

He leads the bunch into the temple and takes them to a room where some younglings are being trained by Yoda.

Yoda says to the younglings, "So. Remember. Yes." and then turns to look at the group. "Ah. Returned, you have. Comecome... things to discuss, we have."

He hobbles off to a different room with the group.
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Sat 27 Feb 2021
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
Mits thumbed at the guy as the team passed him by.  "Sir NoEmotion.  The knight whom masters boast is the poster boy for the, 'There is no emotion,' part of the Jedi Code.  I've known furniture with more personality.  What a perfect first impression of the Jedi!"

Nathan thinks, ~No, their first impression would be me, Beth, and Mittens.  By The Force...~

Mittens begins to recount for Yoda the events since departing the temple using puppets.
Sun 28 Feb 2021
at 03:24
Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
Blake has noticed that in most case, the more eccentric or melodramatic a Jedi the more important they are in spite of all their teachings about stoic faced blandness.

In most cases, because Nathan is important in spite of being very boring, just like Blake. Boring buddies of the galaxy. In the land of sock puppets Blake and Nathan are popsicle sticks with construction paper cutouts. These metaphors are either getting out of hand or that is about to happen.
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Sun 28 Feb 2021
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Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
Liberty says what Nathan was thinking, "So.. Nathan isn't actually a jedi then, Mittens? 'cause he would have been my first impression of the jedi, I thought...?"

Bethany says, "I have some things to do now that I am back. I'll catch you all later, OK?"

Sernity gives a casual wave. Liberty and her master wave as well.

Once the group is in an enclosed room, Yoda faces the group. "Many questions you have, yes?"
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Sun 28 Feb 2021
at 07:47
Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
"Meow.  So Mittens misspoke.  Perfect first impression of a normal Jedi.  Nathan's far from normal.  Neither's Yoda.  They have personality.

"Seeya, Bethenstein!  Don't be a stranger!"

Nathan half wonders if any teacher would remain normal after having Mittens for a student.  Probably for the best he's not hearing Blake's thoughts or he'd pout about being made out of construction paper.  Unless someone showed him some construction paper fine art.  (( http://ama-zing-arts.blogspot....struction-paper.html ))

Nathan nods to Yoda.  "Mittens' colorful recount of our tale thus far is actually quite accurate.  Serenity hasn't a clue how she's supposed to help Mittens, but she's graciously agreed to tag along to try and find out.  Galen also kindly agreed to enlighten us with his unique perspective on balancing the two sides of The Force.

"I can't help but feel like his and Liberty's very different view on The Darkside is directly connected to the calamity that we're supposed to avert.  But I'm just a lowly knight and no prophet.  So I suppose my first question, Master Yoda, is where should we even begin?"

Mittens pulls out an Evil Dad puppet, "'Peace is a lie, there is only passion!'  Reject the Light!  Embrace the Darkness!"

She answers the puppet with a Nathan puppet.  "Wrong!  'There is no emotion, there is peace.'  Reject the Darkness!  Embrace the Light!"

Mittens then pulls up a Galen puppet, "Both wrong.  Focus too much on one and you'll rubber-band to the other."

Blake puppet, (Who's of equal quality to the others), "The Force can't be bothered to be consistent, so... kindofa moot point either way."
Wed 3 Mar 2021
at 08:32
Star Wars: Dark Prosperity
Mittens has a monopoly (mittenopoly?) on being cartoonish, and yet Blake's player still imagines a slide whistle sound as Bethany is whisked away into the NPC backstage area.

"There is little question that Evil Dad is probably in the wrong, as their way of life has the implication beating up the pizza delivery as a display of might actually happened. Though I am wondering if you have learned anything new while Mittens was out making new friends, Yoda."

Blake doesn't work here, it's not legally disrespectful of he just calls Yoda by his name.