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House rules for D&D 4e borrowed from Mits' Dungeon
House Rules for Mittens' Dungeon.

1) No porn.
2) No cussing.

Not IC.  Not OOC.

Changes to core rules:
Double Move
A double move does not have to be two of the same type of move as described in the PHB page 284.

Rules as written are fine as it turns out.

PCs are to use the rules published in the original PHB1.  Monsters must use those rules as well.  Erratted stealth rules are not recognized here.

Fighter Combat Challenge
Due to the level of confusion and how not-broken house-ruling this feature is, the Combat Superiority and Combat Challenge features are now one and the same. All of it is AoO. (Originally, a fighter can not stop a shift. House rule allows that they can). NOTE: With this change, things like Weapon Master's Strike's Spear or Polearm feature become redundant. (Spear or Polearm: Until the end of your next turn, the target provokes opportunity attacks from you when it shifts.) So in place of any feat or power that used to have shifts provoke AoO, you can instead shift them to another square adjacent to you.

Targeting with area burst powers:
"If a creature of tiny size cannot occupy any part of a square, that square cannot be used as an origin square for a burst power."

Enhancement Bonuses
At certain levels, characters gain an innate minimum "enhancement" bonus for attacks, damage, and defenses even if using mundane gear.  (Or no gear at all)  +1 at lvl 2, +2 at lvl 6,+3 at level 11, +4 at lvl 16, +5 at lvl 21, and +6 at level 26. And these bonuses ONLY apply to defenses, attack rolls, damage rolls.

If the character is using an item that grants an enhancement bonus that is greater than the character's minimum, (such as using a +2 assassin's weapon at level 3,) use the magic item's enhancement bonus as normal.  If the character is using an item that grants an enhancement bonus less than their minimum, (such as that same dagger being used by a level 30 char), use the character's minimum enhancement bonus instead of the item's enhancement bonus when rolling attacks or damage.  Never use the character's bonus for determining weapon/armor properties or powers.  Character minimum enhancement bonus does not grant, or apply to, critical damage dice/properties in any way.

Implement / Weapon Expertise
The implement and weapon expertise feats in PHB 2 are forbidden to players.  In their place is an innate +1 untyped bonus to attack rolls.  The bonus increases to +2 at 15th level and +3 at 25th level.

Epic Defense Feats
The Epic Fortitude, Epic Reflexes, & Epic Will feats in PHB 2 are forbidden to players.  In their place is an innate +1 untyped bonus to Fort, Reflex, and Will at lvl 11.  The bonus increases to +2 at 16, +3 at 21, and +4 at 26.

Warlock's Curse:
PHB page 131, "Warlock's Curse" paragraph 3.  Remove the words "or another character's."
  There's a feat for this now.

Biometric Security Feature For Magical Items

Unless the DM rules otherwise in a specific case, all magical items have the following property:  Magical items attune themselves to their owner.  If taken by from their owner by any means, they temporarily lose all their magic.  Until they are returned to their owner or the owner dies, they act as a mundane item.  The owner must willingly relinquish ownership of a magical item to a new owner for the new owner to be able to use it's magic.  If someone remains in possession of a magical item for the duration of a short rest, ownership will transfer to them.

Weapon Focus
21. I am using an weapon as an implement, like a Wizard of the Spiral Tower would, do I gain the extra damage from feats like Weapon Focus?

    Yes, you do gain this bonus to damage.

House rule: You can take weapon focus in a specific implement, Staff, rod, orb, etc., and deal extra damage when using an implement power with that implement.

Enchant Magic Item Ritual
Replace "your level or lower" with "any level."

Disenchant Magic Item Ritual
Add: To disenchant a magic item that is higher than your level, make an Arcana check.  Only those trained in Arcana can aid in the check.  The DC is "hard" for the item's level as described in the DMG update.  (For example, DC 33 for a level 29 item.)  If the check fails, you and those that aided will be hurt by the magical feedback that deals unresistable damage equal to twice your Arcana check.  Even if successful, you and those who aided will be unable to make another attempt at disenchanting any item until after an extended rest.  Unique items cannot be disenchanted except as the DM indicates in specific cases.

New free feat:
Choose 1 monster knowledge skill you are trained in.  Instead of using the listed stat bonus, you may use your primary stat bonus instead.

Example: Arcana.  INT related.  Sorcerer goes to the trouble of training arcana.  But forever is durp compared to a high INT warlord trained in arcana.  Not so!  No more!  Now sorcerer can use CHA with his arcana checks!

Rolling Dice:

Include your power and target in the description
When making a d20 roll be sure to clearly describe what power you are using and what target you're using it on.  If you don't the roll is not valid.

Do not re-roll to cover other mistakes.
If you use the wrong PC character for your roll, do not re-roll.  Just point out what you did wrong in your post and correct it there.  Only exceptions are if you used the wrong dice or if you failed to clearly specify your target and the power you're using.  Re-rolling is a relatively rare power that I'm not going to grant if you said "wolf 2" instead of "wolf 1."  (If you re-roll by mistake use the first roll.  The second roll will be stricken from all of Egypts monuments as if it never happened.)

Sustainable powers require the player to have line of sight to the power's origin square (if there is one) at the end of the player's turn unless spelled out by the power's description.  (For example, a wizard's fireball will fizzle if it leaves the wizard's line of sight.)

Power effects with the duration "Until start/end of your/their next turn" last until the initiative count that the power describes when the power is used.  Delaying turns will not extend durations of power effects.

Initiative:  Initiative is rolled when a character becomes aware of a clear and present danger.  Once initiative is rolled, players do not have to pose in order relative to each other's initiative, only relative to the enemy's initiative.  For example:  Gale rolls a initiative score of 12, the 3 goblins a score of 14, Timothius 15, and Kitau 17.  In this case, if on Monday Timothius is online and Kitau hasn't posted, he can post his turn before Kitau even though Kitau got the higher initiative score.  However, Gale cannot post her turn because the goblins got a higher score than Gale and have yet to act.  The GM will post the goblin's turn before Kitau if she doesn't post within a capriciously decided upon reasonable amount of time, and Kitau's initiative score drops to 13.  If Kitau still hasn't posted by the end of the round, the GM will strike her down with great vengeance and furious ang...  ahem... the GM will find a way to temporarily remove her from combat until such time as RL allows her to return to RPOL.

Correcting player mistakes.
I realized I'd goofed once I started spelling out Gale's turn in terms of combat actions.  (See PHB page 268 for what you can manage in the 6 seconds of game time on your turn.)  Embarrassing though it may be to admit that I goofed, I decided to keep the goof and rule against myself instead of sweep it under the rug.  In the future, if a player breaks the rules, I will post the correction after the player's post and give the player a chance to correct the mistake.  Though I crossed out the mistake in my own post, I'd feel I was being rude if I did the same to someone else.  Also, I hate to see a successful roll be wasted, so I'll generally allow it to be used in some way such as allowing Gale the successful bluff roll on her next turn if she chooses.

Character Creation/Progression:
Anything published by WotC is fair game when creating characters.

Any new player and any new player character in a storyline will be granted starting gold equal to the value of the existing player characters'.  Games run by Chris will be based on the simple guideline on pg 143 of the DMG with an added 50% bonus to the total.  Beyond lvl 1, the value of your gear should always be equal to 1.5 times one item of your level + 1, 1.5 times one item of your level, and 1.5 times two items of your level Ė 1.

Games run by Chris also ignore the retraining rule in PHB pg 28.  You can re-make your character completely from scratch at any time outside of actual combat.  I trust the players to not abuse this.

Marking foes:
It is assumed that the player is marking the target of their attack with their class' mark unless stated otherwise.

Standard Ceiling Height
Unless otherwise stated, all indoor encounters have a ceiling that is 10' high.  Including caves, throne rooms, straw huts, outhouses, etc.

Battle Standards
(AV pg 179)

1) An enemy may only use a standard action to try to take down a Battle Standard when no one benefiting from the battle standard is sharing the same square as the Battle Standard. Furthermore this action will draw AoOs from adjacent individuals who are benefiting from the Battle Standard. Instead of doing damage on a hit with their AoO, an individual can choose to counter the removal of the battle standard thus preventing it from being taken down.

2)Battle Standards have a number of hit points equal to their level. When these hit points are depleted by damage that gets past their damage resist or successfully disabled by an enemy using a standard action, the zone vanishes and the Battle Standard is teleported back its owner's 'inventory' as a free action.

3) If the square a Battle Standard has been placed in is temporarily transformed into difficult terrain by a power, it is not effected, however if something causes a permanent change to the square (like a rock slide or some other result of a trap) then the Battle Standard's effect ends and it returns to its owner's 'inventory' as if it was disabled.

4) Placing a battle standard takes a minor action, not a standard action.

Custom races / abilities:
Timothius: A cat morph with wings.  Uses longtooth? shifter as starting point.  (Monster Manual page 279) In place of the shifter encounter power, Timothius has the following attributes:
Charging flight: (free action) * Effect: After charging or running for at least one square of easy terrain, Timothius can take flight rising 1' off the ground for every additional square of distance covered.  Sustain minor.
Clumsy flier: Timothius takes a -4 penalty to attack rolls and defenses when flying.  (Monster Manual pg 281)
Falling flight: If Timothius were to step off the edge of a cliff, falling 5' allows him to take flight as above.
Wide turns: When flying, Timothius can only turn at a 45 degree angle, and must move 2 squares in the new direction before turning again.  (a complete 360 would require an area of 7x7 squares, or 35'x35')
Armor penalty: Wearing heavy armor doubles the distance requirements on Timothius' flight.
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Sun 28 Oct 2012
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Re: House rules for D&D 4e borrowed from Mits' Dungeon
Added 50% bonus to gear value.
LvlTotal Gear Value

  Tim says,  lv 31 Item =  5,625,000
Monster Intern
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Sun 28 Oct 2012
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Re: House rules for D&D 4e borrowed from Mits' Dungeon
Errata Skill Check DC
Party LevelEasyModerateHard

And what it looks like with the coding visible.

<tr><th><red>Errata Skill Check DC</red></th></tr>
<tr><th>Party Level</th><th>Easy</th><th>Moderate</th><th>Hard</th></tr>

OLD Skill Check DC
Party LevelEasyModerateHard

No easy translation for how this goes to Ability checks.  Since as we know, Scales Of War alone keeps throwing DC 20 Ability checks at lv 1-2 party nonstop, and in the past you were supposed to add 5 EXTRA dc to any check that used a skill (that was errataed out too).

Residdum  or Residum


Residuum is the magical substance that results from using
the Disenchant Magic Item ritual on an item. Itís a fine,
silvery dust that some describe as concentrated magic,
useful as a generic component for rituals (see Chapter
10). In some exotic locales, residuum is traded as currency,
measured by weight and carried in small metal vials. Itís a
convenient way to transport large sums of wealth; 10,000
gp worth of residuum weighs as much as a single gold piece
and takes up only slightly more space, so 1 pound of residuum.
is worth 500,000 gp and fits in a belt pouch.

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Re: House rules for D&D 4e borrowed from Mits' Dungeon

PF XP needed for lvl 2: 2,000
PF gold by lvl 2: 1,000 gp

4E XP needed for lvl 2: 1,000
Ratio: 1/2
Houseruled 4E gold by lvl 2: 2880
Ratio: 2.88
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Wed 21 May 2014
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Re: House rules for D&D 4e borrowed from Mits' Dungeon
For Elf campaign:

Elves: Dex, choice of Int or Wis
 Minmax choices: Avenger(Wis/Dex), Druid(Wis/Dex), Monk(Dex/Wis), Ranger(Dex/Wis), Seeker(Wis/Dex), Wizard(Int/Dex)
 Primary Dex: Assassin, Monk, Ranger, Rogue
 Primary Int: Artificer, Psion, Swordmage, Wizard
 Primary Wis: Avenger, Cleric, Druid, Invoker, Seeker, Shaman

Eladrin: Int, choice of Dex or Cha
 Minmax choices: Bard(Cha/Int), Psion(Int/Cha), Warlock(Cha/Int)
 Primary Int: Artificer, Psion, Swordmage, Wizard
 Primary Dex: Assassin, Monk, Ranger, Rogue
 Primary Cha: Ardent, Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock

Drow: Dex, choice of Wis or Cha
 Minmax choices: Assassin(Dex/Cha), Avenger(Wis/Dex), Druid(Wis/Dex), Monk(Dex/Wis), Rogue(Dex/Cha), Seeker(Wis/Dex), Sorcerer(Cha/Dex)
 Primary Dex: Assassin, Monk, Ranger, Rogue
 Primary Wis: Avenger, Cleric, Druid, Invoker, Seeker, Shaman
 Primary Cha: Ardent, Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock

Half-Elf: Con, choice of Wis or Cha
 Minmax choices: Ardent(Cha/Con), Bard(Cha/Con), Battlemind(Any), Druid(Wis/Con), Invoker(Wis/Con), Shaman(Wis/Con), Warlock(Cha/Con)
 Primary Con: Battlemind
 Primary Wis: Avenger, Cleric, Druid, Invoker, Seeker, Shaman
 Primary Cha: Ardent, Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock

Revenant: Dex, choice of Con or Cha
 Minmax choices: Assassin(Any), Monk(Dex/Wis), Rogue(Dex/Cha), Sorcerer(Cha/Dex)
 Primary Dex: Assassin, Monk, Ranger, Rogue
 Primary Con: Battlemind
 Primary Cha: Ardent, Bard, Sorcerer, Warlock
 Will Note: Revenants get Feat and path access to the type of Elf they pick.

Other(STR primary): Barbarian, Fighter, Paladin, Runepriest, Warden, Warlord

Essentials Classes:
NOTE: I lack direct materials for Neverwinter, and Heroes Of The Elemental Chaos.  Though I can reference stuff on those with my builder.
Primary Color Code because I'm too lazy to fit them into each race.

Oh huh, the only class with CON as a Primary stat is Battlemind.

  Heroes Of The Feywild:
Druid [Protector](Wis Primary. Dex/Con); HoT Feywild.
Bard [Skald] (CHA Primary. Int); HoT Feywild.
Wizard [Witch] (INT Primary. Wis); HoT Feywild.

  Neverwinter Campaign Setting:
Wizard [Bladesinger](INT primary. Dex); Neverwinter.

  Heroes Of Shadow:
Assassin [Executioner]; (DEX Primary. CHA); HoShadow.
  Note: the kind Akemi is, as opposed to the Magazine Article Class kind Gnara is.
Vampire (DEX Primary, CHA); HoShadow.
  Note: The only fully original class from Essentials.
Warlock [Binder] (CHA Primary. DEX/INT); HoShadow.

  Heroes Of The Fallen Lands:
Cleric [Warpriest] (WIS Primary. Con); HotFall
Rogue [Thief] (DEX Primary. CHA/STR); HotFall
Wizard [Mage] (INT Primary. Wis/Cha/Con) HotFall.

  Heroes Of The Forgotten Kingdom:
Druid [Sentinel] (WIS Primary. CON); HotFK
Ranger [Hunter] (DEX Primary. Wis); HotFK
Ranger [Scout] (DEX Primary. Wis); HotFk
Warlock [Hexblade] (CHA Primary. Dex/Con);HotFK

  Heroes Of The Elemental Chaos
Sorcerer [Elementalist] (CHA Primary. Con); HotEC
Wizard [Sha'ir] (INT Primary. Con); HotEC.

 Sub Race Options:
 While you can hand pick how many options you want from a given sub race, you can only have ONE Sub race.  Only Elf, and Eladrin have Sub Race options at this time out of the Elfy races.

  Elf Sub Races:
Wild Elf:
  Subtle Step; Replace Elven Accuracy.  Instead have Once An Encounter, Move Action Shift your speed.
  Wild Elf Weapon Proficiency: Remove Group Awareness.  Instead gain proficiency in Javelin (One Hand Simple), Spear (One Hand Simple), and Longspear (Two hand Military, Reach, Spear AND Polearm category)

Wood Elf:
  Sense Threat; Replace Elven Accuracy. Instead you can use Perception roll in place of Initiative Roll, and allies with a lower initiative than you get +2 Racial Bonus when you do so.
  Wood Elf Reactive Stealth: Replace Group Awareness.  Instead you are allowed to make a Stealth Check during initiative roll, if you have "any cover or concealment".

  Eladrin Sub Races:
Sun Elf:
  Elf Weapon Proficiency; Replace Eladrin Education.  Instead gain proficiency with Shortbow and longbow.
  Sun Elf Skill Bonuses; Replace Eladrin Skill bonus to Arcana and History.  Instead gain +2 Racial bonus to Bluff and Insight.
  Wizard Implement Proficiency; Replace Eladrin Weapon Proficiency.  Instead gain proficiency with Orb, wand, and Staff(Implement) as Implements.

Moon Elf:
  Moon Elf Skill Bonuses; Replace Eladrin Skill bonus to Arcana and history.  Instead gain +2 Racial bonus to Insight and Streetwise.
  Elf Weapon Proficiency; Replace Eladrin Education. Instead gain Proficiency with Shortbow and Longbow.

Llewyrr Elf:
  Historical Insight; Replace Eladrin bonus to Arcana (History bonus remains). Instead gain +2 Racial bonus to Insight.
  Elf Weapon Proficiency (Llewyrr Elf); Replace Eladrin Weapon Proficiency.  Instead Gain proficiency with Shortbow and Longbow.
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Re: Hypothetical super-simple game system.
You get 50hp.

In combat you roll 1d6+6 for attack.  And you roll 1d6+6 for defense against each monster attacking you.  Two monsters attacking you?  That's 3 rolls.  After seeing all results, you can choose which one is your attack result and which are your defense results.  You distribute the damage between the hostile monsters as you see fit.  You also choose in what order things happen.

Monsters do not get defense stats or rolls.  Only HP.
Minions get 6 10 hp.  If you roll 12 total, you can take out 2 out from full hp.  Or 12 minions that only had 1 HP left.
Sub-bosses get 12 20 hp.  If you roll 12 total, you can 1-shot one.
Bosses get 24 40 hp.  If two players roll 12 total each, they can take him down in a round.

Monsters will always attack you with an attack total of 10.  You roll for dodge.  If you roll 10 or better total on your d6+6, you take zero damage.  Otherwise you take 5 damage.

Healers may give up their attack in order to heal.  Again, d6+6.  Distributed among allies as they see fit.  Healing done over max hp is lost after combat is over.

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