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Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
Kitau simply nods.  Mits shrugs.

"I wasn't expecting them to be willing to lend support either, but now that you point out all those complications maybe it would be better to just deal with this problem with only the support Kitau's friends offer."

Kitau leads the group to the temple in the western wall.  ((Location 5))

5. Temple of Hidden Light
This small shrine dedicated to Erathis, goddess of law and
civilization, has been established in the Hall. The Mages
of Saruun have left the place mostly unmolested, but they
do require the priest to provide a share of her tithes to
them. Inhabitants of the Hall often stop by to drop a few
coins in the coffers and say a prayer before setting out into
the Labyrinth or beyond. The priest Phaledra tends to the
Phaledra can perform the Gentle Repose and Raise
Dead rituals, and she has Discern Lies and Travelerís Feast
on scrolls. She wonít give them away, but if the adventur-
ers help the people of the Hall, she offers the scrolls in
exchange for an offering to the shrine (equal to twice the
ritualís component cost; see the Playerís Handbook).

Phaledra is willing to give blessings to the group but not willing to join them on their dangerous mission.

"And alas Surina is will be unavailable to help for who knows how many days.  She caught wind of a Duergar Theurge lurking about asking shady information brokers about your movements and went to hunt him down.  Framarth I think was the name."

"Oh the fairy!" Mittens chimes, clapping her hands, "Well that's actually good news."

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Thu 30 May 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
Callie looks slightly worried, "That's not something anyone should do alone. Despite how hard Mittens spanked Framarth by turning him into a fairy, it was only temporary and the last Duergar we fought that was like him was very tough for our whole team to take on. If Surina doesn't have a team, we need to track her down."
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Thu 30 May 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
  "Throwing them off a tall keep after their run as a fairy only served to annoy Framarth, yes.  Jumping down after them to finish the job would not have been a good idea."   "Chirp, who knew Duergar legs were so shock absorbent?"
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Wed 5 Jun 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
Mittens snickers about shock absorbent legs and conjures a picture of a Duergar with spring legs.

"She knows to gauge her enemies," Kitau says, sounding unconcerned.

She waves bye to the priestess and heads for the door.

"Nice to meetcha, Phaledra," Mits says with a wave goodbye, "Good luck with the shrine 'n stuff."

She follows Kitau's lead.

"Well here's hoping she's successful dealing with Framarth.  Save us the trouble of fighting him again."

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Sat 8 Jun 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
Callie giggles from the spring-legged image. Then says to Kitau, "If you say she'll be OK, Kitau, I believe you."

Callie is sure to give a blessing of her own to Phaledra.
As does Dido.

As Kitau continues to lead the way, Callie says, "Mr Deepgem is all that's left, right? Wonder what he's up to..."
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Fri 14 Jun 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
  "Chirp, Ale and Wenches, unaware the violently judgmental are soon to be upon him... Wait, no, that's Glumgold."  "I thought he cut that out after the incident with his wife and the crossbow."
Tue 18 Jun 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
Posting all the module junk now.  Will post IC junk later.

Two large stone friezes in the shape of stern dwarf faces
adorn the facade of this expertly carved series of chambers.
The Deepgem Company deals in gems and precious
metals, as well as fine arms and armor. The company buys
gold, gemstones, and other valuables from Thunderspireís
many prospectors. Deepgem caravans depart every week
for Silvershield Hold, after providing a cut of their profits
to the Mages of Saruun.

Ulthand Deepgem, an old dwarf cleric of Moradin and
former adventurer, runs the business. He despises the
duergar and avoids dealing with them except in extreme
circumstances (such as when the Mages of Saruun require
it). In addition to Ulthand, five other dwarves live in this
outpost. The company also employs a dozen miners, several
mule drivers, and other laborers, most of whom live in
the Pigeonholes.

Hook: Find the Boar
A few days ago, one of Ulthandís mining teams was
viciously slaughtered. Ulthandís dear pet, a dire boar that
he personally trained as a mount and beast of burden, had
accompanied the team that day. If the adventurers come
to know Ulthand, he asks them to recover the animal.
(Alternatively, the PCs can hear about the missing boar
and Ulthandís reward at the Halfmoon Inn. The dwarf
suspects the boar might be alive, for the minersí bodies
were recovered but not the boarís. Judging from the brutality
of the attack, Ulthand believes gnolls were responsible,
though he has no idea where to find them.
Quest XP: 175 XP (minor quest), and Ulthand offers a
100 gp gem for the recovery of the animal.
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Wed 19 Jun 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
Mits shrugs.  "While I may not approve of alcoholism or lasciviousness, I think myself capable of reserving my 'violent judgmental' for the super evil murder death cultists, poison bearded demonic kidnappers, and various other villains who try to incinerate, dismember, or otherwise turn my friends into paste.  Besides.  If Kitau says I can count him as an ally, that's good enough for me."

Kitau introduces the dwarf to everyone who welcomes them and gives them some praise for their heroics so far.
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Fri 21 Jun 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
In response to Superbird, Dido says, "We all agree with what Mittens said. Besides... as a follower of Moradin, far be it from me to judge someone for drinking."

Callie says, "Nothing wrong with wenches.. though I can't say I approve in cheating on your spouse.... in most cases."

When introduced to Deepgem, Callie gives a curtsey. "Thank you for your kind words."

Dido says, "Wish I came prepared with a gift to honor our meeting. Instead, I will offer to share merry tales with you when we have avenged your miners and returned with your boar."

Callie smiles at Dido then looks back at Deepgem. "Believe me when I say I long for pleasantries... it oft seems like one fight after another with only sleep between. So my friends and I will try our best to be back sooner than later."
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Fri 21 Jun 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
  "I am getting incredibly tired of being shot at by beards.  Alas, I somehow doubt we have not seen the end of that."  Boar huh?  Sounded not as inconvenient as it probably was in reality.  "I do not suppose you have any insight to how we could make the boar cooperative in returning with complete strangers?"
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Sat 22 Jun 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
"Throw him some food," the Dwarf answers, "If he's not in a cage and running about, try and rope him.  Outside that, just let your ranger work her magic."

He nods at Kitau who skews her lips.

"Ranger?" Mits echoes in some surprise, "Here I was assuming berserker.  Do you have skill in handling animals?"

Kitau shakes her head.

"Uh... in that case maybe your human would be your best negotiator.  He was trained to obey Dwarves and Humans.  Gnomes, cats, and halflings less so."
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Tue 25 Jun 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
Callie and Dido look at Terdisas. Callie looks back at Deepgem, asks for the boar's name, and once she gets it, she says, "Well unless you have any other advice, we'll be on our way."

Should the group head out, Callie says, "If we find the boar, Terdisas, we'll try calling him by name and see if he responds. If he looks at all of us without acting hostile, Dido can guide him. He's got the thickest armor in the group. But if he looks hostile towards us all, we'll see about if he acts nicer towards you."
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Tue 25 Jun 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
  Alas, Terdisas's pile of influence skills do not include Nature, or a good Wis Mod.  "I would try calling them by name if it had ever been mentioned.  Hopefully a firsthand view of us maiming it's captors will go further towards endearing us to it than my usual experience with animals being an actual conversation."

  "I am totally insinuating I'm much better than a boar, tweet"  "So you consider yourself a hunting pet?"  "Boars are amazing chirp."
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Wed 3 Jul 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
"Steeltooth," the Dwarf answers, "His left tusk had to be repaired.  Thanks for keeping an eye out for him."

Mittens snickers.  "Reminds me of Irontooth."

Deepgem raises an eyebrow and looks over at Kitau.  She shakes her head.  "Name of a goblin.  Long story."

Mits thumbs-ups at the plan once the group is underway.

"If all else fails we could always KO it with non-lethal attacks and tie it up.  And Superbird is totally more awesome than a boar."
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Wed 3 Jul 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
With plenty of sugar in her tone, Callie says, "You're loved, Superbird. Don't ever doubt it."

Callie does what she can to lead the way, though she is sure to have Dido and Kitau help lead so that Callie won't be front lines in case of an attack. Dido switches with Kitau for who takes rear guard as they travel.

Callie says, "You really were missed, Kitau. But I'm really glad you took it easy like we asked. I hope we didn't worry you too much."

Dido says, "Heh... you surely would have been proud. I know I was. Callie pretty much took your place protecting the team from getting hurt."

Callie pshaws. "I had a little boy and then a ranger who both helped me there."
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Sat 6 Jul 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
  "I suppose out of everything else, hoping that nobody of us get hurt is the most difficult of hopes.  None of you deserve injury more than others, even if some of you can deal with them better."

  "Chirp, Sorcerer of Storms and fragile bone structure."
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Tue 9 Jul 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
Kitau nods and thumbs-ups in reply to Callie.  To Dido's statement she skews her lips and glances at Callie but makes no comment.

"Ah yes," Mits chimes in regard to the tow Kitau replacements, "Those two.  While not as angry as our favorite raging gnome, they certainly weren't lacking in aggression toward monsters."

To Terdisas's and Superbird's comments she shrugs.

"Not everyone can be an armored juggernaut, but your overwhelmingly destructive magic does its part to ensure the survival, if not the complete lack of hurt, of our friends.  I get the feeling that we've gotten powerful enough now that should we be ambushed by a couple kobold bandits they'll be defeated before they get a chance to do us any harm."

The map found on the assassins is far from perfect and following it proves to be less than certain, but the group manages to keep from getting lost in the labyrinth.  At last a side tunnel marked with demonic symbols is found, the most likely entrance for The Well of Demons seen so far.
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Tue 9 Jul 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
Dido examines the markings. "....a good a guess as any that this is the place?"

Callie nods. "May as well poke on through. Not like we have options at the moment. Not excited about this, but at the same time, I'm anxious. The sooner we get this done, the better."

Dido says, "Well of Demons isn't the most inviting name of a place for me either. But like you said... little choice."

The two head in.
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Thu 11 Jul 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
  Taking 'the complete lack of hurt of our friends' out of context would explain the other reason Sorcerer's being a legitimate Glass Cannon was a good thing.  "Compared to our last trip, this entrance is downright subtle."
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Thu 11 Jul 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
When the PCs enter the area, read:
You see a large, square chamber. Five columns, three set near the
roomís corners and two in the middle of the chamber, rise up 15
feet to the ceiling. Each column has the face of a leering, fanged
minotaur carved onto it. You notice a well in the southeastern
corner of the room, and two passages lead away, one to the east,
the other to the south.

The columns speak a few seconds after a creature enters
the room. A listener hears the message in his or her native
tongue, spoken in the deep tones of a powerful minotaur:
"Greetings, seekers of Baphometís boundless glory.
Those who prove unworthy of his attention
Shall be claimed forever as his slaves.
Those who prove worthy
Shall be granted power beyond mortal reckoning.
Mask, bell, blade, and tome"

The monsters attack while this message is uttered.
The PCs must make Perception checks to avoid being
*(Mittens' illusion totally screws up this ambush...)
Perception Check
DC 21: You notice a hunched figure skulking behind one of the
columns. Seeing that it has your attention, the creature attacks.
DC 27: A pair of creatures with long arms cling to the ceiling,
hiding within narrow cracks at the top of the columns and watching
you intently. Seeing that youíve noticed them, they attack.

*Before the group enters the room, Mittens used Spectral Image to make a decoy of herself in the center of the room.  The enemies attacked it and found to their annoyance that it's a fake!  Kitau tosses her javelin at the nearest monster but misses.

If you get a perc check higher than 21 you get to act in the surprise round.  Surprise round so far: Mits rolls above 21 perc and uses spectral image.  Ghoul and Chokers attack it.  Kitau rolls above 21 perc.  Uses ranged basic vs ghoul 2.  Miss

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Thu 11 Jul 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
  You stand there like an idiot while the creatures attack yo-what do you mean you didn't fall for the millionth obvious ambush?

OOC: So, fail perc obviously.
Initiative 17.  Not even taking that potential option to reroll (since my first roll for perc was with my big init mod).  Because even with Ter's Base 18 Dex, it is physically impossible to beat an initiative of 29

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Thu 18 Jul 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
While Callie and Dido don't normally HAVE a native tongue (seeing as 4e doesn't have a Halfling language), it is still noticed by the two religious halflings that the minotaur must be using Supernal... and not just the language, but the language the way it is spoken by supernatural beings.

"By Moradin's beard..." Dido whispers in awe.

Callie is silent, preparing herself for battle. This group taken by an ambush? What Terdisas narrated should pretty much tell you the answer.

Callie Initiative: 9 (6+3)
Dido Initiative: 15 (12+3)

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Fri 19 Jul 2013
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Re: Thunderspire Laberynth (part 2)
The two chokers skuttle across the ceiling and attack Kitau and Dido, but the little tanks manage to avoid being grabbed.  Rumble rumble krakoom!  Huge tentacles erupt from the floor below the heroes, grabbing almost everyone and crushing them with monstrous strength!

C Tentacle Flurry (standard; recharge ⚄⚅)
Close burst 2; +11 vs. AC; 2d6 + 5 damage, and the target is
grabbed (until escape).

Hits everyone but Dido and Kitau.  Action point!

Grinding Tentacles ✦ Acid
At the start of the phalagarís turn, any creature it is grabbing
takes 1d8 + 2 acid damage.
Threatening Reach


Dido HP: 49-17=32
Callie HP: 42-11= 31
Mittens HP: 41-11= 30
Terdisas HP: 42-11= 31

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