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Thu 7 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
  Kyle notes to self, recraft those charm wands he had broken down for funding ages ago to dangle like a pair of keys in front of a baby.  Not that he'll have much time or cause to use them the way most fights go, but the precaution could help.

  "You must be thinking short term, Seed." After all, it's a Named NPC. and that means forcing them to work for the Coalition through the power of Tim's sad puppy eyes on a cat person.
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Thu 7 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
Timothius ignores the seed. Well OK, he CHOOSES to ignore it. He can't help but let its cliche villainous arguments lightly annoy him. Rai is in the same camp there.

May is completely unbothered by the seed and happily points out that if the seed truly believes this, then it should know its place and not complain when the heroes, clearly more powerful than the seed, tell it what to do.

When the heroes are led back to Amyria and Bejam, the twins hug Amyria, laying their heads on either of her shoulders and purring while May goes to give a high five. "Hey Amyria! Not bad, eh? And just think... when we fought the exarch, I timed it... 18 seconds! We downed him in 18 seconds! Oh! And he only managed to scratch Kyle a tiny bit. Not even enough to be a bishi scar!"
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Thu 7 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
The Seed is, of course, not amused by May turning its logic around and insists that there is no comparison between itself and Uarion.

Mits tries to persuade the Seed, "Kyle has a point.  When one gives the illusion of choice to once's underlings, one can draw in larger armies."

The Seed concedes their evil point, but is still miffed that Uarion was given his freedom.  Programming!

Amyria returns the hugs, stoic as ever.  "You never cease to amaze me.  I get the feeling you were all holding back a lot when we broke through the ice ring."

Mits shrugs.  "Kyle's rings helped a great deal.  From what I saw, we all got significantly more powerful overnight...  Over an hour...  What time is it?"

Bejam smiles that not only his mirrors but  Uarion was returned safely as well!

If the PCs brought back the githzerai mindmage
Uarion, Bejam is thankful for his return, and promises to have their best priests tend to him.
If the PCs return with the Seed of Winter, Bejam
asks to have the Thraxinium study it before handing it
back to them.
If the PCs mention the silver mirrors used to
augment the power of the Seed of Winter:
Bejam looks concerned at this news. “Ten, you say? We are
still missing a few more, and if their magic can be perverted
to power a fell artifact, who knows for what else the mirrors
have been appropriated.”

When the PCs are finished telling their story,
“Our gratitude runs deep for what you’ve done today. We
will reward you handsomely for your efforts, and you can
be sure that Nefelus will provide aid to your cause on the
mainland. Would there be anything else you’d ask of us?”
You catch Amyria’s eye as Bejam awaits your answer

Mits nods. "Full on alliance.  With a representative member within the Coalition.  Yourself for example."

Bejam is willing to entertain the notion, but he is not
convinced that he can do the most good away from
his people and the Thraxinium. The PCs need to convince him to leave his ancestral home to represent the
island nation in the Coalition.

Convincing Bejam Level 15
Skill Challenge XP 1,200

You have made a proposal to Bejam to have him represent the
Nefelese among the Coalition against the githyanki threat.
Although he seems reasonably receptive to the idea, he still has
doubts that he can do his people the greatest good by leaving
his official duties in Nefelus.

The PCs attempt to convince Bejam that he should join the
Coalition, so that Nefelus has a voice among the group.

1 (requires 4 successes before 3 failures).

Primary Skills
Arcana 18, Bluff 18, Diplomacy 11, Insight 11

Bluff: Mittens flatters Bejam with talk of his accepting nature and the
ability to have an open discourse, even with strangers from the

Missed the DC by 2.  Aid-other makes it a success.  The others are likely auto-success.

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Thu 7 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
  "You said it yourself, more of these mirrors are missing.  Even with my profession leaning towards such studies, knowledge of your own cultural artifacts would help a great deal as much as your other experience."  He checks his crossbow, and comments "I have not had the luxury of stopping to study up at my leisure, and I doubt that will change in the near future."

  Well, you already auto pass the DC so you can just finish lazy posting- "Besides which, with the rate of such things it would give you first hand opportunities to study any further artifacts that survive."  You know, when not slam dunking themselves into the seas of the elemental chaos.
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Thu 7 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
Timothius can see through Amyria and Bejam and, well, pretty much anyone.

Arcana: May, Rai and Tim all kind of... let the expert Kyle handle that one.

Bluff: Timothius is sure to lightly distract Bejam with his diplomacy to make Mittens' words appear more genuine, while also agreeing with her statement.

Diplomacy: Timothius makes the point that Bejam joining the coalition would do his people a huge service by its symbolism alone. The people of Nefelus have too long been solitary and to have Bejam go out to a foreign location would set an example to his people that nobody else can set. Raichel makes the point that Nefelus is a nice place full of nice people, but the world at large needs GOOD people to go out and show them how to dish out justice to the vile. Nefelus is already a paragon of good while the rest need direction. There is little to no need for a good man of Bejam's caliber here. A healthy nation doesn't need a doctor; the sick need a doctor.

Insight: Dunno. GM will have to tell me, but Timothius figures it out with ease.

Arcana DC 18
May: 08, Rai: 08, Tim: 08

Bluff DC 18
May: 08, Rai: 13, Tim: 16

Diplomacy DC 11
May: 08, Rai: 13, Tim: 21

Insight DC DC 11
May: 14, Rai: 10, Tim: 21 (can roll twice)

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Thu 7 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
The PC senses that Bejam is struggling with this decision and
wants to do what’s best for his people, but sees the greater good
in personally representing Nefelus.

Bejam relents.  "Very well.  I shall begin the official process and begin packing.  Please, enjoy the rest you have earned."

Amyria offers, "I will personally oversee Chillreaver's imprisonment then catch up with you."

coNcludiNg the
The PCs have defeated Chillreaver and saved the
island nation of Nefelus from a great disaster. In so
doing, the Nefelese have decided to end their isolation
and are sending both magical and naval aid to the
Coalition. If they were convincing enough, the PCs
might have persuaded Bejam, one of the Thraxinium
of Nefelus, to personally join the Coalition to give his
people a voice in the fight against the githyanki threat.

Bejam's preparations will allow for a few days of rest in the tropical island weather.
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Thu 7 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
  "Thank you, Amyira.  Do be careful, circumstances as much as how large an explosion my friends can cause lead to how fast he was taken down." But mostly the second part.

  Kyle temporarily fudges funding of nonspecified magic items into water walking sandals for higher grade beach antics.
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Thu 7 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
...a few days of rest in the tropical island weather.

The twins couldn't be happier and they are sure to drag Amyria to the beach with them to have some downtime for a change! They splash her with water and build sand castles with her! May, of course, aids with castle defenses and demonstrates her alligator stealth-swim that she initially had only shown to the girls before.

The twins also team up with their sis in a game of volley ball where May, Kyle and Amyria are on the opposing team. The do occasionally switch up who is on which team just for kicks.

At one point, Timothius cries for how happy he is, rubbing at his eye with his fist in a cat-like manner and Raichel cries with him, doing much the same.

Raichel, of course, practices some underwater punching and kicking! She occasionally shows off by flying around and causes a brief waternado by flying up from the waters.

Burying someone in sand happens one way or another. And that's just the beach.


May and the twins are sure to get a thorough tour of Nefelus. May looks to get the most "Nefelese" weapon possible from their stores while Tim just looks for a souvenir generically. Raichel buys some books on Nefelese law and culture so she can read about it later, for now just enjoying the first hand experience.

May and Rai are sure to impress Nefelese with physical feats while Timothius mostly just shows support and seems in an extra-cuddly mood. Timothius seems genuinely happy as if forgetting all about his problems for a time.

Raichel makes sure to let the behir know what happened and that it will be punished severely for its part in the deaths of the scouts. "If it were up to me, I would have you devoured bone by bone. But instead, you will likely get off light with a mere death sentence."

May can not deny the behir deserving such and decides to have Timothius and Kyle study the behir as much as they can before it is killed so that she can later either tame one, or have Kyle build a mecha-behir.

Tim makes a comment about how much fun the Apparatuses of Kwalish were and cuddles his mommy plushy and growing collection of monster plushies.

Before the 3 day vacation is through, Timothius is sure to draw up some new outfits for the team.
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Fri 8 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
Amyira bows to Kyle.  "Of course."

Evil dragons are tried and executed.  (As were the ice giants captured in the first encounter.)  Mits commissions a painting of herself (and all her allies, if they accept the offer) posing in front of the body as proof of the deed.

The Nefalese love the idea and it quickly becomes a fad.

Both are slow to even begin to decay even in the warm climate.  Mits gets a scale from Chillreaver as further proof.  If asked, she says that it is to convince important people that they really did slay a god's favored champion.  DC 0 to see through the fact she wants to prove it to her parents more than anyone.  A quick geography check reveals that 3 days is not enough time to get to the kitty hometown and back, even with a teleport to Overlook and mounts.

The Nefalese are of course impressed with the heroes when they show off.  Mits enjoys the fun times and delegates to grad students (and their teachers) the researching of the library for info on Cachlain and whatnot.*  She is sure to employ magic to make her new beach dress look good even after being covered in wet sand:  And of course thanks Kyle for the nice sandals!

Gifts are gotten for each friend and sib.  Praise are is liberally applied.  Kitten cuddles for sibs too.

When time comes, the group rendezvous at the ship to return to Sayre.
As you assemble at the dock in Nefelus, Bejam gives his
regards to his assembled family and friends.

They're all sure to tell him that they're very proud of him.

*OOC: No DCs for knowledge checks on Cachlain that I could find.  I'll just assume that he's too distant a thing for the Nefalese to have stuff on him on archive.  If "we needed to research this" comes up later, we can just point back and says, "totally did!"

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Fri 8 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
  Kyle may or may not have copy/pasted swaths of rituals to further justify 'oh right I totally picked up that ritual at some point' during his stay.

  He does of course, enjoy the novelty of being slightly less grim faced than his is default. Be it posing with dead idiots, or BLARG VOLLEYBALL TO FACE... Well, he's got a CON secondary for a reason (and at least the rebound sent it back over the net).

  But then you don't have to worry about your dignity nearly as much when among your close friends. Though he still hasn't figured out who knocked over the elaborate sand castle on him (plot twist, it was Amyira).

  Eventually, beachtimes are over and it's time to go.  "Thank you again, Bejam. It can be hard to leave home after so long, even for good reason."
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Fri 8 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
May, Rai and Tim totally agree to being painted with slain dragon and they each take a scale to add to their growing dragon scale collection. May suggests maybe having a "ranking" patch on the shoulder that the scales are sewn onto to display the dragons they have slain, but Timothius points out it would be best to keep the scales safe from harm if the group wants to keep their mementos for the future.

Timothius also copied rituals in order to lessen Kyle's workload (Tim uses them too, so may as well get the work done in half the time).

On the boat ride, Timothius gives Bejam crackers to help in case the guy might get seasick later. Preventative measure and all that.

Raichel practices all kinds of acrobatics on the boat. The unstable surface is a great place to challenge oneself.

By now, May would have already given Amyria a play-by-play of the fight through the ice berg, complete with Mittens giving visuals. So instead, she give Amyria some info on older adventures and about their old shape-shifting friend Meriele. "Crazy to think how we have these titles now that are considered stuff of legend. I'm a Dreadnaught. Which is huuuuge to the dwarves of Overlook seeing as the original dreadnaught was a dwarf. Tim's a Messenger of Peace; the kind of paragon servant of a deity said to come along only once every century or three due to how rarely people love peace enough to go to the lengths he has to enforce it. Raichel has been told she is what's referred to as a Lightning Fury; a sorcerer so powerful with lightning that even creatures who eat lightning for breakfast would feel pain from her bolts. Mittens is a Morniglord; A shining representation of the light of Pelor himself. And Kyle is an Alchemist*, which is an Artificer who specializes in chemicals. Artificers are rare enough as it is, but while most alchemists are only beginning to understand the art, I believe Kyle will find the secret of turning lead into gold if he hasn't already." She considered naming Kyle a Mechapocolypse Harbinger, but considering his machine-to-alchemy ratio, that would be highly inaccurate.

*Note: Kyle is actually an Academy Master, but his player decided to reflavor it as just Kyle being really good at the basics. So May came up with a title of her own for him.
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Fri 8 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
 Kyle comments "Apparently it's been discovered over and over across the ages, and then discarded. Because the process is wildly inefficient.  I haven't been able to find agreement if it's more or less than the difference between Residuum and Gold."

  "Still, thank you for the vote of confidence.  I do admit I hardly look the part of an Artificer when I'm not covered in springs, sprockets, and four pairs of goggles."  Less moving parts means less things to fix, after all.  At this point Kyle's crossbow only has even the most basic of crossbow mechanisms to ensure it will still function should some plot device disable magic.

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Fri 8 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
Mittens' visuals include lots of muppets, so some accuracy in the telling May have been lost.  Chillreaver wore a tie, apparently:

Umber hulks have lazy smiles: http://vignette2.wikia.nocooki...47?cb=20100321113820

Ice giants have HUGE noses:

At least the fish men look relatively accurate: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pini...bffd0e8c50eee956.jpg

Mits Imp muppet and Cherub muppet argue over whether Mittens is a Laser Wizard of DOOM or a Funshine Flower Kitten.  But at least Kyle's being able to curb-stomp equivalent exchange is a point they can agree upon.  And just how amazing the others are.

Amyria bows politely.  "It is good to have such amazing allies.  It was good to meet others of my own kind, but I feel much more at home with you, stalwart champions of justice."

While Bejam
is distracted with his goodbyes, Amyria leans in to speak
with you in a troubled tone.
“I have just received a message from Fariex. He is brief,
since he communicated by using a Sending ritual. The
Coalition has suffered great losses. They are in chaos and in
dire need of new leadership. We must return immediately.”

OOC: Ms. Piggy is what comes up for "Muppet Beholder"  https://s-media-cache-ak0.pini...ebb4436ce9301c71.jpg
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Fri 8 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
  "Clearly it's laser doom flowers." Also confetti, and so on.

  Though being able to create volatile alchemy items held together with the arcane equivalent of duct tape and a prayer to get by component costs and crafting speeds is notable, yes.

  Even if much of that was to get around 'do you have any idea how much the alchemy equivalent of silk rope costs!?' (Seriously why is Protean Silk a level 7 item whaaaaaaaaaat).

  "Well Amyria, you are hardly alone in being comfortable around people with teeth sharper than your own."  He is alas, not surprised that leaving the Coalition alone for barely a week has resulted in tragedy.
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Fri 8 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
Of course, the twins and May are all grateful to Amyria for her kind words.

Kyle might not be the only one unsurprised by this turn of events, but Raichel sure is. "What? We haven't even been away for a week! And what does he mean new leadership? Did several of the members die and now the places and people they each represent need new leaders?"

Timothius says, "Calm down, Raichel. Nobody but the coalition knows the answers to those questions. Until we get to Sayre, there is little we can do but pray."

Raichel says, "First thing when we get back; we'll let them know we defeated an exarch of Tiamat. That should be encouraging, right?"

Timothius says, "I hope so... but they will likely be more encouraged by Bejam joining us." he gives a smile and a nods to Bejam.

May says, "The coalition obviously needs more weapons."

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Fri 8 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
Mits smiles and offers Kyle a set of vampire teeth.

Amyria headshakes.  "While I appreciate you all trusting me with the Chairmanship, The Council agreed that one must be an official member to hold that position.  I represent only myself and my own interests.  Not those of a city.  Which is fine because that allows me the freedom of neutrality on many matters."

"T'is a tad soon, yes.  This is a little unexpected in another way.  I got the impression Lord Divian would sooner die than give up his seat as leader of the Coalition to another.  Yet on top of his being unseated, the seat remains unoccupied by a doppelganger.  Hmm..."

Bejam nods back to Timothius, clearly troubled by the latest news.  "Perhaps we could set up a magical communications network of our own..."
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Fri 8 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
  "A more standard sending stone would more than get the job done for our purposes.  The Bitterglass was needed only for having every bit of the gith army linked with eachother at once."

  He leaves it unspoken that Divian is either dead, or realizing the job could make him dead.
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Fri 8 Jan 2016
at 06:11
Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
Timothius looks at Kyle. "...then sending stones it is. How much of an investment would it be to have sending stones for each member?"

Raichel says, "Probably more than they are willing to pay."

May says, "We as a team don't need them for each other because we never split up. But for staying in touch with buddies who are NOT on our team, could prove rather essential."
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Fri 8 Jan 2016
at 06:19
Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
"Considering how fast and cheap Kyle could pop those out compared to say, one day's worth of cost to run an army blind, I'm sure they can be made to see reason.  Especially in light of recent events."

Bejam agrees, "Kyle's idea likely the best.  Decentralized communications means that a strike team couldn't cripple the entire network in one attack."

Mits grins.  "Like we did to the githyanki."
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Fri 8 Jan 2016
at 06:23
Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
  "Well, I was thinking more in terms of not needing to coordinate with numerous forces across several several planes, and simply checking in with the coalition."  Sometimes the Bat Phone works.

  "Though a few more would not hurt, at least." While we make no promises for cheaper, 60 seconds per magic item is quite the production rate.
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Fri 8 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
May, Rai and Tim do not recall the 9,000 gold price tag for one pair of sending stones, but they are sure of Mittens' point.

Raichel says, "I remember that saying from back home; don't put all your eggs in one basket. For a farmer, that meant if you drop one basket, you can still salvage the other eggs you put in the other basket. For us, it means what Bejam just said."

Timothius says, "Wish we could prepare the resurrection ritual ahead of time, but that isn't really possible. Besides, we don't even know if anyone is dead or just plain missing."
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Fri 8 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
When the PCs return, they find that the Coalition has
been shaken up by several events. While the PCs and
Amyria were absent, the politically savvy Lord Divian
Torrance maneuvered to become the head of the
council. The dwarf Kalad, one of the PCs most outspoken allies, had become an effective general for the
coalition’s armies, and had earned the enmity of the
githyanki. While preparing for a battle near Sherrbyr,
he was assassinated by the githyanki, and without his
leadership the battle ended in defeat for the Coalition.

Shortly before the PCs finished their battles to
save Nefelus, Torrance went missing. Githyanki from
Garaitha’s Anvil claimed he came to them as a representative of the council, seeking a diplomatic compromise
to prevent further bloodshed. Seeing this as an affront
and a threat, they killed Torrance for his arrogance.

"Not sure I believe that story," Mits says, "Maybe he was captured.  But Kalad would be a worthwhile resurrection."
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Fri 8 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
  "To be fair, somebody saying 'they were a threat!' and killing them over asking for a bloodless compromise sounds about as stupid as what we usually deal with. So I can see why people would take it at face value as what happened."

  He looks to Timothius, and says "Scrolls for such work in half the time with no training, if still require the components."  Kyle stores scrolls in map cases alongside the proper amount of Residuum for a reason.

  Kalad does have an unused 'Module declares them rezzed for free' thanks to the party being able to save them earlier, yes.
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Fri 8 Jan 2016
at 06:48
Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
Raichel says, "Why bother kidnapping him when they could kill him? Still, I wouldn't believe them anyway. They are so full of evil and bile, I'd question whether the sun would come up if they said it would."

Timothius answers Mittens, "Well if we can get Kalad's body, then of course we'll rez him." Then nods to Kyle. "...forgot about scrolls."

May says, "Can't we just invade the astral sea already and find the head to cut it off?"

Timothius says, "Let's rez Kalad first."

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Fri 8 Jan 2016
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Re: Scales of War: The Temple Between pt.2
Previously: A priest of Erathis, Inogo hails
from the distant city of Sherrbyr. This city lies far
to the northeast, beyond Elsir Vale by at least three
weeks’ travel

Clearly they have a teleportation circle or Kalad could not have died there.

Mits nods.  "We'll have to teleport."

Amyria holds up a hand.  "Let's talk to the Coalition first.  Calm things down.  Make those assurances you were talking about."

Mits ohs.  "Right right."

Now, the Elsir Vale and Sayre seats on the Coalition are open, and the council lacks a leader. The
head of Brindol’s council, Eoffram Troyas, seeks both
spots. Many people, both citizens of the Elsir Vale and
influential people in other regions now ruled by the
Coalition, have suggested Amyria as a replacement
for either seat, and for a position as leader. The PCs
take part in a skill challenge as they put forth a candidate they’d like to see on the council and run a brief
campaign to put that person in power.

After the deaths of two of its members, the Coalition’s
council lacks a strong leader and needs representatives for the Elsir Vale and Sayre. The PCs can
nominate a candidate. Most likely, this would be
Amyria. The members of the council make it clear
that the PCs will not be accepted onto the council,
since they are vital to combat efforts and are needed
elsewhere. The candidate is selected by all the members of the council who aren’t running for the seat,
but the council members also listen to those they
represent, so convincing the people of various regions
is as important as convincing the council members

Rival Candidates
Two major players oppose the PCs’ candidate.

Eoffram Troyas
A member of the Brindol council, the male halfelf Eoffram Troyas is outspoken and rash, and has
become even more so as he hears more news of
war. When speaking, he is somber, methodical, and
humorless. Debate bores him, and he’d prefer to
make quick, unilateral decisions than let issues get
bogged down in endless chatter.
If you’re playing Scales of War, Eoffram was the
NPC who recruited the PCs in “Rescue at Rivenroar.”
Represents: Brindol.
Motive: Though he truly seeks to do good, Eoffram
believes his ideas are the only ones that matter. He’s
willing to sacrifice whatever he needs to if it helps end
the war. A quick, decisive victory is what he believes
he needs to establish his leadership and immortalize his name. Eoffram wasn’t chosen to advise the
Coalition, and still harbors resentment that he wasn’t
Platform: Eoffram wants to be aggressive—to take
the fight to the enemies of the Coalition. A show of
force can, in his opinion, cause the enemy troops to
scatter and retreat. He favors a combat crash course
for citizens of all the Coalition’s communities, along
with recruiting mercenaries, followed by a rapid
assault against the evil forces.

Quelenna Entromiel
Since the council’s inception, Quelenna has occupied
a seat. Ruler of the settlement called Dornaithos, she
has influence over trade in several lands, and she can
easily access raw materials needed for the war effort.
Traders in every major settlement know her name.
She’s an expert at arranging deals, especially when
time is tight, and some say she’ll even use bribes if it
will help her.
Represents: Dornaithos, a major trade city.
Motive: Quelenna want Dornaithos’s fortunes to
continue, and she thinks running the war council is
a way to make herself more prominent and secure
better deals for Dornaithos to provide war materiel.
Platform: Two words encapsulate Quelenna’s
proposal: caution and commerce. Quelenna believes—
and makes this belief widely known—that the war
won’t last long, and that the free cities can weather
the storm once the githyanki assault runs out of
steam. She encourages a defensive posture and argues
that building up the defenses of the cities is best for
now and for the future. Of course, Dornaithos is
happy to provide the materials and expertise to build
these fortifications.

The Coalition’s Leader Level 15
Skill Challenge XP 6,000
Your actions determine whether your candidate becomes the
leader of the Coalition.
The PCs argue for their candidate, try to gather support,
rebut the arguments of the other candidates, and train
their candidate to be a better leader. Most checks in
this challenge take one or more days to resolve, so the
challenge takes up a bit of time.
5 (requires 12 successes before 3 to 6 failures).

Primary Skills
Diplomacy 18, History 18, Religion 18, Streetwise 23.
Other Skills
Bluff 18, Streetwise 11.

Political Gambits
The PCs’ rivals aren’t passive in this challenge.
The following political events can happen during
the course of the challenge, and give Eoffram and
Quelenna opportunities to gain successes for themselves (bringing the PCs closer to defeat). Each gambit
can appear after the PCs have a certain number of
successes, and an entry mentions in what range it
should appear. For example, “The Blockade” can
occur when the PCs have 2, 3, or 4 successes, and
the PCs choose whether to forgo actions when you
announce that event occurs.
The Blockade
Occurs when the PCs have 2–4 successes.