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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Previously: A priest of Erathis, Inogo hails
from the distant city of Sherrbyr. This city lies far
to the northeast, beyond Elsir Vale by at least three
weeks’ travel

Clearly they have a teleportation circle or Kalad could not have died there.

Mits nods.  "We'll have to teleport."

Amyria holds up a hand.  "Let's talk to the Coalition first.  Calm things down.  Make those assurances you were talking about."

Mits ohs.  "Right right."

Now, the Elsir Vale and Sayre seats on the Coalition are open, and the council lacks a leader. The
head of Brindol’s council, Eoffram Troyas, seeks both
spots. Many people, both citizens of the Elsir Vale and
influential people in other regions now ruled by the
Coalition, have suggested Amyria as a replacement
for either seat, and for a position as leader. The PCs
take part in a skill challenge as they put forth a candidate they’d like to see on the council and run a brief
campaign to put that person in power.

After the deaths of two of its members, the Coalition’s
council lacks a strong leader and needs representatives for the Elsir Vale and Sayre. The PCs can
nominate a candidate. Most likely, this would be
Amyria. The members of the council make it clear
that the PCs will not be accepted onto the council,
since they are vital to combat efforts and are needed
elsewhere. The candidate is selected by all the members of the council who aren’t running for the seat,
but the council members also listen to those they
represent, so convincing the people of various regions
is as important as convincing the council members

Rival Candidates
Two major players oppose the PCs’ candidate.

Eoffram Troyas
A member of the Brindol council, the male halfelf Eoffram Troyas is outspoken and rash, and has
become even more so as he hears more news of
war. When speaking, he is somber, methodical, and
humorless. Debate bores him, and he’d prefer to
make quick, unilateral decisions than let issues get
bogged down in endless chatter.
If you’re playing Scales of War, Eoffram was the
NPC who recruited the PCs in “Rescue at Rivenroar.”
Represents: Brindol.
Motive: Though he truly seeks to do good, Eoffram
believes his ideas are the only ones that matter. He’s
willing to sacrifice whatever he needs to if it helps end
the war. A quick, decisive victory is what he believes
he needs to establish his leadership and immortalize his name. Eoffram wasn’t chosen to advise the
Coalition, and still harbors resentment that he wasn’t
Platform: Eoffram wants to be aggressive—to take
the fight to the enemies of the Coalition. A show of
force can, in his opinion, cause the enemy troops to
scatter and retreat. He favors a combat crash course
for citizens of all the Coalition’s communities, along
with recruiting mercenaries, followed by a rapid
assault against the evil forces.

Quelenna Entromiel
Since the council’s inception, Quelenna has occupied
a seat. Ruler of the settlement called Dornaithos, she
has influence over trade in several lands, and she can
easily access raw materials needed for the war effort.
Traders in every major settlement know her name.
She’s an expert at arranging deals, especially when
time is tight, and some say she’ll even use bribes if it
will help her.
Represents: Dornaithos, a major trade city.
Motive: Quelenna want Dornaithos’s fortunes to
continue, and she thinks running the war council is
a way to make herself more prominent and secure
better deals for Dornaithos to provide war materiel.
Platform: Two words encapsulate Quelenna’s
proposal: caution and commerce. Quelenna believes—
and makes this belief widely known—that the war
won’t last long, and that the free cities can weather
the storm once the githyanki assault runs out of
steam. She encourages a defensive posture and argues
that building up the defenses of the cities is best for
now and for the future. Of course, Dornaithos is
happy to provide the materials and expertise to build
these fortifications.

The Coalition’s Leader Level 15
Skill Challenge XP 6,000
Your actions determine whether your candidate becomes the
leader of the Coalition.
The PCs argue for their candidate, try to gather support,
rebut the arguments of the other candidates, and train
their candidate to be a better leader. Most checks in
this challenge take one or more days to resolve, so the
challenge takes up a bit of time.
5 (requires 12 successes before 3 to 6 failures).

Primary Skills
Diplomacy 18, History 18, Religion 18, Streetwise 23.
Other Skills
Bluff 18, Streetwise 11.

Political Gambits
The PCs’ rivals aren’t passive in this challenge.
The following political events can happen during
the course of the challenge, and give Eoffram and
Quelenna opportunities to gain successes for themselves (bringing the PCs closer to defeat). Each gambit
can appear after the PCs have a certain number of
successes, and an entry mentions in what range it
should appear. For example, “The Blockade” can
occur when the PCs have 2, 3, or 4 successes, and
the PCs choose whether to forgo actions when you
announce that event occurs.
The Blockade
Occurs when the PCs have 2–4 successes.
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
  "If he had any experience with the scale of these matters, I'd have a better opinion of Troyas.  The problem is this is a whole different situation than hiring us to rescue a handfull of people from a keep, and is as much concerned with making a name for himself as not sitting back and hoping the invasion blows over."

  He sighs,  "Though considering I grew up in Brindol unlike the rest of you, I'm sure everyone who prefers Quelenna over Amyira or Troyas will just think I'm only saying most of his ideas should be used is just regional bias.  Even though Amyira has a better grasp of what we are dealing with than him."

  Someone who wants to teach citizens to swing a sword straight instead of hoping the problem goes away? Wowie zowie!
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Raichel looks over at Kyle and says, "We'll be letting Tim do most of the talking anyway. The rest of us can merely present facts. I think Troyas will be perfectly fine with anyone being in charge as long as we go on the offensive. So let's use that."

Once the group enters, Timothius says, "Hail. We bring good news." he walks to the table and tosses a white dragon scale onto the table. It's big enough to eat dinner off of. "This scale belonged to Chillreaver; Exarch of Tiamat. We fought him, defeated him, and now he is dead. With his death, we freed Nefelus and they agreed to join the Coalition. With me is Bejam, a member of Nefelus's own Thraxinium. We now have an army of devas and their vast libraries of knowledge and history on our side."

He presents Bejam so the man can greet the coalition however he wants.

Timplomacy: Auto-success. Would have to roll a -4 on the dice to fail.
Tim Religion: 34 success
Rai Streetwise: 26 success

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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
History DC 18 (1 success, maximum 2 successes)
The PCs use their knowledge of historical warfare to coach their
candidate on lessons to be learned from past battles, so the
candidate can look more knowledgeable about the art of war.

Religion DC 18 (1 success, maximum 1 success)
By encouraging their candidate to show religious devotion,
the PCs gain the backing of many religious leaders in various

DC 18 (1 success, no maximum successes)
The PC speaks to common people, convincing them to urge
their leaders to support the PCs’ candidate.

Insight DC 18 (1 success, maximum 2 successes—one per rival)
The PC watches one of the rival candidates speak and figures
out some of that candidate’s true motives. This also gives a +2
bonus to all checks during the next event (see below) triggered
by that rival.

Mits reaches to put a hand on Kyle's shoulder.  "Perish the thought.  Not only was Troyas the first to show faith in us, but none of us would accuse you of something so petty as playing political favorites.  You're a professional.  I'm sure we can compensate for whatever shortcomings may come up regardless of who winds up taking the reigns."

She unrolls the painting of the victors standing over Chillreaver and shows it off to the Coalition.  They all look impressed.

Bejam bows.  "Thraxi Bejam of Nefelus at your service.  I can attest to what the hero says.  Nefelus mourns with Sayre and Overlook at the loss of their most noble Coalition representatives."

He takes his seat at the table.

"The Heroes of the Prime Material Plane wish to resurrect Kalad," Amyria explains, "They will now present their case for the candidate they support for the new leader of the Coalition, then will be on their way."

Mits does not object to the title upgrade.  They are more than just the Heroes of the Elsir vale now, after all.

"My suggestion is this:  Amyria will be interim general until Kalad is resurrected.  As for who the next leader should be, I think all our options have merit.  I'll let Timothius here present the case for the wisest choice."

DC 23 (1 success, maximum 1 success)
Eoffram Troyas seeks both the Elsir Vale seat and the leadership.
If the PCs’ candidate seeks only the Sayre seat and leadership,

Eoffram fights less ardently since the Elsir Vale seat will likely
go to him. A PC attempting this check gains a bonus equal to
the number of successes the PCs have.

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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
The Blockade
Occurs when the PCs have 2–4 successes.
A group of hobgoblins seize a road used by the
Elsir Consortium and prevent the flow of goods.
Quelenna uses this as evidence that trade is vital to
the war, and she intends to make sure resources move
through it.
effect: Any number of PCs can skip their next
skill checks to travel out and try to break the blockade. One of the PCs makes a d20 roll, with a +5
bonus for each PC participating. The DC is 17.
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
 "Well, that certainly had some odd timing."  If the party doesn't want to go for a free History success this round, Kyle will contribute towards the attempts at dealing with the blockade.

OOC: "Okay, THIS time my utility will-Oh."  Anyways, latest Utility lets me use my +21 (+25 if you count a Skill challenge as a "Hazzard" ;P) Arcana on a CHA skill check as an encounter power. And looks like this challenge takes course over some nonspecific stretch of days?
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Streetwise DC 23 (1 success, maximum 1 success)
The PC finds out that Quelenna Entromiel has been bribing
officials to secure their support. Exposing her also removes 1
success from her tally, if she has any.

Streetwise DC 11 (no successes)
By gathering or spreading rumors, the PC find ways to
undermine a rival’s support base. The next ally who makes a
skill check in this challenge gains a +5 bonus.

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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Tim supports Amyria. He appreciates that Troyas wants to go on the offensive, but thinks putting a "my way or the highway" guy in charge would be a mistake. On the other hand, Quelenna is emphasizing defense, which is right up Tim's personality preferences.

Rai supports Amyria, but has a soft spot for Troyas because he was behind us way back when. She admires his decisive nature and believes his line of thinking to be the ONLY way. Best defense is attack.

May thinks similarly to Raichel, but with a little less sentiment towards Troyas than Raichel has.

Timothius is sure to point out that while Amyria is still his choice for head of coalition, he agrees with both Troyas and Quelenna; the war needs to be brought to the enemy's front door, but the people need to bolster their defenses. He suggests that, rather than do one or the other, Quel focuses on bolstering defenses while Troyas focuses on the assault. He suggests that the leadership of the coalition would distract both Troyas and Quelenna from their goals and that with Amyria in the seat, those two could focus on their tasks while garnering support where needed.

In short: Timothius pretty much spins it that having Amyria in the leader seat would actually get both Troyas and Quelenna what they want.

Rai and May find Tim's suggestion to have merit, so they support Amyra like they were planning to do anyway.

Raichel, however, finds out Quelenna has been bribing officials and immediately reports it, along with evidence. She is teary-eyed and angry when talking to her allies, but cools down before allowing herself to see the council again, reasoning that Quelenna is clearly just doing everything possible to get what she thinks is assured protection of the people of Sayre. So Raichel soon no longer feels betrayed by this act.

When news of the hobgoblin ordeal happens, May suggests the whole team go there. "We never split up. We sleep together, fight together, and when the time comes for me to die, I hope it is at your sides."

Timothius agrees and lets Amyria know he trusts she has the rest in hand. "We'll deal with this threat and then resurrect Kalad."
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
  Kyle is in overall favor of Amyria calling the shots, considering she's has the most insight and personal experience with the whole sorry situation they are dealing with.

  Despite his upbringing by merchants, it seems clear that Qulenna's only concern is her buisness and hopes the whole war will blow over.

  If not for their impatience and desiring recognition as much as anything, Kyle would have been tempted to put Troyas on the job so Amyira didn't have to deal with the political headaches.  But as much as he admires most of their 'hey let's arm our citizens and give them enough training to handle basic minions' thinking, it's seems a given they will just throw under leveled NPCs at purple cons.

  "It's a sorry state when leaving a friend temporarily dead is the closest you can do to giving them a vacation." But it's also a good way to try and not throw as many curveballs at the module writers as possible.
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Amyria humbly accepts the nomination of the heroes.  "Should I be chosen, I shall do my utmost to live up to the responsibility of the position."

Mits is sure to point out, "It's not like Amyria isn't the friggin' founder of this entire Coalition!  If not for her arm-twisting, this whole group wouldn't even exist, and each rep would be back home wondering how their small group of people are going to survive an inter-planar invasion on their own."

Her words aren't exactly flattering, but none of the Coalition members deny the truth of them.

"On the topic of who will represent Sayre, I nominate Lady Catherine Torrance.  And for who will be interim general, I say the obvious choice is general Alvro Taramin.

"And outside there being any other candidates, Eoffram Troyas as interim rep for the Elsir Vale is a given."

Amyria addresses her friends before they go on the first of the side-tracks.  "I shall remain here and see to it that the debate goes smoothly.  Your resurrection ritual scroll can be used by anyone with basic understanding, correct, Kyle?  I suggest that while we are all occupied, a delegation from the church of Moradin be sent to resurrect Kalad.  As much as he deserves a longer rest in paradise, I do not want to risk some distraction or complication that may crop up in the next few days in your absence be enough for us to lose our window of time when we can bring him back."

Complications such as....

Raid on Brindol
Occurs when the PCs have 4–7 successes.
A stealth raid by hobgoblins against Brindol is
easily foiled by the city’s guards. Eoffram claims this
shows that the evil forces can be defeated easily, but
the details of his story don’t add up.

effect: One or two PCs can skip their next action
in the skill challenge to instead investigate the
evidence of this raid.

Victory: The PCs reveal that the severity of the
raid was greatly exaggerated, and there’s no evidence
that the hobgoblins were even associated with the

Occurs when the PCs have 7–9 successes.
Quelenna uses her connections to find out about
the PCs’ wealth, acquired from their various adventures, and uses this evidence to claim that the PCs
have only their own profit in mind. Claiming the PCs
are biased, she contends that the PCs want only a
pawn who can send them to the lands with the most

effect: Each PC has to defend his or her motives.
Victory: The PCs break the blockade, but gain no
successes.  blockade???

Changing Sides
Occurs when the PCs have 8 or more successes.
Once the PCs are close to victory, one of the other
candidates might switch sides and come to the aid of
the PCs. (You might choose to have a rival switch just
after his or her second political gambit fails.)
effect: If either rival has fewer successes than the
other, he or she joins the PCs’ cause and says that the
PCs’ candidate speaks for his or her people. This gives
the PCs one success and removes a candidate from
contention. The rival gains or retains a seat on the war
council in any case.

False Commands
Occurs when the PCs have 9–11 successes.
Desperate to prove his plan’s viability, Eoffram
sends out false orders to three cities, commanding
them to raise civilian armies and strike back at the
effect: Up to three PCs can forgo their next
skill checks to instead try to prevent the messages
from being acted on.

Victory: If all PCs succeeded, they prevent Eoffram’s plan from working and likely save some lives.

Defeat: Eoffram denies responsibility for the
orders, claiming that the people demand this course
of action. He must be given control or the war effort is
doomed to failure. He gains one success.

One way or another, the PCs curb-stomp the problems, Amyria is chosen leader, and Kalad is resurrected!  He sends a message since he still has an army to re-build where he is after the githyanki victory in the area.  He is thankful, regrets to say he has no memories of the afterlife, but is grateful for the fact.

"Don't want any dreamy idealistic images running around in my head to distract me from my mission here.  I'm just happy to know I was deemed worthy to send back.  And that you all would go to the trouble of havin' me brought back.  I wish you all well with your dragon-slaying adventures.  I'm fine with Troyas taking my seat as rep for the Elsir Vale.  I've got my hands full as general and can't afford to be tied to a desk debating what to name things."
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Raichel is infuriated by Quel's accusation, but bites her tongue.

May bites her tongue for a different reason; there is some truth to Quel's claims when it comes to May. She wants a horde and to buy things she likes. So her reaction is to blush and jaw-drop, kinda rendered speechless.

Timothius immediately makes sure his team is OK before making his point diplomatically. "To anyone who didn't know us, I'm sure that's how it looks. Our wealth is undeniable. It has become a part of our lives. When you fight an animated pile of gold made to look like Tiamat, you're bound to walk away with riches. That said, I have counted the number of days we have been allowed to relax and the days we are fighting evil, watching people die at our sides, and just generally saving the day for everyone. We have been fighting evil about 8 months. We have relaxed about 1 month total. Riches are no good if you can not enjoy them. Most of our wealth is what you see before you: An arsenal designed to fight evil. Assuming that isn't enough to persuade you, Eiffram himself can attest to our beginnings and what our motives were. We went for the people first before we even began to think about saving the town's treasures. We almost went to do so without pay entirely because, and again, Eiffram can attest to this, the council of Brindol was against hiring us. So we would have done all of that for free. Now that said: Raise your hand if a single one of you remembers hearing any of us so much as ask for pay doing the ground work of slaying armies and exarchs?" He waits for anyone downright stupid enough to raise their hand before saying, "And there you have it. Mittens' motive was to be like the storybook heroes she grew up reading about. Raichel's motive was to expose corruption and crush it. My motives started with keeping my sisters alive, but have since gone to damage prevention. Kyle's motives started out with using his professionalism to making sure my sisters and I didn't get ourselves killed. And we needed him for that." He gives Kyle a look of gratitude before looking back to the council. "And May's motive has been to show the world heroes are real. Which is... similar to Mittens, but there are some differences. Brindol, Overlook, and now the local Githzeri will attest to our motives. Which isn't to say anything of the gods who have been sending me personal messages from an angel, talk to Mittens on the regular and have blessed our whole team." He tosses his holy symbol onto the table. "This was 2,600 gold worth of investment. I never sold it. Why? Because it's a holy symbol of my god Pelor. I would sooner give it away to the church than sell it. These rings? 21,000 gold a piece. After that fight with Chillreaver and his goons, I think I will hold on to this ring. So..."

He snatches the symbol back up and says, "I've told you our motives. I've told you the gods favor us, which has already been evident by the visions and dreams we have shared with you. And if you still question the motives of a team chosen by the gods to save our plane from astral pirates, you also have Eiffram, then soon-to-be-raised Kalad, and many many people who bore witness to our motives and deeds. I will add this one last thing: If our motives were, in fact, purely money, I would contend that pirates from the astral sea who have riches none of you can imagine, would have recruited us long ago. You would be dead and your souls would be ripped apart, fueling one of their horrible soul-eating airships. No. Money is meaningless if it can't be used to protect the innocent. And that is what we will do."
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
  Kyle is so proud of both the complete turn around from 'barely surviving with his help' to 'would be mildly inconvenienced without him', as well as Timothius's growing expertise in passive aggression.

  "Eoffram knows how much I hold to actually getting paid for services rendered.  Too many expect help for nothing but a few kind words at best, hoping to take advantage of those who want to live up to stories.  Of coures, even then, I know enough not to leave people to suffer over it.  Even if I were in it purely for profits, one can hardly spend coin in a city burnt down by trolls, or a plane taken over by invaders."

  He shrugs, "I'm almost ashamed to say that somewhere down the line, I began to forget even thinking about it.  Oh, we have to recover a long lost fey artifact and kill a dragon four times as large as those the Gith use? Better go get that sorted then."
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Mits also is proud of Timothius.  She smiles and thumbs-ups at him.  To Rai she reaches to put a hand on her shoulder.

To the Coalition she says, "There's an old saying.  When you point a finger, there are three more fingers pointing right back at you.  Quel, I appreciate your being among the few with the guts to be here.  But you're not making any friends by slinging mud at heroes because you're projecting your own greedy motives on others.  So I'll make an accusation of my own..."

She points dramatically at Amyria.  "You!  You put your life on the line to stand up to evil!

"And since Kalad isn't here, I guess I can't accuse any other Coalition member present of that.  But I invite anyone with the guts to come join us on just one of our missions."

She shows off her painting again.  "Exarch.  Of Tiamat!"

Bejam interjects, "I would like to point out that when the Thraxinim offered the heroes 310,000 gold for their brave deeds, they turned it down.  They asked for a tiny amount of residium instead.  As mentioned, they used the powder to create more tools of their trade, anticipating having to use them for our defense in the future.  I have an article here about the modest vacation they enjoyed in Nefelus after their victory where they could have easily exploited their popularity for many extravagant rewards.  They are above reproach."

Amyria bows.  "Once again, I thank you all for putting your lives on the line for the people of the Material Plane.  Even if it is your home, that does not diminish that you are all noble for doing so.  May the Platinum Dragon grant you an eternal reward.  One worthy of housing the wealth of friendship and love worth more than all the treasures of the world that you already have.

"Now.  We have an important matter to discuss."

fomorian Cachlain, known as the Stone-Skinned
King, allied with the githyanki. They have been funneling troops through his domain in the Underdark
of the Feywild, taking advantage of the numerous
portals to other lands that lie within it. Githyanki
have moved more rapidly due to this, but no one is
sure how severe the problem is. Caliandra has been
tracking the situation in the Feywild and knows that
Cachlain wants the Seed of Winter. The fomorian once
believed it belonged to him, and Caliandra believes
he lent it to aid those who attacked Nefelus.

The coalition wants to decipher Cachlain’s motives
and prevent him from helping the githyanki if possible.
They believe the PCs are the only ones strong enough
to safely travel to the king’s domain and deal with him.
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Sat 9 Jan 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
May grins. "Let's go do what we do best. I'm excited to see what manner of muppets, plushies, and impossible imaginary weapons Mittens comes up with next!"

Raichel is grateful Quelenna isn't talking back. Not like the heroes left her any room to, but still. "Cachlain... we've heard the name a few times now. We were planning on going to the feywild when possible and now our time has come."

Timothius says, "So how are we getting to the feywild?"
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Sat 9 Jan 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
  "His motivations seem to make little sense even compared to what we normally deal with.  I could understand him wanting to take an ancient tome, that's simple enough.  But why give up an even greater artifact you already had, if you want it for yourself that badly?"
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Sat 9 Jan 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Mits shrugs.  "My guess?  'I'll loan you this Seed of Winter.  In exchange, you give me all the fancy books you loot from Nefelus.  And don't think I'm just going to trust you.  You give me collateral for the Seed.'  But who knows.  Could be the guy is insane."

Taking advantage of the chaos caused by the
githyanki attacks, Cachlain has been sending underlings to the world to collect slaves for his court. By
comparing the locations of a few raids in the Elsir
Vale, the Coalition has guessed that the slavers have
been traveling out of Rhest, a ruined city that was
once the capitol of the kingdom of Rhestilor. Some
explorers were trying to excavate the ruins, but no
one’s heard from them in a long time.
If the PCs go to the ruins, they find the cyclops
slavers didn’t take much care to cover their tracks.
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Sat 9 Jan 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
The PCs go down a narrow set of stairs that leads to a
large room where water drains from the ruins above.

When they look into the room, read:
Ahead is a room built with white stone brick. Deep channels
built into the floor carry water out, away from the room,
and you hear a steady flow of water to the south.

In the room sit four cyclopses, who all appear to be
relaxing. Two have giant wooden clubs, and the other two
have nets attached to their belts and spears slung across
their backs. Near the entrance, a stone golem stands
perfectly still.

The PCs can try to gain surprise. The PC with the
lowest bonus
Each PC rolls a Stealth check opposed by the
slavers’ passive Perception checks (26 is the highest).
The PCs have surprise if no enemies detect them.

Dungeoneering Check
DC 18: This room looks newer than the surrounding ruins.
Judging from the way water falls into the room, it appears
the room was built to drain the swampy water away from
the ruins, perhaps so they could be made livable once again.
The construction uses dwarven methods, and the room was
clearly not constructed by cyclopses or other fey.

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Sun 10 Jan 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
<Elven>"Intruders!"<Elven> one of the slavers warns the others.

He moves forward cautiously, squints his eye, and throws a large shuriken at May, but she dodges it by a fraction of an inch in dramatic slow motion!

<Elven>"Highly skilled intruders!  We may need to use our jutsu!"<Elven>
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Sun 10 Jan 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
May trots off to the center of them and gives them all a daring grin. "I am your opponent. You just TRY getting past me and you'll fall!" The speed that little lizard just used demonstrated she can reach any of them with ease.

Move: To center of enemies.
Standard: Shield Clamor. Close burst 5, marks all targets.
 Effect: If any marked enemy makes an attack that doesn't include May, she can charge them.

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Sun 10 Jan 2016
at 02:36
Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Raichel steps forward. "What is she doing...? Oh well." ZAP! Large bolt of lightning, but the cyclops who missed May pulls a dodge much like May's where the bolt barely misses.

Move: To a good view
Furious Bolts v S1,S2,G,C1,C2. Miss(24)

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Sun 10 Jan 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
When the PCs see the people imprisoned behind
the portcullis, read:

An iron portcullis blocks off a dead-end tunnel. Inside are
several humans, dwarves, and other residents of the Elsir
Vale. When they see you, they shout at you, begging for help.

All the cyclopse return May's challenge with an evil eye!

<Elven>"Save the jutsu for after we've tested them,"<Elven> a slaver answers, <Elven>"Those components aren't cheap!"<Elven>

Ping!  Shuriken bounces harmlessly off May's armor.  A cyclopse bruiser hefts his spiked greatclub.

<Elven>"Pff.  You guys and your jutsu.  Watch this."<Elven>

SLAM!  He hits with enough force to send May sprawling in the water!

<Elven>"It survived!  Not bad."<Elven>

SMASH!  Another bruiser smashes May hard!

<Elven>"Tough as hell!  But if they don't have a healer, we're golden."<Elven>
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Sun 10 Jan 2016
at 03:55
Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Mits heads into the room and a mini, bald Mittens appears among the enemy.

"Solar Flair!"

A burst of bright light emits from her forehead, and the enemy staggers about.  Mini bald Mits helps May move to a better spot.
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Sun 10 Jan 2016
at 03:57
Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Just so happens the healer speaks elven. <elven>"We're testing you too. For example, if Mr Jutsu-isn't-cheap attacks anyone, he'll be unable to do anything."</elven> Timothius calls out before saying in common, "Which one needs to go down first?"

Pacify v S2. Hit(31)
 If S2 hits or misses with attack, he is stunned

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Sun 10 Jan 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
The Stone golem crushes the kobold- Oh May rolled out of the way...

The stone golem CRUSHES the Kobold-oh, May blocked it with her shield.

The Golem's rocky unibrow furrows in disappointment.

OOC: Golem's double melee basic LOL miss and close miss.
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Sun 10 Jan 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Kyle meanwhile (and anyone else who desired) is using cheaper grade magic items to fill in the expected language gap.  He walks ahead so he can see the Battle, toughens up May, and casts his encounter attack that he really treats more like a Utility these days.

Imagine the general shape of Gumby, if they were made of tornados.

That's what does a leaping double kick to one of the Cyclopses and the Golem away from May. (What, missed 3rd attack? We don't know what you are talking about).  It stands guard beside May while it lasts.

"The one hanging back is trouble, I know trying to decide who to use alchemy on when I see it."

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