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Sat 5 Mar 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Raichel says, "Lost my appetite."

Timothius pats Rai's shoulder and looks at the others. "So we're going to Tu'narath. Right?"

May says, "Thanks to mister useful here, yeah. Any objections?"
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Sun 6 Mar 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
"Certainly not your appetite for justice," Mits asserts, clenching her fist.

finding Tu地ArATh
encounter Level 19 (12,000 XP)
To secure a route to the githyanki city, the PCs must
negotiate Citadel Mercane for leads. You should
run this skill challenge as the adventurers explore
and investigate the Bazaar. This skill challenge is
unusual in that even failed checks can reveal routes to
Tu地arath. These options are more dangerous and risk
much, but they are as viable as geting a victory with
the skill challenge. Many failures, as shown below,
include links to side-treks. If characters follow-up on
these, turn to the indicated page for details on what

Defeating the goristro demons
gives the PCs an edge when trying to enter the city.
Destroying them counts as one victory

(( Nitpick note:  Victory?  Not success?  I guess we don't have to do the skill challenge, then.  :p ))

Finding Tu地arath Level 19
Skill Challenge XP 12,000
The air hums with conversation, and in the crowds you see any
number of useful types who might aid you in your mission.
The PCs listen and interact with locals to discover possible
routes to Tu地arath. This skill challenge takes at least 6
5 (12 successes before 3 failures).
Primary Skills
Bluff, Diplomacy, Endurance, History, Insight, Intimidate.
Other Skills

If the PCs rescued and befriended Mayhem, they gain a +2
bonus to all skill checks related to the skill challenge.

Bluff DC 22
The PCs adopt cover stories and use them to find a way to the
githyanki city.
Requires a successful Streetwise check.
The first failure turns up a name for someone who might
help: Scaramandar. The failed check opens up the advanced
Streetwise 1 option. The PCs cannot make any more Bluff
checks until they succeed on another Streetwise check.

Diplomacy DC 22
The adventurers negotiate for passage, hinting at their mission
and seeking sympathizers.
The PCs cannot make any more Diplomacy checks until
they get another success with Streetwise.

Endurance DC 22 (4 successes maximum; see below)
The PCs spend time carousing in the hopes loose lips might
reveal a clue.
On a failed check, a nearby barfly suggests the characters
should just steal a ship. The failed check opens up the
advanced Streetwise 2 check.

History DC 27
The PCs recall and mention a particularly bloodthirsty
githyanki raid so that they can attempt to weaken bonds of
loyalty or foment feelings of vengeance in people around them.
A successful check can negate one failure instead of
granting a success.

Intimidate DC 22
The PCs use threats to pressure locals to cough up a way to
the city.
If failed, in addition to counting as a failure, the first failed
check reveals a name of someone who might help. Taikus,
a githzerai black marketer, sometimes smuggles goods into
Tu地arath. This failure opens up advanced Streetwise 3. The
PCs cannot make any more Intimidate checks until they
succeed on another Streetwise check.

Streetwise DC 22
The PCs explore the Citadel, listening to rumors, asking
questions, and generally feeling the pulse of the city.
Characters can cooperate to aid a lead character using this
skill. In addition to counting as a success, a successful check
opens up the Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate skills.

advanced Streetwise 1 DC 27 (0 successes or failures)
The PCs ask around about Scaramandar and learn he is a
fixer and problem-solver. He has a dubious reputation and is
a known double-crosser, but he might aid them in reaching
Tu地arath. If the characters follow this lead, they get an
audience. Go to 泥ealing with the Devil on page 34.
Characters can cooperate to aid a lead character using this

advanced Streetwise 2 DC 22 (0 successes or failures)
A little investigation into suitable vehicles to steal comes up
with the name Merciless. If the characters follow this lead, they
find the vessel with little trouble. See 溺erciless on page 36.
Characters can cooperate to aid a lead character using this

advanced Streetwise 3 DC 22 (0 successes or failures)
The PCs learn Taikus is still in the city and he might be willing
to help. If the characters follow this lead, they find directions to
his warehouse. Proceed with 鉄hortcuts through the Void on
page 36.
Characters can cooperate to aid a lead character using this

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Mon 7 Mar 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
  "I'll take a look around the usual places that have people muttering where they left their treasure into their ale and such."  He looks to May.  "Want to drink interdimensional beings angels under the table and look bored when they pass out, May?"

OOC: Can't fail the Endurance check.  So we have 4 Successes as needed.
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Mon 7 Mar 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
May says, "Sure! Though... I am relatively hard to bore, especially in this place." she follows.

Timothius and Raichel stay within ear shot of Kyle and May so that any team mate can come to the aid of the others at the drop of a hat. They take turns succeeding and failing to gather word on the street, but whenever they succeed, Timothius uses his silver tongue to get people to reveal everything they can. He finds several sympathizers and this ups Raichel's morale some. When the group reconvenes, Timothius gives the information he learned while listening to Kyle and May's info.

Tim: Diplomacy auto-success. First Streetwise success (25). Second diplomacy auto-success. // Rai: Second Streetwise success (29). // Tim: Third diplomacy auto-success. Rai and Tim secceed on third and fourth streetwises respectfully, which gives Tim a fourth and fifth auto-success on diplomancy. Nine successes total, combined with Kyle's 4 means 11. Plus goristros = 12 successes! (2 failed streetwise checks, which Kyle could probably eliminate anyway if a failed streetwise counted as a failure in the challenge)
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Mon 7 Mar 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Mayhem is frequently praising the heroes, Kada'ne stays incognito, and Mittens isn't hardly any help at all.  But there's one point where a streetwise goof-up gets low-lifes riled up, but Mits scares the living heck of them with an uncanny valley puppet and they blurt out what they know before bolting.  (( Successful intimidate ))

The characters arrange a meeting with Captain J値adimir,
a Separatist sympathizer. He stands as the best and most
certain route to Tu地arath.

The Sympathizer
Characters who successfully attain a victory on the
擢inding Tu地arath skill challenge (page 55) can
have a meeting with Captain J値adimir, the githyanki
captain of Gith痴 Memory, a powerful astral carrack.
J値adimir was once a githyanki knight, but he resigned
when Vlaakith was murdered by adventurers. He left
his city to become a merchant, and he has sailed the
Astral Sea these past two decades. Citadel Mercane is
one his favorite ports.
J値adimir is tall, thin, with angular features and
a short, stubby nose. He has bright blue eyes and
mottled skin. He wears chainmail armor and carries a distinctive silver longsword. Two decades as
a merchant have done nothing to soften his disposition toward nongithyanki. He harbors a deep
hatred for adventurers, blaming them, in part, for
his queen痴 death. The only thing he hates more than
nongithyanki is Zetch池池, for J値adimir knows the
blackguard was behind his lady痴 assassination.
J値adimir hasn稚 officially joined the Separatists,
but he痴 close. He resents Tiamat痴 surging influence,
and his hate for the tyrant endures. Now that the Separatists claim to have Vlaakith CLVIII on their side,
he痴 willing to help them.
In spite of his misgivings, he needs little convincing to help the PCs reach Tu地arath. The characters
need only mention the Separatists, and he volunteers
to ferry them to the city. If Mayhem is present, the
characters don稚 even need to mention their mission. J値adimir also supplies the adventurers with the
proper documentation to enter the Merchant District. This is the extent to which J値adimir will help.
He offers nothing about the city, about the political
developments, or anything elsesuch is his disdain
for the adventurers. Passage on his ship is simple and
uncomfortable, but it痴 passage all the same.
His ship leaves the day after the PCs meet with
him, so the characters still have time to make purchases, perform rituals, and do anything else they
need while at the Citadel.

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Mon 7 Mar 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
  Kyle will gladly take grumblepants professional over, well, 90% of the Coalition situation.

  "Thank you for the assistance, J'ladimir."
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Mon 7 Mar 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Raichel was sure to high-five Mittens on her use of Kermit's southern hippy crack-addict cousin.

Timothius sees through J'ladimir, though (Insight 41), and uses this to his advantage, slipping in subtle suggestions of possible admiration for Vlaakith, clear hatred for Zetch'r'r, and hints at how they intend to give Zetch'r'r over to githyanki justice, perhaps even to J'ladimir. He is careful to be subtle in his manipulation of J'ladimir's emotions, not lying, and not making any indication that he knows J'ladimir hates him and his allies.

He does not mention J'ladimir's opinion at all until he knows the man will not hear from the group again for a long time.

May just does her best to not staaaaare at J'ladimir's sword.

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Mon 7 Mar 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Adventurers who do everything right at Citadel Mercane gain passage on Gith痴 Memory and need only
wait for the ship to arrive at Tu地arath.

pArT TWo: Tu地ArATh
Having crossed the Astral Sea痴 expanse by portal or
by vessel, the adventurers find Tu地arath, the ancient
githyanki city, lying before them. Never a welcoming place, Tu地arath is made even more uninviting by
Tiamat痴 occupying force and its crushing, totalitarian
regime. How the adventurers find the city depends on
the methods used to reach it.

By Ship
Characters approaching Tu地arath must contend with
the sentinels if they want to reach the city intact.
If the adventurers reach the city by way of a
planar vessel, read:

Your vessel breaks through the shimmering astral essence
and there, amid the sea of sparkling lights, floats Tu地arath.
Citadels drift around the city, each a cluster of spurs,
towers, and chains connecting these floating fortresses
to smaller roosts. Dragons with riders soar through the
firmament as massive astral warships perform training
maneuvers over the city.

Beyond the traffic, and beyond the strongholds net, is
the city. Although bristling with towers and strongholds,
wormed with roads, and spewing black plumes of smoke,
its foundation is clear. The city grows like tumors all over
a dead creature痴 petrified remains. What痴 clearly a head
stands at one end. From its shoulders stretch six arms,
each ending at steel docking towers crowded with ships.
Structures armor the being痴 torso, extending down to what
would have been its abdomen but is now a crumbling region
dimpled with dark caverns and littered with debris.

"Now there's a sight I never imagined I'd see in this lifetime," Mits comments, "So what was the name of the god that this city is founded on?"

"The One in the Void," Kada'ne answers.
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Mon 7 Mar 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
  Kyle hopes that Tiamat is at least, slightly smaller.

  "The void is a big place.  I expect somewhere is the Second in the void."
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Mon 7 Mar 2016
at 05:22
Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Timothius frowns some. "I remember hearing about a god whose killer was so thorough in his or her destruction that the killer made sure their name was forgotten, removed from history, and never to be recovered. Don't suppose this would be that god. Or do you know?"

Raichel is a bit creeped out. Timothius is creeped out too, but composed enough to get his question out clearly.

May is staring with her jaw agape.
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Mon 7 Mar 2016
at 05:33
Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Kada'ne head-shakes.  "No.  From what I've heard, this god-isle was long adrift in the Astral Sea when the first Githyanki settled here, and they had nothing to go on to know its history."

Mits shrugs.  "Maybe someday we can ask Ioun."

The Cordon
The githyanki are not about to let a band of adventurers enter the city. Not long after Tu地arath comes into
view, a wing of dragonknights surrounds the vessel to
inspect the cargo and ensure the ship has the trade
exemption needed to dock at the stations. (Use the
敵ithyanki Raiders encounter on page 37.)

Characters on board Gith痴 Memory have nothing to
fear. Captain J値adimir has documentation and presents it to the dragonknight when she comes aboard.
J値adimir is feared and respected enough that the
githyanki don稚 search the vessel and, in fact, escort it
the rest of the way to the docking stations.

Mits looks impressed with the outcome.  Kada'ne is careful not to speak a word lest one of them recognize his voice.
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Mon 7 Mar 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
  Not simply attacking anyways?  Perhaps the Githyanki need to actually worry more about their reputation on the Astral Plane, compared to during their invasions.
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Tue 8 Mar 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
May and the twins keep their mouths shut also. Until they are at their destination and far from prying enemy ears, they have no reason to blurt anything.
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Tue 8 Mar 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Kada'ne fills the group in on what he knows about the city.

City Overview
Tu地arath is a sprawling metropolis built atop the petrified remains of a dead god known only as the One
in the Void. Much of Tu地arath remains as it always
has, but it has not emerged from the tumultuous last
decades unscathed.

Vlaakith痴 mad rituals sent shockwaves through the
city, destroying Susurrus, the Palace of Whispers, and
reducing the necropolis and the statue of Gith to rubble.
Damage from this event can still be seen in adjoining
military districts and the city has worked to rebuild.

The Merchant District, however, is more or less
intact. Although overrun by Tiamat痴 agents and soldiers, the githyanki still do not allow nongithyanki
who have no affiliation with the war effort to venture
farther than the commercial quarter, and those who
push into the neighboring districts find themselves
beset by overwhelming numbers.

Under Tiamat痴 heel, the former center of githyanki
culture has now become a bastion of the Dark Lady痴
Population: 120,000; Githyanki are still the dominant
people in Tu地arath, but they now share the city with
Tiamat痴 legions. Unprecedented numbers of devils,
dragonborn, dragonspawn, and other creatures have
free rein to go where they please. Outside of these
forces, visitors are still confined to the Merchant District, where a diverse population thrives.
Government: After foreigners assassinated Vlaakith
CLVII, Emperor Zetch池池 came to power. He rules by
Tiamat痴 consent and is little more than a puppet. If he
displeases Tiamat, his reign would come to an abrupt
Defenses: Most githyanki serve in the military with
allegiance to a society found in the military districts.
Military societies raise armies consisting of warriors,
gish, and warlocks. Foremost of these warriors are the
githyanki knights who ride dragons into battle. Numerous floating fortresses are arranged around the city, and
each has a full company and two to four pact dragons
to intercept foreign vessels coming too close to the city.
In addition, Tiamat keeps four legions in the city to
ensure her continued control. These mercenary forces
are made up of dragonborn, humans, devils, abishai,
and other creatures loyal to the Dark Lady. As powerful
as they are, Tiamat knows they are only as strong as the
dragons supporting them, and if the dragons quit the
city, Tiamat痴 forces would surely follow.
Inns: The Morningstar Inn; Iron House; The Dragon痴
Den; others. The Morningstar Inn is the most expensive but most popular establishment in the Merchant
Taverns: The Winesink; Filthy Dredges; Nectar House;
Supplies: The Merchant District is the commercial
center in the city and one can find just about anything
they could want. Merchants sell from established
shops, open-air markets, or carts along the streets. Businesses cluster together along streets set aside for trade.
Kyndl Street, for example, offers alchemical supplies,
poisons, and ritual ingredients.
Temples: For as long as Tu地arath has stood, it has
never housed an official temple. With Zetch池池痴 reign,
the city now has a grotesque temple dedicated to
Tiamat that also serves as the emperor痴 palace.

Kada'ne crits his streetwise, but has to feign ignorance on a few known points to cover up who he is.  With a little help from the kitty twins, he learns all there is to learn of recent events.

Rumors in Tu地arath
The characters can learn more about current events
in the city by making Streetwise checks.
DC Information
28 Emperor Zetch池池 rules the city, and the
githyanki of Tu地arath fight on Tiamat痴 behalf.
30 Zetch池池 came to power after foreigners
assassinated the lich-Queen Vlaakith, and he has
ruled for 25 years.
35 Many believe Zetch池池 had a hand in Vlaakith痴
death and point to his close ties to Tiamat as
further proof of his treachery. not all are so
willing to fight for Tiamat.
40 Vlaakith has returned and is allied with the
Separatists. However, the emperor痴 warriors
captured her and hold her someplace out of
the city. If she were freed, she could rally the
githyanki against Zetch池池痴 tyranny.

"Well if we can't manage to find the separatist leader, we should at least look into that," Mits figures.

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Tue 8 Mar 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
  "Hmm, not much of an assassination if your target it still around.  Though I suppose that matters little to them with the current results."  Man, contracts for killing people who respawn must have a lot of fine print.
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Tue 8 Mar 2016
at 04:14
Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Timothius looks over to Kyle. "Tell that to the resurrection ritual. Someone that important was likely granted permission to come back by the Raven Queen, if just to mess with Tiamat. But then again, what do I know from divine politics? I can barely grasp the Coalition." (He isn't being sarcastic, on that note. He honestly thinks worldly politics are tough enough and divine politics must be more of a headache)

Raichel says, "Without more info, it's only speculation. I'm with Mitts; we need to do more investigating."

May asks Kada'ne, "You OK?"
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Tue 8 Mar 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Kada'ne looks confused by May.  "Why would I be?"

"Heads up!" Mits warns.

The crowds thin until you are alone in a walled square.
Two empty bridges crisscross overhead, and an impressive
statue depicting a githyanki warrior riding a red dragon
dominates the square痴 center. The eerie stillness is broken
when a hulking humanoid, some strange cross between
giant and blue dragon, enters the square. Joining it are
several winged angels whose torsos give way to wispy

"Oooh!  This should be fun!"

The enemies attack!

No tiamat specific angels i could find, but figured this a good stand-in:
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Tue 8 Mar 2016
at 04:58
Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
  "I admit I am somewhat more concerned about the Dragonspawn than the Angels.  Which just goes to show what this job does to you when 'Oh, we have to stab an Angel' is just expected"  Not that he's expecting the Angels to be pushovers either.
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Tue 8 Mar 2016
at 05:05
Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
May says in a hushed tone, "I'd be more impressed with the dragonspawn if we hadn't curbstomped every dragon we come across, including exarchs. Angels, we have yet to fight."

Timothius says, "Fun? You consider this fun?"

Raichel says, "Have you met our sister?"

Timothius sighs. "I had a feeling we would need our heavier hitting stuff eventually, today. But let's not throw everything at them right away."
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Tue 8 Mar 2016
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Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Raichel does her usual start-of-combat thing by going feral, dropping the scythe, and then shooting a lightning bolt that gets dodged by the dragonspawn. Her ears duck in light annoyance, but due to looking feral, it just looks like she wants to rip the dragonspawn's head off.

Minor: Blood Fury weapon
Minor: Razorclaw Shifting
Standard: Furious Bolts v Bluespawn. Miss(24)

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Tue 8 Mar 2016
at 05:30
Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
<Supernal>"For Tiamat!"

An angel charges and slashes Timothius with its flaming greatsword!

"For the Heroes of the Prime Material!"  Kadane moves to the statue and zaps at the dragonspawn with the familiar burning lightning of his.

A second angel charges Kyle!
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Tue 8 Mar 2016
at 05:31
Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
May charges up to the bluespawn and CLANG! Hits to find no purchase. "Huh. 'nother toughy, this one!" The dragon feels itself injured nonetheless.

Weapon Mayster's Strike v Bluespawn. Miss(29)
 dmg: 5

Bluespawn HP: 510 - 5 = 505

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Tue 8 Mar 2016
at 05:40
Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
An angel attacks Kada'ne and another attacks May!  The dragonspawn growls.

<draconic>"Fee Fie Foe Fum.  I smell the blood of a dragonborn!"

It takes a swing at May, then snarls when it fails to do any damage.
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Tue 8 Mar 2016
at 05:58
Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Timothius points his staff at the bluespawn. "I will show you your future." Whatever the dragonspawn's spite levels may be, it sees the future where it will lose. It also sees the group having stomped Chillreaver.

Break the Spirit v Bluespawn. CRIT(41)!
 dmg: 44
 Bluespawn takes -5 to attacks.
 Tim gains a spare use of healing word.

Bluespawn HP: 505 - 44 = 461

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Tue 8 Mar 2016
at 06:07
Scales of War: Throne of the Stone-Skinned King
Ker-glow!  Mits manages to burn through the radiant resistance of all but one of the angels, dropping them!

"Wow.  These guys are dropping like flies.  I was expecting more from angels."