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Sat 12 Mar 2016
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Void of the Outcast (Chapter 01)
Welcome to the City of Rosa.

For one reason or another, whether because you grew up here or traveled here for business and/or pleasure, you are here. This port city touts itself as a tourist attraction and has many appropriate trappings from souvenir shops to boat tours.

Those of you who lived her for more than half a year know better, though. This city is run by a thieves' guild.

(Please introduce your characters how you wish. I may or may not introduce a GMPC soon, but for now, I may as well get things started for you all)

City Info:
Population - 10,000
 6,000 humans; 1,500 halflings; 1,000 half-orcs; 750 dwarves; 750 other
Notable NPCs:
Headmistress of the Wizards' Academy Alamandra Talais (female human wizard)
Mayor Pavo Tumbor (male human aristocrat)

Dice Checks:

Knowledge Local (DC 10)
This city can provide most any service one can think of. From painters and tailors to craftsmen and taxis to libraries and magic shops, you can either get your hands on whatever you are after, or at the least find someone who knows where to find it. The city also boasts passage to anywhere from areas that border the Inner Sea to any of the river routes around that sea (Even all the way up to Brevoy or the Lake of Mists).

Knowledge Local (DC 13)
Though it oddly doesn't boast such and word only spreads among academics, this city has a surprising wealth of knowledge in its libraries, considering it is otherwise just a tourism port city.

Knowledge Local (DC 15)
This city is run by organized crime, which is led by Kamus Rix, a half-orc who is known to be a tough fighter that grew up here. His organization is called The Lords of Commerce and have a more legal front where they exchange money, but most anyone knows they legally own half the business in this city (And illegally own all of the city). There is also some racism going on towards the halflings for reasons nobody can agree on.

Knowledge Local (DC 18)
Mayor Pavo Tumbor and the city guard are all in Kamus' pocket. In fact, Pavo is a puppet mayor placed there by Kamus some five years back.

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Sat 12 Mar 2016
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Void of the Outcast (Chapter 01)
A rather handsome half-orc is strolling through the busy streets, taking in the sights through his monocle with an approachable posture and satisfied smile on his face.


He's well dressed for one who is obviously an adventurer:  https://img0.etsystatic.com/00..._570xN.195329518.jpg

(( OOC: Feel free to have already met Grabthar or be a complete stranger.  Either's fine by me. ))
Magmaw Facetaster
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Sat 26 Mar 2016
at 13:58
Void of the Outcast (Chapter 01)
Magmaw wasn't exactly bright enough to make knowledge (local) checks. Sure, he was comparatively intelligent, but like most goblins, his knowledge was limited to a very narrow pursuit: Blowing shit up. But the pursuit of explosions was not the only reason he'd come to the city. No, he'd also come to enjoy the greatest of goblin delicacies: garbage. He sat next to an overturned garbage can, stuffing his face and hissing at rats, cats, and human hobos that came near.
Thu 31 Mar 2016
at 22:52
Void of the Outcast (Chapter 01)
  Much more boring by comparison, was standard issue human male wearing plain traveler's clothes.  At the moment passing through because some civilization is better than no civilization when spending too much time on the road.

  He's not exactly an expert in goblin cuisine, so in his apparent ignorance asks the goblin making a good raccoon impression "Are you sure you don't want some cleaner food, or something?"

OOC: Yeah, it took me way too long to post this -.-
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Wed 6 Apr 2016
at 02:41
Void of the Outcast (Chapter 01)
Despite Grabthar being decent-looking for a half-orc, most people are intimidated by his sheer size and either avert their eyes or give him plenty of space.

Suddenly, a loud KABOOM is heard up the street a bit, though, and people scream and run away from the bang! Anyone looking in that direction can see a building had exploded and there is smoke and fire spewing from it.

Magmaw. Sent you a PM and posted on OOC, but maybe you can answer here:

Currently designing my GMPC character and wanted to check with you before finalizing the name because, well, as you know, pathfinder goblins hate words and believe words steal your soul.

Wordlover came up as a possibility for my character's last name. I can keep that for lolz or I can go with a different name. I wanted to check with you first as I do not wish to cause TOO much friction. XD

Thu 7 Apr 2016
at 03:10
Void of the Outcast (Chapter 01)
Grabthar smiled at the concern the human had for the goblin and commented in as cordial a way he could with his rumbly half-orc voice, "Perhaps the poor chap is down on his luck and cannot afford a cleaner source of sustenance..."

And then, KABOOM!  Grabthar starts at the sudden loud sound and his monocle drops from its perch upon his cheek.

"Oh my.  Are goblins truly so karmicly connected with explosions that passing one is an omen of one about to happen?"

He doesn't wait for an answer to his rhetorical question and hurries to the building to help rescue any survivors.
Magmaw Facetaster
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Fri 8 Apr 2016
at 13:55
Void of the Outcast (Chapter 01)
This was unacceptable. Someone was causing explosions, and Magmaw wasn't invited. That was like hosting the Garbage Festival and not inviting Filthy Fug, the dirtiest goblin of all. Swallowing a stunned rat whole, the goblin ran towards the building, screaming goblin obscenities.
Fri 8 Apr 2016
at 23:06
Void of the Outcast (Chapter 01)
  Clearly, a smarter person would be moving away< from the explosions-God Damnit Scott, that's going towards the explosions.

  "Honestly, that's a bit small for a goblin approved explosion."  Or at least he assumes so.
Juniper Wordlover
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Sat 9 Apr 2016
at 06:10
Void of the Outcast (Chapter 01)
When the group arrives, they see a very angry human male, probably in his 50's, wearing a singed outfit and ranting at a female elf child with black hair and charred clothing.

The building looks like it used to be a magic shop, judging from all the shattered bottles and burning paper. "It wasn't my fault!" the little girl protests in a pleading tone.

The angry man reaches and a scroll goes flying to his hand! "You and I both know that's a lie! I saw what you did, and now you're going to pay!"
Wed 13 Apr 2016
at 21:49
Void of the Outcast (Chapter 01)
"BUCKET BRIGADE, PEOPLE!" Grabthar demands of the town, looking to get started with such himself, "Do not let this fire spread!"

To the angry mage he suggests in as gentlemanly a tone as possible, "If you have a grievance with this child, it would be in your best interest to take her to the authorities rather than punish her yourself.  You may find that in harming her your legal fees and lost reputation will exceed the insurance payment for your establishment even if in the end you are judged to be in the right."

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Magmaw Facetaster
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Wed 20 Apr 2016
at 14:13
Void of the Outcast (Chapter 01)

Magmaw stood proudly over a bucket of firecrackers going off. He bit a mostly-eaten pastry in half. In his mind, this was intimidating. To onlookers, it was stupid.

Thu 21 Apr 2016
at 03:54
Void of the Outcast (Chapter 01)
  "Well, yes.  You are using proper fire safety."  The firecrackers were in a bucket, after all.  "But I don't think burning down the shop was an intentional explosion anyways."

  Grabthar had already brought up the whole 'zapping people with spells with witnesses' point.

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Juniper Wordlover
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Thu 21 Apr 2016
at 04:20
Void of the Outcast (Chapter 01)
Most people are terrified of Grabthar yelling and flee instead of helping. This ironically has the effect of making it look like Magmaw scared the people away.

A few people, at least, see the sanity in Grabthar's words and are quickly helping him with that. Primarily the town guard and town watch.... and a few of the neighboring businesses who don't want their buildings to burn down.

Juniper, meanwhile, hops to her feet and takes full advantage of what Grabthar said. "Put out fire first, worry about damages later! Otherwise, you'll just lose more of ooooohhh!" she glances at the bucket Magmaw set up.

Juniper shakes it off and convinces herself she'll ask the goblin about his fireworks later. So she rushes off to help with the buckets. The shopkeeper, realizing too many witnesses and the fact he still has some of his shop left to save, AND the fact he'll look heroic by helping, decides to help with bucket brigade. He wishes he could cast Control Weather, but if he were that powerful, chances are explosions wouldn't do anything to his shop in the first place.

A bucket brigadier thinks better of putting out Magmaw's bucket of firecrackers. He's just a harmless goblin having his idea of fun.
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Sat 23 Apr 2016
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Void of the Outcast (Chapter 01)
Grabthar was too distracted to notice the goblin set up his bucket of firecrackers, so between being nervous from the tense situation and the unexpected explosions going off, he near jumps out of his skin!

"Kagh!" (Orcish for "run")

He wheels around to see what's going on.  Oh.  It's the goblin from earlier.

Grabthar tries to collect himself and straightens out his attire.  "Quite."


"Sir, you may want to consider offering the authorities your services as an explosives expert.  At the very least you may end up with pie to go with your latest meal."

Grabthar is assuming there'll be an investigation into the cause of the explosion.  Even the most lawless of towns tend to want to know why one of their buildings blew up and caught fire, after all.  He also thinks it very likely the mage will be found to have neglected some obvious safety precautions with or without the goblin's help, so may as well make the poor chap at least appear helpful.  Either way, he returns to helping with the bucket brigade.

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