Scales of War: EPIC!   Posted by Mittens.Group: 0
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Thu 17 Mar 2016
at 05:14
Scales of War: EPIC!
"Raichel, nooo!" Mits screams.

She grits her teeth in rage, tears of magma flowing down her cheeks.

<Primordial>"^@#$% YOU!!"

Bits of ground float for half a second before a massive burst slams the entire area, leaving the enemy ablaze!  Even the god corpse is burning!
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Thu 17 Mar 2016
at 05:31
Scales of War: EPIC!
Raichel suddenly shoots out of the crevice, as if she lightning given feet! So fast, Raichel winds up several feet above the Wight and comes crashing down on him with an axe-kick, which explodes with lightning bolts that zap the nearby enemies! She is looking really bad off, but seems to have plenty of fighting spirit... for all the good it'll do her until she shakes off being weakened. "Darn it! I missed another cool Mittens attack, didn't I?"

Minor: Stand from prone
Move: Spider Technique (current speed is 9) / double-move into position
ACTION POINT! 6/2 = 3 lightning dmg
Step Between the Worlds v Wight 3. Hit(35)!
 dmg: 48/2 = 24
 Wight 3 save v teleport into pit: 13, of course.
Save Throw v weakened: 1, of course.

Wight 2 HP: 41 - 3 = 38
Wight 3 HP: 64 - 24 - 3 = 37
Wrath Spirit 2 HP: 51 - 3 = 48

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