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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
Southern Alcove: This disused alcove appears
to hold no more than rocky debris, but when Imrissa
dies, an illusion fades away and Arantor’s hoard is
revealed. Treasure parcels L, M, N, and O are here,
along with the Sword of Kas (described below).

Mits flies over to check it out.

Sword of Kas* Epic Level
The Sword of Kas was created by Vecna for his lieutenant. Kas
rewarded his former master by using it to cut off Vecna’s
hand and gouge out his eye. The Sword offers great power
to any who grasp it, but wielders end up betraying what
they love most.
The Sword of Kas is a +5 vicious short sword with the following
properties and powers


Mits magically levitates the sword closer to herself to take a closer look.

"So this thing is powerful enough to sever off the hand of a god...  Nifty!"

Weapon: short sword
Enhancement: +5 attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +5d12 damage.
Property: The Sword of Kas deals 2d10 extra damage against
allies and former allies.
Property: Whenever an attack with the Sword of Kas reduces
a target to 0 hit points or fewer, you gain concealment until
the end of your next turn.
Property: If you attack Vecna, a servant of Vecna, a cultist
of Vecna, or any other creature working directly to serve
Vecna’s ends, you deal 5 extra damage on a hit.
Property: When you take the total defense action or use your
second wind, you gain a +5 item bonus to all defenses until
the start of your next turn.
Property: The Sword of Kas is initially invisible to everyone
but the creature possessing it. You gain combat advantage
against melee targets when using it until you successfully
hit, at which point the weapon becomes visible to
everyone. The Sword of Kas turns invisible again after being
sheathed for a short rest (or for 5 minutes).
Power (Encounter): Free Action. When you would pull or push
a target, you slide the target the same distance instead.
Power (Daily • Poison, Radiant): Free Action. When you hit
with the Sword of Kas, the target takes ongoing 15 poison
damage (save ends). If the attack is made against an undead creature, it instead takes ongoing 15 radiant damage
(save ends). Saving throws made to end this effect take a -2
*The Sword of Kas is fully described in Open Grave, page 44.

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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
May looks over to Kyle. "Thanks, by the way. For using me to shoot lasers out my mouth. That was cool." If this were Seth, May would have shot lasers from her butt.

And then an outline where she was standing as she materializes in front of Mittens to stare at the sword. "Oooo..." she wiggles her fingers at it, pauses, then looks at Mittens with a "waaaait" expression and says, "...why are you using mage hand to handle it instead of touching it?"

Timothius says, "Divine artifacts are not the kind of thing to take lightly, for starters."

Raichel finally turns back to normal and rests. "I'm surprised Arantor was granted the comfort of owning a hoard. Still, we should loot it; this stuff will help us in the future."
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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
  Kyle's class name kicks in.  "It's one of those artifact loophole technicalities.  While it's certainly beyond what the average enchanted blade is capable of, it's actual usage as strictly a weapon is... Well, not nearly as impressive in most cases.  Without a habit of attacking former co-workers, at least."  Most certainly not worth the trouble of vague promises of betraying what you love, with no mechanical backing.

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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
Mits nods.  "Yeah.  As fun as it would be to swing this thing around, it's been tainted with the dark energies of Vecna.  Last thing I need is images of that bone-head haunting my dreams.  Among other potential annoyances associated with touching this sword."

Confrontation with Kas
As mentioned in encounter C9, Kas appears at the
entrance to the lower cavern shortly after one of the
PCs takes the Sword of Kas from Arantor’s hoard.
Time Kas’s appearance so that the PCs are closer to
the portal than Kas is. It’s not entirely fair to put a
level 26 solo between the PCs and safety—especially
after they just fought a level 25 solo.

(Meh.  This group could totally handle it.)

Kas isn’t exactly a creature of subtlety. He wants
his sword, he wants it now, and no wet-behind-the-ears mortal interlopers are going to keep it from him.
“We have our bargain, mortals!” Kas says. “Surrender my
sword to me now, and I may … may … let you ascend to the

Mits can't help but ask.  "Just so we're clear.  You want us to HAND it over?  Get it?!"

In the likely event the PCs don’t immediately hand
over the sword, Kas gets angrier. His desire to be
reunited with his sword is clouding his judgment, so
he’s being neither diplomatic nor particularly clever
in his handling of the situation.

“Fools! You are mere worms; I could take that sword from
you, then bathe it in your blood. You cannot betray me!
That’s .. unthinkable folly!”

Mits checks a checkmark in her journal.  "Thanks."
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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
Timothius says, "We're leaving. If you want to come, we won't break our word. If you want to wine like a child, that's your prerogative, but I'd prefer you act your age."

May says, "I thought you were such a cool guy..."

Raichel places her hands on her cheeks in a girly pose and has a mock-surprise look as she says, "Khas the Betrayer? Turning on the heroes? It's this place and the sword. He has been here too long and the sword seems to control him like a puppet. Let's go like Timothius said."

Timothius leads the way to the portal.
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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
  Kyle is to little surprise, more disappointed in Kas's breakdown of professionalism than the actual intent to attack them over a difference of five seconds.

  "Honestly, the only reason we care about your sword in the slightest is it's function as a key.  Even if you were not here, we would discard it some manner rather than keep it."
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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
If Kas weren't bound by script, he'd be accepting the extremely generous offer right now.

Then Kas jumps down from the ledge and starts
walking toward the PCs, but he does so slowly. All the
while, he talks about the dark things he and his sword
will accomplish if reunited. Improvise here, but watch
that Kas doesn’t slip into Gollumesque “my precious”

“Give me my sword, for I have dark designs that extend
beyond this dreary prison. All that you’ve seen so far is
prologue. Give it to me, and I’ll let you live long enough
to see my triumph!”

The lich from earlier giggles and makes his appearance.  "Oh I'm looking forward to that."

Mits opens the gateway with the sword.  "All aboard the portal wagon!  And no need to talk reason into the crazy evil guy or the lich trapped in this prison."
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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
Tim and Rai pretty much leave without another word. Crazy person is crazy and reasoning with him is no longer an option.

May keeps herself between Khas and the heroes. Once everyone is through, May waves happily at him and hops through the portal.
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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
  "Maybe you'll figure out just why all of a sudden you were successful after such a long wait, sooner rather than later..."  Though Kyle expects he would not have a chance to MAYBE see Kas realize not being a huge asshole gets things done, if not for Kyle's recent ageless status.

  Kyle can't decide if it is a good thing or bad thing he is opting to refrain from glowing neon purple liquid parting shots.
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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
Make sure that the PCs have ample time to gather
Arantor’s treasure and any fallen comrades. If they
move toward the portal, that’s good—Kas certainly
makes no move to stop them. He’s focused totally on
obtaining the sword and doesn’t realize that he’s practically goading the characters to abscond with it. Only
when the first PC disappears through the portal will
Kas realize what’s happened.
“No! You cannot leave with my sword! The betrayer cannot
be betrayed! Come back, you fools!”

Mits does have a parting shot for Kas.  "Neener neener neener!"

Plot warp!

If you are using “Grasp of the Mantled Citadel” as
a direct sequel to “Betrayal at Monadhan, ” read:
The dragon lord Arantor lies dead, and his treasure hidden
now lies at your feet. Chief among the many treasures you
have recovered is the Sword of Kas; with this fell blade you
can activate the lightning-framed portal on the west wall.
Beyond lies Vaerothim and the culmination of your quest.

Before the PCs activate the portal, they can make any
preparations they deem necessary (which depending on recent events may include dealing with an
extremely angry Kas) before activating the portal.
When the characters look into the portal, read:
The portal holds a wavering, indistinct image of a rocky
knoll surrounded by the boughs of a great forest. Three
leafless trees stand upon the knoll.

To activate the portal, a character must complete
the Planar Portal ritual while holding the Sword of
Kas. Doing so opens the portal safely. If no one in the
group can perform the Planar Portal ritual, all is not
lost. A DC 14 Arcana check reveals that the Sword of
Kas itself has the power to open the portal. To do so,
the wielder must plunge the sword into the portal.
Doing so drains two healing surges from the wielder
until the character takes an extended rest.

When the heroes activate the portal, read:
Crackling energy surges about the portal as the barriers
between the planes is ripped asunder. The smell of burning
fills the air as lightning arcing from the portal wreathes
the Sword of Kas in a blinding halo of light that fades and
dissipates after a few moments.

When the PCs step through the portal, they are transported to a hilltop in the Forest of Twisted Souls.

You stand within a teleportation circle atop a rocky knoll
surrounded by the skeletal boughs of a vast forest. Three
forlorn, sickly, leafless tress stand upon the knoll. Dark
clouds hang motionless overhead.

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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
Timothius says, "Well at least the scenery isn't worse than what we just came from." as if to demonstrate, he takes in a big, deep breath and smiles.

May is slouching and annoyed. "Grumble grumble, forced to be mindless because of a WEAPON grumble grumble... forced to go back on our word because he's a nutjob grumble grumble..."

Raichel pets May's hair and says, "Consider Khas to be in storage. We'll retrieve him later when he behaves and we aren't stripped for time."
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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
  "A weapon made by a huge jerk, for a huge jerk May.  Still, I somehow expected better of them.  I clearly need more practice with optimism."  That said, he's glad Timothius is getting over his most emo depths and back to functional kitty who knows how to smile.
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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
"For the record, I was not cool with teaming up with a lich, much less a demigod of undeath.  Was only pretending to be enjoy that amazing adventure into backstab land.  ...Mostly."

One round after the heroes appear on the knoll, the
blackroot treant lumbers forth to do battle.

<Elven>"Death to the living!"</Elven>

Mits blink-blinks.  "Zombie tree.  Novel."
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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
Timothius replies, <Elven>"Life to the dead! And by the way, most of this group speaks common."</Elven>

May holds up her Staggering Singing Stick and says, "Blahblah I don't know what you said, but unless you understand common, this probably sounds just as dramatic to you!"

Raichel says, "Can an undead treant even experience fear? I doubt it, but we can give it a try."
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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
  Kyle has a couple more levels to go until flight and universal translate, yes.  "I'm sure it's halfway intelligent enough to think it can appreciate fear in others.  Though I doubt their status of living vs undead matters to most who do not see it as a sign of 'use more lasers'".
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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
"ZAP!" Mittens answers.

Her lasers create what appear to be super-heavy weights on the treant's legs.

"If we back up a bit, we'll get some free ranged attacks in before it can retaliate."
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Sun 26 Mar 2017
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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
Raichel powers up via her blood fury weapon as usual and then the clouds above swirl around an opening in the sky. The next thing the group sees is the treant beginning to levitate into the air several feet before a laser shoots down on the treant in a brilliant flash of light! The treant is now on the ground.

Rather than ask a question like "did I do that?" out loud, Raichel simply goes with it. This sort of thing happens with Mitts all the time, so in Rai's mind, maybe her epic destiny is to become as cool as her older sister was during paragon.

But the timing is PERFECT, considering she JUST stated they should find out of undead treants can experience fear.

Minor, Minor: Ye olde Blood Fury, Razor Shifting combo
Standard: Thunderstroke v Treant. CRIT(47)!
 dmg: 125

Treant HP: 336 - 125 = 211

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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
May's shoulder crossbow pops up, but May has her jaw dropped for two seconds. Then the crossbow twangs, sending an arrow off in the treant's direction while May stays frozen. "Good shot, Raichel!" she says with a grin and thumbs up. "I'm not getting close to that thing if I can help it, but I'll keep it from you guys."

Maysic Ranged v Treant. Miss(29)
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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
  Kyle is not for the first time, jealous of the capacity for raw firepower his friends have.

  Good think he can settle for a capacity of spite, as he fires off a packet of by now familiar dust at the fallen tree... It smells closer to a fresh pine forest than a zombie tree does, at least.

  "So, important scientific adventuring note.  Undead Treeants. Not immune to poisons."

  This said, he checks May's crossbow (and toughens her up).
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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
May smiles over her shoulder up at Kyle in response to his checking her crossbow. "Thanks!"

Even as Timothius sprouts wings and turns into his white-furred form, he says, "Sorry for lack of translation. He said death to the living. I said life to the dead. Then informed him we speak common. Doubt that will matter to him."

He then does a prayer pose and a gust comes from him in all directions, alongside the sound of a choir singing a chord. When he opens his eyes, he and his allies now feel lighter and more energetic.

Minor: Manifest wings.
Standard: Adjure the Chosen
 Effect: The heroes all gain +2 to speed, attacks, and dmg and can crit on 18-20.

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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
The treant stands back up then zombie walks toward the heroes.  <Elven>"I don't speak Common.  Your rotting flesh shall be fertilizer to my roots!"</Elven>

Did I forget to include this flavor bit?
A huge, leafless tree strides from the forest. Patches of bright
green moss cover much of its vast trunk, and it swings two
huge branches from side to side. It moves with malign
purpose toward you.

In any case, two new monsters arrive:
Two beings carved from hunks of basaltic rock suddenly
appear among you. The two platemail-clad knights heft
their greatswords and attack!

These monsters speak Common. "There is no escaping Irfelujhar!"
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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
"IrFELujhar!" Mittens sneezes, lasers shooting out her nose at the enemy!

"Awesome hit there, Rai!  ...something something tree or lightning pun."

She blushes and floats 20' up.
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Sun 26 Mar 2017
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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
May says, "Yay! You speak common! ....who is Irfelujhar?"

She hops forward, finding she is getting more use from her sunblade lately, and whacks the two new guys silly, bloodying both!

Inexorable Advance v B1, B2. CRIT(51)! Hit(41)!
 dmg to B1: 61
 dmg to B2: 46

B1 HP: 132 - 61 = 71
B2 HP: 132 - 46 = 86

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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
Raichel says, "And who said we're here to escape? We came here on purpose!" then becomes a lightning bolt and shoots through all the present enemies before materializing next to her bro.

Spark Form v B1, Treant, B2. Hit(35)! Hit(35)! CRIT(47)!
 dmg to B1 and Treant: 42
 dmg to B2: 101

Treant HP: 183 - 44 = 139
B1 HP: 71 - 44 = 27
B2 HP: 86 - 101 = toast

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Sun 26 Mar 2017
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Re: Scales of War: EPIC!
  "Well, thanks for softening them up for my hits to matter."  Don't sell your At-Wills (Specifically At-Wills) having +20 Damage before situational modifiers short.

  Because that means Kyle punches pretty hard these days, compared to the average person.  Which is more than enough to cave the undead knight's helmet through it's face and out the back of their skull.