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Life-Bound Tuber (Genesis Artifact oooo)

This artificial life-form is actually a plant-based parasite.  Outside of the body it will float on the wind as a small seed until it finds a patch of soil soft enough to take root in, preferably in proximity to populated areas.  The plant will grow to its full size a matter of days, appearing as a small tree about 4 feet tall.  By the end of the week, a single piece of perfect fruit forms on the tree, which is somewhere between an apple and an oversized grape.  It then proceeds to release a subtle aroma which is near irresistable for anyone who can channel essence.

Once someone takes a bite from the fruit, the tree quickly withers away to nothing even as they watch.  The parasite's life now inside them, it quickly takes root inside their body, sending out lines of violent wood essence to reach every extremity of it's host and wrap around their nerves and muscles.  This causes damage as a poison with traits identical to coral snake venom except with a damage interval of one hour.  Should the host survive, this essence solidifies into wirey vines in places key to locomotion in the host while forming thicker tubers in less mobile areas.  The parasite then proceeds to draw living essence from its host: a commitment of 8 motes to anyone with a mote pool able to respire living essence, or an involuntary commitment of as many health levels as they are unable to provide otherwise.  So long as the parasite receives this commitment, the extra living essence that it is receiving prevent it from aging towards its 10 year life span - so it is in its best interests to keep essence-using hosts alive.

The Life-Bound Tuber therefore acts as a sixth sense on behalf of its host, feeling out the life energy and sensing the patterns in the essence of those around it.  Whenever the host comes under attack from a living being within (essence x 20) yards, the parasite alerts their reflexes to the attack, granting the host immunity to surprise and adding half the attacker's essence  to the host's DV (rounded up).  The parasite even allows the host to defend themselves when unable to consciously move, such as when paralysed or asleep.  The parasite must forcefully take control of the host's limbs and nervous system to do this however, inflicting on automatic level of bashing damage to do so.
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Re: Artifacts
Frost-Heart Splinter (Artifact 5 Soulsteel Reaver Daiklave)

Forged by Walker in Darkness, upon the death of a valued ally, Frost-Heart Splinter's soulsteel contains only a single ghost: that of the abyssal who died at the Mask of Winters hands, trying to free his brothers from that tyrant's grasp.  The ghost offered himself to the artifact willingly and the soulsteel remains silent - where normally screaming faces might appear along such a blade, Frost-Heart Splinter simply radiates a sense of quiet malice.

The soulsteel blade itself is attached to a cold stone haft which does not appear to be formed into a true grip, despite proving easy enough to hold for any attuned user.  This grip is a splinter broken off from the ghost's former Monstrance, and serves to focus his wrath enough to ignore the pain of the forging.

Mechanically, Frost-Heart Splinters basic stats are the same as those of a standard Soulseel Reaver Daiklave.  It does have several further benefits however, listed below:

 - The soulsteel bonus from Forst-Heart Splinter also applies against all Creature's of Death, as the half-sapient soul within it strains to drain their power into the shard of Monstance.  The weapon grants no special ability to hit dematerialised beings however - that is left up to the bearer.

 - The wielder of Frost-Heart Splinter receives a secondary Motivation to murder the Mask of Winters, which also counts as an individual intimacy of hatred.  This Motivation may be suppressed for a single scene at the cost of 1wp, but only if the bearer is able to offer the blade a reason why it should ease up.  Generally it will only accept the proposal if it is to set up a better opportunity in the future.

 - Each time someone is dealt lethal damage by the blade, they are subjected to an Emotion effect giving them an intimacy of hatred towards the Mask of Winters, or any other individual intimacy of hatred held by the wielder if the struck target already hates the Deathlord.  This effect costs 2wp to resist.  Any conflicting positive intimacies must first be removed before the new one can form: if such an intimacy exists, each hit from the blade instead threatens to destroy it unless the target passes a conviction roll.

 - The first time each action that the blade's bearer launches an attack against someone to whom he bears an individual intimacy of hatred, he gains 1 overdrive mote if he already possesses an overdrive pool.  However, any scene in which the bearer interacts with such a target in which he fails to kill them, he gains rolls his essence and gains a number of points of resonance equal to the successes.

 - While many users of overdrive fuel their powers with burning rage, potential eternity trapped with the chill of the void can teach a soul patience.  For a reflexive expenditure of 25 offensive motes, the blade can enhance its own statistics for the rest of the scene as it gathers an obvious aura of energy around itself.  It will now deal aggravated damage to anyone to whom the bearer possesses an individual intimacy of hatred, and they become a valid target for the weapon's soulsteel material bonus if they were not already.  Finally, it becomes near impossible to resist the wielder indefinitely once in this mode.  The blade ignores armoured soak and hardness and the wielder becomes immune to any mental influence which tries to persuade him to stop his assult.  Upon bringing a hated opponent down to their incapacitated health level, the wielder may discharge this bonus for an immediate benefit:
   - The wielder immediately gains a number of motes and heals a number of health levels equal to his opponent's essence, plus gains a point of willpower from the euphoria of victory.
   - The wielder may immediately divide a number of levels of damage equal to the defeated opponent's (essence x 10) among any number of artifacts that opponent owns, even to artifacts which are usually indestructable.  This may include specifics parts of a manse to which the opponent is attuned, but not cause damage the manse itself - an indestructable gate might collapse, but would not threaten the structural integrity of the manse itself.  This power only functions if the artifact's owner has an Essence rating as least as high as the artifact's rating, or Essence 6+ for artifact N/A.
   - If the fallen foe has some means of invulnerability or ressurection, the wielder immediately becomes aware of the details of this.

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Re: Artifacts
Muramasa Blade (Resources 4)
Muramasa blades are long curved katanas (straight swords), each of perfect quality with +2 accuracy, +1 damage and +1 rate.  They are reputed to be cursed blades, which must always draw blood before returning to the sheath, even if it means harming their wielder.  Studies of the weapons show no magical traits to this effect, but the weapons have had a history of leaving a wake of bloody violence and suicides in their wake.

Muramasa (Artifact 2, unique)
The cursed blade Muramasa itself is named after its creator.  Discontent with working only with mundane steel, the mortal Muramasa thought to rival his Dynastic superiors with a blade worthy of the exalted.  By this point his blades already carried a stigma of being "evil" and his exile from the Realm left him with little access to jade, so Muramasa instead traded with death cults for black iron from the Labyrinth.  This ore took too strongly to his hatred and wish to bring death and the hateful mortal was incapable of controlling the strong essence flows he had wrought.  He found himself growing weaker even as the blade grew stronger, until the blade drank his very life at its completion, apothesising itself into a soulsteel daiklave.

Unlike most soulsteel weapons, Muramasa does not require attunement to wield and its user is always granted its soulsteel material bonus.  However, true to the legends and Muramasa's own bloodlust, the blade must take a life each time it is drawn.  The act of readying the blade creates a bargain with it to take a life: this may be resisted with any defence which grants immunity to shaping, but the blade simply refuses to be drawn if this is done.  If the blade is then sheathed again before a life is taken, a single attack against the wielder at some point in the near future will automatically be upgraded into a perfect attack.  If this attack is resisted using a perfect defence, it is not expended and instead lies in wait for a better moment.  Wielders are granted no special awareness of this bargain, although the blade's reputation has a habit of preceeding it.

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Re: Artifacts
The Shining Blade (Artifact 3, Attune 7)

Weapon stats as an Orichalcum Daiklave.

The Shining Blade was crafted by one of the survivors of the Primordial War, yet he never used it. The solar had been badly injured in the fighting himself and lost several friends. Although completely healed by advanced magics, he knew that it had been close and never quite regained the self-confidence he once had. This was especially pronounced as he saw that younger solars, inheriting the exaltations of those lost in the war, were typically treated as inferiors to his fellow survivors.

Taking the last scraps of his hope for himself, he forged them into The Shining Blade - only to immediately bury it in a Tomb with orders that no man should look upon it until after his death when his successor came to claim it. There it lay for hundreds of years, building up anticipation for the day when it could finally prove itself. It's goal was simple - to be a weapon to aid his next-generation self in claiming due respect where it was being denied to others.

The Shining Blade is a weapon which always draws glory to itself. Whenever its wielder emerges from battle victorious, all witnesses receive an intimacy of impressed respect towards the wielder as an Emotion effect. For a cost of 1wp this may be reduced to only counting as one scene towards building up such an intimacy, or for 3wp it may be resisted entirely. In addition, tales of its wielders glory spread beyond the event itself. Everyone within a radius equal to (opposing force's magnitude x the Essence of its commander) somehow hears of the solar's glorious victory, regardless of how improbable.

Notes: The power is certainly significant, but not necessarily helpful unless the solar is actually capable of taking advantage of it. I feel this keeps it firmly at Artifact 3, not 4.