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Dragon-Blooded Charms
A thought I had for Dragon-Blooded "Apophesis" off the top of my head.

Taming the Blood
Cost: -; Mins: Occult 7, Essence 7; Type: Permanent
Keywords: Purity 5
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: Gifts of Seeping Heritance
Unlike the other exalted, the power of the Terrestrials lies within their blood. It seems logical then that true mastery of their power comes from true mastery of the blood. Dragons of a Different Colour can use this charm to usurp control of their own bloodlines and seize control of their life itself, although only at an extreme price.

When first purchased, this charm's effects seem fairly innocuous - it simply guarantees that any descendant of the Dragon-Blood's who exalts as a terrestrial will automatically do so as a Dragon of a Different Colour. If another effect contests this, use the essence of the ancestor with this charm and add 5 automatic successes to the roll-off.

This charms true effects come into play after death. Instead of moving into Lethe or the Underworld, the character's souls instead trace the necrotic energy of his blood. The next time one of his descendants would exalt as a Terrestrial, the exalt may instead takes over their body as a Shaping effect, effectively putting the child's soul into stasis. For this to happen however, certain conditions must be met:
- The descendant's line tracing back to the exalt must show that the line was formed after the exalted learned this charm.
- The line tracing back to the exalt must consist entirely of mortals - any other exaltations along the way block the process.

Upon usurping her descendant's body, the Dragon-Blood immediately returns fully to life - although with some changes. Her permanent Essence and Willpower each drop by 1, potentially lowering other traits temporarily if they exceed the limitations of her reduced Essence. She keeps most of her former Attributes and Abilities, but may choose to take her descendant's physical Attributes and Appearance scores instead of her own. This is all or nothing - she cannot choose the best of both. Finally, the Dragon-Blood loses any 5 charms of her choice (so long as the prerequisites for remaining charms still make sense) for each direct descendant that she has mothered or fathered as a price for diluting her power. As a special exception, the exalt *must* keep this charm and its prerequisites, even if that leaves her with more charms than she should be allowed. She also keeps access to this charm even if her Essence drops below 7. Learning this charm means that a Terrestrial will always become a ghost upon true death.

As a note, the 'usurping' ancestor has a weak point in that the possesion of her descendant's body is inflicted via shaping. As such, being struck by the charm Order Reaffirming Blow will destroy her such that she can no longer gain the benefits of this charm, restoring her descendant to the moment of exaltation.

Balance considerations:
- This charm should be considered the terrestrial equivilent of Final Ray of Light and similar effects.
- The charm is largely going to be considered "evil" or the like; not only due to moral objections but as it goes against all of the virtues and behaviour that Dragon-Blooded society tries to instill in its citizens.
- The charm rewards acting in ways which may not otherwise be a good idea: having few children, keeping them secret and deliberately damaging your own bloodlines to have lower breeding are all advantageous for users of this charm.
- Poor synergy with other Dynast charms.
- The charm is only accessable to a very small group of Dragon-Blooded due to its high essence & breeding requirements and necromancy prerequisite.
- This charm is designed with the view that it would be "secret" at game start. It is not intended for there to be any more than rumours of its existance, even among the elders of the Heptagram. Once others are "in the know", it can be a give-away if someone has a family full of Dragon's of a Different Colour. Presumably they also need to keep the charm's existance secret from their children.

Patient Embers Latency
Cost: 10m, 1wp; Mins: Presence 5, Essence 5; Type: Supplemental
Keywords: Combo-OK, Dynasty, Obvious, Shaping, Touch
Duration: Instant
Prerequisite Charms: Any Terrifying (Element) Dragon Roar
Sometimes it seems prudent not to let a fire light itself too quickly, but to instead leave dull embers which may spark themselves much later. Upon touching a mortal descendant and using this charm, a Terrestrial may mute their blood so that that descendant no longer has any chance of exalting as a Terrestrial. The potency of their blood is unaffected however - their children have just the same chances of exalting as before and with just as high a breeding. Although once used to punish unruly second children who envied their elders without damaging the bloodline, Bronze Faction Sidereals have since worked to make this charm illegal after a report of an angry heroic mortal exalting as a lunar anathema having escaping his parents. The charm is generally not missed.

Notes: The prerequisite charm was chosen to be the same as Purity Crucible Strike. The effects would remain reversable via effects such as Order Reaffirming Blow.

It has been suggested that it might be more appropriate to require that this charm is used on a mother before the child is born.

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Re: Dragon-Blooded Charms
Gifts of Seeping Heritance
Cost: 3m, 1wp; Mins: Occult 5, Essence 4; Type: Reflexive
Keywords: Avatar 1; Taint
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite Charms: Shadowlands Circle Necromancy
Everyone knows that a Dragon-Blooded's power is linked to their blood. Does it not make sense then that those who are attuned to the ways of death could augment this power? Upon activating Gifts of Seeping Heritance, the Dragon-Blooded's canines extend and sharpen while he can feel his blood stirring under some malicious guidance. If the Dragon-Blood has a Whispers rating higher than his Breeding, his Breeding is replaced by that value for the remainder of the scene. In addition, the Dragon-Blood gains the ability to drain motes of essence from his victims with a bite attack identical to that of an Abyssal.

This charm also exists as a Taint effect, making its effects permanent. Taking this charm in such a form also makes the change more severe however, forever demanding that they respire the essence of the Underworld instead of the Living. Learning this Taint causes the Dragon-Blood to permanently become a Creature of Death.