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Setting: Morton
As I do not have any maps that I can load up, being a custom setting, I will be going into some details about the world and its set up.  However, due to the nature of RPOL as well as gaming as a whole the world is somewhat loose, so anything can fit.

Basic Setting:  The land of Morton, as it is called, is a land stifled in conflict.  Three human nations dominate most of the continent, though only one truly has control over the entierty of its borders.  The other two share a border, and are also seperated by a massive swamp.  None that have entered into this swamp, have returned.  Below them, resides the mountains of Kurn Kazal.  The Dwarven clans reside there.  However, there are many areas of the mountain left unexplored, and a few where the dwarves once treaded, but dare not any longer.  To pass the mountains, you must go by boat, magic or walk through one of the two paths, which reside near the east or west coast.  There is a path through the center... the Mines of Gorgoth.  However, dispite the mine having been there for some six centurys, it is said no one has step foot into them in almost all that time.

Nations: This will set up the nations, and their culture.


Kingdom of Korinth: A nation of grand citys and stunning fortresses, this nation is the decendants of an ancient kingdom from across the sea.  Its name has been lost to history, and most do not even believe it exsists.  The land is usually refered to these days as the Lost Empire.  However they are some of the best craftsmen in the world when it comes to engineering.  Their shared border with Gizmar is riddled with small keep type fortresses, and their citys and ports shine of marble and stone.  Their military strength is one of the strongest in the land, and they are Ruled by King Bloodwraith, a just and fair king.  Poverty is low in this nation, as is hunger.

However, for all its grandure and wealth, and military strength, it does have a few flaws.  One such flaw being they have a racist view towards non-humans, and believe that they should be servants or slaves to humans.  This view has not made them popular with the dwarves who reside in the lower territorys, and a few border skirmishs had errupted from this view.  Also, while they do have some churchs of worship, and divine magic, they lack arcane magic.  Some are born here or there, but there is no collage, no guild.  Mages born in Korinth must fend for themselves, and history has shown that mages have been persecuted in the past, for not being honorable or able to fight to defend themselves.  Capitol city is Ta'lorn, a city of shining light, and said to be the beacon of all thats good and just.

Kingdom of Gizmar: The second human nation, Gizmar does not have the crafting expertise of the Korinth, when it comes to Strutures and fortresses.  However, they do have something that no other nation in the world has managed.  Gizmar has the Boomstick, a staff looking metal rod, that makes loud thunder noises, and somehow drops enemys from long distances.  The weapon is highly rare, but the Royal guard are known to have them, and it is said they also have large ones that take two horses to pull.  However if thats true, they have not been used as of yet.  Gizmar is mostly flat ground, and as such, cattle and horses are raised plenty there.  They also have good relations with several dwarven clans.  They also have good sized forests, which allow them to construct a fleet of ships.  However, they have fewer citys, and fewer fortresses, and they try to explore the swamps between their nation, hoping to find a path through.  None of their expeditions return.

Ruled by King Ironside, his royal guard are known to be highly proficent in those thundersticks.  He is somewhat of a tyrant, however dispite the fact he uses his power for his own ends, he has the respect of most of the populace, due to his hard stance on the border, and his open mindedness when it comes to religon, race, and magic.   The City of Silent hills, built near the northern border, is the home of the Gizmar Royal academy of Magical Studies.  It is one of the few places that people can go to learn magic.  It also overlooks the river that divides the two nations, and its watchtower allways looks for signs of attack.  Its capitol is Ascendia.

Kingdom of Herineth: A much calmer nation, this is probably the weakest in the human nations.  However, its people are probably the hardest working of the three.  hard work is good for the soul, and the strngth.  Its military is consistent of Trained Milita, and Knights.  While in its early history, it has had conflicts with the Elves of Barrier Forest and Quintarra, which lie on its east and west borders respectfully, its biggest, and most dangerious enemys have been the orcs.  However, for over 500 years, the orc attacks have usually been repelled by the Barrier Forest, and the other Orc nation, has not really been heard from since the Earth Shake that tore it from the mainland.

Herineth is a mix of grassy hills, flat plains, and mountains.  Small forests dot the landscape.  Like Korinth, it has many citys, but unlike Korinth, whos citys are built like fortresses, Herineth citys are sprawled out.  They are also constructed of stone primarily.  The Capitol is Brom Hold, where King Lemric sits.  The nations is very isolationist, not doing loads of trade and being self sufficent.  However they do have two major trading points, one on each side near the vally paths through the mountains.  This allows them to trade with both Korinth and Gizmar, without fear the other nation raiding its trade caravans.  They do not have a large navy, but many other nations merchants morr in their docks.  It is the most peaceful of the Three nations.

Elven Nations:

Elves of Quintarra: These elves are known for their hatred of orcs, their dislike of humans, and their powers over the arcane.  Unlike humans, who must study, elves seem to have it in their blood.  Unlike the human nations, which have races mingled together, only one town outside the forest along the border, owned by the elves but technically in the Human nation, is where the elves go to conduct trade.  None are allowed enterance into the forest without premission, and even then, no non-elf has ever seen their capitol.

Aside from magic, they are also skilled rangers, and oracles.  They are not a nation of war, and are not well populated.  No one knows how many elves there are within the forest, but they know even with their limted numbers, their powers could be astounding.  Ruled by a Council of Mages, where five members reside.

Elves of Barrier Forest: Unlike their cousins in Quintarra, the Elves of the Barrier Forest could be no diffrent.  They set themselves into tribs, and are stronger and just as agile as their cousins.  However, they do not possess at least in view, the same mastery of magic, nor the same level of construction.  The elven citys people describe in Quintarra are lavish structures built high into the treetops, wih pully elevators and strong ropes to hold the bridges in place.  Barrier Forest, has none of that.  Each Tribe has carved out its own territorys, and wage war on one another from time to time.  They have a peace treaty with the Humans, however there is no trade, for they have no 'economy'.  The property of ownership is a concept that eludes them.  The objects belong to the tribe, and are returned to it if it is no longer needed.  There is no money, though raids on the humans had brought some over.

The elves spend most of their time defending themselves against the Orcs of Gontomar.  However their superior training, and access to metals gives them the edge.  However, there is one area of the wood, Called the Dark Wood.  It is said inside lies the city of an ancient species.  However, the elves dare not enter that place, and it is closed off by a ring of fortresses and the sea.  Evil seeps through there, however into the wood.

City Elves (Elves not of the wood): City elves have lost their heritage.  They are mostly just as the humans of the nations they live.  Korinth however, keeps elves as slaves.  The best a elf could hope for is servitude with a kind master, and possibly freedom to become a man servant.

Dwarven Clans:

The dwarves are split into several clans.  The largest being the following

Wheel Clan: Said to be the most powerful clan, it holds the Throne of Moradin, said to be the first King to rule the Dwarves as a entire nation.  However, that was 2000 years ago.  Sometime 1000 years ago, a King died, and had no heirs.  The various tribes wished to become King, and a war broke out.  Since, the Throne has remained empty, waiting for its rightful leader.  The Stone Sentinals, an order of Dwarven Defenders, stand vigil still, protecting the throne, and the royal coffers, waiting for the King to Return.  Currently Ruled by Chief Bloodstone.

Iron Clan: The Clan of Iron, it possesses the richest deposits of ore and metals.  They also have the strongest army of dwarves, and control the western path.  They tax humans that use it.  Border a wasteland, where goblins and orcs seems to pour from.  Ruled by Cief Bronzebeard.

Black Mountain Clan: A deep clan of dwarves little is known about them on the outside, other then they almost never see the light of day.  What little is  known, is that they possess magic, and seem to not wish contact from anyone.

Stonecutter Clan: Clan of craftsmen, they run the Eastern Path.  They usually charge humans who wish passage, and have constructed several 'fortress' blockades, that one must pass through to get by.  A modest military protects the pass.  Ruled by Architect Torvuld Loghair.

Orc Nations:

Kingdom of Kelthor: Once known as the most powerful nation, able to take on the Lost Empire, it has fallen silent since an earthquake that changed the face of the world.  Since then, none have been to the island that holds the Massive Mountain called Kelthor.  However, it is said it possess richs beyond imagination.  Ruled by Irish Drinker, a Troll of Immense Strength.

Kingdom of Gontomar: Another Orc Nation, that by whatever means, was severed from the main land and turned into an island.  However, for whatever reason, these orcs still manage to construct ships, and sail to the mainland.  Mostly they land in the forests to fight the Elves, but occassionally, they will land in the core of mans home, and cause some damage.

However, from speculation, and what they see, there appears to be no metal on the Island.  Orcs that make it to the main land, wear armor made of bone or stone, and weild giant clubs or axes made of stone.  They are lead by the Orc Warlord, Morgothin.

Other places of Note:

The Unending Storms: About 100 miles from the west coast of Morton, lies the Unending Storm.  What caused it is not quite known, only that it appered only a day after the Great Shake.  Rumor has it beyond is the Lost Empire.  However, the ships that had gone, have never returned.

However, there was one that did, supposedly.  It was gone for well over a year, and when it returned, its crew was almost non-exsistant.  The captain, his first mate, and three others made it back.  They were given medical attention at a local temple.  They did not dare speak of it though one of the crew members kept saying "Its true... its true.."  Two more died after a few days.  The three that survived, vanished from the temple one night, and have been missing ever since.

Ruins of Korma: An ancient city, and surronding area, the historical texts state that it was the first city settled by the Lost Empire.  It thrived and even started to have its own government.  It sent settlers out into the world, where they encountered a species later known as the Orcs.  Dispite the advanced weapons and tactics, as well as fortifications, the Orcs were too numerious, and managed to sack and raze the city.  However, before the Orcs could make off with the goods, a clan of dwarves attacked them, and destroied them all.  The humans that survived were escorted to modern day Korinth, far from the orcs homeland.  It is said that many ancient secrets still reside there, including the atlas of the Lost Empire.

Swamp of Lost Hope: The Swamp of Lost Hope is a place of evil.  History states it used to be a massive Bay, during the shake, it was closed off from the sea, only a small river leading to it, and slowly became a bog.  The only known species to live within the swamps are the Tribes of Lizardfolk that were driven from the human kingdoms.  However, short of that, it is unknown, for no one has ever come back out alive.

City of Sin: A city accessable only by sea, for it lies against the Mountains.  The city is called that, for every vice can be filled there.  Piracy is also a big practice, and due to its defense position, the Human nations have had little luck cracking it.  However, the city is left alone mainly due to fact that it is the best place to find spys and assassins, and dispite its namesake, most of the 'professionals' that reside there do keep their word, and their contract.  Produces the finest brew in the world.

Mines of Morgoth: A mine that cuts throught he center of Kurazul mountains.  It has been sealed on both sides by the dwarven clans, and has not been open since.  Only a dwarf knows the reason for the mine closing, and only a dwarf knows what the mine was, and they do not speak of it.

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Re: Setting: Morton

Morton is a large continent.  The Northern half, is comprised of hills, small forests, small lakes and plains.  The Two human kingdoms thrive here.  However in the center of the two borders, lies a massive swamp, and a single small river leading to the ocean.

The upper remaining quarter, is a huge mountain range.  This isolates the North Kingdoms from Herineth, which while peaceful, is not as industiralized or populated as the north, and has more monster problems.  The mountains are huge, and there are only two known ways to pass.  The Path of Pelnor, in the east, ruled by the Stone Cutters, and the Tunnels of Terinth, Ruled by the Iron Clan.  This one is not quite as safe as the Pelnor Pass, but has three exit points (all three in Korinth) and is usually well patroled.  On the west coast of the mountains, lies what many believe to be the landing site of the Lost Empire when it first made dock in these lands.  It is now a barren waste, though a few towns and citys, now in ruin, dot the landscape.  Wild Orcs and Goblins roam the wastes, as do much darker creatures.

To the East of the Mountains, in an alcove, lies the City of Sin.  Home to pirates, smugglers and all around bad people, it is a fortress city.  The one city on the continet where anything can be found, and anything is possible.

South of the mountains, lie two massive forests, and Herineth.  Herineth is almost all flat plainlands, with few rivers.  However, their horses are well sought after, and the somewhat peaceful life they live means that they are somewhat wealthier then their northern neighbors.  However because of the lack of a strong central military, and the monsters that still roam the plains, or come from the hills in the north, the peasents are usually trained in miita fighting.

out at Sea, to the east, lies a rather large island, Gontomar.  Here orcs make raids against the humans and elves of the mainland.  They also make trade arrangments with people in the City of Sin.

To the South West, many miles and out of site, lies a huge mountain.  However, no one goes there, for it is said to contain a orc empire.  It is unknown why after it was split from the mainland, it has never been heard from again.

To the West in the center of the ocean, lies a massive storm.  None know why it stays in the same spot, or why it seems to circumvent the globe.  A few sailors tried to head east, but were never heard from again.  The Storm is said to destroy all that come across it.
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Re: Setting: Morton
Races and Changes:

This section will show what races their are playable, and what changes, if any have been made.  This is a WIP.

Humans:   Standard, with the following added.  Languages are changed to the following:

Korinth: Free Craft Skill & Profession.  If practiced, will level up as you do.  Starts at 4 ranks at first level.  If you chose not to have a craft, then an extra feat.
Languages: Common  Bonus: -Baratar (Scholar only), Dwarven, Draconic, Orc, Goblin.

One of the following:
-Knowledge Skill of your choice (with free ranks)
-Survival as a Class Skill (Or a +4 Racial Bonus if already a class skill)
-Free Feat
Languages: Common Bonus: Dwarven, Draconic. Non Casters.   Casters: Same, plus Planer Languages (Celestial, Abyssal, Infernal, Elemental)


Handle Animal and Ride as Class Skills (+4 if already class skill).
+2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence.  A hard working people, they have no real formal education.

Languages: Common  Bonus: Dwarven, Elven, Orc, Goblin.

Elves: Quintarra Elves are the same as Grey Elves from the MM, with the additions added.  BArrier Elves are the same as Wild Elves, with the following additions.  City Elves are standard Elves, withe the exception to Weapon Proficency removed.

All knowledge Skills are Class skills, and you receive 2 at four ranks first level.  If your a wizard, then you can make knowledge checks untrained, and gain a +4 to all of them.
Can Craft Elvencraft Weapons

Languages: Elven Sylvan Bonus: Common, Orc, Draconic, Dwarven, Elemental, Celestial

Barrier Forest:
Ranger Varient (Will explain if you wish to play one).
Spellcaster limitations: Druid, Sorcerer, Bard.  If outside the Core, case by case basis
+2 Str, +2 Dex, -2 Cha, -2 Int  Years of wild living, and fighting have left them hardier then their cousins, but having no formal education, or structured society, they are gruff, and less intelligent.
No secret Door checks, unless in natural enviornment. (So, cave hidden by bushes or vines or something similar).
Scavanger: They learn to use everything as a weapon.  Improvised Weapons do not impose penalties to attack, and have less chance of breaking.  Also gain +4 on search checks (Stacks with Elves natural +2 on Search)

Langauges: Elven  Bonus: Common, Sylvan, Orc, Draconic, Sindal (Rare)

City Elves: Mostly Slaves, they are the same as the base PHB elves, except they gain no proficiency with any weapons.  Favored Class: Fighter or Rogue

Languages: Common  Bonus: Elven  Others may be possible, dependent on conditions and profession.

Dwarves: Standard PHB, with the following additions

Stonecutter Clan:

+4 Craft Bonus when working with stone (Mundane or Precious).
Knowledge Architecture and Engineering is a Class skill, and can be used untrained, but only involving stonework.

Languages: Dwarven, Common Bonus: Goblin, Orc, Giant, Sindal

Wheel Clan:
+2 Con, -2 Wis.  This changes the dwarves normal stats.  Despite it's size and influence, the Wheel Clan has little effect on the outside world, and cares little for the other races.

+4 Bonus to Cha based skills with other dwarves.
+4 to Craft Armor, Weapons
Can craft Dwarven Craft weapons

Languages: Dwarven  Bonus: Common, Orc, Goblin, Undercommon, Giant

Black Mountain Clan: As Duergar with the following exceptions

No Spell Like abilities
See in Darkness: They can see perfectly in Darkness.
Light Blindness: They are blind in lights brighter then a torch.
Tremorsense 40 feet
 Language: Undercommon Bonus: Dwarven, Giant, Goblin, Orc

Iron Clan:

Craft all Weapons and armor as normal. Finish as Masterwork.
Free Fighter Bonus Feat

Languages: Common, Dwarven  Bonus: Orc, Elven, Goblin, Giant

Orcs: There are three distinct species of Orc recorded.  As no real research has been done, or none care, it is not clear why these species split.

Kelthor Orc:

+4 Str, +2 Dex, +2 Con -4 Cha, -4 Wis  A breed of Warriors, they are fierce combatants. And smarter then their mountain cousins.  However, their isolation from everything else has made them harsh to others, and out of touch with the world.

Fanatic: Their rigid training, and harsh upbringing have made them fanatics of their nation, and their god king.  They are immune to mind effecting spells and abilities.

Pain Threshhold: Having endured life in Kelthor, where beatings happen regularly, and training can disable some orcs for days, they have grown accustom to pain.  +4 against any save or check involving pain, and gain Diehard as a bonus feat.

Darkvision 90 feet

Light Sensitivity: They are dazzled in bright lights for 10 rounds upon first occurrence, before getting accustomed to it.

Languages: Kelthorian, Orc  Bonus: Draconic, Dwarven, Giant, Goblin

Gontomar Orc:

+4 Str, +4 Con, -4 Int, -2 Wis, -4 Cha   A hardy group, used to wearing armor heavier then most armors worn by others, and carrying huge bits of stone, they are a strong hardy bunch.  However, they have no books or written language, are also somewhat isolated, and are not popular.
+4 Crafting from Stone or Bone
Profession (Sailor) is a class skill.  Every Orc is taught about being on a boat, as it is the only way for them to raid and pillage supplies.  They also get a +4 checks on anything boat related (Balance during a storm, Swimming, Use Rope for riggings, ect.)

Languages: Orc (Spoken Only), Common (Spoken Only, can learn to read it for 2 skill points).  Bonus Languages: Elven, Sindal

Mountain Orc:  Same as MM1 Race minus the light sensitivity.

Other Races:

I would prefer that these races be it.  However, as this was unclear, I will give quick blurbs about some other races that might be playable.  To cut down on certain things, these will be given quick synapsis based on what Humans know of them.

Lizardmen: Lizardmen exist in two places, depending on breed.  The smaller Poison Darts exist in the Barrier Forest.  The rest, in the Swamps of Lost Hope.  Strong, but Primitive.  Rarely leave the swamp, except during rites of passage, or food raids.  Tribal system of government.

Gnomes (Do not exist): The deranged sub-species of dwarf.  They are slow witted, and used mostly as cheap labor by the dwarves, whoes families usually rather see them die then be associated with them.  Most do, early in life due to abnormalities.  The ones that live to adulthood are usually ignored, left to do menial tasks and collect garbage.

Halflings (Another I would rather not have, but have gotten an Application for, so am making due): Wandering Nomads, no one is sure just how many their are.  Welcomed everywhere and nowhere at the same time, they are like gypsies, travelling in small bands for safety, giving out trinkets and fortunes for gold or food, or sometimes even lodgings.  Outlawed in Korinth.

Dragons: Creatures of Myth, a Dragon has not been spotted by a reputable source in almost 800 years.  Sometimes sailors deep in their cups will claim to ahve seen one, or adventurers near the Ruins of Korma, but no hard proof has been brought.  The last Dragon to be seen was a Red Dragon named Scythix.  He razed entire cities to the ground when he attacked Korinth, apparently from the Sea.  He was eventually brought down by a member of the Kopowitz familiy, which garnered their title of Dragonslayers.  While the title is still their, and used in the names of their finest warriors, no dragons have been seen since.  If they are out their, no one returns with proof, because they probably don't return at all.

For game wise, Dragons exist, but are very very rare.  Seeing a Dragon probably means your going to die, unless your high enough level to take one.  For the world, only the True Dragons from MM1 will appear.  At least for now.

Half Breeds:  Depending on the combination, some are more rare then others.  However, half orcs are almost always born between human mothers, and Mountain orc fathers.  Half Elves are usually made during unions between slave masters and their property.  Depending on the master, some never make it in the world, as they are killed.

Anything Else: The world is filled with other monsters, and beings.  However, the above stated are the ones I think would most commonly be asked about, and should have some explanation.  If you wish to know about other groups, please ask.

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