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Sat 28 May 2011
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RTJ-Character Creation


Character Concept:
Character Apperance:
What your looking to get out of this game:
Any plots you may want:
Breif Backround:

This is a basic character design, because I will be adding and tweeking things as needed to fit into the world.  Not a first come first serve type RTJ.

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Thu 4 Jun 2015
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Re: RTJ-Character Creation
Alright, it has come to my attention that I should lay down some of the Rules I currently have.  This was my fault.

1) While I am allowing some things outside the PHB, spells are not one of them, unless you can give me a damn good reason.  Magic is a guarded secret.  Wizards make their own spells, and guard them like Dragons guard gold.  The PHB spells are the 'everyman' spells that anyone can easily find.

2) I will have a section in the Settings for Races.  Some races will change slightly based upon location, and a few are unique to my world.  This should have been written up prior, but things happen.  I may get to it tonight or tomorrow.

3) No Psionics.  I don't have the book, never read the book, and the handful of games I have played in with them, they were broken.  I have tried a few times, to see them as just another school of magic, but with the way they work, and again, past experiance, I am nixing them.  They don't exist.

4) Most of the races listed in the Settings are what are out there.  I will make a full list of things that exist.  For Example, Gnomes are just a sub-species of Dwarf.  They are to second class citizens, or deformed cousins.  Halflings have no real place in my setting, as they are not a favorite of mine, however, I can easily make them the gypsies of the world if people want them.

5) I will be giving out information to people based on several factors.  Each person will know something about the game, that others may not, based on background, class, nation, ect.