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The Gods
These are the gods of each realm.  Short descriptions.

Gizmar Gods:

Braxis, the God of War and Honor, LN.  This is a god of the honorable side of warfare.  Said to be seen as a six foot tall man, wearing fullplate armor, and weilding his favored weapon, a Sword and Shield, which is also his holy symbol, a shield with a sword cest..  Dogma includes that should someone surrender, they are to be provided dues based on their ranks and the laws of combat, that women and children are not to be harmed during battle, and honorable combat is the only way one should conduct war, formal declerations, prepared combat zones, and confinments to the acts of one's army.

Favored Weapon: Bastard Sword, and Large Shield.

Domains: War, Strength, Nobility, Law, Glory

Selena, the Mother Goddess, NG.  A kind-hearted women, she is the patron of the home and family.  She is also the patron of love and doctors.  Her symbol is a fireplace, with a pot.  Her favored weapon is a Scyth, to reap what you sow.  Her beliefs that family should come before all else, and that your community, is a part of that family.  She also hopes tat communitys grow and prosper, and brings love to couples.  Often depicted as a mid-wife, of middle age, with brown hair.  However, some believe her to be old, like a grandmother.

Favored Weapon: Scyth

Domains: Charm (love) Community, Healing, Protection, Good.

The Trimutive, The Gods of Law, Justice, and Records, LG.  It is unclear why these three gods conjoined together.  Some speculate that it is only one god, split into three parts, in a way to pass judgment more fairly.  Others believe that they are three diffrent gods, that have made a pact to uphold justice, and as such, greated the Trimutive.  Whatever the reason, they all share the common belief of Justice, Law, and also of Records, maintaining all information in regards to the law, and maintaining justice, brining harsh judgement upon the unlawful and unjust.  They all share a weapon, a gavel (light hammer).  When the god passes judgement, two of the three must agree for action to be taken.  If they can not, then they can not act.  They are usually depecticed as three old men, clad in black robes with dark hoods.  Their Holy Symbol is the Scales.

Favored Weapon: Light hammer

Domains: Law, Nobility, Community, Knowladge, Liberation, Good.

Merinax, The Endless Night, CE- The bringer of extinction, this god is the most feared in the Pantheon.  Part of this, is for the sect that worships him are so secretive, that their tenants are unknown to most the outside world.  What is known however is that he is a god from beyond time, or thats the speculation, and he revels in darkness.  His dipiction is a horrid monster, with tentecles, ending in razor sharp claws, and a toothy maw.

Favored Weapon: Claw

Domains: Chaos, Evil, Darkness, Death, Madness, Void, Luck

Gaia, Goddess of Nature, TN- The creator of all the earths elements, from wind to fire, plant to animal, it is all thanks to Gaia.  Another kind soul, unlike the Mother, she is said to have tempermental moodswings and is also somewhat vain.  She is depeicted as a dark skiined, indian girl, in her mid twentys.  Her favored weapon is the Club, for it comes right from nature.  Her symbol is a globe.

Favored Weapon: Club (possibly Great Club)

Domains: Ar, Earth, Fire, Water, Animal, Plant, Weather.

Harem, the Goddess of Sin, CN, the Goddess of Sin, Seduction, and theft, she is a seductress, and lures men from their wives just for the fun of watching their wives reaction, before slapping them, and letting them get an earful from the missess.  A women of peerless beauty, she is thought to be a younger women, but by far the most beautiful of any of the other goddesses.  Her favored Weapon is the switchblade, hidden inside a corset.  Her holy symbol is a pair of hourglasses.

Favored Weapon: Switchblade

Domains: Chaos, Charm (lusts), Luck, Travel, Trickery

Keeper, Lord of Death, LE.  The known evil, the keeper is a man like figure, that keeps in trust all souls brought to him.  His figure usually looks to be an averaged size human, with pale features, sunken eyes, and all around, unhealthy.  It is he that oversees the Soul Wells, as the souls are released to their final resting place, be it a new body, or elsewhere.

Favored Weapon: Mancatcher

Domains: Law, Evil, Death, Repose

The God of Light, N, A god, that seems to have taken much of Gizmar by storm.  The kind gentle side, with a wild vindictive side.  The gods tenats are rather easy: Do good works or you will be set on fire.  So far there have been three.  NO one is sure what he lookse like, and he seems to know  abit about everything.

Favored Weapon: Dagger in the shape of a cross

Domains: Artifice, Destruction, Knowladge, Magic, Run, Sun.

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Re: The Gods
Gods of Korinth

Balthor- LE, God of War and Victory- Balthor is a god of War for the Kornith.  He is the most powerful GOd in the Pantheon, and has the most followers, though some say Atlanta has more.  Regardless, he is a God that Believes Victory at any cost, and that Victory is the reward.  Any Tactics that ensure victory are honorable, and taking spoils of war is just.   His cisage is a massive man, weilding a blade of pure Adamantine, the Clever of Men (Greatsword).  His domains are Destruction, Death, Evil, Law, Strength, and War.

Atlanta- LG, Goddess of Hope and Justice.  Atlanta is the goddess of Hopeand love, she is on par in worshippers and power as the Temple of Balthor.  Where Balthor is worshipped by the Military and militant nobles, Atlanta is more worshiped by the common man, and even those that worship Balthor pay her their respects.  The odd thing about this goddess, however, is that unlike the others, her visage is not strictly human.  She is depeicted as a Winged Solar Angel.  Her favored weapon is the sword of Light, a Long Sword.  Her domains include Charm, Community, Good, Healing, Law and Liberation.  Some of her higher ranking clergy are trying to get slavery abolished, though thus far they have been unsuccessful.

Multani- N, God of Balance.  Multani is a god of nature, in the form that nature must balance itself.  He is worshipped by a small segment of the populace, usually druids and other nature people.  He is seen as a man wearing furs, and his favored weapon is a staff.  OOC: A Cleirc of Multani mus represent Balance.  As such, he has all domains with a few exceptions, and you must pick the polor domains (Animal-Plant. Air-Earth, Fire-Water, Sun-Darkness, Good-Evil ect.)

Pentho- CG, God of Slaves and Freedom.  When a Slave worships anyone, it is usually their masters god.  However, the ones that wish freedom, usually worship Pentho.  Worship of this god is outlawed, and suspicion of worship is enough to get you imprisoned, proof enough to have you executed.  He is seen as a small human, or sometimes a child even, and his faovred weapon is a dagger.  His domains are community, liberation, luck travel, trickery.

Juhusafit- CE, God of the Ever Madness- The Cult of Juhusafit is very small.  Some say it possesses only 200 members nationwide.  He is known to be a cruel and evil god, who cares nothing fo anyone, and wish to spread suffering and madness on the world.  HIs motivations are unclear but he is also outlawed.  Domains are Evil, Chaos, Madness, Fire and the Void.

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