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End Chapter One
Spenser Family

The day of the dance to herald the beginning of the feast dawned promising enough. Max and Sileas, along with Poppet, headed to the market to get a few last minute things for Brighid and Aislyn. Poppet dashed into a stand of toys with Sileas in hot pursuit. Looking at a display of knives, Maxís attention was diverted for the briefest of moments. Until Poppet came racing out, screaming. The little girl, who had until that time not uttered a sound, wailed that Sileas had been taken.

Max sent her off to the bakery for help and took off after Sileas. Despite his best efforts, Max was not only unable to rescue Sileas, but Andy managed to run him through. Leaving his body behind, Andy dragged the screaming and distraught Sileas through the forest to the jail he had set up deep in the cave.  He took her virginity and nearly her life before Aron and Nelek managed to find her.

At the healerís, Sileas refused to let Aalyssa near her and begged Difyr to not tell anyone the whole of what had happened. She also asked for herbs to keep from becoming pregnant. Her heart broken and her life shattered, when Difyr finally allowed her to leave, she purchased furniture and moved in to the living quarters over the schoolhouse. She refused to accept what had happened to Max and what had been done to her, so she tried to ignore it.

She rarely leaves her living area now, not being able to bear being around anyone.  Sileas trusts no one and cannot stand to be touched by anyone. Her weapons and all of her favorite things are still back at her parentsí cottage, as she wants no reminders of her old life. She has not seen her parents for weeks, unable to stand seeing their happiness (not that she begrudged it of them). Invitations for family gatherings go ignored.

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Re: End Chapter One
Since the Buckley apartment got too crowded, and that Yehudit was getting old enough to be more independent, Yehudit was moved into Aron's old apartment. Liadan had some misgivings about letting Yehudit move out of course, even though it was her idea. Ertzel has been moved into Yehudit's old room. The apartment is still crowded.

Yehudit still lives on the same floor as her family, just a little ways down the hall. She is thrilled to have her own place and so much room to herself, and would enjoy it more if she had her best friend to hang out at the apartment with. Sileas had changed since Max was killed and does not hang out with Yehudit as much as she used to.

Aron and Liadan spend quite a few nights on the third floor in the honeymoon suite just to "make sure no one breaks in".

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Re: End Chapter One
Xo now wears a simple leather bracelet over her right wrist to cover the deep scars from what Xo thought of "As her days in Hell." Her right hand still was not as strong as it had been, Difyr thought some ligaments had been permanently damaged and the wound had probably healed as much as it ever would. Xo knew she was lucky to have not lost her entire right arm to infection.

But she wished she did not have the scars to remind her of that hellish time she was shackled in that catacomb, the constant abuse from Galina's followers, the other victims tortured to death and their corpses left to rot around her. Xo wished to have the scars gone more than she wished for her hand to be strong. The best Xo could do was to keep the scars hidden from view and to not think about them.

Through a scribe Xo had sent word to the baker she worked for in Boville, explaining that she had taken ill and would not be able to return for some time. The baker told Xo to take her time, to get better and that she was welcome to return as soon as she was well enough to work. Xo believed she was well enough to work, in fact she had helped out at the inn and Difyr's cottage, but still she stayed in Buckley Village.

No one asked her why she stayed in Buckley Village.

Xo tried to avoid being around a lot of people. Too often she would run into men who frequented the Black Raven Tavern fifteen years ago, a lot of them had wives and children now. At least most of the family men wanted to ignore that they knew her. Worst were the ones who tried to arrange to meet her alone, most were still single and did not want to take no for an answer.

Which was part of the reason why Xo had taken to being around Wynn. Wynn's own mother had been a tavern wench, he did not think paying a woman for it was any better than forcing them. So Xo was safe around Wynn. Wynn went to the Black Raven sometimes when Xo worked there, but all he ever did was drink and get into fights. One of the fights Wynn started was against a couple of men who were getting fresh with Xo in the tavern. Wynn lost the fight and was thrown out, but Xo appreciated what he tried to do.

Six months ago the only two taverns in Buckley Village had been shut down, and the inn now refused to serve Wynn any alcohol. The past six months had been the longest amount of time Wynn had been sober since he was a boy. Wynn might be past the worst of it but Xo knew he still craved a drink, and if he had just one drink he would go back to being drunk.

Xo found Wynn easy to talk to, he had done a lot of foolish and embarrassing things when he was drunk so he did not judge Xo for anything she had done.