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Leaping Lemur
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Wed 28 Mar 2012
at 23:12
The Town Crier
Thanks to Deacon, we shall have weekly recaps of the happenings in the village.
Deacon Paterson
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Wed 28 Mar 2012
at 23:49
Re: The Town Crier
The Town Crier cried out as he galloped through the village on his horse,"Hear ye! Hear ye! I shall now tell the all I know of the various happens,events,romances,marriages,deaths,births,wedding, another events! Gather round friends!  Listen ye well!"

He then began to list in a loud voice, the goings on, that he was aware of, for the week:

Lt. Deacon Paterson is officially courting the lovely Elena Buckley! May they have a wonderful and fruitful relationship and produce many children!

Larrigan will be taking over the forge from the very lovely and capable Briget Spensoor! We do hope that Larrigan's work is of the same fine qualty as Brie's was!  Remember, if you a sword, call the Njord!

Allysin's Bakery has many wonderful Goodies! stop by and try her renowned sticky buns or perhaps a sugar cloud over some hot coca.  Remember, At Alysin's, you may hungry and grumpy, but you'll always leave full and happy!

We welcome Pinja to the Village! Treat her warmly and kindly as you pass her and do give a hello! Where she came from, we don't yet know!  Perhaps, we will soon!

The entire Village would like to extend their dearest congratulatory to Briget Spensor!  She just had three lovely babies!  Our next question: what are they're names?  Are they boys or girls?  Will she continue her tradition of naming her girls names that begin with "S"? We can only wait and hopefully anticipate these developments.

You are reminded to be safe in your travels during these winter months! the recent snow storm that has rocked our village has many a person in a strange place with strangers, for one night at least.  Wear proper clothing, have plenty of food and wood and you should be fine!  The Buckley Town guard, Ready,Waiting,Always there.

We also have a land development to mention! It seems that Lt. Patterson has bought the empty cortege by the schoolhouse!  What will he turn it into? a Home perhaps? we shall see!

In other couples news, Sileas and Larrigan, yes the same Larrigan currently running the forge.  Are they a couple? We suspect not yet, but we do hope they soon will be!  The entire village eagerly awaits the two lovebirds decision.

As a note to all residents, Buckley Village is proud to welcome back Andy Daniels! Hopefully he has reformed himself and can live in the village in peace.

The village is further please to welcome Edward and Arial!  We do not believe Arial to be a mermaid of any kind!  Where they came from and just exactly who they are we do not know.  We eagerly wait and see.

The Black Raven Tavern has been getting lots of activity recently.  Will the Guard Captain reopen it?  We shall see.

One final bit of news for this week:  The Spring Festival is being planned for sometime in the spring! Please see any one of the planners for more information.

Thank ye for gathering and listening well! Have a wonderful week!