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Campaign Journal
This thread is the campaign journal, where collected pieces of information will be housed over the course of the adventure. The Keeper will maintain the first post, and players can maintain their own journal entries in their own threads. Eventually, I may have a rotating editor to help maintain it, if anyone is interested.


Map of Important Locations - New York
Map of Important Locations - London
Map of Important Locations - Cairo

    January 1925              February 1925
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£1 = $5 = 100 P.T (piaster)
     $1 =  20 P.T.


January 15, 1925

As the group met to celebrate the birthday of Dr. Leonardo Elias, the following was delivered to the Elias residence

The following items were found in Room 411 of the Chelsea Hotel, on the bodies of Jackson Elias, his killers, and scattered about the room.

The group speak to the police who arrive on the scene, making contact with one Lieutenant Poole.

Bishop arranges to meet Poole the next day at the precinct, as the lieutenant intimated that he might be willing to share more information with them.

January 16, 1925

Poole gave Bishop and Dr. Elias a list of other victims who were found with the same symbol on their foreheads as well around the city, providing addresses for them and some biographical information.
  • Walter Van Buskirk (Queens) - Private Investigator
  • Rev. Elijah A. Johnson (Harlem) - Reverend
  • Michael Conley (Queens) - Longshoreman
  • Richard “Ritchie C.” Cederecci (Brooklyn) - Mafioso
  • Roberta Barlow (Harlem) - Seamstress
  • Adolf Thurmond (Brooklyn) - Bookstore Owner

Bishop and Leo traveled to the morgue, where Leo was able to look at some records. They received some information about the condition of the bodies of the victims, who look like they suffered quick deaths followed by ritualistic cutting. They then visited Buskirk's practice, and spoke with his erstwhile partner David Jones. He gave them information about the case Buskirk was working on - the disappearance of a young woman named Andrea Duncan. Bishop and Leo next returned to the Chelsea hotel, finding little of use. They finally went to go see the Duncan family, who told them their daughter had been getting alcohol from "negro foreigners." They recall that they saw an address in her file: 1 Ransom Court.

A letter and a set of notes sent to Jonah Kensington by Jackson Elias, detailing the latter's travels in Kenya and the information he discovered. These were given to Rosalie and Abraham by Jonah Kensington, Jackson's publisher and good friend.

Jackson Elias's notes taken in London, given from Jonah Kensington to Rosalie and Abraham:
  • A barely legible page from Jackson's otherwise indecipherable London notes

    Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
    “Many names, many forms, but all the same and toward one end... Need Help... Too big, too ghastly. These dreams... dreams like Carlyle’s? Check that psychoanalyst’s files... All of them survived! They’ll open the gate. Why?... so the power and the danger is real. They... many threads beginning...The books are in Carlyle’s safe... Coming for me. Will the ocean protect? Ho Ho no quitters now. Must tell, and make readers Believe. Should I scream for them? Let’s scream together...."

Rosalie and Abraham then traveled to Boston to meet the librarian Miriam Atwright, to whom Jackson had written a letter previously. She told them that he had been looking for a book called Africa's Dark Sects, but it had been stolen from their collection. She hadn't heard of the Bloody Tongue or the Black Wind, but promised to do some research for them.

Walter and Annabel visited Emerson Imports and spoke with Arthur Emerson. He told them Silas N'Kwane didn't work there, but worked as the manager at a place called the Ju Ju House. He did import business with Ahja Singh from Mombasa, who imported to the Ju Ju House. Walter makes contact with Joe Masseria, who knows the Ju Ju House. They killed one of his low level members, but it wasn't worth the trouble to go to war with them, as it would weaken his position in conflicts with the other families.

That evening, they went to Professor Cowles's lecture about some Australian cults that are potentially returning from dormancy. They probed for a connection to Jackson, but found little, though the Professor tried to be helpful. On the way back, they pick up a tail, but they manage to shake it by driving by the local precinct. Finally returning home, Dr. Elias finds out they have been invited to a party at the home of Erica Carlyle, the heiress to the Carlyle fortune.

January 17, 1925
  • Jackson's funeral. Sparsely attended, save by close family and a few friends. The group meets some of Jackson's other friends: Simon Exton (an English toxicologist), Roman Harkov (a Russian folklorist and author), Henry Brinded (Antiquarian, Bookstore Owner), and Helen Alexander (archaeologist and author).
  • The group (sans Walter) goes to meet with Erica Carlyle at the party, by way of the invitation the Elias family received. Bradley Grey, her attorney, arranges for them to speak to Erica privately at the party itself.
  • Leonardo meets Dr. Cornelius Taft, a colleague who knew Dr. Robert Huston (one of the Carlylye Expedition principals). He tells Leo that Huston was reclusive shortly preceding his journey, and that Huston claims that he went along to treat a patient. Taft tells Leonardo that Huston had broken off a relationship with a woman named Imelda Bosch before he left, who had proceeded to commit suicide. Taft speculates that maybe Huston left to escape the scandal.
  • Annabel has a raunchy tryst conversation and a dance with Bradley Grey.
  • Rosalie found a hidden safe in the Carlyle library containing the following books (which they later borrowed from Erica Carlyle with her permission): Life as a God, People of the Monolith, The Pnakotic Manuscripts, and Sélections de Livre d'Ivon. (described in msg#162 here)
  • Walter spends the evening trying to call in a tip on the Ju Ju House on suspicion that they're running an illegal distillery, but does not succeed.

January 18, 1925
  • After some discussion about the situation, they met a reporter who had been sneaking about outside. He had been investigating the murders and was looking for a scoop. He ends up going to meet Lieutenant Poole in Bishop's company to verify the story that Poole suggested he speak with the Elias family. Poole confirms him, and Bishop reluctantly accepts Cotton. Bishop then attempts to get Poole to crack down on the Ju Ju House, but citing insufficient evidence and failure on previous attempts and pressure to solve more murders, he declines. Bishop flies into a rage, and Poole asks them to leave.
  • Bishop and Cotton then go to check up on Abraham Hargrove, who has not been seen in a couple of days. They find his residence locked and nobody home ostensibly. Eventually they get tired of waiting and leave.
  • The dynamic duo next went to visit the bookstore owned by Adolf Thurmond to see if they can turn anything up. The only thing they get is some maps that Thurmond had been looking at with various markings, on one of which was written "Mountain of the Black Wind" in the margins. Thurmond had apparently been spending a lot of late nights in Harlem.
  • Leonardo visits the Medical Affairs Board and manages to look through Huston's records. He retrieves a set of Dr. Robert Huston's notes from interviews with Roger Carlyle
  • The others spend time in the library. Thomas introduces them to one Dr. Howard Blake, a specialist on the region. He is able to shed a little bit of light on the Cult of the Bloody Tongue in Kenya, but ultimately they don't have any questions of merit to ask him.
  • Arriving home, they eventually are met by Vincent Moretti, a second cousin to Jackson and Rosalie. The discussed the situation briefly before the arrival of Bradley Grey, who came to meet them as previously agreed to answer a variety of questions about the Carlyle Expedition.
  • After some discussion, they decided they were going to pay a visit to the JuJu House in the small hours of the following morning to investigate.

January 19, 1925
  • The group travels to Harlem in the early hours of the morning, arriving at the JuJu House. Leo and Annabel wait in the car while everyone else goes inside.
  • Finding a trap door, they entered it, finding underneath a pile of discarded clothing and some extra Bloody Tongue headbands and another door. Opening the door, they found some kind of orgiastic ritual in progress with some more living victims being prepared for some kind of sacrifice. There was also some kind of underground pit that was covered up.
  • The group burst in, guns blazing, killing the cultists there in a bloody battle - which included zombies, one of them being a zombified Abraham Hargrove - and eventually rescuing the prisoners.
  • Meanwhile, Annabel and Leo sat outside in the car discussing Annabel's marital prospects and her daddy issues and mommy issues.
  • They dropped one of the prisoners off, took another one of the prisoners back home to clean her up and send her home. Bishop interrogates one of the prisoners harshly and accuses her of actually being involved in the cult.
  • They slept, discussed the experiences of the previous night, and resolved to continue unearthing the mystery, taking themselves next to London.
  • Offscreen, Leonardo makes travel arrangements and they prepare to leave in a couple of days.


January 29th, 1925
  • The group arrived in London, checking into the Savoy Hotel before splitting up and going in different directions, following leads to the Scoop, the Penhew Foundation, and Scotland Yard.
  • Vincent and Stanley went to Scotland Yard to speak to Chief Inspector James Barrington, introducing themselves to him and mentioning the connection with Kensington and Elias, the latter having interviewed Barrington. Barrington was investigating some murders, and shared Elias's theory that a group called the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh was involved, and described the ritualistic killings involved piercing the heart with some sort of spiked club. Jackson tried to get him to look closely at the Blue Pyramid.
  • In a private conversation, Bishop offered Chief Inspector Barrington and Scotland Yard the vigilante services of the group, paired with a request to help him acquire firearms. Barrington declined, and quickly brought the conversation to an end.
  • Walter, Millicent, and Thomas went to the Scoop to meet Mickey Mahoney. He said he liked Jackson, and met him before when the latter was working on a book. Jackson promised him a story about an evil cult operating out of London. Mahoney noted Jackson's interest in an article, which spoke of a foreigner being beaten and stabbed in the heart. He told of a spate of similar murders, all of Egyptians except the recent one of the former Chief Inspector. When asked where to find gatherings of Egyptians, he mentioned the Blue Pyramid. The group took a stroll through Soho to get a quick look at the place.
  • Dr. Elias and Rosalie went to the Penhew Foundation, setting up an appointment with Edward Gavigan. They asked him about Jackson Elias, and Gavigan confirmed he had met Jackson, who had interviewed Gavigan about his theories regarding the Brotherhood. Gavigan asserted that he didn't find Jackson's theories credible. Eventually, the meeting came to an end.
  • Everyone regrouped at the hotel to speak on their findings and take next steps. Most of them went to the British Museum, while Tommy and Millicent went to the Blue Pyramid where the others would rendezvous with them later. At the British Museum, they first speak to Professor Malcolm Armistead, who was earlier lecturing on Egypt. They ask him about the Brotherhood. He tells them what little he knows - that they were a strange, group and non-Egyptian. They worshipped a figure known as the Black Pharaoh or Nophru Ka, and were tied to terrible acts. There's historical evidence they exist, but very speculative and unreliable regarding anything more specific. The rest of the museum proves of little value.
  • They all eventually reconvened at the Blue Pyramid. When asked about murders, a dancer named Zubaida discretely offered a later meeting to provide some information to Tommy, the reporter. At the later meeting at the York Minster, Zubaida told them that her boyfriend has been killed by a group he called the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh, that the group had monthly gatherings departing from the club in a truck just after midnight at an irregular date near the end of the month, and that the only person she recognized in the group was a local spice merchant, Tewfik al-Sayed.
  • Vincent, Millicent, and Tommy broke into Tewfik's spice shop late at night, which also had a residential portion on top. Inside the residence, they found a strange mirror with cuneiform markings on it, two red-brown sandstone vials with caps, a folded silk robe, a black inverted ankh on a metal chain, a crumbling papyrus scroll, a black skullcap embroidered with inverted ankhs, and a pair of scepters made out of a black metal. Symbols on some items indicated association with the Brotherhood. The shopkeeper surprised them, cast some kind of spell on Millicent, and then Vincent beat the ever loving shit out of him with a combination of brass balls and brass knuckles. Vincent made it look like a break in, and they all fled the scene with what they had grabbed and made their way back to the hotel.

January 30th, 1925
  • The next day, Vincent and Tommy went to track down Zubaida with some more questions. She clarified that the lorry that takes people on trips from the Blue Pyramid arrived on an irregular day of the month after midnight.
  • Vincent realized due to his knowledge of Astronomy that this time was likely to be the first quarter phase of the moon.
  • Vincent and Tommy then went to talk to Mahoney, but didn't learn much other than that Barrington was a very by-the-books type of policeman.
  • The group spent some time going over the findings that Vincent got from the Spice Shop. Rosalie recognized the writing Vincent had copied down from the back of the mirror as Sumerian variant of Cuneiform, and Leo recognized the ankh symbology as referenced in Life as a God as a symbol of the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh, positively identifying Tewfik as a cult member.
  • Rosalie learns the spell Body Warping of Gorgoroth. She also learned that Tewfik's mirror had the power to allow its user to view and strike enemies, and learned of how to use it.
  • Walter and Stanley attempted to go to the spice shop and retrieve the mirror, but were beaten by some others who went into the house, retrieved a mirror-sized container, put it in a truck and left. They went to the Penhew Foundation. Later, they followed another parcel laden truck from the Penhew Foundation to the Limehouse Docks, where it unloaded in a warehouse.

January 31st, 1925
  • Stanley, Walter, Leo, and Millicent went to the Docks that night. After being discovered in their approach, most of them fled, save for Walter and Stanley who tried other approaches. Walter waited a while, then made a rendezvous with Millicent and Leo. Stanley worked his way through other streets to come from the opposite approach. When he arrived there, alone in the dark in a thick fog, something of ill aspect seemingly made from the fog itself strangled him to death. The others presumed he had been kidnapped and rammed their car into the warehouse, then saw his body laying to the side. They retrieved his body and left.
  • Vincent, Tommy, and Rosalie broke into the Penhew Foundation. They discovered a hidden room that appeared to be an occult study of some sort, with books, art, and figurines.
  • Rosalie found a letter written in Arabic.

    Spoiler text: (Highlight or hover over the text to view)
    The letter is written to a man named Omar Shakil, and seems to have been written very recently. It alludes in vague terms to the death of a spice merchant, and that the writer would be consolidating the two branches of the Brotherhood under the writer's own control. The writer speaks of this as a net gain, as the spice merchant was sloppy and attracting the wrong kind of attention to the Brotherhood. The writer makes note of his people noting two American men lingering around the spice shop, and suspects them of the deed. The writer suspects these men of association with another pair of Americans, a man and a woman that visited the writer earlier, and that were related to a third man that was taken care of in New York by Mukunga. The writer assures Omar Shakil not to worry, and that the writer is certain of seeing the interlopers disposed of before the next ritual, which is coming soon.
  • Vincent found a crate stenciled Ho Fong Imports, 15 Kaoyang Road, Shanghai, China and addressed to "the honorable Ho Fong." He found within it a textured marble statue of a strange looking figure that appeared to be a hideous, bloated woman.
  • Vincent sees another crate stenciled Randolph Shipping Company, Port Hedland, Western Australia, Dominion of Australia. In smaller letters, it said Personal to Mr. Randolph. Within, he saw a sixteen inch bust of a figure whose head was oddly shaped and beset by tentacles on the lower half.
  • He found several books: G’harne Fragments, Ye Booke of Comunicacions with ye Angel Dzyon, and Liber Ivonis. He also found fifteen scrolls. Six were in Arabic, four in Latin, two in Egyptian Hieroglyphics, two in Medieval French, and one in Old English.
  • He found a scroll in Italian that contained an ancient fisherman's chant, to be used near fresh or salt water when bait is placed therein. The fisherman can sing the chant, and in a matter of minutes a number of local fish will congregate in the area. Vincent learned thusly the spell Attract Fish.
  • Vincent found a calendar with February 1st circled, and Misr House written on it.
  • Vincent found a box and a small jar. The box is fashioned of carved sandalwood, and inlaid with silver depictions of bizarre creatures that appear to be shambling. In the box are two silver daggers, inscribed with strange runes and symbols. In the box also there seemed to be some small dried wings, tiny eyes in a jar, and some claws. The jar contained some blue powder.
  • They looked in vain for the mirror, but didn't find it, so they left. An encounter with the building's guard turned violent, and Vincent killed him on the way out - taking a bullet in the process. Afterwards, he went to get fixed up with a mob connect and secured a safehouse for the group.
  • Vincent came back later, reanimated the dead guard (Cockburn) into a zombie using a spell, and set him to wait for anyone that came there and kill them.

February 1st, 1925
  • The two groups meet up, and Leo breaks the news of Stanley Bishop's death to Rosalie, who understandably takes it hard.
  • They communicate their discoveries to each other, mainly that Gavigan is involved with the Broterhood of the Black Pharaoh.
  • Gathering their belongings and Stanley's body, they head to the safehouse where they hope to rendezvous with Vincent.
  • Millicent is recalled by the Carlyles as her services are needed in other endeavors, but introduces the group to her replacement, a dashing young solicitor named Harry Price, who meets them at Scotland Yard and is appraised of their tale briefly.
  • Leo, Rosalie, and Harry have a sit down with Barrington. The meeting goes much better than the time he met Stanley and Vincent, as no one attempts to antagonize him. Barrington has been rattled by a string of failures and is desperate for a solution: desperate enough to start taking some of the more ludicrous theories seriously.
  • Barrington had recently seized a warehouse full of illegal and illicit materials in a raid, which included a number of occult materials. He eventually agrees to attempt to look further into the matter, but is hampered by issues of jurisdiction, being that the Naze is not in his purview. He promises to look into it and help as he can.
  • Meanwhile, Walter, Vincent, and Tommy went to survey the area around the Misr House. Walter, a big game hunter familiar with swampland from his bootlegging days in Louisiana, slips onto the island by swimming through the marshy waters, asking Tommy to wait behind and cover his retreat if needed. Tommy, the New York city slicker, eventually decides that he wants to go on the island too, and swims across. Walter gets back to find Tommy gone. Nobody knows where.
  • Walter and Vincent come back to the Inn to rendezvous with Rosalie, Leo, and Price. They make a plan to ambush the truck full of cultists, forgetting that the truck was full of cultists and instead believing that the truck was full of victims.
  • Staging an elaborate plan, the group successfully ambushes a group full of cultists that they were fully informed would outnumber them possibly at 5:1 odds, prevents the truck from reversing, and enter into a fight in which they are badly outnumbered and look to be losing.
  • Vincent moves to blow up the truck, hoping to kill the cultists and sacrificing himself in the process. He tells Bo to get out, but Bo doesn't get out. The truck blows up killing the remaining cultists, but also killing Vincent and Bo in the process.
  • Leo, Rosalie, and Harry regroup, heading on foot toward the Misr House where they previously heard gunfire. There they meet Barrington and his constables (OOC: including Constable Reginald Hawkins, an recurring NPC in the Keeper's metaverse). They together fought a flying monster of some kind, rescued some likely human sacrifices (including Tommy and a man named John Amboy) but didn't find Gavigan, who presumably fled in the chaos. There was sufficient evidence to produce a warrent for him in absentia, and Gavigan is a wanted figure in Britain.

February 2nd, 1925
  • The next day, they reconvened at Barrington's office, where they met a grateful John Amboy, who Harry recruited into the group, as well as Fredde ten Boom, an odd Dutch pilot who was friends with one of the victims and offered them transport to Africa on her plane, and Dr. Dominic McNeil, another Carlyle functionary who would add a measure of archaeological expertise to the group as they would continue on into Egypt. Tommy was committed to a mental institution, too ill to continue.
  • The group who would continue on met again at their hotel rooms at the Savoy to consider their travel plans and next steps, which would take them to Egypt.

February 4th, 1925
  • The group departs from London on Fredde's aircraft.

February 5th, 1925
  • The group arrives at the Heliopolis Aerodome, not far from Cairo, around midday. They travel to Cairo, check in at Shepheard's Hotel, refresh themselves briefly, and plan to do some preliminary digging around with local contacts, people of interest, and libraries before more serious forays into their business the next day.

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Dr. Leonardo Elias
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Dr. Leonardo Elias's Campaign Journal
Dr. Leonardo Elias's Campaign Journal

Jackson sent telegram on 13 January and expected to be in New York on 15 January. The telegram didn't arrive until the afternoon of the 15th. Jackson requested an investigative team as he had found some reliable information on the Carlyle expedition.

Jackson phoned at 4pm on January 15, reiterating his need for investigators. He appreciated the two who had already offered their services, and asked for more that are good in libraries, archives, or have wits, curiosity, and/or guts.

From talking to Jackson, Leo seems to get the sense that something isn't right. Normally brave and fearless, even to the level of foolhardiness, Jackson has been known to personify the phrase "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread." This time on the phone, while he seemed to try and keep up appearances, he seemed cryptic, anxious, and perhaps even frightened. With training in psychology and psychoanalysis, as well as being his father and knowing him well, Leo should get the sense that Jackson is behaving very uncharacteristically.

At the Hotel Chelsea, we discovered a dead Jackson. The men that attacked us (and likely killed Jackson) were wearing strange jewelry. Jackson had a strange symbol carved into his forehead.

Lt. Poole mentioned:

"This isn't the first killing of this sort that we've found. It's the eight in the last year that has this sort of...I guess you could call it a 'ritual' element to it. That's connected to some sort of African death cult. Up in Harlem, they won't talk to us about it. So far, the theory is that these are ritual murders of folks who somehow learned too much. I'd have liked to have one of these saps in an interrogation room...but that's neither here nor there."

Lt. Poole indicated the following additional murders:

Walter Van Buskirk (Queens)
Rev. Elijah A. Johnson (Harlem)
Michael Conley (Queens)
Richard “Ritchie C.” Cederecci (Brooklyn)
Roberta Barlow (Harlem)
Adolf Thurmond (Brooklyn)

And said the following about them:

"These people whose names you have now, I can tell you a little about them, but just that. Buskirk was a private investigator. Reverend Johnson was a minister - pretty active in preaching against immorality in Harlem. Conley was a longshoreman. Ritchie C. was a low-level goombah. He's been in and out, but mostly out now since he got in with the Frankie Yale and them Italians. Roberta Barlow was a seamstress up in Harlem. Adolf Thurmond lived in Brooklyn and owned several successful bookstores. Believe it or not, that's all we got. Not much of a pattern. White, black, Irish, Italian, rich, poor, law abiding citizens, criminals, you name it."

When asked about the headpieces worn by the killers, Poole mentioned:

"Those things...they've been linked to some kinda African death cult, just like the markings that were...on his forehead, and all the foreheads of all the other vics. The negroes in Harlem won't talk to us about it. Not that they'll ever talk to us about anything,"

There was quite a scandal before Dr. Huston left. He broke off a relationship with Miss Imelda Bosch, who then committed suicide.

Dr. Huston indicated he was travelling to see to a patient. This now seems somewhat unlikely.

Dr. Huston's records would be at the medical affairs board. Leo's nephew is on that board.

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Rosalie Elias
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Rosalie Elias's Campaign Journal
Rosalie Elias's Campaign Journal

January 16, 1925
Following up on a letter sent to Jackson from Miriam Atwright from Harvard, Abraham and I paid her a visit to discover the identity of the book that Jackson requested.

Per Miss Atwright:
Miriam Atwright:
"As I mentioned, Jackson was looking for a volume called Africa's Dark Sects by one Nigel Blackwell, a self-funded explorer of sorts. The topics in the book vary widely, but the focus is on African cults and esoteric religious practices - the more gruesome or vile the better. Cannibalism and bestiality are some of the more comparatively tame practices discussed. He focuses on the Kenyan Crown colony and German East Africa, the Belgian Congo, and West Africa. We did have one of the only remaining copies of this book in the world in our collection, but it seems to have simply disappeared from our collection."

We left with the promise of her researching the 'God of the Black Wind' and the 'Cult of the Bloody Tongue', with her results in a few days.

January 18, 1925

After conducting some research into 'Cult of the Bloody Tongue' and 'God of the Black Wind,' Miriam Atwright was able to find a little information with a great amount of difficulty.

  • The Cult of the Bloody Tongue is the English translation of a rumored group that is regarded with fear and suspicion by many of the tribesmen in the areas near Nairobi, especially towards the north.
  • It is not concretely proven to exist, but the tribesmen and villagers very much believe in their existence. Various disappearances have been blamed on this group.
  • They are said to engage in ritualistic human sacrifices to the God of the Black Wind. Tribesmen describe this God as "not of Africa," and indeed any discussions about it and its membership, were they to be taken seriously, do not match expected traditional patterns for primitive African religions and beliefs.
  • They are rumored to operate out of the Aberdare mountains, at a place called the Mountain of the Black Wind.
  • They are associated with a particular symbol (Miriam Atwright describes over the phone a symbol that matches the one drawn on Jackson's forehead.

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Walter 'Bo' Brandon
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Walter 'Bo' Brandon's Campaign Journal
Walter 'Bo' Brandon's Campaign Journal
Stanley Bishop
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 Pinkerton Detective
Tue 8 Jul 2014
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Stanley Bishop's Campaign Journal
Stanley Bishop's Campaign Journal

Other known victims (from Lt Poole)
On the sheet of paper placed on the table was a list of names, some notes, and corresponding addresses.

◾ Walter Van Buskirk (Queens)
◾ Rev. Elijah A. Johnson (Harlem)
◾ Michael Conley (Queens)
◾ Richard “Ritchie C.” Cederecci (Brooklyn)
◾ Roberta Barlow (Harlem)
◾ Adolf Thurmond (Brooklyn)

Possible victim (from Buskirk's partner David Jones)
You find the name Andrea Duncan and an address on the Upper East Side. There's a fairly thorough interview conducted with her mother and father, the details of which distill down to the notion that they disapproved of the friends and the company she was keeping. Walter Buskirk took this for the notion that they were negro foreigners, noting this in the file. They wouldn't come right out and say it, but they thought she was getting alcohol from them. There's a picture of her as well, a good looking blonde haired blue eyed woman.

Possible allies
Jonah Kensington, Publisher, NYC
 Erica Carlyle,
 Bradley Grey, Lawyer
 Lieutenant Matrin Poole, NYPD Detective, FoB NYC
 Miriam Atwright, librarian
 Dr. Howard Blake, Professor of History and Anthropology, Columbia FoT FYC
 Dr. Cornelius Taft, Psychiatrist, FoL NYC
 Professor Cowles, NYU
 Dr. Brandon Elias, a member of the Medical Affairs Board. FoL NYC
Dr. Franz Neten, Medical Examiner, NYC FoL
 Simon Exton (an English toxicologist)FoJ NYC
 Roman Harkov (a Russian folklorist and author)FoJ NYC
 Henry Brinded (Antiquarian, Bookstore Owner)FoJ NYC
 Helen Alexander (archaeologist and author)Foj NYC

People of Interest
Edward Gavigan, Penhew Foundation, London
Faraz Najir, Cairo
Miss Smythe Forbes Kenya
Lt Mark Selkirk Kenya
Nails Nelson
Mr Johnstone Kenyatta Nairobi

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Annabel Ashcroft
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Annabel Ashcroft's Campaign Journal
Annabel Ashcroft's Campaign Journal

Thanks to her father, Annabel discovered the address to Emerson Imports
648 West 47th Street, there is no phone number.

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Thomas Cotton
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Thomas Cotton's Campaign Journal
Thomas Cotton's Campaign Journal

Date: (Early Jan 1925)

This morning I finally met the Elias group. I thought I'd take a peek at their place, and the jumpy PI seemed to think I was some stalker. He's a bit grumpy, but I suppose I would be too in his position.

Anyway we headed over to Poole's place. Bishop wanted him to raid the Juju house, but the cop is wary to do so without more evidence. To be fair he's already sent a couple of guys in to maybe place is a red herring anyway.

We drove over to a Mr Hargrove's place. Sounds like he was a friend of the Elias group. No sign of him  - sounds like thats not unusual though.

Date: (Late Jan 1925)

So, farewell New York and hello London. As I write I'm sat in the first class lounge of the good ship Mauritania, and I thought it would be handy to remind myself of a few things, so they are to hand should we ever need them.
I couldn't find the Huston notes linked easily, so thought it handy to pop them here for reference

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Vincent Moretti
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Re: Abraham Hargrove's Campaign Journal
Vincent Moretti's Campaign Journal

January 29, 1925

Met with Chief Inspector Barrington at Scotland Yard. The Inspector indicated that he is investigating a string of murders, killings that he had spoken with Jackson about. Jackson had wanted to share his theory that the deaths were the responsibility of an ancient cult: The Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh.

Having read Montgomery Crompton's account of his conversion and service to the Brotherhood of the Black Pharaoh in Life as a God, I think Jackson was correct. Crompton discusses committing human sacrifices as part of the dark rites of the cult, which involved beating the victim with a spiked "sacred club", then killing them with a bronze spike.

Inspector Barrington stated that all of the murders that he is investigating involve the victim being beaten repeatedly with some kind of spiked club. The victim is then fatally stabbed in the heart with a spike of some kind.

We put down one group of maniacs, only to find another working right here in London. First a Bloody Tongue, now a Black Pharaoh.

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