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Chapter 2.3: Night at the Foundation [01/31/1925]
The Penhew Foundation
35 Tottenham Court Road
Friday Night/Saturday Morning
January 31st, 1925

Showing up earlier in the afternoon gave Vincent, Tommy, and Rosalie ample opportunity to conduct surveillance of the Penhew Foundation. An eight foot high wrought iron fence surrounded the compound in which the building was located, parted by a front and a rear gate. The rear gate provided easy access to the loading docks. The front gate admitted visitor vehicles and pedestrians, who seemed to check in at the gate house quickly before being admitted. During the day the loading area was fairly busy with activity, and late in the afternoon, all vehicles seemed to depart loaded with crates, leaving that area rather quiet during the remainder of the day. From the front entrance, visitors came at a slow but steady pace, reasonable for an academic foundation.

Nearing 5:00 pm, a woman with cleaning equipment arrived. Around 5:30, both visitors and staff seemed to leave the building in something of an exodus. A half hour after closing a black Rolls Royce arrived, and a well dressed gentleman exited the building, having a seat in the rear of the car, which proceeded to depart. After that  vehicle left, so did the guard at the front gate, locking the padlock on the gate behind him. Predictably the building was much quieter after hours, with no comings or goings. From the outside, they could make out the steady pacing of a guard inside from the way they could see the flashlight moving around the building. He made one round around the first floor, then one round around the second floor, and then returned to make a round around the first floor, moving in a clockwise rotation. The exterior of the building was not particularly well lit, save for the area near the front entrance.

The neighborhood where the Penhew Foundation building was located was largely residential, and there was a police call box not a block away from the foundation building.

They returned to the hotel, rested up, packed their supplies, and returned much later that night to attempt to get a...closer look at the Penhew Foundation building.


I've hopefully addressed all your questions - at least to the degree you'd be able to actually observe. If there's something you think I've missed or that you would like to know, feel free to ask. Worst I can say is no!

Tommy, the folding camera would be small enough to tote around if you want. Not sure how good your lighting is going to be though; conditions will be non ideal so I will be asking for Photography skill checks

What time are you all arriving? Feel free to open up posting at your leisure.

Also give me a Hide or Sneak check just in case - with Advantage for your preparations.

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Rosalie Elias
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Chapter 2.3: Night at the Foundation [01/31/1925]
Upon their return, Rosalie sat in the backseat of the car, gazing out the window at the foundation.  She'd checked her bag twice already, but couldn't help but check it again.  Nerves were getting the better of her despite their preparations.  Leaning forward toward the men, she rested one gloved hand on the back of Tommy's seat.  "So what do you figure?  The back gate near the docks?  The front seems better lit than the back.  We could try to pick the lock, or cut it, if anyone brought bolt cutters.  The fence seems a bit high, but still might be climbable."

Sneak: 54
Hide: 17

01:03, Today: Rosalie Elias rolled 111 using 2d100 with rolls of 57,54.  Sneak (30).
01:03, Today: Rosalie Elias rolled 107 using 2d100 with rolls of 90,17.  Hide (30).

Vincent Moretti
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Tue 27 Dec 2016
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Chapter 2.3: Night at the Foundation [01/31/1925]
Staring at the Penhew Foundation, Moretti was suddenly sixteen again, getting ready to break into Bill Mahoney's warehouse, standing in a Hell's Kitchen alley at midnight with a thirty year old Ray Spano, the January New York chill gnawing at his chest.

After regarding the entrance of the aging building for a long moment, Spano had turned his attention to Moretti.
"You nervous, kid?" He asked, his breath steaming in the winter air.

Moretti had just nodded, his mouth too dry for words.

Spano shrugged. "Working for the family, it's not the last time you're going to go somewhere you don't belong, or take something that doesn't belong to you. All part of the business."

Spano had eyed Morettii sternly, the lines of his rawboned features even sharper in the dim light. "I could give you some kind of encouragement. Tell you it all gets easier the more you do it. But I don't want to feed you a bunch of false sunshine. Will your nerves steady out? Sure. Eventually. That part'll get easier."

Glancing back at the warehouse, Spano said, "Thing is, you've seen enough now, you know what this life is. What it's about. You and me? We're just tools. Kept around when we're useful. Tossed to the street when we're not. This kind of job? This is the exact sort of work that gets you killed. Eventually, you walk in the wrong place, mess with the wrong guy's people or property and you're gone. Good news is, the way most of us do business, you'll never see it coming. You'll just be dead."

"It's the life you agreed to. Better to accept it now, swallow the medicine, and put the worry behind you. Whatever you joined this outfit for, money, security, influence, you'll get it. But we soldati... we don't get old. And we don't get remembered. Nobody's going to show up with flowers at the potter's field. I know I sound harsh kid, but it's better you get rid of any illusions now. They'll only trip you up in the end."

Spano had motioned for Moretti to follow him. "Let's get this done."

Rosalie's observations drew Moretti from his memories. He considered what she had said quietly, regarding the stately building with a frown.

"I honestly think the rear entrance is the better route," he said quietly. "With all these homes nearby, it's hard to guess who might look out their window at the wrong time. I'd bet that some of the neighbors know the faces of the staff who usually come and go."

He studied the windows, watching the flicker of the watchman's flashlight. "That guard looks pretty diligent about his rounds. We may have to help him take a nap if we want to get a good look at both floors."

01:09, Today: Vincent Moretti rolled 61 using 1d100 with rolls of 61.  Stealth - Stealth 80%.
Thomas Cotton
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Thu 29 Dec 2016
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Chapter 2.3: Night at the Foundation [01/31/1925]
Tommy watched quietly while the others spoke.
"Aye...just the one guard.".
He suppressed a frown, an itch of concern. One guard meant this place didn't matter...which meant...
I hope the others are ok.

Now wasn't the time for doubts and with a determined nod he reached for the door handle.
"Back door it is. Give me a minute.".
One figure was less notable than three after all.

With a glance up and down the road he slipped from the car and hurried through the shadows to crouch beside the heavy black gate. Heart beating faster he stumbled against the gate like some drunk, whilst his hands went to work on the lock.

22:13, Today: Thomas Cotton rolled 14 using 1d100 with rolls of 14.  Lock.
22:13, Today: Thomas Cotton rolled 47 using 1d100 with rolls of 47. Stealth.

Vincent Moretti
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Thu 29 Dec 2016
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Chapter 2.3: Night at the Foundation [01/31/1925]
Moretti gave a silent mental count of two hundred, then glanced back at Rosalie. "Let's go," he said quietly, "Either he's in, or he needs help."

Stepping out of the car, he followed Cotton's route, keeping to the densest pools of shadow he could find, checking back frequently to ensure that Rosalie was close behind.

When he reached the reporter, he grinned, seeing that the gate lock was open, and patted him on the shoulder. "You want my opinion, paisan," he whispered, "when this is all done, you should just do one good jewel heist and retire to the Caribbean."

His expression shifted to a frown. "Tommy, before we take another step, I need you to promise me something. Remember that discussion we had in the alley, before we went into al-Sayed's shop? What you were going to do if things started to go wrong? That goes double here. Capisce? This goes bad, the only thing you concern yourself with is getting Rosalie and yourself somewhere safe. I need your word."

He pushed the gate open a crack, taking a moment to study the back of the building.

17:16, Today: Vincent Moretti rolled 43 using 1d100 with rolls of 43.  Stealth - Stealth 80%.

17:40, Today: Vincent Moretti rolled 60 using 1d100 with rolls of 60.  Spot Hidden - Spot Hidden 60%.

Rosalie Elias
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Fri 30 Dec 2016
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Chapter 2.3: Night at the Foundation [01/31/1925]
Rosalie followed Vincent, trying not to look too suspicious to anyone that happened to be glancing their way.  In her long dress, fitted coat, cloche hat and gloves, she certainly wasn't dressed like a thief, but she'd specifically chosen darker colors that blended well with the night.  She paused at the gate, a bit surprised that the reporter had cracked it without breaking a sweat.

"Nicely done," she murmured with a smile.  A surge of adrenaline shot through her as Vincent opened the gate a fraction.  "Anyone?"  Her attention flitted briefly to the windows, searching for any hint of movement from above.  They had seen the guard's light, but wouldn't exactly notice a figure standing and watching them in a dark room.  Don't be silly.  You're just a bit paranoid.  Not every day that you go breaking into a building where they're holding museum quality artifacts. 

22:45, Today: Rosalie Elias rolled 96 using 1d100 with rolls of 96.  Spot Hidden (55).
The Keeper
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Chapter 2.3: Night at the Foundation [01/31/1925]
Tommy's deft hands and skill with the lockpicks resulted in success, with the padlock of the gate easily coming open within his grasp, just moments before Vincent and Rosalie came to join him there. They found each other there in a pocket of deep darkness that their eyes had adjusted to. Looking over at the foundation, they could see the path of the flashlight bearing guardsman within the building appeared to continue unabated. There were no signs that their presence had been noticed.
Vincent Moretti
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Mon 2 Jan 2017
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Chapter 2.3: Night at the Foundation [01/31/1925]
Moretti spent a few minutes in quiet concentration, watching the movement of the flashlight through the windows, getting a comfortable sense of the watchman's timing and movements. Almost like catching the rhythm of a favored song, like Jelly Roll Morton's King Porter Stomp. Gently patting his knee in time to the beat in his mind, Moretti eased the gate open as soon as the guard started upstairs. Moving quickly and quietly, he stepped over to the back door of the Foundation and set to work on the lock.

00:56, Today: Vincent Moretti rolled 26 using 1d100 with rolls of 26.  Locksmith - Locksmith 70%.

00:56, Today: Vincent Moretti rolled 67 using 1d100 with rolls of 67.  Stealth - Stealth 80%.

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Chapter 2.3: Night at the Foundation [01/31/1925]
With a quick dash into the compound and around the building, Vincent slipped rapidly but quietly between the darkest patches of shadow before finding himself at the back door. With three quiet clicks followed by the telltale sound of a bolt sliding back, Vincent knew he had achieved success in unlocking the door.

Tommy and Rosalie, please make another Stealth check to make it over to join Vincent at the back door.

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