Chapter 2.4: Aftermath [02/01/1925]   Posted by The Keeper.Group: 0
The Keeper
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Sat 15 Apr 2017
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Chapter 2.4: Aftermath [02/01/1925]
On Fleet Street near the offices of The Scoop, two cars that had been leased the day before from the Savoy Hotel pulled up on the side of the otherwise quiet street. They arrived past midnight, one several minutes before the other. The two cars had been twins the day before, identical except for the number plates, but now one of them appeared to be considerably badly damaged. Tommy and Rosalie sat in the undamaged vehicle, and Walter, Millicent, and Leo pulled up in the damaged one.

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Walter 'Bo' Brandon
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Sat 15 Apr 2017
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Chapter 2.4: Aftermath [02/01/1925]
Walter turns to Leo, "I expect we should go break the news."
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Sun 16 Apr 2017
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Chapter 2.4: Aftermath [02/01/1925]
Seeing the others pull up behind them, Rosalie slid out of the passenger's seat and closed the door behind her.  Her eyes widened at the state of the car.  "That doesn't look good," she said quietly to Tommy.  Anxious because of Leo's cryptic message, she started forward to meet them halfway.