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Requests to join
Please answer the following questions. I won't be judging RTJs on length - I hate long RTJ forms myself since they're a lot of work when you don't know if you'll be accepted. Even a few sentences for the long-answer questions are fine as long as your RTJ is coherent, legible, and a good fit for the game, although if you prefer to go into more detail I certainly won't complain.



Age: 14-17 is the norm for humans, but younger prodigies are allowed, as are any creatures that operate on different age scales but are still mastering their powers and the responsibilities of their use. All player characters are incoming freshmen regardless of age.




How often you expect to be able to post:

Your familiarity with Mutants and Masterminds 3rd: Rules familiarity isn't required (as long as you're willing to learn enough to make a character), this is for my own reference. There's an online SRD with everything you need for character creation and gameplay:

Optional, to help me set things up - What kind of things do you especially expect to have fun playing out? Are there any settings or scenes you'd specifically like me to set up, like particular school clubs or activities?

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Thu 2 May 2013
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Re: Requests to join
We're still accepting players, but because everyone that's joined so far is capable of posting daily or close to it, I'll be asking that of applicants from now on to make sure that the game doesn't bog down. You're not strictly required to post every day (I'm often not able to myself), but being available to do so most of the time is a big plus.

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