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Mon 29 Apr 2013
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About the game (read first)
This game will follow a number of unusual high school students - the players - as they attend a school for teenagers like them. This will be a blender game in terms of powers and their sources - mutants just coming into their own, students of the arcane or martial arts, androids, aliens, the undead, and most other concepts you can think of are acceptable as PCs, so long as they have at least some aspects of the teenager mindset and knowledge base that makes the whole thing fun (hopefully).

This is not meant to be a standard superhero campaign where the players happen to be in high school as a bit of background. The focus of the game will be on the students as they navigate student life, and the primary roleplaying players will be doing will be interacting with their fellow students. There might be the occasional heroic field trip or the like, but generally this game will be heavy on role-playing with your fellow players and light on quests and adventures.

The player characters won't know a great deal about the school going in; even if they come from a long line of alumni, your character will know little more than that they've been invited and, for whatever reason, decided to attend.
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About the GM
To make a long story short, I find myself with a lot of time but not a lot of energy, so I thought it would be fun to make a game that ran mostly on the players interacting with one another. That way I can be on hand to keep things moving, resolve disputes, etc., but not have to keep track of epic plots, quest details, and so on. I'll be on hand to keep time moving, switch time between classes/lunch/after school and so on, and play the NPC teachers answering questions and breaking up fights and assigning grades. I welcome prompts for me to move things along and I'll generally be able to respond to them rapidly, but requests for information and other issues that require very detailed GM answers will probably get responses much more slowly. You've been warned :)

I don't mind characters that are a bit silly in concept (though lolrandom RTJs will be rejected on sight), but I do expect faithfulness to the character in execution. To put it another way, don't break character to make Dr. Who references just because you think it would be funny OOC. Similarly, if you want to play in a group, then don't make your character a lone wolf. I'm not going to shove you in with the others from the GM side, it's no skin off my nose if you want to hang around the halls and mope while everyone else has some adventure.

Also on the subject of being true to your character, I don't love PvP, but I'm not going to forbid it. This is the main reason I'm going to use a complex game system; outside of players competing or conflicting, I don't expect there to be much dice-rolling or rules-mongering. That said, there will be school rules, especially against behavior that would take a player right out of the game (like mind control or long-term sleep spells), and there will be no real risk of player death. At least on campus.

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About the setting
In brief, you'll be attending a superpowered high school in the United States that attracts students from all over Earth as well as all sorts of other dimensions. The school is set in a contemporary Earth that's reasonably similar to our own, so references to the real world in your backstory should all be fine. The existence of the supernatural is common knowledge - nonhuman creatures live openly on Earth, superheroes and supervillains are covered in celebrity gossip columns, and so on.

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