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Character creation and house rules
PL is 8, with 37 bonus PP, for a total of 157. When you make your character, don't worry about the energy types of your powers and all that, I just need to know what your points are being spent on. I highly recommend picking up a motivation and at least one complication (preferably two or three), unless you really have your heart set on playing Apathy Lad.

I like to think I'm pretty familiar with the MnM rules, but I don't claim to be a master. If you make a mistake making your character or try to cheese out your sheet, and I don't notice it right off the bat, I'll still make you change it when I do notice it in play. Mistakes happen, but please don't be a munchkin.

For the record, I don't consider hitting the power caps to be munchkin-ism, since they can be viewed as a guideline of how strong you can be at the current PL. I also don't mind if you don't hit them, of course. -->Update: Since it's very easily missed but very important to character creation, I'll just put the link to the section on power level right here: However, please note we are NOT using the rule of automatic ticking over on PL for every 15 PP given at character creation.

With respect to specific character traits:
-Time travel is right out, as is precognition. Things like postcognition are tricky in play as well, so they'll be viewed with suspicion.

-I don't like anything with the word Variable in it. Not saying I'll deny it on sight, but you'd better have a very good justification for it, and some reasonable severe limitations. Metamorph is a little more tolerable if you don't go crazy with it.

-Similarly, I don't like Arrays that have more than a few entries, or are clearly meant to just be a toolbox rather than having a clear reason to flow from the same source. -->Update: I'm going to take a pretty dim view of Dynamic Arrays going forward, and I'm definitely not going to allow sets of powers as single elements of Dynamic Arrays. -->Another update: This is probably too vague, so here's a more specific guideline:
-1 Alternate Effect on a power is allowed to do almost anything within reason.
-2 Alternate Effects are allowed on a power if they're thematically related and don't all differ wildly from each other.
-3 Alternate Effects are allowed if they're almost the same power with slight variations, like different settings on a weapon or something. (The same power with Alternate Resistance doesn't count.)
These rules also apply to power stunts, so if you want to do a lot of those, please keep a slot free.

-Powers that can cause great annoyance to fellow players (mind reading and mind control being two good examples) are allowed, but their use will be heavily restricted on campus. Ditto using powers to break school rules and the like. -->Update: Due to some players abusing the Subtle rules on powers like these, two ranks of Subtle on them (or anything else) should not be considered total nondetection. There will still be ways around them, just not as easily.

-I'm tentatively allowing sidekicks and minions, if you have a good reason and don't overdo it, but you can't take NPC classmates for these roles.

-You can take Immunity to Aging and Immortality and all that jazz if you want, but please have a reason to act like a teenager; don't just be an old person in a young body. The point of this game is roleplaying high school students :)

-For those backstory elements that are especially helpful in a school setting, like coming from an extremely prestigious wizarding family or something, I may require you to take the Benefit Advantage.

-If you want to be a junior demon or valkyrie or some other semi-religious figure, that's cool, you're an extradimensional creature. Generic demons and whatnot show up in anime all the time, after all. Please don't try to implement real-world religious beliefs as in-game facts, though.

-Nothing can surpass the power level limits unless there's something applied to it that specifically says otherwise. For example, Favored Environment and Multiattack will let you go above the PL, but if your attack and damage are already capped then you can't use All-Out Attack.

-Dimensional and interstellar tracing is very difficult in this setting, please don't figure on being able to do it. If the School could take all the people that accidentally arrived on Earth, and just figure out where they came from and put them back, there would be a lot fewer students.

-No homebrew, sorry! And all content has to be from the SRD, I can't believe I forgot to mention this before.

-You don't have to make a character sheet to start playing, generally people get them done within a couple of weeks. And I'm usually pretty easy on fixing mistakes or things that aren't working quite right. However, I won't be allowing PP banking at character creation to pick up new abilities once you find out what would be most helpful for your specific circumstances - your starting sheet is meant to represent your status when you arrive on campus. PP gained in play can be saved or spent however you want, though.

-If I've forgotten something, I still reserve the right to say it won't fit in the game.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

A few updates from discussions in the OOC threads and in PMs, for slightly more complicated topics:
-The "Check Required" flaw is going to be viewed in the same way as "Variable" in that it should be considered essentially off limits, unless it's so thematically necessary that you're willing to pay a prohibitive price for it. (I've already been doing this on a case-by-case basis, so if you've already been playing with a sheet with this flaw, don't worry about reworking it.)

-I'm fairly open to creative power interpretation/use, but if you want to be able to do X, and X specifically exists in the book, then you must buy that unless the book specifies you don't have to. Buying Elongation, for example, doesn't let you move your whole body to where your elongated hand is in one round, unless you also bought Speed (or are using a power stunt to get it).

-On a related note, unless a power description specifically says in the book that it bypasses or substitutes for a skill check, it cannot be used to do so. You can't buy Detect Lies as a Sense in place of Insight, for example.

-Limitations can't be used to gather information that you couldn't get just from an obvious power descriptor. For example, if you shoot someone with a fireball and they're immune to fire, you'll probably be able to figure that out. But you can't put, say, Limited to Disguised Aliens on a Damage ability and use it to suss out aliens in disguise by who gets hurt by it.

-The Assessment advantage is a big hassle on the GM side, and in my opinion not very realistic in the level of information it gives for an Advantage rather than some kind of power. I'm going to run it as a lot less precise - basically with a successful roll  you'll be able to approximately tell whether someone's attack and defense makes them evenly matched with you, a pushover, or a serious threat.

-Since Teleport used as an attack is pretty much a save-or-die ability, instead of putting it in the Teleport power itself, we'll be treating it as a stage three Affliction effect.

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General game rules
The usual basic stuff applies to posting. Don't dictate other people's actions, let me know if you're going to be absent a long time, pick a color for your dialogue if you like but orange is for OOC comments, keep IC discussions IC and OOC discussions OOC.

Also, if you need me to do something, don't be shy about saying so in the OOC or by PM, I really don't mind. For some reason, occasionally RPOL doesn't notify me about PMs when I'm running a game, so please bump them if I don't respond within a couple of days.

Please do not write out NPC responses to your actions in your own posts, that's my job :) The exception is if you're interacting with an NPC that exists from your backstory, such as a PC calling home to speak to a relative. Also, assuming mundane responses to mundane actions is usually fine, such as ordering ordinary food in the cafeteria and receiving it in the same post.

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Re: General game rules
Timothy's player kindly pointed me to a character creation spreadsheet, which everyone might find helpful:
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Re: General game rules
Trying to post in initiative order is awful, so when in combat or other time-intensive activities, please just include your init roll along with your first action. I (or whoever's running the scene, such as someone with a Summon power) will sort it out if there are any time paradox issues.
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Re: General game rules
I'm fine with disagreements both OOC and IC, but I'd prefer not to preside over a full-on OOC fight. If you're having a substantive disagreement with another player, please keep your posts to the merits of that disagreement, no ad hominem attacks. Otherwise it makes it awkward for your PCs to interact later!
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Re: General game rules
I still want people to get their sheets done within a couple weeks of joining, but I'm going to start taking my time more in doing detailed, point-by-point reviews of them. It's a lot of work for me, and a lot of people drop out soon after joining. I'll still do a quick once-over to make sure your sheet will fit in the game and look for any obvious errors.