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This thread is for characters to develope back story about their characters and also where I will place story points for characters that pertain to their backgrounds.

Hopefully you are added properly:)  You can go to backgrounds and write your background in one thread. As you develope more background and what not edit that thread to add to your back ground.

What I would like is for you to write sections of your background that can be made public at different points of interest and depth. So write them grouped in detail and importance to you, make them private to seeker of truth and as the game unfolds and characters might be privy to your background we will make parts visible by players.

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Re: Background
Publicly Available information

Google Search Results: Edmund Kirby Smith

Edmund Kirby Smith – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(entry for General Smith, Confederate Army)

Edmund Kirby Smith Biography
(entry for General Smith, Confederate Army)

Images for Edmund Kirby Smith
(All Civil War Era)

News Results for ‘Edmund Kirby Smith’
General Smith Retires – St. Petersburg Times April, 17th, 2000
Ranger Awarded Silver Star – “The Bayonet” June 28th 2010


General Smith Retires – St. Petersburg Times April, 17th, 2000

MACDILL AFB – After 41 years of service General Edmund Kirby Smith II retired from the Army and handed over his command of the United States Special Operations Command to Admiral Sebastian Wallace, USN.

Child of a General Officer himself, General Smith comes from a long family tradition of Army service. His own Grandfather, Jackson Edmund Smith, fought with Teddy Roosevelt in Cuba. His great grandfather, Willard Kirby Smith, served as a page to the more famous Confederate General Smith in the Civil War and later rose to the rank of Lt. Colonel in the US Army.

Most of General Smith’s career has been spent in the special forces and is therefore classified. What’s known is that he saw service in Vietnam, Desert Shield/Storm, and also led or took part in operations in North Africa, as well as South and Central America. The retiring General achieved some acclaim for successfully leading Operation Urgent Fury in 1983 as a Colonel.

The General and Mrs. Smith are retiring to Lexington VA to be closer to their Grandson who is expected to begin studies at Virginia Military Institute this fall. The young Smith with be the 5th generation of Smith’s to attend the prestigious school.

Ranger Awarded Silver Star – “The Bayonet” June 28th 2010

BAGRAM AIRBASE, AFGANASTAN –  Today, while completing a tour of bases here and in Iraq, Army Chief of Staff Casey bestowed the Silver Star on a fellow Ranger, Captain E. Kirby Smith. It was a subdued ceremony held within the 75th Regiment, 1st Battalion Headquarters here. Cpt. Smith, Dog Company Commander, was  cited for conspicuous gallantry during Operation Moshtarak. While being transported to the rendezvous point their Chinook helicopter came under enemy fire. According to the citation Captain Smith “fearlessly took control of the aircraft, averting disaster, and brought the wounded helicopter safely to the ground”. The Company Commander, in true Ranger fashion, led the detachment from the point as they fought their way over-land from the crash site to link up with the rest of the company.

In today’s ceremony General Casey mentioned that “of the thirty-six men on board the helicopter four, among them the Pilot and Co-pilot, lost their lives.” And that had “Captain Kirby” not acted as he did “there is no doubt that all souls would have been lost.” Captain Smith declined to comment during the ceremony.

Background Information (non-public)

Military Service of the Smith's

Wendell Jackson Smith
July 2nd 1829 -  September 17th 1862
Attended the “Military Academy of South Carolina, (now: The Citadel) and served as a Captain in Confederate Army. Brother of General Edmund Kirby Smith– died at the Battle of Antietam

Willard Kirby Smith
March 23rd 1854 – January 12th 1934
After the death of his father Willard served as a page and banner carrier for General Smith, his Uncle, in the confederate army. Attended the US Military Academy after the war and served in the US Army. He rose to the rank of Lt. Colonel and served in the Spanish American War; he commanded the Army component under Commodore Dewey in the Philippines.

Jackson Edmund Smith
September 21st 1879 – March 20th 1971
At 19 fought with Teddy Roosevelt as a “Rough Rider” in the Battle of San Juan and Kettle Hill. He later attended VMI on scholarship and eventually achieved the rank of Colonel, US Army after servicing in the first World War.

Edmund Kirby Smith
January 7th 1911 – November 18th 2002
Graduated VMI 1933 – Served in WWII as an officer under Patton, Major and Colonel During Korea, Retired Lt. General (3 stars) in 1975 at end of the Vietnam conflict

Edmund Kirby Smith II
June 10th 1937 to present
Graduated from VMI in 1959 – Colonel in Vietnam, Retired from the Army in 2000 at the rank of General (4 stars)
 - married Beverly Anne Strickland (1941 to present)

Edmund Kirby Smith III
January 28th 1956 - October 26th 1983
Graduated 1st in his class at VMI in 1978. Died in combat in Grenada and was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for heroism and bravery beyond the call of duty. Served as a 1st Lieutenant in the 82nd Airborne Division.
- married Laura Kanhai (December 2nd, 1960 - November 3rd, 1989)

Edmund Kirby Smith IV
Born October 29th 1983 just days after his father was killed in action during Operation Urgent Fury, the Invasion of Grenada.

Kanhai Family:

Grandfather: John Kanhai, Born September 17th 1939 in Georgetown, British Guiana (now Guyana. He is the Son of Prashanta Kanhai and Anisha Kanhai (Patel).

Grandmother: Elizabeth Elise Alnwick Grey, Born in Edinburgh Scotland, February 11th 1941. She is the Daughter of Sur Ralph Francis Alnwick Grey (Governor, British Guiana 12/22/58 – 3/7/1964 he was later Governor of Bahamas and eventually the last Governor of Northern Ireland)

Elizabeth and John met in 1959 shortly after she arrived in Guyana (British Guiana at the time). They met at a welcome reception for the new Governor, Elizabeth’s father, and hit it off instantly.  The two were married in January 1960, just a year after they met, and have seldom been apart since. Elizabeth is called Eh-eh (a Guyanese reference to her first two initials) by just about everyone. John is called JonKae.

To Kirby: Grandma Eh-eh and Popi JonKae

Additional Family Backstory

Kirby's Life:
In 1979 Eddie (aka. Edmund III) was sent to Guyana in South America to aide in the post-Jonestown investigation that the US was conducting covertly. In the course of his time there he eventually met and fell in love with Laura Kanhai, the only child of successful landholders John and Elizabeth Kanhai. In 1983 the two married, something her parents would only learn much later.  Shortly after their marriage Eddie was re-assigned to help with the planning of Operation Urgent Fury. He did not know that Laura was pregnant.

Edmund Kirby Smith IV (Kirby) was born to his mother and raised for much of his youth on the Kanhai Jandi in Guyana. Sometime in 1989, when he was 6, Laura Kanhai (nae Smith) succumbed to a brief and heavy case of yellow fever. On her deathbed she explained to her parents how she had come to marry Eddie and how she learned of his death some months after Kirby was born.

For the next few years John and Elizabeth Kanhai raised Kirby together there on the Plantation. Kirby attended the best schools available and spent much of his free time playing cricket on the youth team in New Haven.

When Kirby was approaching 12 his grandparents started noticing changes in the youth. These were not the normal changes of a youth to a man, these were things of a different sort. Kirby could see further than anyone else his age, and his pitching arm on the cricket pitch was much stronger than many adults. It was at this time that John Kanhai decided seek out Kirby’s paternal family in the US.


In 1995 General Edmund K. Smith USA received a call from the US Embassy in Guyana that he was to remember for the rest of his life. The man on the other end, the Ambassador himself, told him that he should find a reason to visit the beautiful country soon – and that all would be explained when he arrived.  The general had certainly had his share of mystery over the course of his career but he had never, not even once, known and Ambassador to place a call to him himself. Ambassadors, and general’s frankly, used their assistants and aides to do that sort of thing. But for some reason this particular Ambassador had wanted no one else to know about the call. It intrigued the General enough to act.

And so, a few months later, the General found himself at the dinner table with a plantation owner, an ambassador, and a boy that was unmistakably and undeniably his kin.


Soon thereafter General Smith brought the boy to the US and completed the process of getting his US Citizenship established – his father being a Medal of Honor winner made the process pretty easy. The lived together at MacDill Air Force base in Tampa Florida where General Smith was Commanding General of the United States Special Operations Command. Over the next several years Kirby attended school on the base, learned about his family’s history, and spent time each summer in Guyana.

In 2000 Kirby enrolled at VMI. He turned down the automatic appointment to a service academy that came with being the kin of a Medal of Honor winner in order to keep with generations of family tradition. That same year General Smith retired from the Army and bought a home in Lexington VA, not far from the VMI “Post”.

Kirby excelled in school and took well to the military life. He graduated near the top of his class and held the rank of First Captain, the highest ranking cadet, during his final year. Upon graduation Kirby accepted a commission into the United States Army, extending a line of Army service that could be traced back to the US Revolutionary war.

Career Summary:
May 2004: Graduated from VMI, ranked 4th in his class.
May 2004: Accepted Commission as 2nd Lt. in US Army
June 2004 – October 2004: Infantry School and Airborne School
January 2005: Assigned Platoon Leader, 506th Airborne Regiment – already in Iraq
January 2006: Promoted to 1st Lt., assigned Company XO while in Iraq
June 2006: 506th rotates back to the US
July 2006 – August 2006: Attended Ranger School – Honor Graduate
September 2006 – June 2007:  Army Aviation school (special privilege as the Ranger honor graduate)
July 2007:  Promoted to Captain, named 75th Ranger Regiment, 1st Battalion S3 – Operations and Training Officer
July 2009: Named Company Commander Dog Company, 1st Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment
September 2009: Unit deploys to Afghanistan
December 2011: Unit returns from Afghanistan
January 2012: Our story begins

Additional Notes:

Additional Character notes:
Kirby was really good at Cricket. Had he remained in Guyana he would have probably made the national team, and possibly played on "The Windies". This is the team that represents  15 mainly English-speaking Caribbean countries in international cricket play.

In high school and college Kirby played soccer but really wasn't in to it – he was still one of the better players on the teams he was on.  He never went out for baseball because he, and his grandfather thought it would draw too much attention.

Kirby has taken part in, and lead, covert operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Though he could probably apply for and gain acceptance into Delta Force he has not chosen to do so. This would draw too much attention to him, he feels.

Uniform Items
Ribbons - usually not worn

Silver Star
Bronze Star (with V device)
Achievement Medal
National Defense Service Medal
Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
Afghanistan Campaign Medal
Iraq Campaign Medal

Combat Infantryman
Army Aviator Badge
Parachutists Badge (2 bronze stars, signifying 3 combat jumps)
Air Assault Badge
CSIB: 75th Ranger Regiment

Silver Star Award

The President of the United States takes pleasure in presenting the Silver Star Medal to Edmund Kirby Smith, Captain, U.S. Army, for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity in action against the enemy while serving as Company Commander, D Company, 1st  Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, US Special Operations Command, in support of Operation Moshtarak on 13 February 2010. Captain Smith exhibited exceptional bravery when the Chinook Helicopter he and elements of the company were traveling in came under enemy rocket fire. An indirect hit incapacitated the crew and resulted a loss of lift for the helicopter. Responding quickly he fearlessly took control of the aircraft, averting disaster, and brought the wounded helicopter safely to the ground. Now out of position and under constant enemy fire Captain Smith sprang from the helicopter and began assaulting the quickly closing enemy forces who were attempting to in-circle their position. He pressed forward firing his M-9 pistol at enemy forces and opened a gap for the rest of the element to pass through. Moving forward he repeatedly came under enemy fire, each time calmly taking well-aimed shots. After advancing several hundred meters he and the men under his command broke through and were able to reach their primary rendezvous point for the ensuing operation with minimal loss of life (4 KIA, 3WIA). Captain Smith’s courageous and boldly aggressive actions greatly reduced the enemy's ability to inflict casualties on the rest of his company. By his bold leadership, wise judgment, and complete dedication to duty, Captain Smith reflected great credit upon himself and upheld the highest traditions of the Rangers and the US Army.

Bronze Star for Valor, Second Award


Bronze Star for Valor, first award


The Kanhai Jandhi

The Kanhai’s have owned their piece of land of roughly 2000 hectares in south-central Guyana for  generations. The first Kanhai’s are known to have settled on the land in the late 1830’s and have worked the land ever sense. The land, referred to by the locals as the Kanhai Jandhi (loosely translated to Kanhai land claim or holding),  is mixed use with areas set aside for cattle ranching (500 hectares), bauxite mining (100 hectares), sugarcane (700 hectares), rice (250 hectares), timber (400 hectares) and other vegetables (50 hectares). The Jandhi is largely self sustainable.

Like the Kanhai’s there are several other families that make their home on the Kanhai Jandhi. These people are the descendants of the original workers hired by the Kanhai’s over a hundred years ago to work the land – a function they still do to this day. Over time the employee-worker relationship has evolved into something more like family. Kirby as a young lad had over a score of Auntie’s and Uncles; and his own mother was Auntie to more children than she could count.

The Madhya – or central point – is the piece of land within the Kanhai Jandhi where the residents of the Jandhi make their home. This plot of roughly 10 hectares has several key features:

The Family House – this 2-level, 5-bedroom, brightly colored house has wrap-around porches on both levels. Built in the early 1980s this was also Kirby’s childhood home and where his grandparents live today. The house is built near the location where the original Family House was built in the 1830s.

The Hall – this 4000 sq. feet building is used by the residents of the Jandhi for a variety purposes. It has been used for weddings, religious activities, Jandhi-wide meetings, holiday feasts, and many other events over its 30 year life.

Guest house – this 2 bedroom, 1 bath, home connect to the Family House through covered walkway

Additional houses – 15 or so 2-3 bedroom houses built for the other full time residents of the Jandhi. These homes are each unique, built by their residents, and cover a broad spectrum of colors common in the Caribbean country.

Pond – a freshwater stream collects in a small pond before continuing further toward the nearby Rupununi River. The pond is kept stocked with fish for most of the year

Cemetery – has been used by the family, and the residents of the Jandhi, for over 150 years.

Madhya garden – a large garden set aside specifically to provide fruit and vegetables for the residents of the Madhya. There is also a small orchard here.

Additional out buildings – bunkhouses (for seasonal workers), barns, equipment sheds, garages, and other buildings necessary to the smooth functions of the Jandhi

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Re: Background
Orlando Tibbs grew up in a family of southern Baptists, father was a freight haller/ Preacher on the weekends. His mother was a school teacher and ran the choir at church. Orlando has two brothers and a sister (d. 1980)Orlando is the third brother and like all of his other brothers helped his dad at church.

Helping his dad helped build a passion for God and the bible which led to his studies of theology.

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Re: Background
Maximus Merovingian Jackson was born on January 12th 1965 to Paul and Mary Jackson. At Roswell Military (ARMY) Hospital in Roswell New Mexico.

My mother told me stories everyday about our families history and knowledge I needed to succeed in the world. Before I was born she was a high school biology teacher and loved doing genealogy background research on our family and other people she knew. She  told me that I had an unwavering ability to focus on whatever I was studying. She had to pull my eyes away from the book or magazine I was reading to break my concentration.  She told me this level of concentration was a great ability and that it would serve me well, but to be mindful of my surrounding and the many beautiful dimensions and wonders of the world. This ability to concentrate wasn't always at my beckoned call. That all changed when I was nine years old and I know my mother always knew something wonderful happened to me, but she knew it was for me to decide when to share.

At the time of my birth my father was a LT. Col. covering weapons and technical development based on crystals. I later learned that this was a top secret black operation. Having or knowing of this knowledge could bring one to an end quickly, which I found out later in my young life. One of my fathers closest friends and scientific peers, Chief Run Amuck, thats what my father called him, his real name was Chief White Wolf of the Apache Yuma Tribe. Wolf used to come over for dinner once a week. He would tell of things he saw in his visions. He told me that my animal totem was a Mountain Lion and that my roar would be heard around the world. He said my spirit was bright as the mid-day sun and that I had a joy in my soul that would never be smothered. I never had a close outside family member, but Wolf was the uncle I never had growing up. My father and Wolf were always doing in-home experiments, that my mother aways chucked at, but she knew it was my fathers passion and it brought great joy to us all, the knowing! One experiment was taking glasses and filling them with spring water from of of Wolf's reservation springs. Then we would take a microscopic photo of each water sample. My father always told me that water was the only earthly substance that could be three forms in a singular monument in time. Solid, gas and liquid and he showed me this at his laboratory. We took the glasses of spring water and put a word written on masking tap on each glass. The word were both positive and negative. Then we took each of our name and put them on the glasses. My father hypothesis was that as each frozen water crystal formed, it would form according to the energy attached to the word on the glass. I waited next to the freezer, asking every other minute when it would be ready, father and Wolf laughing at my impatience. They knew what I was feeling and why, they felt the same feelings as me. Finally the glasses were frozen. Wolf took each glass sample and placed them under the microscope. My father had rigged up the overhead projector to one of the elenonicmicroscopes, which was way cool. The first glass was love. The crystals were amazing beautiful almost mesmerizing and perfect in form and texture. The next word was hate. These crystals were ugly with no form and they looked distorted and destroyed. Our name were the most interesting. My mom Mary was wondrous as the image was on the screen I just wanted to cry, my heart felled with love and joy. My father Paul made me feel strong and stable. Then my name Max...Wolf gasped and said he is you both, as he looked at my mom and dad. If you took each my mother and fathers crystals and combine them they made my crystals, it was amazing and made perfect scientific sense to me. Then Wolf, his was a shook to me...there were no crystals in his glass, which made to sense at all, even without his name there still should have been some kind of crystals. My dad and Wolf looked at each other and just laughed, I didn't understand and asked them questions all night, never getting an answer I understood at that time.

One evening my father came home and was so excited. He was always so enamored with his research and shared what he could with me everyday. He told me of his dreams for his research and how someday we as humans would go places and see things never thought or dreamed of. I found that so intriguing and I wanted to know everything my father was doing. As my father walked through the door he smiled at me picked me up and hugged me, Holding me in one arm and a small 12" X12" wood box in the other. He said, "Max today is a great day. Today I held within my hands one of mans great mysteries!" "Really dad",  I screeched as only a nine year old boy could. I was skipping in place and rubbing my hands together as he put the wood box on the table and started to open it. My dad said,  "this is the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull". The wood was very dark, it almost looked metallic. It had ornate symbols on it. I knew that symbols were the means that earlier peoples communicated. The box was locked with a combination lock that had symbols on too. They numbered thirteen in total. My dad closed his eyes as he moved the symbols into place. He grabbed my hand with his freehand and started saying muted words I didn't understand. I looked at him then closed my eyes and tried repeating the words he spoke. I heard  the the lock click, the box open and sudden silence surrounded us. I open my eyes and the glowing light warmed my face. There was a face looking back at me. A crystal sKull with eyes deep blues ND GREENS, of deep understanding and knowledge. All I felt was positive energy flowing through my body mind and spirit.  It magnified all those positive energies I've know in my life and I understood that these energies would only get stronger and stronger with time. The entity within the sKull told me this, in time I would understand many mysteries OF man. In that split second of time, which according to the kitchen clock was hours, I was reborn, transformed, evolved, energies within awakened. I couldn't explain or even understand this, but there was change. My father looked down at me and said, "What a mystery it is?', I smiled and said, "truly, father". He looked in my eyes and told me he loved me and put me to bed. he had no sense of what just happened.

Moved to Alaska in 1977. Was Home-schooled by mother from birth to 1981. Attended MIT from 1981 to 1987 PHD in Quantum Physics emphasis on String Theory.

We moved to Gakona Alaska on Clear AFB. My father was placed as head of the R & D Department of the HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project. The powers that be felt at this time, as my father explained it to me, that he and his team had put many pieces together regarding the Crystal research, including his work on the Crystal Scull and with the troubles they were having with getting the array working as they wanted.

As we arrived at Clear AFB, I could feel the mass energy that lay here and I could see in  my minds eye what the possibilities were for this powers applications, some of which made me very insecure and uncomfortable. I asked my father what they were doing here? He looked suspiciously at me and said important research for the security of this country, as he said this I knew he wasn't happy with being here and having to do this work. I knew this because of the energy he was giving off. From his look I knew that he knew that I already knew was he was feeling. At that point I didn't want this gift, I didn't want to know the truth! From 1977 to 1981 I made many observations of people, objects both man made and natural and the places I visited. My father and I continued to communicate and we became even closer friends, but as the years passed and he was drawn deeper into the HAARP Project, I could feel him becoming more disconnected with my mother, me and his team. He knew where this project was going and that what he was part of was a "BAD" thing. I always sent him as much positive energy through thoughts that I could. My mother and I both loved him deeply and knew that what he was doing was destroying him. My mother and I stopped during our daily studies and talked about this fact and our conclusions were always that we had to get him off this path. I remember Wolf always telling me that there are many paths in life and that if we feel or know were walking down the wrong path, get on the right one. This is what my father needed to do and fast.

The first firing of the array: It was the morning of May 18th 1980, I was wondering why my father was so uptight today, so I asked. He told me today was the first upgraded firing of the array. I asked what his teams hypotheses and possible outcome was, "ever the scientist" my mother said. He looked up from his breakfast, grim-misted and negatively said, "I can't tell you". I knew it was a bad thing. My father bid us good bye as he did every morning before heading to work. He rubbed the crystal that hung around his neck and then touched my head, looking at me and telling me he loved me, he did the same to my sister and then kissed my mother. As he touched my head I felt the power from his hand that was somehow empowered by the crystal. In my minds eye I saw the core of the earth and the lava's mantle shattering. Later that morning my mother was going over my sisters studies and I was looking outside through the large glass arboretum doors. Something was happening, I could feel the energy building, all around me. What was it? Where was this power coming from? Building, building, then it hit my mind like a sledge hammer hitting an anvil. My mind was spinning and I couldn't think straight. It felt like something was tearing my thoughts from my head. Ripping and tearing then there was a release, an ease and the energy was gone. That was the power of the array and I knew it. I've felt the power of electrical storms before and this was like being in the middle of one million all at once. Where did the energy go and why. Within my soul I knew where ever this energies destination was, that point of contact would be devastated beyond human understanding.

Mount St. Helens is most notorious for its catastrophic eruption on May 18, 1980, at 8:32 am which was the deadliest and most economically destructive volcanic event in the history of the United States. Fifty-seven people were killed; 250 homes, 47 bridges, 15 miles of railways, and 185 miles of highway were destroyed. A massive debris avalanche triggered by an earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale, caused an eruption, reducing the elevation of the mountain's summit from 9,677 ft to 8,365 ft and replacing it with a 1 mile wide horseshoe-shaped crater. The earthquake was caused by a sudden surge of magma from the Earth's mantle. The debris avalanche was up to 0.7 cubic miles in volume.

Did my father willingly take part in this mass destruction? What wasn't he able to share with me? This is what HAARP was capable of. How would it be used in the future? I just wanted to close my mind to these thoughts...

Jake Rothschild-

I met Jake in 1982, my second year at MIT. I was moving into a new dorm room and as it turned out Jake was my roommate. How this happened would become a great question to me in later years. Jake was highly intelligent. He was a physics major like me and wanted to specialize in laser culmination's.

We hit it off immediately, sharing theories about everything. Knowing from his last name he came from the upper crush of society, but he was't the same as the snotty upper class-men I had met at the scientific society dinners and symposiums. He had great passion for life and knowledge. There wan't a malicious bone in his body, as for the rest of his direct family, that was't the truth.

To my knowledge Jake had no 'special powers', he was just ubber smart.

At the end of our junior year something happened between Jake and I. During spring break Jake invited me to join his family for a vacation in Monaco. I had met his family during public gathering at MIT, but never had any meaningful or deep conversations with them. His brother Magnus was his closest sibling in age and intellect. I had an uneasy feeling the first time I met Magnus, something deep, dark and hidden. It was hard to read his energy, something I was getting better at with time. During my visit, the Rothschild family had a 'family' meeting, a members only meeting. It seemed there was two hundred people at this meeting, most of which walked by me as I read in the front hall reading room. I sensed some abnormal string energies energies from the passers by. I noted these people and burnt their faces in my mind. Once the family gathered the door to the great hall closed and the locking sound was strange, like finger nails scratching across a chock board, on the edge of painful. I tried to scan the door, but its energy was completely empty, nothing. It seemed the door wasn't there, a void in space. The meeting lasted about one hour. The doors opened and out they came. As they passed I tried again to get a energy reading from them, but nothing. What did this mean? Finally Jake came out. As he walked up I tried reading him, nothing. jake looked at me and asked what I was doing. I asked what he meant. He said I needed to leave, NOW, and find another room-mate. I was shocked and hurt deeply. What caused this and why. The private jet flew me back to Boston and I went back to the apartment still in great shock and disbelieve.

I knew Jake would be back in four days, so I moved in with Tim another friend. Tim asked what was wrong and I just shrugged and said I don't know.  In truth I didn't, but something that evening blocked or dampened my powers, but how?

Jake and I had one class together and I decided to make an attempt to talk with him, no matter what. That Monday I sat in class waiting for Jake. He entered the room and made no eye contact with me. I could tell his energy was disdainful towards me. The class ended, as Jake walked out and down the pathway I came up behind him. I raised my voice saying, 'Jake, hey we need to talk, NOW'. He stopped and turned to me and said 'no, we don't." I asked 'What the hell is going on.' Jake looked down at the ground in shame. 'Max we can't be friends anymore.' I strained and asked "why.' He said his family forbade our friendship. I thought 'forbade?' Again I asked 'why?' Jake tenentivly said, 'your path and mine are not interchangeable and we can no longer mix the air we breath.' This wasn't Jake speaking, 'it' was something else. I wasn't trying to see his aura but without trying I could see something. It was dark and cold,...dangerous. I asked 'who are you'. Jake just smiled back at me. I grabbed Jake by the arm and 'it' was gone. Jake collapsed, I caught him and helped him to his room. After a drink of water he looked at me and asked me what happened? I told him what happened in Monaco and back here. His look was one of total surprise. He said 'this is my brothers doing.' He told me of how his brother could mentally control others and that Magnus had promised to never use it on him. He said he didn't remember what happen at the family meeting. I didn't know what to do.

Personal log May 12th 1987 Doctoral Program: Jake Rothschild and I were moving forward with our Doctoral Program Thesis Experiment. Our experiment hypothesis: By using a cool-laser set at a specific frequency we could change the atomic structure of Ice to liquid water.  Changing the form of water by merely changing the frequency of the atoms themselves. A modern day miracle. Jake and I had finally worked out our personnel differences we had had for the last five months. We had been the closest of friends for the last five years and we knew that our lives would aways be intertwined. Beside Lynne he was the only person I spoke to everyday. Due to the time needed to set up the laser burst, Jake and I had to pre-set all the lasers for the combine cool burst the day prior to the experiment. All my instinct knew what we were about to do would change the world and it would make the world a better place in a positive way. Jake and I dawned our PPE gear and entered the lab, I was hyper focused on what we were doing and living in the NOW. The motion detectors were all on line and tracking our movements and the count down was commencing for the cool-laser burst. We were both in standing positions around the 1' by 1' block of ice sitting in the glass dish. Sixty seconds to laser burst...I felt something tingling in my spine, something deep and dark. But my focus on the miracle couldn't and wouldn't be shaken. I ignored the feeling in my soul. Thirty seconds to burst...I looked at Jake and his smile flashed back at me. I could see his positive energy and feel his excitement. These were abilities that were growing on a daily basis. To feel and see peoples energy as well as places and things I touched, all from the crystal scull. My thoughts flashed back to the evening my father brought home the crystal scull, and how in a moment it changed my life and in months it would change my fathers life forever. Two years after my father started his scull research it ended. Something "BAD" had happened to Wolf and though my father didn't share with me what happened, I could see his energy change, which was a shocking moment for me, because until that time my fathers energy had been the biggest constant in my life. Now he was different because of the scull. Someday I would know the truth, this I knew. Ten seconds to cool-laser...The dark heavy energy increased in my soul...what was it and where was it coming focus thoughts on our miracle were shattered by this energy. I've never felt anything so heavy and empty on my soul like this feeling or energy...where was it coming from?  All I felt was in this room at this very moment, strong and cutting, like a knife through my soul. I felt the pain of this energy, it made me crumble to my knees, I couldn't think or move. All I saw was through my minds eye. I saw Jake run towards me, yelling, "abort laser burst code 143", I could see the detection sensors tracking Jakes movements, but the count down didn't stop, why? I could see in my minds eye what was happening, the lasers were tracking Jakes movements and the lasers controllers were reconfiguring from a cool-burst to something else, and I could do nothing about it, who and why? 3,2,1...the end...the laser fired and the beam that tracked Jake as it fired that split second I leaped up with all my physical, mental and spiritual strength to push him aside. One doesn't realize how fast a laser burst is until one tries to act against it. My arms were gone at the elbows at the instant I brought them up to push Jake aside, and the laser tracking Jake took his head off. I then passed out from the pain and utter darkness I felt at that moment. This tragedy changed my vision of who I was and why I was put on this earth, I would decide what actions I would take and how these actions would change the world. The knowing will be one's freedom.

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Re: Background
To Seeker of truth...This is an eye opener!!!!

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Re: Background
Continuation of the "" Family:

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Re: Background
Continuation Of the ""Family
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Re: Background
Continuation of the "" Family

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Re: Background
been moved

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Re: Background

A very young man stands before you in completely typical casual attire.  A specific ethnicity is elusive, having traits that could pass him as any of the Latins, or sharing genes with cultures of darker complexions or possibly even Asian.  Constantly wearing the hood built into his thinning but billowy dark gray sweatshirt, he hunches his shoulders in a way that doesn’t fool the trained eye into thinking he can’t quickly move his lean frame underneath.  His dark, loose-fitting jeans do their job in hiding his capable legs, and have cuffs that drape unceremoniously across his feet.   His sandals, which appear to be old, leather, and not from any store you’d find in a mall, are the only odd things about his appearance.   But who really looks at shoes anymore?

Born to worldly wanderers, Aeviternus is from nowhere in particular.  His mother was a gypsy, his father a powerful sorcerer during the fulcrum of history.  Both supernatural.

The Parents of Aeviternus (pronounced eh-VIT-er-nuhs)

Mother: Her name was unknown to her child other than her title until just recently, thousands of years after her death.  A Romani gypsy in the birth of the Roman Empire, she entertained, stole, and survived any way she could.  A diminutive woman of very slight build, an exotic beauty, and of insurmountable cunning; Mother used her incredible intuition and razor sharp wit to withstand and survive some of the harshest circumstances in history.  She also had a gift, one that may have turned the tides of history several times over- her power was simply that of anomalies.  Her name was Mary.
Father:  A sorcerer, a disciple, a betrayer.  A man of powerful magic with the strongest of ties to the most powerful miracle-maker of all time, with the blackest of hearts and the unholiest of secrets.  Loving his wife but his power more, and convinced to betray his beloved messiah by whispers of glory, power, and 30 pieces of silver; Judas had an agenda that is world renowned.
During the time of Augustus, the first Emperor of the Roman Empire:  The gypsy was more than an anomaly to the sorcerer- she was intrigue and education.  The two were introduced as Shamans from separate Hebrew tribes, and the gypsy was the first female shaman he had encountered.  Much to his surprise, she knew what he was and loved him deeply.  He, being a powerful Magi- and not accustomed to the audacity and precocious nature she presented -was taken by her guile, beauty, and sincerity.  However, incredible moments in history were about to unfold, and neither could know how it would affect their unlikely relationship.
The Magi, as the ancient priests of Persia were called, did not constitute a doctrine or religion only; they constituted a monarchy- their power truly was that of kings.  And this fact is still commemorated by the circumstance that the Magi recorded to have been led by the star to the cradle of Jesus are just as frequently called Kings as Magi.
Aeviternus was a boy of 4 or 5 when witnessing the event that would most singularly shape mankind for centuries to come.  Being a part of the ceremony of the Magi with his parents would come into integral play 10 short years later when the ceremony would be taught to him by his ever observant mother to ensure he would protect one of the greatest secrets in known history; this same rite would be performed upon him to bind his soul to earth.

The life of Aeviternus so far:

15 AD:  After his mother accomplished all she could by way of securing full teaching of the rite to pass his soul down the bloodline for eons to come, Aeviternus was handed to the dying civilization of Sparta, by then mostly a tourist attraction for the Roman elite interested in observing exotic Spartan customs.  Not the military force they once were, their customs of military excellence remained and they took the young boy on as Mothake (a non-Spartan free man raised as a Spartan).  It is uncertain how his new family reacted to his secret, but the stoic and highly educated people likely figured themselves bestowed upon by the gods, and helped to protect the boy from outside scrutiny and ostracization for the next couple centuries.  It was from this adopted family that he was given his moniker, which is the Greek word for “indestructible” or alternately “eternal”, and it is all he has ever been known by.  His education of military and battle prowess began with the best in history.  It was here he learned to fight, how to die, and how to lead.

233 AD:  Introduced a Persian widow to a special boy captured in slavery who would be known for the duration of time as Mani.  Liberating the boy, the widow took him as her own while Aeviternus watched closely.  Mani, being of his bloodline and another of historical fortitude was certain to create far-reaching ripples in history.  That he did, creating Manichaeism with its doctrines transcribed into 6 sacred books composed in Syriac Aramaic, a sect that spread as far east as China and lasted well into the 14th century.  Mani educated as the Magi did of an elaborate cosmology describing the struggle between a good, spiritual world of light, and an evil, material world of dark; parallel to the Magi’s deities of Ahrimanes- principle of Evil and Oromazes- principle of Good.  “The sons of the widow” would be a sect that would be the first of a handful of esoteric groups that carried the secret of Aeviternus forward, starting with the son of Mani.

300 AD:  Inspired by what one man can accomplish, Aeviternus sets out to create his own cabal, modeled in the truths of overarching good and evil and embedding the doctrines of protecting his secrets while he seeks out others.  Beginning on the site of Byzantium, he starts his largest task ever in the capitol created by Constantine the great: Constantinople.  In this great city, the world’s first notable “melting pot”, he would eventually apply the valuable methods of utilizing civil unrest that he will have learned from instances yet to come.  His observations of the Ottomans at war with the Byzantines almost a millennia later would allow him to apply tools on leveraging each warring faction to either hinder each other or unwittingly combine efforts, all accomplished in the name of increasing his knowledge base of clues towards his goal.  Additionally, the central nature of its location would perhaps be the primary reason he would find the city to be his home more often than not.  Finally, this would be the city where Aeviternus begins to see the unraveling of man’s religious truths, to eventually become the watered down, misled hegemony it is today.  For the next 800 years, Aeviternus painstakingly tracks and studies his bloodline while he crafts and hones his quiet society of secret keepers: the Analecta Arcanum.

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Re: Background
The culture of the Chinese extends as far back as any historical event, much of it becoming mystery and legend throughout time. The birthplace of Martial Arts and one of the key four corners of the world, it is the birthplace of one Xuan Tien Wu, who was raised in the Mountains of Hubei in a place called Wudang. These were the things he was taught from the start about his homeland, moulded to a cause and forged for a purpose he would one day not only learn but also play a key role in.

Though he stayed in China to be raised by his father, Xuan was given birth by a Western mother, who left him at an early age for her own private mission in life. There was no bad blood between his mother and father, just a wedge in their individual paths. And so his father Wu Yang Zhuo brought up his only heir, but not alone. He shared this responsibility with the entirety of Wudang, a small community with a myriad of Talents. While his father built his business, Xuan had Masters to educate him on the basics of knowledge and discipline. By the time Xuan realised he had abilities beyond his peers, his Masters began a different form of training that helped to shape the man he would become. And his father finally began to reveal some of his secrets.

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