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Magnus the retired
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Sat 18 Jun 2011
at 20:26
This game will be run using the latest Mongoose-RuneQuest (2) incarnation along with Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying book "BRP" along with BRP's Superworld campaign book, and the campanion Superworld Book.  The Big Gold Book "BRP" core book and Runequest2 are required to play, the others will give you more depth of character enhancements.

When sending an RTJ, please include your familiarity with Runequest and BRP, and play by post.  Please send a character concept with description of attitude, degree of lawlessness or adherance to, and desired power base: Mutant, Psionic, Magic, Alien, Human, Technology, or Powered. I recommend at least having a personality type in mind. I am willing to take players new to the BRP system so don't be shy.

I am encouraging  diversity in this game via power types and race (human,alien,mutant), so take a look at the setting info and I will help you to create your concept as much as possible.

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