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Re: Game A
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Re: Game A
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Re: Game A
As the suit-wearing-fool's life came to an end in front of him Kirby quickly scanned the park to see how Kate and his Grandfather were doing. It had been only a few seconds since he started tangling with the lead-banditio but, on a battle field, a lot could change in that time.

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Fri 2 Dec 2011
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Re: Game A
Kirby scans quickly as his finely atuned super soldier brain hones in on the field. Kate seems to have run into the park somewhere, she's not at the bench anymore, which means she's got brains cuz she could have been cut to shreads by the fully auto gun fire. She is no where to be seen (failed perception roll, at some point I won't share this with you, fyi).

Then quickly you see what the General has on his plate. At first glance, the Mexicans have hid behind their cars but continue to shoot tons of rounds towards your grandfather, whom is glowing bright red. To your amazement, he begins to shake violently fast and getting faster, while catching all of the bullets, he starts rotating them in a circle, faster and faster like adding more swimming fish into a school.  With your kinetic sight, you notice that he is building in energy, the bullets are building in energy, and the air around the bullets are building in energy. It becomes hard to look at, and then he unleashes a shock wave of concussive force that annihilates the cars and men, a verible meat clever that renders flesh and steel all rolled into a hurricaine forced blast that deafens the ears. The cars are ripped to shreads and explode from the gas. The explosion seems to eminate upward towards the sky.  As a matter of fact no force is felt by you or any of the surrounding buildings, the only force you feel or hear actually is the sonic boom of two explosions.

He turns to you, looks at the downed man,"I used that one in the Cuban Missle Crisis, except I never funneled the explosion upwards, used it for more devistation." Then suddenly he falls to the ground.

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Mon 5 Dec 2011
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Re: Game A
Before seeing to his grandfather Kirby quickly crossed to where the suit-wearing leader of the attackers had fallen and did a quick search of the man. If he had any identification whatsoever, Kirby wanted to find it. He dug quickly through the man’s pockets, looked for rings, and even did a quick glance at his arms for tattoos. He didn’t have enough time to do as thorough a search as he wanted, he was sure he was missing something, but it couldn’t be helped. There were other priorities just now.

He stood and ran to his grandfather. As he approached the injured man he had a  momentary flashback to a battlefield thousands of miles away.

Smoky was down. He fell from the door, they said, when we hit. Kirby jumped out and immediately went to the man. With his arm draped behind his head and his leg propped up like it was, it looked like he was sleeping. With some luck he’d have the wind knocked out of him, or worse a broken arm. But when Kirby knelt down to feel for the Sergeant’s pulse his knee struck the boulder Smoky was laying on. The boulder was shaped like an ugly gal's nose and Smoky, the man from Gatlinburg whose habit personally kept Phillip Morris in business, had landed right on the bridge of it when he fell from the chopper. Smoky was right all along. Smoking hadn’t killed him. Kirby had.

Kirby shook his head and knelt over The General. Now was not the time for self pitty. As he felt for a pulse he looked up and yelled “Wildcat!” He used the nickname he used to use with Kate, stolen from her high school mascot, “Where are you!?” She couldn’t have gone far, he hoped.

Whatever he grandfather's state he wasn’t going to leave him here. Kirby stood and hefted the older man over his shoulder and looked for Kate. They needed to get out of there.

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Mon 5 Dec 2011
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Re: Game A

Son...son...The General was still conscious, or at least regained consciousness...My phone, get my phone, look in the contacts, 4th J down, call Rock Hound, he'll come get us.

The old man looked...old...just now Kirby could see that the pillar of a man was fragile. After all these years, all the stories that he couldn't believe and all the ones that he could.  Kirby had the sense that this man would or could never die; all of that came crashing down as he looked at his helpless grandfather whispering so faintly.

Boy, you need to get out of here, they must have traced your mobile. Have you used it sense you got off the plane.  If you have to use it as bait the next time...cough, ugh, cough...turn it off for now. He tried to sit up but was very week. Help me up.

Kate was sensed running from the park and ended up kneeling next to Kirby. What in the hell was that about, was your grandfather shot? She said exhasperatedly.

The General looked at Kate, and sternly said, Kate this is a matter of government security, you will not say a word of this to anyone, lest your life be in jeapordy. Kate glanced around quickly, then scowelled at the old man,"You mean I shouldn't say anything to Beverly!" You both could have been killed! What were you thinking!?"
The old man softenned, and then smiled, "What ever you do, please don't tell her." The general gave Kirby a forced smile and a knowing nod...cough...he seemed short of breath.

Quickly now, make the call. We don't have much time.

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Re: Game A

The suited man had rings, money in his pocket, a chain necklace yet no wallet. As you searched the man quickly you find that his arms had tatooes just hinted at under the cuffs of his shirt. You notice a jungle scene on his arms with cameleons wrapped around the wrist. There is a funny odor to the man as you check his pockets. Your look was quick.

There seems to be no thugs left and no vehicles. People from the malt shop and smaller stores are in a panick trying to leave the scene. Off in the distance you hear sirens. Depending on how close Rock Hound is, the sirens will probably beat him to the scene.
Edmund Kirby Smith IV
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Tue 6 Dec 2011
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Re: Game A
Kate had questions, which needed to be answered he knew, but right now was not the time. They needed to put distance between themselves and the park.

Kirby first looked at his own phone and noted the number of the missed call. "Tibbs," he murmured as he switched the phone off. He then took his grandfather's phone and pressed the button to dial Rock Hound. While it was conencting he spoke to Kate and his grandfather. "Kate's car is behind the diner. We'll head there. Kate turn your phone off. We need to move."

With his grandfather held over his left shoulder and The General's phone to his right ear Kirby led them quickly from the park to Kate's truck. When the line connected Kirby spoke into the phone "This is Cap... this is... Arrowhead. We've had some trouble." On the fly he gave himself a call-sign, reminicient of the flag of his country of birth. The Golden Arrowhead of Guyana.

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Wed 7 Dec 2011
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You quickly hear the clearing of a voice as if quickly waking from sleep. "Arrowhead, are you under fire? What's your coordinates?Can Dead Eye make a shot?"

You can tell that Rock hound appears to be using a sort of easily diciferable code. You infer that he is asking where to meet you and if he needs to come packin. There is something else in his last statement...

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Wed 7 Dec 2011
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Kate runs quickly to get her car, she brings it to the curb side, running out to open the door for the Smiths...sirens are almost there,"You drive, I'll stay in the back with him," Kate shouts panicky.

You are on the main street at this moment that runs deeper into town and further into the housing area.  Up to your right and back to your left are turns that take you down the sides of the park, this is where the hooligans came from on each side. Currently explosions have blocked that portion of the streets. Straight takes you back to your Grandfathers, to the neighborhood, and turning around takes you further down town.

OOC-I will need a Stealth, Drive check. And you had failed your first aid check on your grandpa.
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Wed 7 Dec 2011
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Re: Kate
As they waited for Kate near the curb Kirby spoke into the phone. "Seh Seh, Rockhound." It took him a moment to follow the last bit. "We beh.. We're clear now, though not in the green zone yet. Local scanner will tell you where we were." Clearly this would be all over the local police band. "We're heading to dead eye's bingo parlor. Gotta go. Dead eye's hurt." He ended the connection to minimize what was said in the open.

The General didn't play bingo and Kirby was sure that Rockhound knew that. Kirby's grandmother, Beverly,  played bridge, weekly. She had played long enough to be playing for her second life-master but that never stopped General Smith from teaseing her about her "Bingo" game. Kirby was hoping Rockhound was in on the joke, and that he knew she played at Old Savior Lutheran Church social hall. Either way getting out of here was the first priority.

As he jumped into the car he grabbed his other phone, the loner phone that 'Grandfather" had given him earlier. He dialed Tibbs' number as he turned around and headed for the church.

21:26, Today: Edmund Kirby Smith IV rolled 20 using 1d100. drive (37).
21:26, Today: Edmund Kirby Smith IV rolled 77 using 1d100. stealth (57).

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Wed 7 Dec 2011
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Re: Kate

"I don't think he will have gotten all of that, but keep my phone on. He can track us to the church, smiling and coughing. He'll probably head to the house first, scare the bejesus out of Beverly. I'm in a heap of trouble now...cough, weeze.
"You did good out there, took you two shots though". Kate interupts," Mr. Smith, what's wrong, did you get shot, do we need to take you to a hospital?" "A hospital, HELL NO, need my nitro pills in my pocket is all. Stress on my heart, it's why I retired."

Kate helped the General with his medication, looking horrified at Kirby. You could tell she had a million questions but held her tongue. She seemed to be waiting for another emergency to erupt at any moment.

The parking lot was empty at the church, within 5 minutes a helicopter flew out of the sky and landed in the parking lot. Rockhound jumped out of the cockpit, wearing casuals. He ran over and helped the general out of the car, shouting,"I've gott'em, get in the chopper, your flying. This is a restricted fly zone and I didn't get clearance, we got about 2 minutes until airpatrol is on us.Head to the local airport, it's on the North side of town." Lookin at Kate, "Ma'am, this is your cue to get out of here. I would drive home, call the cops and tell them what you witnessed, don't mention any of us."
OOC-Pause for the phone call on the ride over and while you were waiting for the chopper.
Edmund Kirby Smith IV
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Wed 7 Dec 2011
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Re: Kate
OOC: After the phone conversation with Orlando

After hanging up the phone Kirby spoke to Rockhound. “Get my grandfather to the chopper and get it wound up, please, sir.  I’ll be along in a minute.” He then turned to Kate.

“Kate, I know you have a lot of questions and I’m afraid I don’t have enough time to answer them all.” He paused for a beat, considering what to tell her. “What my grandfather said is true, there is a classified mission in the works here and it looks like it’s been blown. We’ve got to go someplace safe, and you’ll be safe once we’re gone.” He took a deep breath, and looked into her eyes.

“I don’t know what you saw in the park, but I’m sure you saw enough to have a thousand questions. My grandfather and I, abe deh have… we have talents, pretty amazing talents.  My Baboo, my dad, and my great grandfather Smith, and maybe further back, they all had them too.” He looked over to the chopper that was ready to get going. “I know it’s a lot, I know you want to know more. You can talk to my grandmother about them, she knows more than The General wants her to know and can answer some of your questions. But please, don’t tell her all you saw tonight.  I’ll call you soon, once I’m safe, so we can talk more. But I really have to go. Get home, do as rockbound suggested, and get a new phone.”

He opened to door  and got out of the car, ready to head to the chopper, but turned back at the last moment. His eyes met hers again, a hint of wetness could be seen in his. “Kate, these aren’t the right circumstances for this but I need to tell you. I need you to know that I love you. I always have, I always will.” Without another word he turned and ran off to the waiting helicopter, tears streaming down his face.

08:30, Today: Edmund Kirby Smith IV rolled 35 using 1d100. pilot helicopter (47).
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Thu 8 Dec 2011
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Re: Kate
He did a double take at Kirby, "A minute, that's about all we got, birds ready to go."

Kate was dumb struck, no other way to describe her reaction to Kirby's words or the events of the evening. She had seen superpowered heroes and wanna bees on TV, everyone knew they were around, but to actually know someone, know a family. It wasn't illegal to have abilities but most of the world was kept in the dark about them, minus the weirdo freak famous people who have developed their own reality shows. Wow! And there he goes again, when he's comin back no one knows.

Kate started the car, and didn't speak a word or turn on the radio.  She needed to think...

"Alright, you got two stops, the first one is on the way.  We are gonna drop into a field off of 80 on the south side just past the state line.  Look for a green light.  I made a call, we have a medic waiting.  You'll give 5 minutes on the ground. Then take the bird to the Arsenal. I have already radioed a head for your clearance, there is a duffel bag in here, it has conscription orders for you to re-arm."

Minutes went by as the General slept in the helicopter, as you take off from the Church you see the firetruck and ambulance scene in front of the malt shop. Comprimised isn't the right word to use describing your situation. Your grandfather now seems to be involved and pulling favors, this isn't like him.  You realize that you have just stepped into a much bigger web than he was letting on.  Retired or not, he was still working it seems.
Edmund Kirby Smith IV
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Fri 9 Dec 2011
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Re: Chopper
Kirby sat at the controls of the helicopter and acquainted himself. It was a small 4-person copter and was set up in civilian style inside. Cyclic stick rising from the floor in front of him, the collective lever at his left hand, and the anti-torque pedals near his feet. In flight school he had learned on this set-up before transitioning to the military style where the  cyclic and the collective were combined into one stick. Good training never goes, he thought, and sure enough it all came back to him. Balancing the pedals with his feet and using his hands to find the right pitch and thrust Kirby easily lifted the bird into the air.

Once airborne he looked about to find his bearings. Lexington was nestled between two major highways. Interstate 64, which worked more-or-less east and west across the state, and Interstate 81 which cut the state at a diagonal. Once Kirby got high enough to see them both clearly he looked to Rockhound for direction. Following the colonel’s nod Kirby flew them toward the aforementioned clearing.

Upon landing Kirby would use the time to go through the duffle bag and get a good look at his grandfather.

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Sat 10 Dec 2011
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Re: Chopper
The letter
The letter is a briefing and summary on the first page, with legal speak about... This is highly classified and may only be spoken in the strictest of privacy within your research team...then comes the brief description of the original research mission...On September 8th 2008* a research project was funded to explore an uncivilized region on the Brazilian and Guyanese border. During the initial expedition the research team went missing, as of December 12th, 2010 contact had been severed. Upon this break of contact a squad of Army Rangers was sent in to recover the team, the team also lost communication. Upon further investigation the Division of Research and Exploratory Sciences had deemed the mission closed and sent letters to both governments (Brazilian and Guyanese) asking for help and assistance.  The plea for help has been unanswered. The government has recently been made aware of activity in the specific area hinting that the original research team may still be viable, but due to unreliable satalite imaging of the area they are unsure as to the cause of disruption.

The Research and Development has commandeared Dr. Orlando Tibbs as a liason with the Military Ranger Division, and Captain K. Smith to place an apt team together and be outfitted to research the abnormal energy readings and recover the lost team or report back on their findings. It is hoped that all research data from team and the members whereabouts be recovered without significant political disturbance.  The letter continues with legal documentation of Contract and pay, based on billable hours at highest contract rate.

A listing of detailed equipment and facility address...

And research and team members to recover.

Members unaccounted for/Missing in Action:
Dr. Susan Templeton
Dr. Jack Gavin
Dr. Renzi Takemoto
Dr. Alezza Morris
Dr. Harold Buskin

Srgt. Meda Mizer
Specialist Terry Blanc
Specialist Larry Mahoney
Specialist Redley Ortega
Lieutenent Carry Plackar
Specialist Debra Talliver
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Sat 10 Dec 2011
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Re: Chopper
Make sure you read Chicago, I have some special info for you there as well.
Edmund Kirby Smith IV
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Tue 20 Dec 2011
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Re: Chopper
While they were on the ground Kirby took a couple of minutes to look through the duffle bag. Flying in shorts was cold and flying in flip-flops was hazardous so he was pleasantly surprised when he found a set of fatigues and a pair of boots that fit him. After changing he read the letter and then stepped out of the chopper.

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Tue 20 Dec 2011
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Re: Chopper

Kirby sees the green flashing light miles away and heads for the landing area.
As he gets close to the spot he sees a tan oldsmobile in a field with two Elderly people standing at the ready in brown trench coats. As Kirby lands, he can see the highway about two miles off, he notices that it there is a man and woman at the drop. The Elderly woman, whom upon a quick glance doesn't seem to look that old, more like a beautiful 48, next to an elderly man in his mid 60s, roughly the look of your grandfathers-ex-military look.

The woman runs up and opens the door and gently looks at your grandfather, then to Rockhound, "Hello Dear. May I?" Rockhound sweetly answers, "Elsi, you know you don't have to ask." The woman named Elsi touches Rochhounds cheek in a grandmotherly way, caressing as she smiles. Light glows from her palm and she gently places the light over your grandfather's heart.

Both men breathe heavy...waking up, your grandfather grabs Elsi's hand while it  still lay on his chest and smiles, and just for a moment, you get the faintest thought, that just possibly, your grandfather might have, had affection for this woman, maybe once, a long time ago. "Thank you."the general murmurs. "Edmund Kirby Smith, what ever would we do with out your coniving and folk polking tomfoolery?"

At that moment, Elsi looks towards you and smiles, "Have you told the boy anything of importance yet?" At that time you hear a harsh gravely voice thick with a Bostonian accent, "Elsi, don't meddle, Dead Eye will tell him when he needs to know." She looked at him, with such a frown, "His poppa didn't raise no moo moo, he should know." The General barked,"Lets get outta here before the locals show up. Son, be careful."
Edmund Kirby Smith IV
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Wed 21 Dec 2011
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Re: Chopper
Kirby turned toward the helicopter but then one of the things that had been spoken played in his head again. "Elsi, don't meddle, Dead Eye will tell him when he needs to know."He stopped, his hand poised on the handle of the helicopter, and something he had read years before came into his mind.

It was October 25th, 1983.

The Rangers and the other special operations forces of the Joint Special Operations Command, including the helicopters of the 160th Aviation Battalion—designated Task Force 160 and commanded by Col. Edward K. Smith—were the spearhead force for the operation. The Rangers of the 1st Battalion, 75th Infantry, had departed Hunter Army Airfield at 2230 the night before in C–130s. The uncertainty of the situation on Grenada, like the confusion of the 82d Airborne Division, led the Rangers, except for the lead assault company, to rig for airlanding, not for airdrop. During the flight, however, Colonel Smith received additional intelligence that the Cubans had placed obstacles on the runway, making airlanding unlikely. He believed that if he parachuted only one company down to clear the obstacles they would be dangerously exposed, with no chance of reinforcement. However, with the battalion un-prepared for an aerial drop as they were, he saw few alternatives. So, he reluctantly made the call: the lead assault company would drop alone to clear the airfield. The risky strategy worked. 6 hours later the field was clear and the invasion began.

What the report didn’t say was Colonel Smith’s own son, Captain Eddie Smith, lead the assault company and did not survive the successful mission. There might not be a "later" once Kirby flew away. What had Captain Smith, Kirby's dad, gone to his grave not knowing? Kirby wanted to know.

He turned and faced the gathering as they prepared to depart. “No, if there’s more I need to hear it.” He spoke directly to his grandfather, his voice unwavering and clear. “I, we, could have died tonight and before I head off I need to know the risks. I need to know what the hell is going on. Right now, sir.”

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Wed 21 Dec 2011
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Re: Chopper
All parties looked at the General for answers, just like they always did, Patrick the stawlwart Bostonian with Grim reluctance, Elsi with motherly yearning, and Rockhound with a sense of urgency, and most of all Kirby himself, wanting to know what kind of conspiracy was afoot.

How could some woman know his native speak, what was the hint for, she was hinting at something? Kirby's intuition was abuzz with questions.

Kirby's Grandfather said somberly,"Son, I'm afraid your grandfather is just a pawn as well in these matters.  I have tried to protect you and your family for a long time. Your grandpoppa and I were not strangers...so long ago. Your current mission hinges on knowledge that he alone has, and it is up to him to give you the answers.  Your history and former life are one of the reasons you were chosen for this mission." Your grandfather face shrouds with regret, "it is your heritage that ultimately got your father and mother killed so long ago. We have tried to protect you, shield you from...he trailed off...we cannot protect you any longer. There are greater forces than you know of pulling our strings, seek out your grandfather...sirens and lights could be made out in the distance. Rockhound moved the General swiftly, "We're moving now! Captain, move your ass! I'll stop these patrol cars for everyone. After the General is moved, Rockhound dives in the dirt completely being subsumed as if diving into water, waves of mud begin to swirl behind the oldsmobile like a sink whole.

The oldsmobile tears off in an easternly direction as you lift the chopper. The cars sink to their doors as they move into the area, the car turns off its lights in the field and it is gone.

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Wed 21 Dec 2011
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Re: Chopper
The response he got wasn’t what he expected at all. Kirby was a soldier moving on to his next assignment, his next military assignment, and suddenly it was a lot more personal than it ought to be. Kirby was shell shocked and had no response. Before turning to go he nodded to his grandfather. It was a simple gesture that conveyed confusion yet recognition that now was not the time for understanding, now was the time to get the hell out of there.

Kirby lifted the bird into the air and then set a course into the navigation system. Over the next hour or so he guided the helicopter north-west over West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and eventually out over Lake Michigan toward the city of Chicago. He followed the instructions Rockhound had left for him and landed on the western side of Midway Airport, Helio-pad Lima.

Kirby needed to call his grandfather, Popi JonKae, and fill in more of the puzzle. First though, he needed to check in at the arsenal.
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Fri 23 Dec 2011
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Re: Chopper

As Kirby gets close to the Aresenal he radios in for clearance and approach. He is guided to the helipad of the Arsenal and is greeted by three men in fatigues with no sign of rank other than a badges. A man moves up and salutes, "Captain Kirby Smith, welcome to the Arsenal." The other two men, who happen to be wearing black E badges get into the Chopper and fetch Kirby's items, falling in behind Kirby once his bag and extraneous items have been gathered. "I'm Lieutenant Heathe, come this way sir. I want to show you to your quarters and facility. Colonel Sharp has your teams clearance already set up and ready for when they arrive. I'm your new EO, let me know if you need anything at all.

The helipad is on the other side of a set of runway terminals, you enter a brick building and are given your badge by Lieutenant Heathe. You're met by a couple of sercurity men who open an elevator for you. Traveling down, you open onto a subway bay and see for the first time something modern on this facility. The above ground facilities being the cover for a rather sophisticated underbelly.  Getting into the tram, you travel at a break neck speed for about three minutes and slowly feel the Tram change level again, like it in of itself runs on an elevator system, from the side window you seem to travel down another twenty feet or so.  The tram starts back up, but moving at a steadier pace. When you reach your destination you are completely turned around, not sure which was is north.  Lieutenant Heathe, shows you to your quarters and asks if there is anything that you need at the moment? The men leave your gear in the room with you, salute, then leave.
Edmund Kirby Smith IV
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Mon 9 Jan 2012
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Re: Chopper
current table

Hit Locations  (AP/HP)
1-3   Right Leg / 8
4-6   Left Leg  / 8
7-9   Abdomen  4/8 / 8
10-12 Chest    4/8 / 8
13-15 Right Arm / 7
16-18 Left Arm / 7
19-20 Head     / 7
Armour SR Penalty:
Combat Actions
Total:5 Remaining:
Strike Rank: +17 acting on xx Power Points
Total: 34
Combat Skills:
Evade: 52%
Unarmed: 77%
Firearms (p,r,mg): 99%
Martial Arts: 81%
Throw: 81%
Manipulation: 50%
Airbourne/Ranger : 81%
Damage Modifier: 1d4Hero Points: 6open
Ongoing effects:
<b> Other modifiers:  Defense power: 35% harder to hit; armor 4 up close 8 for ranged </b>

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Re: Chopper
In reply to Edmund Kirby Smith IV (msg #83):

Looks good.