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The true danger...
The essence of darkness was the air...Life was a precious thing and did not sustain itself within the confines of his empire, let alone his throne room. The mere fact that life was not a welcomed thing is testament to th dark and twisted beings of rot, decay and death found amongst their Lord. True Evil cannot be fathomed by the human concience, yet it does exist. One entity in particular had succomed to its true nature and gained much power...he has many names to many civilizations throughout the cosmos, his reach is immeasurably vast and stretches to the farthest corners of the universe, including Earth.

Dhroga is the true name of fear...

A small cadre of beings were present inside Dhroga's person chamber, the reptilian creature knelt on one knee, his gorged maw open solicitously, all else were prostrate, "My Lord, I would not bother you unless I felt it urgent...two items have been made known to me by my agents," this creature spoke like a general, and indeed he commanded vast resources. In Lord Dhroga's presence he was a subject, like all life, subject to his will.

It is true, I have seen images and communicated with agents, Ra has returned to Ab'eyedos. Please inform me as to your wishes and arrangements will be made to your pleasure." Moments went by without a sound or acknowledgment. Sobek determined to move forward with his report. "We have also had an interesting communication from one of the far reaching colony planets, it is still in it's Genetic Phase." Another creature emerged from the darkness and spoke to the reptillian, "General Sobek, which planet do you speak of, many of the colony planets of Ab'eyedos were destroyed 7000years ago?"  Sobek spoke calmly, "It is the one called Earth by it's people." Sobek was the devourer of beings, his hunger unquenchable, yet he kept his anger in check.

The return of Ra was fortold over a millenia ago, but the voice of this out reach planet was disturbing.

Anubis inched further, "My Lord, this planet that Sobek speaks barely has any acolytes, we should destroy it, lest it be turned against us." This time it was pride on Sobek's voice that made Anubis pause, "My Lord, we have had servants on Earth for thousands of years, they have done your bidding all this time. Few if any of the inhabitants know of our true nature, it is a lost civilization, exhaulting eronious dieties. None know of it's original purpose or history, we have conveluded all that Ab'Eyedos had accomplished." "Not all, that Ab'Eyedos had accomplished," Anubis interupted. "They worship gods of light on this planet, not of Death. They are still a threat. Please my Lord, I beseach you, send eradicators to the wretch of a rock. Let us recall home our lost. You could use their souls in time to come."

Dhroga's voice was a nightmare to hear uttered, those in his company held great power and were spared it's effects, sound that rots flesh within it's timbre,"What news from your agents, Sobek?"

"My Lord, The crystal skulls have been activated..."
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Re: The true danger...
There existed a place outside of the mortal realm where his lost marauders dwelled. With the Cosmic Gates destroyed, transcending energy was his only means of direct communication, if only brief, yet the Apep still continued serving his unholy purpose, bringing him closer and closer… “Yes master, I have a child of flesh upon this world…it will done.”

A deal had been made many centuries ago...

The fall of the Roman Empire was a time of utter strife and darkness, ushered in by more than ignorance. A pact had been made, an agreement to plunge the world into darkness to bring about the readiness for the great master to conquer the world and to lay waste to the teachings of the tender hearted. Many dark creatures walked the earth, faith was weak, and the breeding ground for evil. Many first born were made in the Shadow of the great Empire, she was one such joining...her birth in the waning years of the Egyptian Empire, was foul. Born at midnight in an unholy sanctuary to a screaming woman whom had lost her mind years ago, black bile oozed from the placenta; the after birth smelled of rot. The breast and neck of the birthing mother's carcass fed the baby for months. Thralls had been left to care for the baby, murdering for its meals, wretches and the sick were plentiful in the days of the plagues.  The hell-spawned babe did not care, often eating its own servants once they died of the sickness...

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Re: The true danger...

Current time…

Voices whispered to her for centuries, voices of ancient evil, her true parentage speaking from beyond, it was a familiar sign; she knew to begin the ritual. Servants were commanded to ready her church; she would speak with her parents tonight.

Voices whispered to her for centuries, voices of ancient evil, her true parentage speaking from beyond, it was a familiar sign; she knew to begin the ritual. Servants were commanded to ready her church; she would speak with her parents tonight.  She had grown to be a deadly beautiful and powerful in the years after her name day...Tatiana Von Hexus was first born Vampire, infamous stories had populated the world of vampires, Count von Dracula was one such story. Every myth has a hint of truth. If one could contemplate the truth that not one but multiple sadistic creatures as this roamed the earth sired by the Demons through fully consumed thralls, well, it has happened and most have gone insane from the sheer horror.
Hexus was a servant bound on earth, creating more spawn, and fulfilling schemes of unholy proportion.  Tonight would be a special night…she began the ritual.

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Re: The true danger...

His presence was summoned…her father would speak with her this night…as he took her flesh she became enraptured by his destructive energy. He was so powerful…ughhhtonight would be glorious…

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Re: The true danger...
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In her Sanctuary...

Hexus spoke with her lips as her father controlled her body, his presence was here only in spirit but she could see in her mind his visage…

You have been abstinent for such a long time.  I enjoy your rapture…will you soon be ready for pleasure?” It was not a question but a command.  He was a true Demon of destruction, a general of chaos. He took pleasure and power from the havoc she wreaked. He wanted her to lay waste to humanity.
Father, I am thirsty and tire of my monk lifestyle, soon…ugh…soon,” she swayed undulating as his energy coursed through her veins.
The Great Lord comes…we need to be ready…we need to find the Skulls that hold the divine essence. This is your only path. Destroy all that get in our way. There are many that will try to stop you…one of the Nazarene time and two of the lineage.  They have friends with powerful souls…do not let them acquire the skulls.” He was fierce and meant every word he said, failure would not be tolerated.
Have you succeeded in finding the searching skull, my minions tell me that it has been used recently.  They felt its power.” She hesitated, but realized he already knew the answer she was about to give,” Father I have children looking for it even now. I won’t let a competitor obtain theYOU ARE TO DO THIS PERSONALLY,” his voice was enflamed and her bowels were engorged by his musky temper. “I don’t want my contemporaries to finish this task. Personally Tatiana personally…”

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He didn’t care that she was dealing with many other issues at the moment that also needed her attention.  She would deal with this personally…

Days later at a club in Rio...

Hexus began looking for the individuals that intended to thwart her plans.

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Re: The true danger...
In another part of the world darkness infiltrated our reality, his presence touching the Earth heavily and with less "obstruction" than before. His bonds were now broken. This ancient evil had been on Earth 25,000 years ago at its breaking, fighting for it's utter ruination.  He was the sinister soul that had given birth to a first of their kind, a Vampire Queen known only as Hexus. A feat that has happened rarely upon this world. The creation of Hexus, a Vampire First Born was an arduous process from beyond the grave, spending sometimes hundreds of years finding the right soul to possess, to find the right cabal to do his bidding, to create enough despair and evil in an area to allow his presence to take hold firmly in the waking world. All this was but the first step of the long task, next was to find another kindred Demonic spirit to his liking, one whose goals could be tolerated and willing to engage in his endeavors. Once joined they would  create a pact. This pact was not entered lightly for it had costly price for it's making. The two demons would be bound by ancient laws of magic and forced or locked away from the waking world with only their offspring to affect man. Their possessed progeny would be born of flesh in the world with their demonic seed of spirit and purpose, with un wielding powers of evil, a plague upon mankind.  The first born would be his avatar in the world of flesh to carry out his ultimate plans.

Hexus had felt his presence in her chambers; it was unmistakable. She turned towards the center of her room where she had drawn the circle of summoning countless times, it was the ritual that would allow her brief moments of communication with him, the diagram was etched on the floor. His essence stood in the middle of the Circle. This was new to her as he had never been able to bring his spirit to the material plane, only coming to her in dreams and demanding an audience. She moved to her bed and withdrew a mirror, placing it in the middle of the circle she uttered dark words of shadow and his face became clear.

     Hello my child, you have done well. You found the skull and released the Siren. Her call has awakened the sleeping giants, they now know of the return," he said pleased.

     Father, I have spoken with my children, words have been spoken in the dark of Dhroga. All seem afraid, more so with my Necromancer. Who is this Dhroga? What is his purpose?" Hexus asked with calm subdued curiosity.

     He is my Father, our creator, the world breaker. He gave life to all of the first born and has plans for all of us. You will have an honored place among his chosen as his Harbinger of Shadow. I have a new task for you my child. The bonds of my pact are now broken and my long wait has ended. After 2000 years I am free to enter the world; you will be the Harbinger of my coming. You have seeded the world perfectly for my return. We are at the next crossroad, we must infest this world with more destruction and evil. I must have a concentrated area of evil to enter the world, it is not yet ready for me. Choose this location and begin the infestation, but not of your creed. I will need and use the tainted souls of Oblivion, I give them to you to make my children. We will give life again to the damned. These creatures will not be the impotent ilk of the poor excuse for Necromancers that live today, what they call Zombies, they will be freshly inhabited bodies of my demonic brood. These are the true Zombies. I will send you to a place that holds the secret to their begin the apocalypse...there is one more task that I ask of you and the most important. I need a suitable host to take hold of the world, you must find one who has the blood of the gods, one who has been touched by a god. It is he who will be the Anti-Christ!" He said with violence in his voice.

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Re: The true danger...

Hexus stood in the large parking garage that was built into the hill side, it was a slum run by a slum lord. surrounded on all sides by huts built on top of each other. South America reminder her of ants they way people built their houses. She new there were specific names for it's make and she could tell the difference from this wretches wealth over the other ants, she could care less. She held his head in her hand as she smiled holding him up as the last of the bullets pushed back through her skin and fell to the floor. She didn't fear death, she didn't know death, he would never come for her. She could almost picture death standing behind this man...waiting patiently.

The conversation had gone badly over the sale of information, she had pretended in the beginning , but lost all patience as his incessant taunts ceased to end. In the end it was her men's hunger that made her acquiesce to the slaughter, that and the swing of the conversation. They waited for her command before they feasted.

       "Hector...Hector...Hector....I'm going to give you one more chance to tell me what I need. Wait...wait...," she squeezed his lips shut so that he only gurgled. " Before you lie to me, I want you to know how I will feed little Lupita to my men, children taste the best, I know where you hide them. You of course are a living dead man, but your truths will allow your family to fade away from my curiosity. Tell me how to find "The Padre!"
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Re: The true danger...

      It was a bustling city, carts, cars and people crowded the street where the night club raged on into the wee hours of the night. Upstairs Hexus sat at cafe table darkly lit and with a small retinue. Tien was a slender Vampire of ancient Chinese heritage, he was Hexus' left hand man. She kept him close as he was want to wander and create all sort of strife. The Chinese Mage was outstanding at the questioning of men, an uncanny ability to sense where and how to lead a conversation. His presence was necessary especially if torture were needed. Florantino stood to her back, he was her right hand man, her servant and devoted slave. He prayed upon the mental energies put forth by thought and read them like a blind man reads braille. If this conversation were to go wrong, and she couldn't afford for it to, he would need to help repair their host's mental desire to cooperate.  Hexus had a stacked hand yet she hated needing it. This man's help and knowledge was out of her reach on her journey. Soon she would be one step closer. She did like the song that played down stairs, it was a great club, too bad she was here on business.  A few nights of dancing and fucking would have been great.

     The "Slick" man walked in dressed in Armani and was followed by whole host of men dressed the same holding guns. Hexus stood and held out her hand out to be kissed,"Senior Padre, It is a pleasure to meet you at last," she said with a hint of warmth in her voice. Her affected tone spoke of control and hesitation.

       Taking her hand and kissing it, he  gently rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb,"Ah my dear Tatiana, the pleasure is all mine," he said staring into her eyes. His own eyes held no life and it was apparent that this man had no fear. He seemed blank and souless. "I have heard that you went to great length to find me, here I am, how may I help the mistress of death?" He held a sneer as he spoke.

     "You unduly flatter me Padre, I bring death, but I am not his mistress. This is why I have come to you." Hexus said as she held his eyes. We seek his resting place, I must ask for one of his secrets."

      Padre opened his jacket and took a sip of a cocktail that had been placed on the table,"May I offer you something, I have very good reds at the moment?" He asked drawing her away from her direct conversation.

    I'll have the same as you, Cray, I believe, aged 65 years, a very rare vintage. I didn't know that you held such fine tastes or that it could be found anymore." Hexus met his game.

   "Ah, that is how fortune has blessed me, I'm able to find things that no one can," his face held a slight grimace. He briefly thought about a group of rag tag meta-humans that had escaped his grasp on multiple occasions. His thought held anger and malice but it was a flit of a thought, quickly gone. A thought it was and Florantino had gleamed it for his mistress, touching her shoulder as her drink came, he relayed the thought back to Hexus. She smiled.

    Thank you Padre, this is very generous, I do not take our meeting or exchange lightly. I am here to offer you something in exchange for information that I believe you have." She said pressing the conversation. I have vast international resources and would like to offer my services to you. I too am searching for the same group that you seek and would be willing to bring them to you, mostly unharmed. I do require the use of the Mason's grandson. His bloodline is...important to me. The rest will be turned over to you," Hexus said looking at his face watching his smile widen.

     This is a generous gift, what is it that I can do for you?" his efforts had been thwarted multiple times, having Hexus's resources would be helpful.  He only needed one for his needs, the potential collateral damage could be acceptable. "What is it that you would like from me?" he asked eagerly.

     "I seek the final resting place of Thanatos, I need to bend his ear and barter a secret from him, just as you have," she said with confidence. Padre laughed heartly rolling his head back, he looked over and snapped his fingers. Moments later an old map was brought to the table.

      You aren't asking for the path to escape death, whose secret of death is it that you are looking for. Thanatos knows the secret of death for all creation, who is on your hit list that is so difficult to kill?" He said hoping that Hexus would let slip her soon to be victim.

     Hexus leaned in, "I know that question comes with a bitter price, I don't seek knowledge of how to kill, I have another secret in mind. I seek a hiding place in the Abyss, I seek the personal Hell of Sisyphus.

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