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Setting Info
This game is a blending of genres, Super Hero, Fantasy, Horror with a touch of Historical nuance; the way our comic books truly read. The imagination should run wild. I consider this game to be power-based.  Ask yourself, what does that mean to you? What type of character would you like to play in a modern setting? If you could defy the laws of reality how would you do it?

Most things are possible in "Cosmic Breed," Powers, Magic, Psionics, Martial Artists that use Chi, Super Genius minds able to create technology of lethal and amazing purportions.  One's background can also be of question, Alien, Mutations and Hybrid origins are both possible within "Cosmic Breed."

The time, 2012 Earth, albeit with significant changes due to historical, spiritual and fictional amalgams that have rocked the foundation of our world.

The major populace knows the following:

The late 19th and early 20th century dawned an earlier world of technology and discovery, archeologists looking for ancient artifacts uncovered wonders not of this world.  Ancient Egyptian, Mayan, Incan, and other early civilizations have produced marvelous treasures many of which were found to contain minerals not on our periodic table. Many early scripts lead to inconclusive findings but archeologists and paleontologists came to one simple truth, our early civilizations had outside help and left no trace of how or why.

Later in the 1950’s an incredible event happened involving the infamous “Area 51” debacle. We were indeed visited by aliens, hostile aliens.  At the time our military, and the worlds military was incapable of with-standing the small onslaught.  Never truly knowing of their purpose we began a losing battle with otherworldly might.  It was at that time that the age of Heroes was born, rising to withstand the destruction, Heroes around the world joined the fray in an uncannily organized manner and threw back the barrage with fantastic powers and ultimately won the day. For the first time the general public of the world were made aware that modern day titans walked amongst them. Thus began a precarious love affair with Super Heroes and their mysterious lives.

In today’s time many super-powered individuals lead normal lives never truly allowing their gifts to be made public, in some cases Hollywood has capitalized on the few who were willing to make a buck.  In addition to the exploits of the Silver Screen, the militaries, police and industry around the world have invested time and money into the propagation and usage of any powered beings and technology they run across.

Secrecy for the most part has been the moniker of the modern day powered individual.

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Re: Setting Info
Technology Perspective and what's new and what's not.

For normal everyday life, things are just as they are now including styles and makes. Engines might be better, more fuel effecient, more alternative energy sources, houses might run on electricity, ethane, solar, and wind and hydrogen cells.  Any major noticalble increase in technology will be in special fields like the medical field, research developement, space exploration, energy, military applications, and then some everyday things that have improved like houses that withstand hurricanes of all strengths (but still looking the same).

Here is a couple of example scenarios relating to technology:

For instance you would find armor that protects like plate mail(or better), but is form fitting and wearable during combat or specific secret opperative clothes that blend in to the night, or into foliage +20% to stealth sort of thing, Items like these would be given on specific missions and by very wealthy individuals.

1.Think of the comic book world, normal life and then secretly someone is making a supersoldier that turns into a monster and rips up part of downtown. People now have the technology to make these sorts of things happen, but they are not common knowledge and so expensive that it takes serious dollars to make it work.

2. You are running through the New york upstate country side jogging and doing computer work on your watch that is also a computer (voice activated, that you got from work, and this is actually real current technology) and some bad dudes appear and fang rape you, the X-People show up in a stealth ship, and take you cuz you've been infected and you wake up to Professor Lowercase j and Mind-bro scanning your molecular structure and eradicating the spores in your blood, then they mind wipe you and put your ass back on the street at Starbucks sipping a quad-shot mocha, no whip please. Super tech example and people are clueless. That sort of thing. Let the technology be wonderful discoveries; use your current vision of the world.

As far as energy items (and this is common knowledge), that most of the larger and economically strong countries have energy and large assault types of vehicles and weapons, but they are stock piled and unable to be used against "man" like nuclear weapons are today.  These weapons have been created and used for extraterestrial-like threats. Occasionally you might find them being used covertly, or some tech getting out on the black market.  For the most part countries have pained exceptionaly hard to keep "supertech" weaponry off the streets. Guns with bullets are still commonly used.